Is There Voter Fraud?

Editor’s Note: Upon further reflection, I can’t make heads or tails of this. There is no clear pattern that I can see. There are big swings across a number of states. Joe Biden did better in Michigan, Texas and Georgia than Democratic Senate candidates. Is that proof of fraud?

Scratch that.

Lets just look at the numbers.

In Michigan, Donald Trump won more votes than John James, but Joe Biden won almost 70,000 more votes than Gary Peters. Still though, even if you assumed that margin was all voter fraud, Biden is ahead of Trump anyway by a comfortable margin.

In Georgia, Blumpf and David Perdue are getting a nearly identical vote, but Joe Biden is smoking Jon Ossoff. This is a stranger result than Michigan.

This is Wyoming and Montana which are small rural states. Trump is underperforming Cynthia Lummis, but overperforming Steve Daines. We need to take a look at other races to get a better picture.


Trump: 1,430,589

GOP Sen: 1,381,938

Dif: 48,651

Biden: 834,533

Dem Sen: 904,683

Dif: 70,150

In Alabama, Doug Jones is running well ahead of Joe Biden. Donald Trump is running well ahead of Tommy Tuberville. There isn’t really anything surprising about this result given the bitterness of Alabama politics. Donald Trump is more popular than Tommy Tuberville here.


Trump: 5,856,440

GOP Senate: 5,927,761

Dif: 71,321

Biden: 5,207,352

Dem Sen: 4,840,730

Dif: 366,622

In Texas, John Cornyn is running ahead of Donald Trump, but Joe Biden is way out in front of Mary Heger.


Trump: 896,286

GOP Senate: 863,670

Dif: 32,616

Biden: 757,580

Dem Sen: 753,314

Dif: 4,266

In Iowa, Trump outperformed Joni Ernst, but Joe Biden and Theresa Greenfield got a similar result.


Trump: 1,315,457

GOP Senate: 1,222,749

Dif: 92,708

Biden: 750,597

Dem Senate: 793,729

Dif: 43,132

In Kentucky, Trump outperformed Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell, but Amy McGrath outperformed Joe Biden.


  1. The voting centers are black run cities Atlanta and Philly. Of course it is corrupted. Bantustans in a sea of white populations.

    • @Captain John…

      The Supreme Court has the power to validate or invalidate the elections, and, thus, they can not only order a precise recount, they can order a revote.

      If Biden won fair and square – fine, but, if he did not, allowing the Democrats to continue this way, after cheating Senator Sanders out of their nomination twice, is simply not acceptable.

      We have to stop looking the other way.

  2. Of course, there is fraud in every election, from both sides. Stakes are high for people involved in politics and government.

    My favorite is South Carolina. South Carolina has 100% “voting machines.” Basically, a computer with a touch screen. You push the button and then the computer tells you who won.

    No, you don’t get to audit the computer program. Good luck even finding who controls them.

    No wonder South Carolina, a state where both whites and blacks are socially conservative Christians, keeps electing a closeted homosexual completely owned and blackmailed by the foreign country of Israel, Lindsey “Ladybugs” Graham.

    Most bad things in America originated in South Carolina. The epicenter of African slavery. The first Jew synagogue. Idiotic backlash politics. Zionism. Militarism. Imperialism. Smoking. Binge drinking.

    South Carolina conservatives are the dumbest and meanest conservatives on the continent, and South Carolina liberals are the most obnoxious and self-righteous liberals in North America.

    The greatest mistake America ever made was not allowing South Carolina to secede.

    Plus it’s hot and close down there with mosquitoes the size of your fist. It’s basically one big swamp. Stay far, far away from South Carolina.

    • You make South Carolina sound like a shithole when it’s not. The people are mostly friendly there and Charleston is by far one of the best cities in America.

    • Of all the places I’ve been in America, South Carolina has by far the most beautiful white women—in terms of both individual beauty, and also the sheer number and density of them around. For that, if nothing else, it deserves some love. It’s ground zero for our best genetics.

  3. I honestly don’t think the courts will side with Trump. The problem with Trump is he has made enemies with literally everyone. It’s hard to be a leader when everyone except your loyal supporters absolutely hate your guts.

