Donald Trump’s Populist Slide In New England

Do you see this map?

This is why Donald Trump was elected president in 2016.

Lets take a look at New England.

Maine and New Hampshire were called early for Joe Biden in 2016. These early calls were an early sign that Blumpf was in trouble. He performed well in those states in 2016.

Hillary beat Blumpf by only 3 points in Maine in 2016. He is losing to Joe Biden by 10 points in 2020.


Blumpf 2020:

Susan Collins 2020:

Susan Collins won 55,000 more votes than Blumpf.

Blumpf 2016:

Blumpf 2020:

In Maine in 2016, Trump won 89% of Republicans who were 30% of the electorate and 41% of Independents who were 39% of the electorate. He won 84% of conservatives who were 29% of the electorate and split moderates 46% to Hillary’s 47% who were 40% of the electorate.

It is the same story in New Hampshire.

Hillary beat Blumpf by less than half a point in 2016. He is losing to Joe Biden by 7 points in 2020.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire in 2016, Trump won 89% of Republicans who were 28% of the electorate and split Independents 45% to 45% who were 44% of the electorate. He won 86% of conservatives who were 31% of the electorate and split moderates 41% to Hillary’s 52% who were 42% of the electorate.

Here are a few things which are gospel to some commentators who are American Nationalists and who read The Daily Stormer:

1.) First, COVID-19 is an elaborate conspiracy and a hoax and is “just the flu” and is nothing to worry about. Millions of people were going to starve to death because of lockdowns. Rightwing populists soaked up this narrative. There are still people who come here almost every single day to remind me that I was “totally wrong” about COVID-19 when the death toll is now +240,000.

In Maine and New Hampshire, COVID-19 was the most important issue in the 2020 election and White voters in both states broke decisively against Donald Trump because of it. Congratulations to those who decided to die on that political hill. Personally, I don’t think it was worth it.

2.) Second, everything that I have said about Blumpf’s diminished margin with White men and particularly with moderates, populists and nationalists who are Independent or Democratic voters or who are cynical about politics and tend to be non-voters is borne out in the data above.


  1. From you on Twatter:

    [Remember, AmNats hate women, think COVID-19 is a hoax, think a national health care system is “socialism.” As @NewRightAmerica has stressed many times, White populist and moderate voters who are Independents should expect nothing of substance from the GOP}

    You keep disseminating the most absurd lies and disinformation — re COVID; many ‘AmNats’ cared most about resisting authoritarian government measures to ostensibly combat it, e.g. I can’t go to work or visit the park with my kids — they don’t hate women (I mean, WTF, many of us have families with kids and we don’t want them growing up hearing about ‘white privilege’); but just as clearly female voting patterns are a problem — re ‘single payer’ or national health insurance, as a high earner in a country filling up with low IQ brown people, I don’t want a national health system because white guys like me will end up paying heavily for the low IQ brown masses, i.e. subsidizing my displacement — what is so hard to understand about that? — in America 1.0 with a white super-majority, I would have no problem with it.

    While I agree with you entirely about Blumpf, re most of the rest of your shtick: you are disgusting and dishonest, a real piece of shit who never learns.

    • I’m going to go out on a limb here and say what should not have to be said:
      EAH, You do NOT advance our cause, our people, or your “argument” by using vile, vulgar, personal attacks and name calling.

      What is even worse sir, is that you go on HIS blog to demean and dehumanize him. (Hunter Wallace)

      It is hard to make the case that our race and culture (White, European, Western) is “superior” to all others when we sound like vulgar tobacco-chewing hillbillies watching a cock-fight in granny’s back yard, drunk on a batch of her moonshine.

      OK, you don’t Hunter: alright, I get that. But “dishonest?”

      Because he doesn’t see the world as you see it?

      I don’t see the world as Ben Shapiro sees it, but I don’t think he’s “dishonest.”
      And I most certainly never go on HIS blog or website and call him names.

      Please, get some class and civility and stop auditioning for a role in American History X 2.

  2. I was watching Maine closely all night. Seems like there are a lot of white people up there who like a contrast to the Negrophile Democratic Party. They liked racist anti black Trump.

  3. One thing people on the dissident right are ignoring is that Donald Trump is not a likable person. He’s a selfish, narcissistic jerk. Most people who voted for him did so reluctantly. DR people see everything in terms of ideology and don’t care about personalities, but most people are not like that.

    Nationalist Populism is still popular, no matter happens to Trump.

  4. It’s fun to say that wignats hurt trump in these states, and I will continue to say it just to own the conservative liberals and amnats, but in reality it’s likely the majority of the 5% were white labor voters. Trump 2016 ran on jobs, jobs, jobs, and had a labor focused rhetoric (while Hillary just told everyone to learn to code). Then Trump did Paul Ryan’s tax cuts and by 2019 was dishing out full on supply side rhetoric and socialism scaremongering.

