Donald Trump’s Narrow Defeat In Wisconsin

The RCP average had Trump losing Wisconsin by 6.7 points.

It is worth noting though that Trafalgar had Biden winning by 1 point.

Donald Trump – 1,405,284

Hillary Clinton – 1,382,536

Gary Johnson – 106,674

In 2016, Trump defeated Hillary in Wisconsin by 0.7% and with the assistance of Gary Johnson who peeled off 3.6% of the vote. Trump won Wisconsin by 22,748 votes.

What happened in 2020?

If the AP Voter Survey is correct, White voters in Wisconsin voted 51% for Blumpf to 48% for Joe Biden. In 2016, the exit polls had Trump winning 53% of the White vote to Hillary Clinton’s 42%.

Donald Trump – 1,610,030

Joe Biden – 1,630,568

Jo Jorgensen – 38,415

Donald Trump won 200,000 more votes in Wisconsin in 2020 than in 2016. Joe Biden won 248,000 more votes than Hillary in 2016. Biden is ahead of Trump by 20,000 votes.

The same counties are Red and Blue with one exception. Sauk County went for Trump in 2016 and flipped to Joe Biden in 2020.

Turnout in Wisconsin was up but within historical norms:

  • 2020 — 72.3%
  • 2016 — 67.3%
  • 2012 — 70.4%
  • 2008 — 69.2%
  • 2004 — 72.9%
  • 2000 — 67%

Is this completely implausible?

Trump won Wisconsin by 23,000 votes in 2016. Biden is winning it by 20,000 in 2020. Wisconsin is a Purple State. Wisconsin Democrats defeated Scott Walker in the 2018 midterms.

Biden is winning 317,281 votes out of Milwaukee County. Hillary pulled 288,882 votes out of Milwaukee County. Obama won 328,090 votes in Milwaukee County in the 2012 election.

Was the election in Wisconsin stolen in the middle of the night? When I went to sleep after midnight on election night, Blumpf was comfortably ahead in Wisconsin and Michigan. When I woke up the next morning, the election had flipped and Blumpf’s margin had vanished.

This is when the miracle happened on CNN while I was asleep:

What happened?

Milwaukee County reported absentee ballots at 4:45 AM.

This image from Five Thirty Eight was shared on Identity Dixie:

What is their explanation for this?

According to Five Thirty Eight, the absentee and mail in ballots were counted first in Kansas and Ohio and the election day vote was counted later on election night. As a result, early Biden leads were overwhelmed by Trump’s election day haul. In Wisconsin and Michigan, the reverse was true. Trump’s election day haul was counted first and absentee ballots from Milwaukee and Detroit reported early the next morning. There was a big dump of absentee ballots from Milwaukee County at 4:45 AM.

Is this proof of voter fraud?

#1. First, it is suspicious as hell that the vote came in at 4:45 AM. If nothing else, it is bad optics and raises red flags about the legitimacy of the vote in Wisconsin.

#2. Second, the raw vote total reported by Milwaukee County is within historical norms. It comes in between Obama 2012 and Hillary 2016. So it is entirely possible that is legitimate.

Based on the evidence above alone, I guess you can’t rule it out or rule it in. You would have to examine the absentee ballots and check for irregularities. Did Milwaukee County wait for the Republican vote to come in to see the margin they would need to “find” to carry the state for Joe Biden, OR, was voter turnout simply higher there like it was elsewhere in the state?

Note: Ryan Girdusky has an article at TAC about the missing White vote in Wisconsin.


  1. I think the small but unified black vote tips these elections over. They are a stumbling block for the competition seen in white v white contests.

  2. Hunter, the turnout in Milwaukee was an implausible 90%. A close race was pushed over the line by fraudulent ballots. Yes, we DR white guys hurt Trump (and he deserved it), but can you honestly say, hand on heart, you don’t see anything fishy about the 4am ballot dumps?

