The Morning After

I didn’t vote in the 2020 election.

As I had planned, I grilled some steaks, drank a few beers, sat around a bonfire with friends and reacted to the election results on Twitter. My friend who was with me in Charlottesville and who also didn’t vote shot and killed a deer yesterday evening with his crossbow. It turns out the polls were wildly inaccurate and the election was much closer than we thought. We still don’t know the winner.

How about this for a stunning development? The Karens were lying about voting for Biden, Hispanics went for Trump and the only demographic in which Trump lost support over 2016 was White men. If he ends up losing the 2020 election, it will be because White men didn’t show up for him (!!!)

At least that is what I am hearing. I was too drunk last night to dig into the numbers. I will be doing that throughout the day. Basically though, Trump improved with non-White voters, particularly with Hispanics which was expected. I don’t see that result changing.

UPDATE: In Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, Trump slipped with White men in the Edison exit polls.


  1. 88 condemnation of white nationalists later and he loses in Pennsylvannia. Who advised this chunmp?

    • He didn’t condemn average white people, in the public mind “white nationalists” are at best the looney people from the Blues Brother’s movie. Blatant Racism is not popular amongst the general public raised in the public school system over say the last 60 years. Don’t live in a bubble.

      • Approx 5%of white men ha e whits Nationalist beliefs. That was enough to get Trump the win in 2016 and lose him it in 2020

  2. Maybe you should found a party called the 5%ers and make stump speeches about how Tru. P stupidly condemned white nationalists.

  3. I will just copy my comment from the election topic:

    If trump loses, it will be because White men did not turn out for him. Wignats will have decided the election, which is the outcome I was hoping for, personally. The message was sent. Pander to blacks and latinos, even make gains with them, but if you hang the White man out to dry then prepare to lose.

    Not that the GOP will ever accept that message, but it is still a good message to send.

    • @Dart

      “The message was sent. Pander to blacks and latinos, even make gains with them, but if you hang the White man out to dry then prepare to lose.”

      The problem with this is that the winner is often worse than the loser. We just don’t really have any choice at all.

      If nobody bothered to vote, they’d just hoax election returns on TV, to gaslight us all.

    • “Dart
      NOVEMBER 4, 2020 AT 10:56 AM
      I will just copy my comment from the election topic:”

      You were right on the money, better than the idiot pollsters.

  4. Resolved, that these Red States of America should and of right ought to be, a free and independent nation. That they are absolved of all allegiance to the…

  5. “Hispanics went for Trump”

    This is a load off BS I have been hearing all morning.

    Biden still won that group by almost 2/3.

    So what if Trump shaved a single digit percentage off?

    Demographics is still destiny and they will likely go back full Blue when black riots aren’t an issue during an election

    • This. Hispanics are still majority democrat. Even if they one day go red, it will be because the GOP will be something even more alienating to the working class whites, and racialist whites, than the GOP already is.

      Conservatives have a weird fetish for hispanics.

  6. It seems WNs have won the election for Biden in key swing states. Who’d have thought that the endorsement of Richard Spencer would prove to be so pivotal?

  7. What kind of country cannot, or will not, accurately and promptly run its elections? Merica! Lareg states with huge population, like California and Texas, can count and declare a winner -but not Wisconsin or North Carolina. I suspect voter fraud will take the election from Trump. At least BLM and Antifa are not really rioting yet. America is becoming a joke to the rest of the civilized world. I am not sorry that I did not vote for President this year.

  8. “Preliminary results suggest Trump gained support among nonwhites nationwide but lost support among whites — especially white men. A confusing outcome in our supposedly white supremacist tyrannical hell-state”

    As I’ve been saying, it’s Generation Bastard coming of age. I work with a young guy originally from small “ex factory” town WI who seems like a normal guy with common sense, he doesn’t like the left, but he also hates Trump and probably voted for Biden.

    Note too that had the Democrats not gone bat shit crazy embracing the Green New Deal and Rioters and pretended to be the party they pretended to be during the John Kerry election they would probably be way ahead as Republican Economic Policy of allowing these chain corporations to run the economy on part time no benefit jobs does not appeal to young adults. This isn’t the world we say in the early 90s movie “Singles” where all these post college early Xer’s were living in the last gasp of the post war world where a degree brought employment. They were fleeced by the education racket into going into “home ownership” type debt for a worthless college degree, any wonder Sander’s college debt jubilee is appealing to them?

