Your Favorite President Lost White Guys

2020 is on us.

Let this fact sink in.

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election because he couldn’t motivate enough White men to vote for him. He improved with literally every other group in the country EXCEPT for White men.

After six months of nationwide chaos, White men drifted away from Donald Trump. Donald Trump had a problem with the White vote. It takes a special kind of genius to lose his margin with White men while the Left was beating the drum of anti-White hatred at a fever pitch. Evidently, White men decided that four more years of having Donald Trump as president wasn’t worth what it had cost them. Couldn’t he have said something about what was going on instead of rolling out the Platinum Plan?

The media’s narrative about “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” couldn’t have been more false. It was the populists and the “white supremacists,” not conservatives or Republicans, who soured on Donald Trump and deserted him in the 2020 election. A whopping 7% of voters said that “racism” was the most important issue facing the country. Also, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims moved toward Trump, not away from him. Apparently, they didn’t buy into the “white supremacy” narrative.

Donald Trump and his campaign team were cucked on race. They were too afraid to crackdown on Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They were gaslit by the “white supremacy” narrative. As a result, they pandered to minorities, demoralized their base and the White vote slipped and they lost.

Could it have easily turned out otherwise? Yes, Donald Trump’s campaign took the White vote for granted. It is what got him elected in the first place in 2016. In the final analysis, it was what undid him in 2020. They ran a different kind of campaign in 2020 than 2016 in which Joe Biden was able to improve on Hillary Clinton in 41 out of 50 states and all but two swing states because of White guys.

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  1. I think you and others need to expose Josh Hawley until 2024. He will run on a fake populist platform just like Zion Don did in 2016 and the mistakes made that year should not be repeated.

    • Glad someone said it.

      They can’t hide it anymore – the new GOP “leaders” being set up will ALL, 100%, be chosen by the Israel Lobby, AIPAC, the ADL. We can be 100% sure they have something on them – if not just money, something ugly – like Epstein type stuff.

      We know exactly how it’s going to go with Hawley. He will start the media cycle, doing soundbites, etc. Articles and blogs will be created, etc. Lots of spam commenters shilling for him.

      It’s too obvious now, they just don’t have the media monopoly they once did.

      So make Hawley say it – make him admit he’s loyal to Israel.

      Those “Groypers” did it, successfully, with whatever that Republican was.

      Make Hawley wear the flag. Every discussion about him should mention the foreign state of Israel and speculation on what the Israelis have on him.

  2. I think it’s important to pivot to an analysis of Biden when he chaired the Senate Committee looking into WMD on Iraq.

    Scott Ritter had several choice descriptions of Biden’s criminal push to invade Iraq. Joe is a specialist with coups, invasions and hoaxes.

  3. Most of his white Christian base that are still working are at places which have vowed to increase minority hiring, even though they find themselves in the minority at work in many locations.
    His priority was Black Platinum Plan, The Second Chance Plan, and Kushner giving our greatest ally everything they could hope for and more.
    He picked up black and Hispanic votes but somehow we just weren’t so excited for him this time around.

  4. The anti-abortion Protestant Trump, lost to the pro-abortion Catholic Biden. That explains most of the 2020 election. Only James Edwards, with whom we are both acquainted, cautioned Trump on the issue of abortion.

    Even Cooney Barrett, and Kavanaugh were not enough to help Trump among Catholics.

    • Barrett is not a true conservative. Not at all. I don’t even think abortion was even a big issue this election.

  5. The MAGA movement was a Jewish parody of a white populist uprising. The grifters and con artists who attached themselves to it make me feel a hatred that I have never felt for the left. The left are stupid and self-destructive, but the kosher right are legitimately evil. You don’t get social conservatism from the right anymore so what possible reason is there left for supporting them?

    • That’s why the “lesser evil” cope doesn’t make sense. Republicans are the same evil. They are just as anti-white, just as homosexual, just as feminist, etc., except they also want to give even more money to Jeff Bezos and get rid of social security. The majority of their voters get nothing out of them except a kick in the nuts.

