Elderly Woman Beheaded By Muslim Terrorist In French Church

There has been yet another gruesome beheading in France.


“Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said there had been a “terrorist attack at the heart of the Notre-Dame basilica”.

One elderly victim who had come to pray was “virtually beheaded”. A suspect was shot and detained shortly afterwards.

Mr Estrosi spoke of “Islamo-fascism” and said the suspect had “repeated endlessly ‘Allahu Akbar’ (God is greatest)”.

President Emmanuel Macron has arrived in Nice and is meeting police officers at the scene of Thursday’s attack. Anti-terror prosecutors have opened a murder inquiry and France raised its national security alert system to its highest level. …”

I really don’t have anything new to say about this incident.

Do you remember when Notre Dame Cathedral was set on fire last year during Holy Week? Do you remember the Charlie Hebdo massacre or the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015? We’ve seen it all before on multiple occasions including less than two weeks ago.

In my view, it was liberalism, cosmopolitanism, modernism, postmodernism and antiracism which cut the throat of this old woman just like that truck that plowed through that crowd in Nice a few years ago. The plot of The Camp of the Saints and Submission is slowly unfolding in France because these old worn out doctrines from the 20th century have been allowed to smother all resistance.

How many times does this have to happen? It is this failed paradigm cherished by the political class that causes it to happen … again and again and again like Groundhog Day. Rest assured, there will be more beheadings, shootings, stabbings, acid attacks and truck attacks as time goes on and the demographics shift and Islam grows in France. This is a feature of Western liberalism.

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  1. It is not a mistake, it is the intended result. Macron’s agitates the Muslims who attack churches, then he calls for more secularism, to shut down Christian homeschooling. Dead Catholics, burning cathedrals is what these rodents want.

    • Is anyone else thinking, RAHOWA?
      Cuz it sure looks like it, to me.
      Oh, to be a Matamoros!

      ‘Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet.’ (Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869, Henry Ford also noted that: ‘It was a Jew who said, ‘Wars are the Jews’ harvest’; but no harvest is so rich as civil wars.’
      “We shall drive the Christians into war by exploiting their national vanity and stupidity. They will then massacre each other, thus giving room for our own people.”
      – (Rabbi Reichorn, in Le Contemporain, July 1st, 1880)


      • I didn’t open the Barnhardt link (to avoid giving the site even one more view) but I can see it is something about “Islam must be exterminated here’s how.” Trad Catholicism is fully as violent-minded as CIA- and Israeli-nurtured “radical Islam.”

      • Rahowa is what they want. All diversity was imported to launch massive war and white deaths. Lenin himself said that First WW bring us to power in one country, second WW in the Europe and third WW in the whole world.

        Getting last high testosterone natural born white fighters killed in the war is the point . So any pro white must be against massive war with diversity

        Genetics is very real and white people lost their best genes in the world wars. This is one reason, why white countries became soft cattle.

        After all Rahowa is useless. Treason lobby remains and opens the gates again.

  2. I don’t see multiculturalism going away because the elites will not allow it. Multiculturalism doesn’t work, but the elites don’t care, they will keep opening up our borders.

    The world will become more segregated as a natural result of multiculturalism. It’s the only response available.

    Macron is a little bitch, he opens the flood gates and now he complains about it. He’s obviously bullshitting everyone and using these incidents as an excuse to shore up nationalist support for himself. He will do nothing about it, mark my words. He’s a proud self-proclaiming globalist, always remember that.

  3. I always ask my Catholic friends about this: Why is it, if you look at the employees of any Catholic hospital or university, they have every Abdul or Mohammed known to man among their employees. I realize the Catholic nuns are known for being cheap, but, hiring large numbers of Muslims is counter-productive, as the latest slaughter in France has proved. I’m, sure the Catholic institutions in France are no different than those in the US in their hiring practices.

    • Krafty, don’t you realize that RC’s are now in the same camp as every godless liberal? Their RELIGION, instead of the ‘faith once delivered unto the saints,’ IS Multiculturalism!

      The godless worship the N-word, and his ‘elder brother,’ the Mud slimes.

      “There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second is claimed by God, and counterclaimed by Satan.” – CS Lewis

      “To see and not to speak would be the great betrayal,” said Enoch Powell

  4. Front National/Gilet Jaunes also growing in France. At some point they’ll collide with islam/Third Worlders. Wouldn’t want to be a member of the French elite when that happens.

    • “Gilet Jaunes also growing in France. At some point they’ll collide with islam”:

      Some Gilet Jaunes ARE Muslims. Macron works for the Plutocrats, subduing both indigenous Whites and imported cheap labor. The elites want White workers to be distracted by “radical Islamic terrorism,” and forget how both they AND the imported Muslims are being exploited.

  5. The French far-right site Democratie Participative (https://democratieparticipative.xyz) has a photo of one of the victims as their header. A post-decapitation photo, mind you (don’t go there if gruesomeness bothers you).