    • May I ad I was flabbergasted to find out how much a college degree has gone up in cost over the last 30 years. It used to be on par with financing a car, it’s now as steep as financing a house! This means there is also a financial bubble propping up a bloated industry in need of downsizing under the iron clad natural law of economics: The Education Racket.

      • @Nightowl,

        Adolf Hitler didn’t have a college education, and he did pretty good for himself and his Volk, until the ZOG controlled countries killed Aryan resistance and rebirth.

        Learn a trade, so even if you’re doxxed by ZOG, you can still be self-employed.

        The only reason to go to college now imho would be to use thots as pincushions.

  9. If he ends up losing the 2020 election, it will be cause White men didn’t show up for him (!!!)

    Like you, Brad. LIKE YOU!

      • A precise taxonomy in the upper midwest ought to be created. Was it WN turning their back? Working class guys in dangerous occupations Turing of plutocrats? Old men in fear of Covid?

        • “A precise taxonomy in the upper midwest ought to be created.”

          Yankees gotta Yank. That’s all there is to it.

          Real conservatives, in the Southern sense, have never existed there. That’s why they don’t vote like the South and the West do. And never will.

          • @James Owen,

            Your Southern “real conservatives ” in Mississippi voluntarily took the confederate battle flag off the state’s flag with nary a peep out of y’all, and where was the much vaunted warriors of Dixie as statues and monuments to Southern heroes were being toppled by fagtifa and blm marxists?

            In case you didn’t hear about it, Virginia Military Institute (VMI) just removed the statue of General Thomas “Stonewall ” Jackson. If VMI isn’t the epitome of Southern conservative heritage in 2020, what is?

      • Around here White men showed up in greater numbers than I’ve seen before, taking off work, driving long distances to stand in long lines. But this county and the adjoining one gave Trump the highest percentage four years ago. I saw very few professional, white collar men, though. But this is a blue collar region. You are correct that “We don’t know yet which White men he lost or why.”

    • Why do you even bother with Fr(audstard) Jewn+? Nothing but some mamzer or jew tard posting crap from the Internet coonection in the synagogue basement pretending to be a Catlick pedopriest.

      It is not as if you cost the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf the [S]Election living in Alabama. Drumpf carried the rest of the Bama boys. Why shouldn’t you have gotten drunk and had a barbeque rather than bother to vote anyways?

      I voted for the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf but not the rest of the Repubs except for this skank who gave one of the Repub county coonmissioners a hard time for crookedness. I of course wrote me in as a White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri.

      Anyways, you want to do better, stay away from the ZOGbots and ZOGtards and learn to love the fact that the Covid-19 kills non-whites and urban whiggers far more than rural whiggers.

      I lost the gubernatorial election in Missouri by half the number of votes the ZOG-Emperor Drumpf lost Mexifornia.

      You should be glad Bradifer that it looks like the 2d Civil War is cum-cum cum-cummin’ just like the 1860 [s]election. You should be happy that the gliberal states have violated the 1865 Armistices. Now the dang Yankees are whing that they want [j]ewnity, just like Nimrod.

      This 2020 farce should have told you that your deliverance is at hand — if you only want to take it.

      Hail Victory !!!

      Pastor Martin Lindstedt
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
      Write-In White Supremacist Candidate for Governor of Missouri

    • I would chill if I were any of you. The more I think about it, ANY election that throws Jared and Ivanka Kuschner out of power is a good one.

      The last person on God’s Green Earth who believed in MAGA or “Trumpism” was Trump himself. Let’s face it the ONLY ones who can Make America Great Again are White men. MAGA or “Trumpism” has a far greater chance of success without Trump in the way.

      The crushing repudiation of Trump did NOT come from any one but the very supporters he wooed in 2016 and spurned from 2017 on. I am sure his bungling of Charlottesville and full-scale prosecution of even the most non-violent Pro-White activists had a lot to do with losing the House. He did not heed the warning then and he paid the price in this election.

      I think a lot of savvier Republicans in Congress figured it out, That’s why every Trump judicial appointment got rammed through the judges needed to stop any unconstitutional executive orders by Senile Joe or Heels Up Harris. In the meantime, they can focus on gaining more Senate Seats and more House Seats.

      If another seat on SCOTUS comes up for election, I imagine that McConnell will agree to confirm Merrick Garland to give the Democrats a “win,” but Garland was more of a moderate which is why Obama put him through at the last minute, figuring there’d be less resistance to him.