    I think a president Biden is inevitable, they successfully stole the election and there’s probably nothing we can do about it.

    Hopefully Biden will govern as a moderate and not as the extremist the cultural Marxist left wants him to be.

    If Biden ends up governing like a moderate it may be what the country needs. All Trump has accomplished is making everyone hate each other’s guts and sowing chaos and distrust.

    If Biden governs like a cultural Marxist…God help us.

    • @Gryphon…

      The courts are not supposed to side with anyone but, side with justice according to the law.

      I’ll accept a Biden presidency, IF it is rightly and justly achieved.

      • Then, Ivan, you are an IDOLATOR, and an antichrist.
        Do you have NO idea how EVIL the Demon-crap-ic party has become?
        ANY idea?

        • @Father john…

          No, Sir, what I am is someone who understands that in a civilized country we agree to accept election results we don’t like, instead of shooting at each other.

          I don’t like The Modern Left because everytime they get a result they don’t like, they throw a temper tantrum!

          I will accept a Biden presidency, if it can be demonstrated that every Swing-State ballot cast for him came from a legitimate person at a legitimate address.

          Yes, I do know what The Modern Democrat Party is and, for that reason, I doubt I will ever accept the election results because they won’t be able to demonstrate it’s validity.

          Anyway, it’s all moot because President Trump will not only take this to the courts, he will go all the way to the Senate with his 28 state-legislature-appointed electors (against Biden’s 22) and be reelected.

          Trump is not going to leave office in 2024, if he leaves then, and if the country is still together.

          All the best to you on this day, Sir!

        • @Notashi,

          No, Sir, I hate immigration. It’s the reason why I voted for Trump in 2016 and it’s very nearly the reason why I did not in 2020.

  4. Same shit they did in 1960 where it’s well documented Chicago created all these fake democratic votes. They did it in Seattle about 15 years back to steal a rightful victory for the republican for governor where they were “finding” ballots for the next couple weeks in Seattle, all for the democrats of course. Also the no downvote ballots, 100% Biden, not one Trump not one 3rd party screams the typical stupid fraud by blacks at the bottom half of the bell curve. Like the dumb fraudulent “hate crime” Jessie Smolette actually thought was plausible outside the plot of a cheesy late 80s “Afternoon Special.” I do work with some good ones, but an awful lot of blacks I encounter are just plain dummies and losers. This is the kind of dumb shit they do, the kind of just plain stupid crimes they commit and thought they can get away with. Milwaukee county allegedly had an 87% turnout, no counties ever have that high of turnout. Problem is how do you prove this convincingly?

    • Yep. This is a result of having cities dominated by ghetto gremlins. It’s seriously out of balance.

  5. I checked Yahoo’s Illinois Results and 5,218,427 votes in the Presidential election and 5,229,256 votes in the Senate election. We had a “colorful” south side Chicago black businessman running for Senate as a 3rd party who took 4% of the vote so kind of hard to tell whether these were Trump or Biden voters breaking their tickets. But what is clear is there does not appear from these numbers to be many Presidential only votes.

  6. I would say no and that Drumpf should blame himself. F*ck him, Charlie Kirk, Jared the Jew and their pathetic YMCA-rallies.

  7. Every reliable metric for predicting the election had trump winning. It was a landslide, which is why the Dems had to try and steal it. There is no way joe got more votes than obama. The most ever in history in fact. For a senile corrupt buffoon. I’ll sell you my beach condo in phoenix if you believe that. But since you already bought the rona hook line and sinker I got one better for you. I’ll throw the golden gate in free.

  8. The Michigan vote is unacceptable.

    Even if you hate Trump, or think him utterly irrelevant such blatantly corrupted processes must be very publically scrutinized.

    Moreover, John James has been cheated, as well, and he would be a vast improvement over what they currently have.

    We simply cannot keep resigning ourselves, and making excuses, about what goes on.

    We need to insist that things are right, no matter where that insistence takes us.

    • Too many people in this joke of a country want it “my way” instead of “the right way”. I see it in my personal experience and you see it in every layer of this country. It pays to be dishonest, and scum rises to the top.