  6. Now trump is free to do what he always wanted to do. Build up his cult of personality without the tedious obligations that come with running the country.

    • The question now is if Dems will take the hint from this election and back off from their racial rhetoric. It’s just not popular. Without BLM and “all White people are racist White supremacists” racial theories, the Dems would have cleaned up this election. Even the majority of non-whites don’t agree with it. The only people who are so viscerally anti-White as a whole are Jews (and the White liberal striver class who suck up to jews to gain power).

  7. IF you believe the mainstream media. Which i don’t understand why you do because it is jewish and jews lie as a rule.

    • Only in the sense that the white population is forced to share territory and political rights with a universally hostile Black, Asian, Minority Native, Jewish Ethnic population.

      • Without a sufficiently ginned up racial consciousness amongst Whites there will be no territorial and political separation from muds. That is the true value of this election fraud scandal: to delegitimized the system and cause White men to seek extra-legal means of redressing their grievances. For that to happen Trump needs to keep fighting and keep the issue in the public eye. That Trump is a pathetic windbag and fraud is incidental. That he lost the support of a percentage of White men in this particular election is incidental. He is unwittingly moving history in a direction that is favorable to our racial survival.

        • He’s like an electoral martyr, bless him. I’m resentful now that it’s impossible to have a debate about economics, when BLM or Antifa wreck analysis.

  8. Short answer: The pandemic is real and Trump had to let the virus run free for big business. But Harris (and Biden) will continue all of his pro-business, pro-Zionist, and imperialist war policies!

    Speaking of bonfires, no one here mentions the Fifth of November (when we burn effigies) that was just two days past.

    • Trump wasn’t a war monger though. He’s got that. The look on the faces of these blue haired Polyandrous cunts and their Sub-Soyim Bf’s when Biden invades Syria, Iran and Donetsk should be catalogued.

      • The look on their faces when they receive their draft notices to go and fight for Globo-Pedo’s (= Israel’s) war of world conquest will be even better. You are correct that the one good thing about Trump is that he wasn’t a war-monger. If Harris is installed she’ll launch wars just to prove she’s tougher than any man. There is something of an accelerationist case for the Hindoo-Dindoo.

        • There will be massive resistance to conscription. The U.S. Government has been demonizing Whites AKA Real Americans for about 75 years, turning up the volume to 11 recently. These are the same Whites, particularly Southern Whites who are the absolute backbone of the military. Anyone who has served in the Army in Combat Arms i.e. infantry, artillery, air defense artillery, armor or combat engineers will confirm this.

          The high-tech military of today, with its dindu military, cannot win against a serious opponent. It needs to be staffed with straight, normal, White men to have even a chance against a serious opponent. The first defeat or Pyrrhic Victory will cause the Hindu-Dindu to call for conscription (which they will call ‘National Service’ instead) which means conscription of White men. Naturally, the wealthy, the Usual Suspects and the well connected will be exempt.

          After GWB’s disastrous Iraq War II, massive anti-White propaganda, a now sleeping anti-war movement and a bitter election season, war will not unify this cluster fuck of a nation. Just as White men sat out the election in sufficient numbers to have an effect there will be White non-compliance with conscription on a large scale. Ironically, there is likely to be a large contingent on the Left with anti-war sentiments, Bernie Bro types, who will join in an anti-war movement like the anti-Iraq War types.

          No doubt the Government will wage a massive propaganda campaign focusing on WWII (which was overwhelmingly a White man’s war) combined with vicious threats to try and force compliance. That ship sailed with Vietnam when conscription ended in Jan. 1973 and is not coming back though. While all this is going on BLM will probably be raging in White, wealthy, “liberal” suburbs, further eroding support for the Government.

          The election of President Hindu-Dindu is going to be the biggest example of buyer’s remorse in history.

          • Yes, the US is no longer a white nation, and they’ve done everything in their power to make it so. Good point.

          • The left realise that beating Trump could be the ruin of the reputation of many of their best leadership. Covid19 might not go away. It’ll be tough to have war if that is raging.

          • 12AX7,

            Anglo southern baptists and protestant evangelicals won’t need to be drafted to fight another war for Israel. They regret that have but one life to sacrifice for the terrorist state.