    • I doubt we DR men had any effect. White men probably voted against Trump because:

      Joe is much less obnoxious than Hillary

      White men are into personal responsibility: If the economy is bad and COVID seems out of control, white men will punish the incumbent white man since he is responsible. I have seen this behavior in local elections and even in Church vestry elections.


      “The plan for the sting began in late 2017 as DHS was already in charge of our elections.

      The watermark is created ON and/or IN the PAPER. The Ballot Paper was produced, ordered and supplied by the GOVT/DHS in bulk for the 2020 Federal elections and expanded due to COVID and mail-in ballot demand. This sting was only for “mail in ballots” as that is where the fraud would occur. Printing is done state by state.

      So whoever prints it, “gets it” (the watermark) … Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc.. (Washington?) sent them out, then destroyed the ones that had been returned for Trump and printed new ones filled in for Biden.

      The new ballots for Biden don’t have the watermark but the Democrats and MSM have counted them as authentic.

      This seems like a “watertight” case as DHS has been in charge of our elections since early 2017.”

      Remark by Gunny1960, at Owen Shroyer’s Warroom on November 6 2020

    • Pat Hugh,

      Door County is beautiful, but it’s filled with artsy fartsy Scandinavians, Their reality is skewed by their surroundings.

  3. The so called “President” Trump should have took Covid-19 serious from the very beginning with a National Mask Mandate and showed leadership. Pushed through the Meds / Herbs / Vaccine when they was all ready. Made sure the economy stayed open but not with as many people working in say The Office. Have more people working from Home and things like that. Help people with increased Unemployment Payments for those that need it. Stimulus Checks part 1 and 2. Things like that. Heck just working directly with China and stopped it in China. Oh but his little Propaganda / Trade War against China was more important. He thought it would have stayed in China and killed a bunch of people. That would in term stopped production in China and the stores shelves in the US would have went empty. Well it happened and this whole country was in bad shape and our economy. Now his bad decisions have showed up on Election Day. He acted like the number of case wasn’t so bad each and every day and at the very end his entire base said Covid-19 was fake. Now he’s a 1 term President and for good reason. Oh and the “Conservatives” in the South are already posting Memes on Facebook about how we need Southern Secession but these people never said 1 word about Southern Independence the past 4 plus Years. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian…

      It does not matter how many policies you or I think President Trump got right.

      He is being cheated of a victory he easily had won.

      That said, the cheating will not hold up in court, as already The Supreme Court has ordered Pennsylvania to segregate the ballots they received after 8pm on Election Night from those they received before.

    • Too bad south central and southeastern Wisconsin didn’t have a early November blizzard. It would be even more difficult to sell the 90% voter turnout then. Of course, the jews and their rigger polling station election judges would just fill in the necessary absentee and mail-in ballots enough for victory.

  4. I’ll have to admit – TPTB are really outdoing themselves with all of this recount drama – they must have their best jewish Hollywood script writers on it. It would not surprise me in the least if Trump ends up being declared the winner just to kick the Civil War off. The US needs a culling and a MAGApede VS Antifa/Leftist bloodletting would be just what this country needs.

  5. Those three “blue” counties on the electoral map of Northwestern Wisconsin are bogus as a three dollar bill. Those areas are made up of retired White baby boomers, lumberjacks, deer hunters, recreational outfitters, and a reservation of ‘timber niggers.’ It’s as conservative as it gets in the upper Midwest in that area. Ffs, there’s even a decent sized population of Mennonites in that region of the dairy state.

  6. Off-topic because there is no recent thread to put it.

    I see that VMI is removing the statue of General Thomas J. Jackson from its position in front of the iconic barracks. Jackson was a professor there before the war (as if I have to tell you guys that).

    • @Mestigoit…

      The administrators of that school need to be horsewhipped and then left to heal up in the stocks….

      • @Ivan

        I wonder if they’ll remove the recumbent statue of Robert E. Lee from Lee Chapel and re-name the place down the road at Washington and Lee University?

        • @Mestigoit…

          Yes, if nothing changes over the next decade to the governmental structure this currently is in, The South will have had completed upon it a thorough and successful Cultural Genocide, as stipulated by Eastern European Jew, Rafail Lemkin and adopted by the U.N.