  9. I don’t know if it’s proof. The turnout for the presidential election was large this year, so it sort of makes sense there would be a lot of people who only vote for president.

    Part of running a good campaign is being able to detect and cut off the opponent’s fraud. If the Republicans didn’t catch any concrete evidence of fraud, then it’s just speculation over numbers looking “wrong.” There is always fraud, but if you don’t catch it then that’s the game. I remember all the same claims being made in 2012 with Romney. Voter turnout much higher than registered voters, “found” votes, etc. Nothing was ever done about it, and if it were true, Republicans had eight years to do something about it and didn’t.

  10. No, there is no voter fraud. And if anyone finds themselves feeling like the GOP is getting cheated or robbed it means you’re still emotionally invested in a Trump win which means you’re still under the false impression he is good for white people and not a Zionist puppet with Jewish grandchildren.

    • @Ricky…

      Sir, for you everyone who does not have your point of view is a ‘Zionist fraud’.

      So, okay, you see Zionists popping in your morning Cheerios and even the fruit-flies buzzing about your watermelon.

      And, yes, of course, I am an out and out Zionist, which is why I so long have come to Occidental Dissent, because no bigger Zionist is there in the world than Mr. Bradley Dean Griffin!

      • Yes…it is good to be a Zionist. I support every jew on the planet moving to Israel to be among their own kind. Jews should have their own home, just as every other people on the planet should, as well.

  11. ‘Is There Voter Fraud?’

    Yes and it has been going on since the 1960s when the mob in Illiniois & corrupt oil barons connected to LBJ in Texas stole the election from Tricky Dick!

    The most obvious fraud is occurring in Wisconsin. Usually midwestern Germans are orderly with paper-work, just like back in the Fatherland, so I am wondering if some Big Jew got involved in the vote rigging there. Mini-Mike Bloomberg? Soros?

    • Spot on.

      They probably got some guys from south of the border to help them out. You know, EXPERTS in this sort of thing.

      • @SC…

        They don’t need aliens to help them, The Democrats have the CIA and all their allied NGOs to help them.

        The country is not being torpedoed by minorities, but, by dishonourable native Jews Gentile Whites.

  12. Is there voter fraud? Yes. Next question? Obama’s DHS tried to get into at least 11 state’s computers to “make sure” the vote totals were correct in 2016. They got through to at least 5 of those systems, from what I remember reading. Do you think they’ve learned less about sabotage in the meantime?

    Right after the election, I saw headlines on news aggregator sites saying that in states like Michigan and Wisconsin, tens of thousands of suddenly discovered ballots for Biden miraculously appeared. I see voting and democracy as a farce, and these shenanigans merely reinforce that view. We are ruled by financial elites through the two-headed uniparty monster. This is a corporatist state, and as corporations are currently “Woke Capital,” our society reflects their twisted orientation. We have no voice in politics at the national level. Anyone thinking we do is seriously self-deluded.

    Those insisting Blompf needs to be president needs to tell me about all the kept promises, the lack of persecution of proud Whites, and all the other benefits of support we should’ve received. Those wanting Depends Joe in charge have shown themselves to be as braindead as the empty suit (obviously suffering from Alzheimer’s) they support. I never thought I’d see the day anyone with two brain cells to rub together would willingly vote for a blithering idiot with dementia. If this is democracy, give me theocracy. At least we would get moral principles incorporated into gov’t policy, if nothing else. As I’ve written over and over, our only hope is to take over at the local level, and rebuild from there. It took decades to lose the country, so it will take decades to get it back.

  13. I don’t know if there is fraud, but it is safer to say there is fraud than not. The US election system is probably one of the worst run in the world, I can think of sub Saharan countries that run better elections, a system so shoddy will invite a lot of fraud.

  14. Supreme Pontiff, at least you are not making an infallible pronouncement, saying “I don’t know” and “probably.”

    Seriously though, you are correct.

  15. Honesty and fraud depends on the state. In the states that Trump won his victories were at such a level successful fraud was impossible without crossing the 100% level of voting. Even so they had to manufacture so many paper ballots in the states that they are stealing as to reach levels that only the willfully blind or stupid can fail to notice the dishonesty. And they don’t care because the media is their cover; media silence now functionally equals legality.

