The GOP In 2021

Last year, I predicted that Donald Trump would lose the 2020 election and that Conservatism, Inc. would collapse and would lose its ability to corral these people. I didn’t see COVID or the George Floyd riots coming which have greatly accelerated the changes that I expected to take place.

The Washington Post:

“If you want to get a taste of what American politics will be like in 2021 if Joe Biden becomes president, let me refer you to a new video put out by elected Republican officials in Idaho, objecting to state and local efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic through public health measures such as mask mandates and the closing of spaces where people congregate indoors.

It is nothing short of a warning of rebellion.

“We further resolve that any [public health] order issued in the future will be ignored,” says one state representative, unless it comports with their understanding of “our God-given rights.”

Other highlights include the lieutenant governor sitting in her truck and holding up a Bible and a gun, and most chillingly, the party’s nominee for a state representative seat referring to “the fact that a pandemic may or may not be occurring.” …”

In order to get rid of an incompetent narcissist and blowhard like Donald Trump who ultimately did nothing but tax cuts and criminal justice reform, the Democrats have treated him like he was the second coming of Adolf Hitler. They impeached him. They censored his supporters. They weaponized the FBI. They turned a blind eye to Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting for months and burning down cities. The news media was always biased, but now it filters the news through a political narrative of “systemic racism.” Everything is now about “white supremacy” including sports, music, brands, etc. Unlike Charlottesville, it is not even “a story about race in America” when Antifa actually kills Patriots.

The Atlantic:

“If Joe Biden beats Donald Trump decisively next week, this election may be remembered as a hinge point in American history: the moment when a clear majority of voters acknowledged that there’s no turning back from America’s transformation into a nation of kaleidoscopic diversity, a future that doesn’t rely on a backward-facing promise to make America great again. But that doesn’t mean the voters who embody the nation’s future are guaranteed a lasting victory over those who feel threatened by it.

With Biden embracing America’s evolution and Trump appealing unrestrainedly to the white voters most fearful of it, the 2020 campaign marks a new peak in the most powerful trend shaping politics in this century. Over the past two decades, and especially since Barack Obama’s election in 2008, voters have re-sorted among the parties and thus reconfigured the central fault line between them. Today Republicans and Democrats are divided less by class or region than by attitudes toward the propulsive demographic, cultural, and economic shifts remaking 21st-century America. On one side, Republicans now mobilize what I’ve called a “coalition of restoration”; on the other, Democrats assemble a “coalition of transformation.” …

That’s possible, but it remains less likely than in 2016, because the voters opposing him appear determined to turn out in much higher numbers, too. I’ve often said that modern American politics can be reduced to a single question: How long can Paducah tell Seattle what to do? Next week the answer may be that Seattle—that is, America’s future—has mobilized to reclaim control of the nation’s direction from Paducah—its past—and perhaps by a resounding margin. …

A Republican Party deepening its reliance on the most racially resentful white voters, as Democrats more thoroughly represent the nation’s accelerating diversity, could test the bonds of the union to the greatest extent since the Civil War. If Trump wins a second term, that crisis could come very quickly: Blue America isn’t likely to quietly acquiesce if a reelected Trump follows through on any of his multiple threats to criminalize his opponents, deploy large numbers of federal law-enforcement officers to blue cities, or pursue punitive actions against media institutions and technology companies he considers threats.

Winning next week would give Biden an opportunity to temper partisan hostilities and “bind up the nation’s wounds,” as Lincoln put it. But through his long career, the former vice president has not often shown the dexterity required to satisfy the ascendant left in his own party while building meaningful bridges to the other party. Nor is there much reason to believe that the Republicans left in Congress after a big Democratic win—a group that would be concentrated in Trump country even more than today’s GOP caucus—would have much interest in reaching back out to Biden. The 2020 election has been among the most vitriolic and divisive America has ever experienced, with the prospect of further disruption and even violence still lingering in its aftermath. But all of that may be just the opening bell for a decade that tests the nation’s cohesion like few others ever have.”