      Any die-hard Trump supporters can console themselves by punishing any and all Democrats and RINOs in the mid-terms and successive elections. Populists can mount primary challenges to establishment Democrats and RINO Republicans.

      There were states all over the country, in the past, which were completely Democrat and they were split between the Progressive Wing and a Populist Wing that called themselves Democrats. Unlike the Stupid Party, Democrat Populists did not hesitate to get down in the mud and duke it out with the Progressives.

      Trump can be far more effective OUT of office than IN office. He can threaten to run again in 2024 or back the campaign of Donald Trump Junior – though Eric Trump strikes me as a lot smarter than Junior – to keep the feet of the establishment to the fire.

      There is a lot of opportunity here for those who don’t lose their minds over this.

  10. Okay, I’m out of here for good, this will be my last comment. With a few exceptions, most of you don’t deserve to be called White, you’re nothing but bendovers for the left. Wah, wah, Trump didn’t give us everything we wanted. So the eff what? You think these commies are going to kiss your asses? You’re like the brat who doesn’t get all he wants for Christmas and does his best to ruin the day for everyone else. Bye Fr. John, Kekist Monk, and a few other people with brains, but I can’t stand to be around traitor cucks like most of the people here.

    • @Mousieish

      “most of you don’t deserve to be called White, you’re nothing but bendovers for the left.”

      What are you talking about? Democrats are the real racists.

      Biden, the pro-segregation, anti-busing White man from a former Slave State beat a New York Jew who bragged about bringing Negroes to Palm Beach.

      Plus we’re sneaking in half-whites like Harris to fool the coloreds like Republicans did with Nikki Haley.

      White Supremacy has been saved. You’re welcome.

    • @Mousiesh,

      If this election is the death knell of the GOP, good riddance to the gatekeepers of nationalist resistance.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way to AIPAC.

      • November,

        I like Mousiesh. She is a Catholic. I agree that Trump is no one to take seriously yet all my female relatives who can vote supported him. All my male relatives who could vote abstained like I would have done if I could vote. Remember Trump did not betray my race. He betrayed the Anglo.

        Either way I am fairly certain now that Biden will be el Presidente. Will anything change? No. It will be business as usual. Except worse unless Republican whites have backbone and can deadlock the agenda.

        Despite myself I am starting to appreciate Russia and their leadership. They seem less a threat to world peace than the USA.

        • @Cristina…

          Russia has a huge amount of problems that plague them, particularly the corrupt oligarch class. The Russian economy, though strong in a few cities, still remains in tatters, the result being that thousands of their smalltowns have died.

          They still have no major industries outside of arnaments and energy.

          That’s not my opinion, but that of Russians living in Russia.

          That said, I totally agree with you : Vladimir Putin is a much better leader than anyone we have had here since, oh, John Tyler.

          The improvements Vladirovka has been able to make, since taking office, are nearly amazing.

          But, that said, they still have major major problems.

          In that we, in The United States, join The Russians, for we have a megalomaniacal oligarch class and rampant political corruption.

          • Ivan,

            I did not know who John Tyler was until I looked him up. I continue to learn alot on this site. I bet most Americans also did not know who John Tyler was either.

            My people appreciate strong rulers. I forget the name of the Chinese ruler but he seems able as well.

          • Ivan,

            I forgot to mention that when some of my family visited one of our rural homes with acreage we spotted some deer and wild pigs. I was going to get close to them but my brother said they can be mean and they are frequently huge.

            They had some little ones which were quite cute. I will not say what state I am in but it did go for Trump. I got to 50 yards from the pigs and they got quite agitated. Wild pigs are nothing like the domestic harmless types.

          • @Cristina…

            Now, let me tell you about John Tyler something you ought know.

            In 1840, After 12 years of Andrew Jackson-Martin Van Buren rule, Rothschild wanted the American currency system back in his hands.

            (Jackson had effectively removed Rothschild from the American fiscal system – something the Founding Fathers had failed to do)

            To that end Rothschild, and The Deep State Swamp and globalist political class selected William Henry Harrison to represent their interests.

            Tyler was the second part of the Whig Party ticket that year.

            Owing to the careful manipulations of Rothschild and his Deep State cronies, the booming Jackson economy was turned way down during Van Buren’s term (Van Buren had been Jackson’s vice president) so that the misery factor would be favourable for Harrison.

            It was, and Harrison triumphed over Van Buren in the presidential elections of that year.

            One thing Rothschild and his Deep State Globalists did not count on, however, was Harrison’s health – he dying but one short month after he was inaugurated.