    The Democrats are returning the people to what the Founders called the “original position.” By that the Founders meant that the rights given up to form the state have been returned to the people. In its mildest form it means that Americans are no longer bound in conscience to obedience. A stronger formulation would be that the people have the obligation to use these recovered rights against their usurpers. Neither of these results were desired by the Democrats because in different ways they make certain their stolen governance will fail. More evidence that the Democrat’s seeking power at all cost prevents them from seeing the consequences of their actions


  16. In case some of they most vociferous Trumptards missed the first time, I am posting the link to the article that is about the rabbi in-chief disbanding his own presidential commission on voter fraud in January of 2018. It wasn’t (((chuckles schumer))) of piss pants nancy pelosi, but trump or kushner that killed the mechanism(s) that might have prevented all this obvious ballot stuffing and skeletons voting in this election. Winning bigly.

  17. The odd thing is, I don’t hear the Biden pundits or partisans even trying to dismiss the accusations of fraud as a conspiracy theory or the more analytical among them (they all have college degrees as they remind us incessantly) trying to show all is hunky dory.

    Were all the BS polls designed to create a Biden bandwagon effect or were they to cover for vote fraud. Why would the polls tighten as election day approached if they were always missing the shy Trump voter?

  18. This really is interesting. However I guarantee that if Trump was ahead in the Electoral College that he wouldn’t be saying a dang word right now. I think that speaks volumes. His crazy Conspiracy Theory is expected as Biden would have done the same and Antifa / BLM would have launched Violent Race Riots across America. If it was rigged…Trump is just mad he didn’t think off that and only that but he bashed any idea of Early Voting / Mail Voting. All this being said with probably the most Votes ever in a Presidential election which is really a miracle during a World Health Pandemic. Deo Vindice !

  19. Yankees, Jews, and their coloured auxiliaries are the explanation for all of this.

    We’re stuck riding with them over a cliff. But it doesn’t haf to be this way. We can jump off the wagon. There’s nothing holding us back, but us.

    • @James…

      I agree, as per usual, and I think, we are going to jump off the proverbial wagon when Trump takes this election to the senate and wins.

      At that point, The Blue States will ‘jump off the wagon’.

  20. What the Democrats did was take out the boss, Trump, like a political mob hit while leaving most of the underlings alone….for now. If this coup is allowed to stand, the next targets will be a few underling Republican senators. They stand in the way regarding appointments, judges, borders, etc. But for now it’s a major psychological message sent that the big guy was taken out. This is especially true since Trump is viewed as brazen and tough.

    No matter what some here think of Trump getting it done, the goal by Democrats is to eliminate the message totally regarding a wall, regarding refugees, regarding more low income housing in the suburbs. I can list many more things. The president is the big cat with more power and prestige than the other positions so for now the Democrats are happy in their evil coup.

    Biden is scum. He knows full well he stole it. So do all the Democrat scum from Pelosi to Schumer to Nadler to Hollywood right on down to Democrat reporters for Cbs, Politico, Cnn and on and on. They are all a part of it.

    While waiting for my takeout for some food I ordered( Chicken Parm.with spaghetti. Yeah it was the Tv was on at the place and Cbs fake news was on. It was these two disgusting wenches simply pretending what Trump was doing was crazy and undemocratic. The one chick was from Politico. They just kept lying not even remotely diving in to the issues Trump is complaining about. They were far more bothered Trump had the ” gall” to protest our oh so Heavenly clean elections. It was disgusting. These putrid women make nice money by being good hoochies for Cbs and Politico. Just the way their kosher bosses want.

    The Democrats have been stealing votes for many decades. And now with blacks and browns growing because White people were so stupid to allow welfare babies till no end along with insane White people not wanting America to be a majority White nation. So a virtually all White House of Representatives and Senate literally voted in 1965 to make America far less White. Zero was done to change it over the decades until Trump started to talk about changing it.