The idea that Joe Biden is going to “temper partisan hostilities” and “bind up the nation’s wounds” after what has taken place is laughable. Instead, it is much more reasonable to assume that the Right will react to a Joe Biden victory in much the same way that the Left reacted to Trump’s victory. It will be seen as an apocalyptic, existential political and cultural defeat. What happens then?

Maybe nothing will happen and America will “return to normal” and go back to the Obama era like Joe Biden has promised his voters. The polls which show Republican approval of political violence starting to outpace Democrat support for political violence WILL NOT spill out into the streets which is what happened with Antifa after the 2016 election. There won’t be an explosion in the Patriot movement and these Patriots won’t go out looking for a fight like we saw in Portland and Kenosha.

If the Democrats win the 2020 election, will Antifa and Black Lives Matter demobilize or will it prove impossible for Joe Biden to rein those forces back in after the perception settles that political violence worked in getting rid of Trump? What happens if the Patriot groups adopt those same tactics and come out and start fighting with them without Trump around to act as a big pacifier? It is easy to imagine these street battles becoming a vortex of violence that absorb the attention of the media and which rip apart the country as partisans choose sides in the grand finale of the culture war.

Anyway, that is what I fear will happen. In retrospect, we will look back on the media celebrating Antifa punching Richard Spencer as a historic moment when an important line was crossed. This was roughly the moment when the Left decided that political violence and censorship was a legitimate tactic that could be used against the incipient fascism of the Right. Similarly, Kyle Rittenhouse was the moment when the Right decided that violence was a legitimate tactic that could be used against the incipient anarchism of the Left. It was all downhill from that moment at Trump’s inauguration.

Note: Donald Trump was never a fascist. Richard Spencer wasn’t another Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini. If the Left is willing to use violence, censorship, impeachment, blacklisting, racial demonization and so forth to get its way, can it complain when the Right becomes authoritarian?

Note: Assuming Donald Trump squeaks out a victory in the electoral college next week, it will be the Left that will lose its mind. Either way, the result will likely be the same. If it continues to go down this road, the country is eventually going to collapse one way or the other.

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    • @Banned Hipster…

      Yes, it’s great of The Atlantic to be so plain, though, it is sad that to see their dreams for us.

      A dream is all it will ever be, however, or, perhaps, better said, a pipe dream.

    • “t is great that The Atlantic is openly spelling out its plan for white genocide…”

      Then let’s do the same. “Assuming Donald Trump squeaks out a victory in the electoral college next week, it will be the Left that will lose its mind….”

      They shoot mad dogs, don’t they?

    • Whites objecting to their own Genocide are “racially resentful”. The plans for abolishing our race become more and more transparent. Anti-Whites can’t restrain their jubilation over our forced demise any longer.

  1. Conservative Americans, i.e. ones who get ridiculed for “clinging onto their guns and religion” (as Obama put it) are not the GOP.

    I see a lot of anti-Trump articles, which is fine. I enjoy reading all of your political articles, even the ones I disagree with.

    What I don’t see is any anti-Biden or anti-Marxist articles. You don’t have any articles attacking the democratic party.

    It’s not very respectful to try to emasculate / ridicule right-leaning Americans. That’s what the left does. I wish I would see at least an equal amount of ridicule of leftists but I don’t.

    And I know Brad, we all know you are not an accelerationist *wink* *wink*, you are not encouraging people not to vote *wink wink*. I must be out to get you according to your unemployed incel followers.

    • I am neither unemployed nor an incel. There is no point in HW or anyone else in the right wing media apparatus from Faux News to the most obscure dissident blogs to attack the left. We already know that they are our enemies. The GOP and Con Inc has been acting as a sponge soaking up populist discontent in the heart land and redirecting to where it will do no good for well over half a century. They are who we need to be attacking. I do not need HW or anyone else to create content go ming after Biden, the D party, Marxist, etc. I, and every other right winger in the Western world, already know that. Most conservative Americans (and, sadly, many on the dissident right it would appear) clearly do not. HW has consistently gone after the left for the entire 10 or so years I have been reading OD. He is now hammering home precisely the points that the entire right should be hammering and is doing a so fearful job of it. I hope he will continue.