    That fact alone is interesting to me. It strongly suggests at least third-hand islamophobic sympathy in the emergency responders – how else would a place like DemPart have gotten the photo? The scene of the murders wasn’t one with a large crowd – just a few isolated individuals, and somebody who happened upon it and promptly called the cops, who promptly cordoned off the area and shot the suspect.

    Macron has been saying things I would not have expected him to say. France was already picking a fight with Turkey over Cypriot oil, now this. I don’t know if the gilets jaunes spooked him and he’s leery of further domestic unrest or what, but he’s saying things that deliberately antagonize the Muslim world – things that western leaders have gone out of their way to avoid saying over the past 20 years, and that the Muslim world has gotten used to assuming they’d never have to deal with.

      • “probably”

        This is what happens when you twitch at the superficial.

        The format is indeed very similar. I expect there was some technical cooperation. The content is entirely their own, however.

        The podcast is notably different from the DS’s podcast (by Azzmador I think?). Much more organized and focused on the particular point being made each week. The commentary is very much colloquial French, and when it touches on US-centric issues they not infrequently don’t understand certain subtler points. (For example at one point the host was discussing the 1st Amendment and made the comment “since it’s the first, the subsequent ones all necessarily depend on it”. Nobody remotely familiar with the USA or even the Stormer would make an error like that, even on purpose; it’s too howlingly wrong.) The Stormer makes a show of denouncing violence. DemPart has gone into specifics on providing advice on implementing urban violence. There’s other differences of similar types. I’m quite convinced they are what they claim to be. DemPart has been made expressly illegal in France – just accessing it is contrary to the law – and they have to jump through a fair amount of crypto hoops to get funding. They also are rather better at handling their funding than Anglin is; they do various public-radio-pledge-drive style gimmicks to make the donors feel empowered and like the money is meaningful. Anglin is totally sloppy and careless with his donations. Their forum is better organized and better run. In short their logistics are much better handled; it is clearly not the same team.

        The one area where they were a DS clone was in claming “COVID is just the flu”. That strikes me as a similar causes producing smilar effects: the propagandistic objective is to rile the public up against the government, and COVID is handy for that. I really don’t like that tactic and I’m convinced it’s a mistake, but I can see why people in those situations might latch onto it.

        In short this looks to me like a John Birch society situation. They saw giant Communist conspiracies everywhere, when in fact what was going on was a bunch of non-coordinated groups of people who’d all had similar experiences and been educated in similar ways reading similar things, coming to similar conclusions, and taking similar actions. The Communists were real, the universal conspiracies weren’t, and so the Birchers made themselves look foolish to anybody who took a second look at anything – and in so doing crippled anti-communist politics with friendly fire. Same with seeing zionists under every bed.

  6. The French has been dealing with Covid-19. However much of the Race Riots and Violence we’ve seen in the US has been missed by the French. Good for them. However it seems the bigger problem in France is the Muslims. Is it? We could say the even bigger problem is the Cucks and Liberals who still tolerate Diversity and Multiculturalism in our White Nations. We can fix that by putting Nationalists in office who believe in our views. Deo Vindice !

  7. France has almost as much ‘civil war is near’ talk as the USA, in some ways even more so, given that leading French political figures, former major government ministers, have talked about this as well

    France is about 12% Muslim, but new-born baby names in France are around 30% Islamic right now

    There is a lot of opinion in Europe that it is in France that the civil-war type scenarios will unfold

    Of course it is goofy that the French government is itself publishing and sponsoring these cartoons for claimed reasons of ‘freedom of speech’ … whilst France criminally convicts, even jails, major intellectual figures who talk seriously about Jewish issues, people such Hervé Rysson, Alain Soral, Dieudonné

    Muslims are acutely aware of this – can’t question the holocaust, can’t critique Israel killing thousands of Palestinians, you’ll be in court … but adolescent cartoons attacking Islamic or Christian religion, well that’s French-gov-approved!

    France’s National Rally ‘far right’ party led by Marine Le Pen, proposing banning women from wearing the hijab veil, banning all public wear of large religious symbols, except by full-time clergy or nuns and similar … she may win in 2022 … Burka bans (making illegal the full face covering) are already in place in several European countries

    Another thing gurgling under the waves in Europe, and attempted a few times in countries, is banning circumcision, the genital mutiliation of baby boys … As well as Jews and Muslims, USA people do this because of Jewish doctor influence, but the practice horrifies Europeans

    The banning of circumcision – and perhaps criminalising parents who take their children abroad to cut up their genitals – would be another way fires may be lit in Europe

    There was a French Jewish scientist, Guy Dommergue, one of the Jewish holocaust deniers, who said circumcision and its cult, was at the core of what made many Jews into psychopaths

    • @ captain sir . no it would not be a good thing ! It would be horrible beyond belief, to read a post from a man with a intellect such as yours, i s quite surprising and disapointing sir.

  8. ” . . . the even bigger problem is the Cucks and Liberals who still tolerate Diversity and Multiculturalism in our White Nations. We can fix that by putting Nationalists in office who believe in our views. . . ”

    The whole point of electing the Donald Trumps of the world is to defuse the anger of White Nationalists while not changing a damn thing. The problem for the Left Wing is Trump’s rhetoric made nationalist ideas acceptable and popular, thus the hatred he has from the Usual Suspects and their lackeys.