          The criteria for Cultural Genocide?

          Article 7 of a 1994 draft of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP) uses the phrase “cultural genocide” but does not define what it means.[11] The complete article in the draft read as follows:

          Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:

          (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
          (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
          (c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
          (d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
          (e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.

          • Cultural genocide and ethnocide is happening in broad daylight in “democratic” India, where the “Adivasi” (“Original Inhabitants”) – the world’s greatest concentrated diversity of distinct indigenous tribes and languages – making up about ten percent of the total population of India, are still being denied citizenship, voting rights and even basic social services, and are being slowly genocided (at least culturally) by the Dravidian and Indo-Aryan majority.

            Note that this list of indigenous peoples does NOT include the indigenous people of PALESTINE, but Jews (“Yahudi”) are listed:

            Nor does it include most of the indigenous European peoples such as Cymru (Welsh).

            The last of the ancient Assyrians (Christians) are being extinguished by the proxy forces of the Anglo-Zionist invasion and occupation of Iraq:

  7. Voter fraud happened. Stores of unsolicited ballots. This site has yet to figure it out. A site that tells people to stand down in the face of a Soros colour revolution. Trump had plenty of problems, but his second term he was going to fight tech censorship because it was personal, he lowered immigration, he didn’t start a major war. But no, I see these lame so-called nationalists on this website telling people to stand down to Soros. PATHETIC. Complaining about the Covid fraud as if it was real. Either sheer stupidity, compromise by the FEDs for Charlottsville, or just plain ignorance. This site is joke, no longer will be visiting.

    • @Michael Leroy…

      Yes, like the rest of us, our blog host is frustrated by the differences between Candidate Trump and President Trump, which is why he is seizing this opportunity to vent.

      This site, however, is not a joke, but, one which has done fantastic investigative reporting, has taught thousands of us our own history, and, as well, has braved advocating for White Southerners where, and in a way, which none would dare.

      But, none of us are perfect, so try to be a little understanding and, yes, please do come back!


    I would respectfully submit that this article is very premature.

    No, Sir, in light of the knowledge of all the glitched machines used in 49 Michigan counties (very similar to the one the Democrats used in the Iowa Primaries to cheat Senator Sanders) we can have no assurance of anything in Wisconsin.

    No, Sir – until the recounts are done and the illegal ballots segregated from the legal, and the glitches sorted out, all that can be analyzed is how this election got to be so distorted.

    • This was a huge anti white vote.

      For example Arizona was tipped over into the Democratic column by a mass mobilisation of Navaho Indians.

      There was drive on reservations to register them. THERE were 80,000 of them able to vote. 74,000 redskins from that reservation voted for Biden while 2,000 voted for Trump. I think Arizona was won by Biden by just under that margin.

      It’s a massive anti white coalition. It’s horrifying.

        • That doesn’t look like a financial quid pro quo. It’s antiwhite hatred. It can’t even be accounted for with Trump. He’s not had conflicts with Indian Tribes to my knowledge. Unless I missed some kind of casino shennanigan.

          • I think there were some casino shenanigans involved. Never forget that Sheldon Adelson is a casino magnate. Would not surprise me in the least that this put Trump on the Indian’s shit list.

        • The Guardian points out that Covid hit them badly.

          That the treasury apparently ignored their plight. Argument remains the same. These are foreign nations inside the state shifting outcomes in ways that can’t be catered to in a reasonable manner. The NHS in the UK suspended face to face appointments all spring. Everyone was on their own in a socialised state with a lockdown. These people are pampered ingrates.

          • That’s right. I had forgotten, momentarily, about the Covid death toll on the reservations. That’s the explanation.

          • Nah, they just resent us. Same as how those bums wouldn’t let scientists research Kennewick Man when it’s normal to research very ancient remains such as the 5000 year old dead white guy they found frozen in the Alps or all the bog mummies from northern Europe.

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