      • Edit:

        “so fearful” should read “wonderful”. I don’t know if that was my predictive text, lack of sleep the last couple of days, or both. Apologies everyone.

    • Gryphon, what makes you think Trump is not the accelerationist candidate? What has he done to try stop the destruction of civil society you see all around you? Trump obviously sought the Presidency for personal reasons, not to accomplish anything in particular. He has made no effort to try staff his executive branch offices, or even his White House staff, with policy supporters, or at least people who would obey his lawful commands, not take a paycheck to undermine everything he tries to do.
      Do you think Trump would allow persons who did not support him inside his for-profit organizations? Yet in his own government he does nothing but tweet monosyllabic gibberish instead of trying to install faithful followers of his so-called vision. I voted for Trump because I want the Establishment and their insurrectionist pets to once and for all provoke the good people, the salt of the earth types, out of their apathy and studied ignorance so that they might finally join us dissidents from the Empire of Evil to crush the puppet master Oligarchs.
      And if the normies prove not to be loyal allies in this Final Solution, let us then stand down and allow the Empire to exterminate the weaklings. This whole democratic charade needs to end. Either we control our lives or we don’t. Fight or die standing, no more living on our knees.

    • “It’s not very respectful to try to emasculate / ridicule right-leaning Americans.”

      If Trump doesn’t get constant lip-service from everyone, it’s “emasculation.” It’s not FAIR! What about the libs?

      • The Anti- Whites are not “libs”. They are fascistic in the truest sense of the word. They are filthy degenerates without an iota of open’ mindedness or humanity.

  2. Hunter, I support Trump and have been at odds with your criticisms of him, but admit you make some strong points and are honest. I work for AT&T in downtown St. Louis, and they’re already putting up wood paneling on their windows as they did in the riots in the summer. It’s said they fear a blow-up if Trump is re-elected.
    Many other people are like that, and I fear a lot of people will vote for Biden just to ‘make it all go away.’
    The fear of Covid has scattered people and made them frightened, but also there is a counter movement of people fed up with restrictions and shut-downs. In Illinois, the Governor is ordering restaurants in several counties to close because of increased Covid infections, but several refuse to; they’re banding together, and say if they close again, they’ll be out of work.

    What the left has learned (or thinks they’ve learned) is violence pays, and I think your comment about two old geriatric men arguing over who can give more money to blacks and Israel is pretty funny.

    The white base is demoralized and wants leadership, and there isn’t any. The left has leadership, but it’s really of the insane. In a sense, everything could be up for grabs.

    Trump, Biden, Pelosi: three old people representing the endgame of our political mores for the last fifty years, and shows how dead it all is. If mobs arise, new leaders may well come. I’m sure the globalists and corporations have plans to control us, but as history shows, when you invite the mob to the table, it gets ideas of its own.
    Trump is trying to re-define the GOP as a broadbased party (I always said his election was a hostile takeover of a dying firm), but too many Republicans can’t accept that.

    But will whites finally do something? I was watching a National Geographic TV show about the Cold War, and it noted how the communists took over the Eastern European countries by outmaneuvering the regular political parties. In Czechoslovakia, they formed coalition governments, but always made sure they got their man in the Interior ministry (the police), and when Czech opposition parties demonstrated, the reds sent out whole mobs in the streets, shut things down, and shouted down their opposition until, as the narrator said, ‘the opposition went home.’
    The Czechs simply gave up. Will we just ‘go home?’
    If this happens, secession is our only viable option, as Kevin McDonald has argued.