    The Democrats know you just have to flip a few areas in a few key states to win. Trump simply shocked them last time like a Heavyweight champion not taking an opponent seriously and then getting knocked out. This time the evil Democrats were prepared. And so was trash like Twitter and Facebook. They were throwing tons of Trump supporters off this time around. Even the middle aged, nose ring wearing, absurd looking beard guy, Jack Dorsey, went directly after Trump’s tweets shutting them down. Jews news became even more absurd in its anti Trump, anti White and anti American push.

    Nobody should be shocked. The Democrats routinely slaughter about one million or more unborn children per year through their ” pro choice” and pro Planned Parenthood ways. They even now murder right up until the child is to be born in some cases. That’s downright satanic and unless repented of and turned away from, shall throw many into hell upon death. Remember, the Democrats are the ones who ” booed GOD” at their convention some years back. So why would GODless people who have no issue ripping limbs off unborn babies and snapping their necks, have any issues stealing votes during an election?

    The coronavirus was the set up for the steal. Mass mailings to evil people who have zero problem stealing votes is not a good mix. The stupid Republicans always fall for it. They live on hope and die in despair.

    Trump won. It was robbed from him. Even the big Biden overall vote tally is a lie as it was for Clinton. All this voter fraud is done because they get away with it. Back in the day they would be hung or get decades in jail.

    Now is the time to end it. I truly hope with the team he has behind him litigating against this steal, that he refuses to back down all the way to bringing in the military and police to defend him. Trump has been the victim of a constant coup. It’s evil, vile and piggish on so many levels. But for a Democratic Party that slaughters human babies like nothing, being voter fraud deviants is far from a shock.

    • @Jeff

      “the Democrats are the ones who ” booed GOD” at their convention some years back. ”

      Yes Democrats are evil and literal baby killers.

      But this is a Zionist Jew talking point. What actually happened is there was a resolution to denounce Israeli Jew genocide of Palestinians and support the mainstream position – a two state solution, meaning allowing Palestine to exist and not genocide non-Jews.

      The Zionist Jews didn’t want this vote, so the Zionist Jews on the committee merged the resolution which some nonsense about atheism that was sure to be defeated by the Blacks and Latinos – which it was, which is why it was being booed. They were not booing God – they were booing the Zionist Jews who defeated the pro-Palestine vote by a purposefully anti-Christian statement.

      People have to stop falling for these Zionist Jew tricks.

      Everyone knows that abortion – baby killing – is a Jewish business. Most abortionists/baby killers are eligible for citizenship in occupied Palestine.

      Yet – the conservatives and right-wingers, when they aren’t literally committing treason for the Zionist government, are trying to downplay the issue instead of admitting that both genocides are happening and are being done by the same people – Zionist Jews.

  21. @ Banned Hipster, thanks for the comments. Obviously anyone can look up the issue we are discussing and see for themselves. The Democrats are stacked with atheists, fake catholics( thus the cat lick label), homosexuals, ( sorry cucks, sticking your thing up another man’s dung hole does spread disease rabidly and is clearly condemned in the Bible.)

    My bigger point is ” What’s the shock about hordes of Democrats who gleefully support snapping an unborn baby’s neck while ripping apart the child’s body parts, then turning around and committing mass voter fraud?” That’s easy to do for them

    There is no way possible a vote dump of 120 thousand votes could come in Wisconsin and literally all being for Biden outside of massive voter fraud. There is no way a similar situation in Philly with something like 23 thousand votes come in and all are for Biden. Notice, it never favors the Republicans- ever!

    I have zero doubt blacks were committing voter fraud in Georgia which has become a major problem state for Republicans due to diversitard.The constant stream of blacks moving to Georgia, plopping out hordes of kids backed by whiteys welfare money and tons of illegals and brown people live there now. That spells disaster for the Republicans and the country in general. Georgia is becoming one giant rap video. These thugs will vote for the most racist anti Whites imaginable.

    Romney gave up when Queen Obama robbed votes from Philly and Ohio to win. I do not expect Trump to give up. He has a very strong case despite our fake media pretending our elections are squeaky clean. All these hired media whores, talking heads and late night political ” comics” are all basically elite Jew approved. They don’t get there based on talent but rather political views.

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