            Tyler, a Southern plantation oligarch, was immediately sworn in, at which point Rothschild’s machinations to quickly re-embed himself in the American Economy were foiled, this owing to the fact that Tyler’s view of ‘The Bank of England’ was the same as had been that of Old Hickory.

            To me, as a Southerner, this is why President John Tyler is one of the greats – perhaps greater than Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, this because he understood that a nation cannot be sovereign if it is owned by aliens, and alien is what Rothschild was an remains.

            Tyler, like Jackson before him, was ready to protect this land, something which the vast bulk of politicians that have come ever after have not been

        • @ Christina,

          It’s funny that you mentioned that the females eligible to vote yesterday did. After I voted against(not for any candidates) yesterday for local and statewide offices, I was presented with a “I voted” 5″x7″ card that celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment that gave women the right to vote.

          • November,

            My 90 year old grandmother thinks that as a general rule women should not vote. She thinks men are bad enough but when you add women into the mix it gets worse. I myself do not care one way or another.

    • “So the eff what?”

      I’m sick of being given the choice between a shit sandwich and a turd hotdog. How about we get someone GOOD who actually stands up for Americans? Just one example of Trump’s BS: the year-on-year exponential rise of our trade deficit with China on his watch. This is a specific issue for which we voted him in in 2016. This hollowing-out of our economy has been going on the last 20 years with no brake. We could have put on the brakes with human-rights related punitive tariffs and carrots & sticks for companies to relocate manufacturing back home. Ditto outsourcing to India and H1B visas.

      Let’s vote on principle instead of the “lesser of two evils”.

      • “The hollowing-out of our economy has been going on the last 20 years with no brake.”

        Try since 1969. And for Britain, a few years before that.

        • It was not a “hollowing-out” – the US was the only industrialized country not bombed to rubble in WW2 so we were able to sell our goods to the rest of the world for the 20 years following WW2 – after that period the World resumed producing the same goods as we did albeit cheaper. The last 40 years of the US Standard if Living has been maintained by debt.

      • @Mainz…

        Our economy had long been hallowed out before the arrival of the year 2000.

        Mr. Owen is right – it began before you were born.

        Being older than you, we watched it happen.

  11. Nothing is still in the air.

    The president won reelection and several states are colluding to prevent that by manipulating the vote count.

    Those who are colluding to deprive the people of their voice had best hope that the courts throw out their attempts, for if they do not, there will be a Rural White Lives Matter Rally like they have not seen since the days of D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation…

    • No, there won’t be.
      Whites put more value on their televisions, sportsball knee-grows and air conditioning than they do self preservation… at this point. But that worm will turn, rest assured.

      Not until the left is actively burning white residences in suburbia will Whites stand up for themselves.

      When there’s no Faceberg, Jewtube, Twatter, Cable Sports and Dancing with the Knee-Grow Stars to distract Whites from how much they’re being duped into becoming second class citizens in the Nation they built, they will then, FINALLY stand up collectively against the NWO. By then, it will be likely too late.

      Biden can & will steal this election and Whites will do NOTHING.

      • @Gunny…

        I appreciate your reply. We’ll see what Whites do or don’t do.

        I agree with you about White Suburbuia, but, not about White Rural and Smalltown lands.

        The will not take Trump being forced out of office by chicanery.

        There, I’m on the record. Most Smalltown and Rural Whites have no idea of what people at this site know and think, but, what they do know is that they are being taken for a long ride and I know they will not go.

        Revolutions happen from the very bottom up – not the top down.

        • I voted for Trump … again. However, I am not nor would I be prepared to rumble with Antifa in the street on his behalf. Not after I saw any of his supporters end up pummeled by Antifa with the police looking on and not making a move to defend them. And if they raised a hand to defend themselves only to end up arrested themselves. Not after watching the Wignat supporters all end up serving hard time on trumped up charges pressed against them by his administration.

          Now, you can put up the argument that Trump means well by his White supporters, but his hands are tied by traitors in his administration who never stop stabbing him in the back and the emotional blackmail of Jarvanka. I can sympathize, but what good is he to us? He’s worse than useless.

          IF the Democrats prevail, and it looks like they will where it comes to taking the White House, the Republicans still hold the Senate and have a great chance of retaking the House in the mid-terms especially if any of them have the balls to help AOC take Schumer’s Senate Seat and field a Repulblican against that witch, Pelosi.