    • In 2016 many if not most Whites who voted for Trump knew it was a long shot. We were just willing to take a gamble because the alternative was so horrific and what we REALLY wanted was (is) an America First nationalist who would end the wars, shut off immigration, deport the illegals, smash the leftist traitors, work on good relations with Russia, take jobs back from China and put a brake on (and reverse) the moral slide.
      I don’t see Trump having done any of that. We got – as Hunter W has mentioned many times – a Jeb presidency. But whoever wins, the zeal for a true nationalist remains. The closest I’ve seen in recent times may be Salvini – but anyone showing the slightest bit of leadership in a nationalist direction, whether Salvini, Farage, Johnson, Trump, Orban, gets endlessly smeared and attacked. The Italian establishment ganged up to cheat Salvini of his rightful office.

      If you’ve never watched Oliver Stone’s “Putin Interviews”, I’d highly recommend it. Putin comes across as an intelligent, wise shepherd of his people, a man with a deep love for his nation who is prepared to assume the burden of stewardship and leadership. Would that America had such a man!

    • @Dargason…

      Yes, secession and a reconfederation of this land, however that comes to be, is the only alternative to what is.

      That said, it will come from The Left, not The Right.

      When will that occur?

      When The Left collectively realizes that they cannot control the country as is, and, that so, their essentially controlling and intolerable nature propels them out of the union.

      Trump winning that reelection could very well be that moment.

      • @ ivan turgenev they are more than welcome to leave, with the clothes on their back, thats all, they can all follow secretary reich over to tribalstan, where he is beginning a new career as the pygmy queen .

        • @Terry…

          Yes, Sir – as the United States reorganizes into many states, and, perhaps, new confederacies, I reckon millions and millions of people, both gay and straight, Left and Right, will migrate to somewhere else.

          My hopes are that most of this is voluntary and not coerced by bloodshed.

          Be well, My Friend!

  3. Spencer is an idiot. Rule of thumb is whatever he predicts, the opposite is more than likely to occur.

    The moron is telling people to vote for Biden, basically telling people to vote for Harris. A complete idiot.

  4. Conservatives are naturally risk averse people, so there is almost no chance they will respond to Biden in the same way that the left responded to Trump.

    • Yeah, Cons won’t do a thing if they lose. Go home and suck on their thumbs, buy more guns they’ll never use, pray to Jeezus to help get them through the next 4 years, continuing to be ignorant of the true direness of the long term situation.

      • @ powell this “jeezuz” whose name you disrespect, is our only hope! Thee enemy we face in this war, is a supernatural evil, without this ” jeezuz” as you say, everyone of us would already be dead!! Wise up!

        • its amazing how little we hear this truth that we are up against “supernatural evil”….
          For what BUT an evil force could have aided them all these centuries??

    • Apart from a few isolated incidents I see no mass political violence emerging from the right, Biden win or not. Most Whites are still too comfortable and law abiding to risk it all by perpetrating violence. At some point that will change.

  5. “Donald Trump was never a fascist. Richard Spencer wasn’t another Adolf Hitler or Benito Mussolini.”

    They should be though….

  6. If the country is still together in 2024, the candidates will range from Senators Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, to celebrity journalist Tucker Carlson.

    And Populism will continue to refine itself and grow stronger.

    The Democrats, after losing to Trump twice, and failing to capture the senate in 2020 will be split by many Far Left defections to either The Green Party or something new of the same type.

    Liberalism, for all it’s apparent strength amongst the school children, looks more and more fragile and Globalism is finished as a political philosophy.

    If the Globalists manage to defend their ill-gotten gains, they will have to do it outside of the electoral process.

    I see 2008 as the apex of The Post-WWII Liberal Era, and we are now in a transition to a Populist National Era – not just here, but everywhere in The West.

    Just watching Emmanuel Macron sound ever more nationalist, even if it is not sincere, is a testimony to the changing political tides. Two years ago the French president would have shot himself before voluntarily saying the things he has said in recent weeks about Moslems, refugees, immigration, culture, and The Turks.

    The beginning to this process we saw with the rise of The Tea Party in 2010 have greatly accelerated and are beginning to sweep the political structures along into it.

      • @Captain John….

        Very very strange to see, but, President Macron is not alone, amongst Jews, in this process of the West being polarized between Globalist & Nationalist impulses.