    • I thought it was Reagan’s reelection campaign all over again. Just replace the Russian commies with the Chinese ones, and it’s 1984 (gasp!) all over again, except this time a drooling pedo version of Mondale beats the Orange Gipper.

    • I explained on Twitter why this is the case.

      The “wignats” are disaffected White voters. They are non-traditional voters. They are moderate, populist, nationalist in their politics and socially conservative. They come from that stratum of the population. It is not that “wignats” cost Trump the election. It is more like “wignats” are a bellwether that indicates where that stratum of the population is headed.

  5. @Brad Griffin…

    You are much more trusting of things people, who are not known to you, tell you, than I am.

    I do not trust the Wuhan Virus numbers and, at this point in the presidential election, I no longer know which state results to trust.

    Whether it is old-fashioned ballot box stuffing, as blatantly went on in Michigan and is going in Nevada or Philadelphia, or the techniques of manipulating the electronic ballots to wind up in the other guy’s column, I have no more faith in this process.

    This is cheating on a level which I think far outstrips the corpses voting in the middle of the night in Chicago, in 1960.

    Thus, as fantastic as your writing has always been, and as fair-minded and strong in your investigative reporting as you are, I cannot regard your conclusions on the 2020 presidential election post-mortems because you are not circumspect about a process that is plainly fraudulent.

    At this point the only thing I can be sure about is that the Republicans did much better than they were expected to do and President Trump was on his way to winning this election, before the fraud set in.

    By the way, where is Jimmy Carter on this?

    Is it not ridiculous to call out one foreign country after another for corrupt election practices and a lack of transparency, yet, we have this situation where poll observers are either disallowed or are allowed in but, kept at a 30 foot distance?

    That said, I always do appreciate your blog – it’s my home away from home!

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        Thank you for your reply.

        Though I think it will be months, if not years, before anyone can properly dissect this election, I do agree with you that, if you must make one, those states would be the best.

        All the best to you and yours!

      • I’m in Maine and I’m claiming that there is fraud here. I followed the elections very closely and I’m telling you, the majority of people in Maine Did vote for Trump. You sound super reactionary like Sinead McCarthy or a mainstream liberal website hell bent on disenfranchising conservative voters. We didn’t all vote for Trump because we are stupid, a majority of us voted for him to push the liberals out. Trump’s crowds were enormous while Biden’s were mostly small and pitiful everywhere.
        Susan Collins won here because she supports the working class more than Lisa Savage or Sarah Gideon.
        Most of Maine is white, rural and blue collar. You really think the majority of them voted for Susan Collins and then Biden? Think about how little sense that actually makes.
        The liberal voter area in Maine currently is the tiny southern coastal area ( note Washington County is majority white /conservative ) and is filled with tons of Jews and non whites . Is that the pea sized portion of Joe’s “huge vote turnout by whites ” you are referring to?

        I love how people including whites who are supposedly writing pro-white articles ignore us in Maine completely except posting a snippy and tiny article every few years about how Maine is a liberal shit hole, loaded with Somalis everywhere etc .

        Well it isn’t. It’s mostly white , rural and conservative. We also have one of the largest populations of gun owners in the country.

        It is the whitest state in the country and there are plans by several to make it a white ethno state in a few years no thanks to people like you.

        Most of you ” nationalists ” ignore us completely until your every few years whiney article.

        Trump will most likely win unless the enormous amount of voter fraud by Democrats is left unchecked.
        If he does win , it pushes the country more conservative. Even civic nationalism is better than flat out communism like the left is pushing.
        The left is actively trying to silence not only anything pro-white but anything working class, pro-American or pro-conservative.
        If you can’t “count ” on Republicans for anything else, you can count on the fact they are more frugal with spending , more dependable on jobs and more pro-family.
        Americans aren’t ready for a nationalist leader right now, especially a white one.
        The Republican party is like training pants before people grow up , understand the world completely and become nationalist.
        If Trump doesn’t fulfill his promises its still a win for whites because it will make them more red pilled and ready to walk away from being simply conservative .

        If Biden wins it will also cause more of a push back from whites and more red pilling.

        Sincerely ,
        Nadezhda of Maine

  6. A National Populist candidate without all of Trump’s personal baggage – and without the right-wing crank baggage of conservative Republicans – could win handily.

    Especially now, in the post-Television era, a campaign without the blessing of the ABCBSNBCNN NY Times media conglomerate could work, provided it built its own network.

  7. That President Trump ever received a single vote from Maine is a tribute to how degraded the overall political situation is and the feelings of Mainers about the overall level of the candidates.

    Why do I say that?

    Because President Trump’s Alabama backwoods bluster is the t-total opposite of every Mainer I have ever known.

    Mainers, in my experience, are so understated, coy, and filled full of dry and sly wit. Mainers have an innate distrust and distaste for any kind of distortion, exaggeration, and self-promotion.

    Nearing old age, I am still waiting to hear a Mainer tell a tall tale!

    It tells you what they though of Secretary Clinton and what they think of Vice President Biden.

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