Live Thread: 2020 Presidential Election

We are closely monitoring the 2020 election.

Will our Favorite President be reelected? Will we even know the result tonight? Will the country spiral into an abyss of violence after crossing the point of no return? The only thing we know for certain is that one side is going to lose their shit after losing a traumatic, existential election.

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  1. I see that 12 hours after all the polls close, they still have not counted all the votes?! What kind of government cannot, or will not, properly and efficiently run its own elections? I suspect Democrat fraud; will they succeed? An evangelical I personally know has declared that we are in a “spiritual warfare”, and that they believe God will give Trump the victory. Okay. To the wise, America has become a joke.

  2. Well, congratulations, you White-hating scum, Wallace, you got your wish.

    Hopefully, you will be the first to be arrested for “racism” under the new brown communist regime.

  3. When they finish their project Trump won’t even get to 240 electoral votes.

    Truly amazing to see absentee/mail ballots go 78-95% for one candidate.

    We’ll soon see an openly anti-white government. Will it seek to punish Trump supporters? Incarcerate Trump for some fake offense? (A nice Third World practice) All FBI/DoJ/CIA wrongdoers can now breathe easily.

  4. I am told that the vote total in Michigan will exceed by hundreds of thousands the number of registered voters there.

    This is “Our Democracy.”

    • Hunter isn’t the reason Trump’s losing. It’s not like tens of millions are reading his blog.
      Trump actually got more total votes than in 2016, the turnout was better.
      Trump himself is the reason. He took the white vote for granted, and went after the non white vote.
      Plus, there’s no doubt there’s some Blue state fraud as well.

      • Yeah this site warned Trump that fucking over White Nationalist concerns would doom him.

  5. Just wonderful department, a senile sociopath as President of the USA, backed up by his colored woman vp.

  6. If trump loses, it will be because White men did not turn out for him. Wignats will have decided the election, which is the outcome I was hoping for, personally. The message was sent. Pander to blacks and latinos, even make gains with them, but if you hang the White man out to dry then prepare to lose.

    Not that the GOP will ever accept that message, but it is still a good message to send.

  7. Resolved, that these Red States of America should, and of right ought to be, a free and independent nation, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the….

      • Pennsylvania is two states: Urban PA including Philly, and “Pennsyltucky.” (Pennsyltucky is a very old term dating back to about the end of the eighteenth century.) Pennsylvania still has, I think, the largest rural population (not living in a city or borough) of the fifty states, and there has been a lot of tension from the earliest days, going back at least to the rebellion in 1794, between the city and the rural population.

  8. You fraud. You aren’t fooling anybody except your brain dead devoted readers. You and Richard Spencer have opposed Trump and us Trump supporters since at least 2018. You alt right white nationalist neo Confederate tools are an embarrassment to real patriots and thankfully your voices and votes didn’t count this time because Trump actually won the election. Only your tiny group calls it the War Between the States instead of the Civil War and Trump’s the leader of the Republican Party whether you like it or not. Trump for individual liberty and America First!

    • Libertarian Nationalist,

      Quit crying in your soy milk. Had your beloved Zion Don not abandoned his base voters of working class whites, done more to protect white senior citizens from contracting and dying from complications exacerbated by COVID-19, not passed out H1-B visas to Chinese and Indians at the expense of white tech workers, rolled out Plantinum and American Dream plans for blacks and Hispanics respectively, and done more to assist Joe and Jane Mainstreet instead of Schlomo Wallstreet this election would not have been close, and your pussy grabbing conman would have crushed Biden without the necessity of contesting every mail in vote in swing states.

      By the way, the fact that you and your ilk are “trump fans” says a lot about your political surface understanding of ZOG.

    • Libertarian “nationalist” is an oxymoron. Laissez faire is the enemy and complete opposite of ethnonationalism.

    • You do realize that Trump is finished right? He painted himself into the corner pandering to niggers.

    • At least we got the embassy moved to Jerusalem. Notice how that and outlawing anti-semitism on college campuses did not get any opposition from even one federal judge or threats of congressional hearings?

  9. What an election it was and it’s still going. Looks like we got a new Mississippi Flag here in Mississippi by over a 70% popular vote. Of course the Democrats and the Republicans came together and bashed the South as usual. Deo Vindice !

  10. Trump wants a recount of Wisconsin. Why did they stop counting votes in key states? They just stopped. What the hell.

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