        I see that Jews, in New York City for example, who were convoying for Trump were shocked to get a bad reception by Leftists, and I notice that ultra-Orthodox Jews are almost universally for Trump and defying DeBlasio.

        Amazing to see Macron standing firmly behind French monuments, French blood, and French national status.

        Am I in a dream?

    • @ michael i wouldnt, he was once quoted as saying, ” that he believed r.e.lee was the greatest white man ever born”, because he said that i choose to ignore his less than intelligent statements . but hey, thats just me.

      • The worst thing about Spencer is he actually likes depeche mode. Out of all the synth pop or new wave bands that came out in the 80’s Depeche Mode is the one he likes the most I just don’t get it they fucking suck

  7. I would like those to explain how we got a ‘Jeb presidency’.

    It’s not been all wine and roses, but the tax cut was meaningful for small business and individuals who make some income. I’m a member of GOA, and some progress was made when it comes to the 2nd Amendment the bump stock issue excepted.

    Trump did not start any new wars and made the effort to get us out of Afghanistan and Iraq but anyone who reads a bit realizes the president, regardless of party, has little control over foreign policy. Trump could have done something with Russia, but the left and the military industrial complex will not allow it.

    I think it’s good Trump reached out to minorities while shutting down this critical race theory stupidity. As VDare points out, he probably should have done more on immigration. Some of the border wall has been built better which is a plus, but nowhere near his 2000 mile boast.

    I’m down here in South Texas, and there are plenty of Hispanics who working the oil industry making good money, so there is some support for Trump there though does not mean they are Republican. Trump may have more black support this year, so maybe if he can convince blacks to do something for themselves instead of relying on handouts, that’s a good start though that is like pushing rope up hill.

  8. “How long can Paducah tell Seattle what to do?”

    They always gotta get a shot in on the South, even when the subject isn’t even remotely relevant to Dixie. The South is the Source of all of Yankeedom’s and Cascadia’s problems. And in spite of the fact that the South has been politically irrelevant since 1865.

  9. I worry that Idaho will fill up with former California residents and turn blue as they turn Idaho into that which they left. That is what blue state white Americans do to any red state they flee into. Once again I support red state secession and the formation of a Greater White Heartland Republic. That also means I acknowledge the right of blue states secession and their right to form a Liberal-Marxist nation of their own.

  10. Hawley? Cotton? Populists? And Haley? Give me a break. All are more loyal to Israel than to the US. I reject all of them.

  11. I think the election fraud in the next few weeks (yes, it will be ongoing) will be so extreme as to be “visible from outer space,” to steal a line from a tv show. They just won’t tolerate a Trump re-election. The weaponized FBI, as Hunter put it, is now a political police force. Their Rosenstein-Mueller-Weissmann Russiagate fraud failed and the CIA’s Ciaramella-Vindman impeachment fell short so might they actually pull a coup d’etat if Trump were to win? The US did it to democratically-elected leaders abroad (Ukraine 2014 and Bolivia 2019) so why not here? They could call it a “return to democracy” after Trumpian ‘fascism.”

  12. The jew magazine The Atlantic (and so many others, like Paul Krugman) looking forward to the displacement of the historical American nation (or white genocide, if that’s the case) in favor of a “hodgepodge of folks” (Obama)– something which history has shown to be unstable, leading to conflict and requiring force to hold it together– makes it easier for me to understand certain historical events.

    • So they think they can lord over a giant Yugoslavia with multi-base raciality and huge dollops of low IQ as new additional ingredients in the diversity pie? Truly disturbing.

    • Just read the Amren piece — WOW !! Now that is a whopper! It reads like an absolute parody. Another shoah! Thanks for linking it. I think…

  13. Ivan:
    If a breakup occurs With the left, they’ll would effectively have power on the east and west coast, with the rest of America between; sort of like East and West Pakistan when the subcontinent partitioned in 1947.
    At this point, I’d love a break, if only so that the sane people could maintain control of their areas, but this would be useless without a concurrent media.
    I think one of Trump’s problems was that there was no Trump news network to get his side of things out, nor a Trump political party. As I’ve mentioned, both parties are run by old people with old ideas, and that has to change; also, a new partition needs to settle things with the blacks and Jews.
    A new party of white Americans would at least get these things on the table. No more lies would be a great platform.