          Trump had some good ideas, but he was either an idiot who conned his way into the White House thinking he could sweet talk TMFIIC into letting him stay, even as a fiigurehead or he doesn’t have the diplomacy to get a coalition together to help him. I do think his ego is too great to allow anyone else to get the credit. Which may be the worst impediment to success.

          In any case, it’s six of one, half dozen of the other. where our people are concerned.

          I do suspect that the Democrats are stuck with the Blacks expecting to Afro-pandering and the Repugnants want to get the Latinx vote through their Hispandering. Whites will have to make up their minds to be a more effective swing vote if they want to influence either side.

      • All these patriotic US constitutionalists will not use their second amendment right to “water the tree of liberty ” with the blood of tyrants. They’ll thank the zogbot while handing over their firearms.

        The last real men that fought for the White race went down fighting to their last breath in Berlin in April of 1945.

        It’s a bit ironic and more than a dollop of schadenfreude that the country most responsible for aiding Joe Stalin’s Red Terror survival is now the victim of the virus that would have been eradicated by the greatest generation in Germany. What is that bible verse? You reap what you sow.”

  12. Steve Sailer to Donald Trump “I told you so!”

    A different take on this: Since the turnout was much higher than in 2016, it’s not that White men didn’t vote, I’m sure they did. It’s more likely that a small but significant number of them actually switched over to Biden. That could account for the -5%. We will need to see if the percentage of white males voting for Biden actually went up +5% to be sure.

  13. What I predict will happen in another 4-8 years when the democrats become a one party state is that whites will start voting in the democratic primaries to try to limit the damage of the childish decisions of black and young hipsters taking the party in an insane direction. I’ve said before that battle was lost when whites abandoned the Democratic party to the Jews and Blacks two generations ago. The Republican party of plutocratic capitalism is not the answer for whites.

    I talked to an Old Guy hanging out at a McDonalds for breakfast 20 years ago. (Old People hang out in fast food restaurants in the morning around the country, a national phenomenon I don’t really see much written about.) This was in suburban Oregon and he was mentioning how powerful the Democratic Party has always been in the Pacific Northwest and I was confused as to why. He said the place used to be largely natural resource related employment and heavy transportation which are very dangerous jobs, if the republicans had their way the bosses would pay next to nothing to risk getting crushed felling a tree or unloading a ship, the way life is in the 3rd world. Roosevelt and Truman set the wages high and survival was most important.

    Really looking at modern America in order to survive you need a $15 minimum wage and either the government or employer to pick up the $700 tab for unaffordable health insurance. This is the reason whites vote for the democrats and why Obama handily defeated Romney.

    • @Nightowl,

      Our people want nationalism and socialism, but the uniparties only force feed us multiculturalism, capitalism, and globohomo.

      Ah, national socialism has a nice ring to it, eh!

  14. While you alt right fringe vent on this safe space the rest of us patriots will support Trump and continue to laugh at you and the left too.

    KAG TRUMP 2020

    • You’ll need a violent street arm. That means reactivating UTR levels of demonstrations.

    • @Libertarian Nationalist,

      You fella will always have the warm and fuzzy memory of Trump Heights in the zionist occupied Golan Heights.

  15. Forever Trumpers,

    I implore you to read this article about the “Transition Integrity Project ” which was a bipartisan plan to remove Trump from the White House one way or another.

    You should also look into how the this nation’s top military brass including the Joint Chiefs of Staff had an “off-record ” meeting with (((msm))) news anchors insuring them that the military will play no role in this election come what may. Think about that. Four star generals and admirals having off the record meeting the juden lügenpresse.

  16. After mulling this over in the garden I’ll say this :

    If President Trump ‘loses’ this election, it won’t be because of The White Male Vote, it will be because of cheating.

    No amount of White Male support, or the support of any constituency, can effectively blunt ballot-box stuffing.

    • @Ivan,

      “”The people’s who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -“Uncle Joe Stalin America’s ally in WWII

      • @November…

        Yes, Sir, I have long known the quote and been familiar with the mindset.

        Thank you for mentioning it, as nothing could be more apropos.

  17. The Covid-19 ongoing pandemic played a big role in why it’s taking so long getting the results. That should be expected. I think it’s good that so many Voted. Of course Trump is all mad about early voting and Mail voting. I think Election Day should be a Holiday so people have the day off and can Vote. I voted Third Party again this Year. However I’d would be nice if we could have some Nationalist Third Party choices in the future. Deo Vindice !

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