    Trump’s actions, of course contradict his words thus he has managed to anger both his supporters and opponents. He hopes to win reelection by making up for White voting losses by attracting colored voters through pandering i.e. bribery, the essence of American democracy. Everyone gets a Platinum Plan except White people, we get a sharp stick in the eye.

  9. Was the beheader wearing a mask?! I mean, what if he spread Covid while sawing through those necks? Oh, and if you hate ragheads after this, the terrorists win.

  10. “In my view, it was liberalism, cosmopolitanism, modernism, postmodernism and antiracism which cut the throat of this old woman”

    The Pope cut her throat. He has been inviting 10s of millions of Muslims into Europe, while washing and kissing their black feet. He will keep doing it until every church in Europe is burned down and he himself is beheaded,.The Catholics that support the church are just as suicidal. If you support an institution that betrays you, you deserve what you get.

    The church is going extinct like the Dodo bird, because like the Dodo it cannot cope with the real world. Why should I mourn the extinction of a spastic bird, or do anything to try to save it? Put its corpse in a museum and move on.

  11. Cue those “sir” trolls writing a comment about when “I was growing up there were only a few mohammedans in our East Carolina hamlet, but they were swell, sir. Sir, it was only until the Yankee poison, the, sir, the Puritan do-gooding carpetbaggers that made my Jewish daddy and my mama, sir, wish they had removed to Europe before I was conceived, sir, came, that, sir, those perfectly Southern, sir–I say, I say, boy!–friends of Our Savior, Chreist, albeit under a different name, sir, became unfriendly, sir! All, sir, because, sir, those ungodly, sir, Yankees, sir.”

  12. This is an intellectual blog site,

    So let’s get intellectual on this matter with existentialism, The British, and French modernism.

    I mentioned before on the British pop group The Cure on modernization ends to a mean with the Song 100 Years,

    The Cure have a song named Killing an Arab,

    Albert Camus existentialism, his Novel, The Stranger.

    Fight fire with fire!

  13. C’mon, clear and approve these comments quicker Hunter, you pathetic and lazy loser, show some respect to the folks who take the time to comment on your f-kin blog, sh-ithead!

  14. Why is the Han man mum? The Irish should be blue faced and screaming out their Mick bile. Why is the Han man mum?

    • A woman in France was beheaded by Muslims and yet you decide to bring up the fucking Irish? Holy shit, you are pathetic

  15. Yep just like ground hog day but a more cursed doomed globalhomo version of it. I’ve been completely desensitized to all these muslim terrorist attacks nothing like this will ever wake up the normies or boomers. You forgot to mention the massacre at bataclan which was baffling how a attack that bloody and gruesome that was memory holed and forgotten so quickly. If a attack like that won’t wake people up nothing will

    Groundhog day was Bill Murray’s best film and the only one where his cynical humor actually worked well. His tiresome cynical humor ruined films like ghostbusters 2 however and became a cliched ongoing theme in almost every other film he did afterwards

  16. Unfortunately, the French are addicted to liberalism. Even their nationalism is framed as a liberal resistance to Islam. We have the same problem in the USA to be honest.

    • The French have had all racial or group awareness drained out of them. There are only “bad individuals”….all groups are equal. That is why Bataclan or these other attacks don’t move the needle. A few bad people did some bad things, all part of the price of having a vibrant and diverse society.

  17. I wander how a public burning-at-the-stake of one of their condemned cohorts, as retribution, would fare in the spotlight?

  18. The presence of Muslims in our countries presents a problem that cannot be peaceably settled . If left alone, they form violent enclaves within our nations. Assimilation means minimizing and weakening their Muslim beliefs and identities, Doing this will inevitably provoke a violent reaction. If whatever you do results in violence, it is best not to have them in our countries in the first place and, if you have made the error of letting them in, offer at least initially financial incentives to leave. If this fails, the alternatives are accepting unending Islamic violence and ultimately submission to their rule or our engaging in coercion ending only with their complete expulsion. In short, there is no happy answer for them or us and the guilty of our elite, who created this situation, need in justice to be made to pay a price for their folly,

    • Yeah, a lot of the terrorists turn out to be second or third gen immigrants who were assimilated and ended up revolting against it. They live as liberals but it makes them feel empty, like traitors and sellouts to their own kind, so they end up going to fundamentalist islam. It’s similar to all of the younger white kids you see on the internet converting to ultra-traditional christian groups. Liberalism doesn’t provide anything except hedonism and satisfaction of animal bodily functions, so it can’t give contentment to naturally religious people. Eurocrats believe it’s a simple task to just teach the muslims to be homosexual and eat pork and that will solve everything, but even when they do assimilate to globo-homo, often it doesn’t stick.

  19. I won’t take what the mainstream media says as truth, I have no reason to believe a single word they say after all manipulation.
    and guess what! Soldiers now deployed in the double on the streets of France as national lockdown began Friday 9 p.m. – they want us to believe they are for public safety! I’m not buying it.

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