    Re-reading Civil War Two, Tom Chittum predicted the old Civil War rules wouldn’t apply; instead, he thought America would crack like Yugoslavia did, with neighbor going after neighbor, since so many nationalities were seeded into other nationalitie’s turf. I look at the Biden signs around my town, and wonder if these people would fight; or, more than likely, support some armed force suppressing me and those like me. I don’t doubt they would. I have zero trust in the left, despite their PBS programs of ‘average’ Americans saying ‘can’t we all just get along?’ The problem is, they lie. I don’t say this with anger, just what I observe.

    If we had a real severing, I hope, too, that it would be peaceful, like the USSR had, although there was a lot of corruption there, and if the crooks light somewhere, let it be in the blue states. Biden supporters and mendacious crooks deserve each other.

    • @Dargason…

      Thank you for your comment. Interesting that Chittum cited Yugoaslavia, when The United States, in the 1770s, was all about Tory neighbour going after Revolutionary neighbour.

      Many people do not realize the amount of atrocities in our War of Revolution.

      Like you I hope we manage the falling away like the old Soviet Union and do it peacefully.

      Shooting people is not going to help anybody, though, in some Purple States, such as mine, I am afraid it is very likely, this as a struggle for power becomes more and more intense – that aggravated by out-of-state money, like what Bloomberg and Soros contribute.

      Yes, I believe we need new political parties that are openly pro-White, though, I wonder if such a thing can occur, when people have had their brains hacked so.

      As to Biden supporters, I think them several addled. Why one might dislike Trump is one thing, but, supporting a treacherous grafting corrupto who is an inveterate liar and war criminal is beyond me.

      Be well!

  14. The Democrats, Blacks, and White Liberals have the wrong view of Trump. I agree these people and the Anarchists who do the left’s dirty work think he’s the second coming of Hitler. Interesting enough is he campaigned on being different and he was called a joke by establishment Republicans. Same way they acted over Congressman Ron Paul running for President. Trump ran as more of a Civic Nationalist / Populist but he couldn’t even follow through with that. He became yet another generic Republican that dropped the ball on purpose with Covid-19 and many Americans have passed away because of Covid-19. Fact is…Trump should lose the election because of Covid-19 and not keeping Americans safe. It would be really nice of Moderates took back the Democratic Party and Republican Party and focused on Patriotism, doing what’s right, showing true leadership, and represent We the People. Deo Vindice !

  15. Ivan:
    If you ever have time to read a novel, try Oliver Wiswell by Kenneth Roberts (1940), showing the American Revolution as seen by a loyalist soldier. He also wrote Rabble in Arms, about patriots fighting the British. He has lots of views of both sides.
    Also, watch the TV series TURN, about spies in the American revolution. Very well made.

    Brian, I’m reminded of a cartoon where Superman says ‘I represent the forces of good,’ then there is a supervillain saying ‘I represent the forces of evil,’ then a flabby little guy in a cape raises his double chin and says ‘I represent the forces of moderation.’
    I see these ‘moderates’ on PBS,saying ‘why can’t we all just get along?’ Yeah, which means the same bunch of crooks and racial enemies get to keep pushing us.

    By now moderation means letting the grifters rule as long as they say the right things on camera, and closing your eyes to some evil things. Riots, political correctness, globalists squeezing the native peoples, wherever they are, accepting sexual perverts as equals or else they’ll have you arrested. The results of moderation are now before you.

  16. “What will the GOP look like in 2021”?

    More like Florida GOP candidate Laura Loomer, self-described “proud Islamophobe,” and her friend Marjorie Greene, a QAnon supporter, who is also expected to win a seat in Congress.

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