      • “The look on the faces of these blue haired Polyandrous cunts and their Sub-Soyim Bf’s when Biden invades Syria, Iran and Donetsk should be catalogued”

        Iran will be the deathbed of the empire.

        They’ll quickly take the lowlands and Tehran. But not the highlands and the high mountains. Which is why the Iranians have made the necessary preparations in that direction. Their MSR will run through Pakistan and the Indian Ocean, with all of the implied vulnerabilities. Pakistan may not remain reliable and trustworthy.

        Southern Nationalists should discourage young Southern men from enlisting, and encourage others to finish their hitches and leave. An army of Niggers, PC ostensible Whites, sheman girls, and various circus freaks cannot prevail.

  9. Trump lost the support of some White men, but not alot of White men. His rallies were huge and his rallies were full of White men, and also White women. But we’re talking about White men and his rallies were full of White men.

    And the official election results we read in the newspapers and hear on TV news and read about here in the alternative media so-called “alternative” media breaking down the votes by race and sex and ethnicity and religion can NOT be trusted, not at all.

    Probably of the White men who stopped supporting Trump in this year of 2020, most of them are jew troll “White men” online who never really supported Trump only pretended to support Trump for NWO jew agenda reasons –> To make White men supporters of Trump “look like Nazis” to the whole country and to the whole world.

    This is all such bullsh*t. More vaudeville in the Noosphere. The Noosphere “news” sphere : The vaudeville show that just doesn’t end.

  10. This isn’t about Trump, it’s about very obvious signs of voter fraud that, if it goes unpunished, will be a Democrat strategy in the future against a pro-White Democrat primary candidate, pro-White Republican candidate, or 3rd party NJP or other type candidate. It’s the perfect time to seize control of the narrative attacking the Democrats, the Republicans can be de-legitimized later.

    I’d advise against hitching your wagon to this narrative Spencer is weaving, Hunter. it’s going to demoralize large portions of the right both within and without the pro-White circle and ruin the reputations of anyone involved perhaps permanently.

    At some point people need to get over this “I don’t care what anyone thinks” mindset and think about the biggest picture which is de-legitimizing the system and right now the Democrats are at their weakest.

    I’ll probably just be another voice in the wind, but I am speaking from the heart on this one Hunter. If you don’t want to defend Trump, be neutral, this is 5% narrative is not going to benefit us.

  11. Trump’s legacy will be that he “monitored the situation” and was “looking into it”.

    “Whilst I have immense sympathy for Trump & what he is facing, it has to be said that Trump & his team had four years in office to get to grips with the rotten system, media bias & social media censorship. Unfortunately Trump did not act, this mess is the fruit of that inaction.” – Mark Collett

    • Trump and his Jewish supremacist son in law were the rotten system. That is the final red pill Mark.

  12. Ted Cruz (the lowdown Nathan Bedford Forrest hater) was right on his statement about NY values against Trump. Trump should have condemned the abominable sin of homosexuality. Real Christians know it is a sin. Trump’s morality is not God’s morality. Bad things happen to you when you do not do the will of God.

    Trump now needs to declare martial law and round up all these Marxists/Communists/Anarchists/radical Leftists/etc and execute/deport them while this nation still has a chance to rid itself of this cancer before he leaves office.

  13. “It takes a special kind of genius to lose his margin with White men while the Left was beating the drum of anti-White hatred at a fever pitch.”

    No—it takes a special kind of suicidal fool, i.e., the typical white man, not to understand that Trump had to keep his hands off all that BLM and Antifa nonsense, with which he was being baited.

    “Donald Trump and his campaign team were cucked on race. They were too afraid to crackdown on Black Lives Matter and Antifa.”

    Any suggestion as to how the President of the United States might have “cracked down” on that?

    “A whopping 7% of voters said that ‘racism’ was the most important issue facing the country. Also, blacks, Hispanics, Asians and Muslims moved toward Trump, not away from him. Apparently, they didn’t buy into the ‘white supremacy’ narrative.”

    So—Trump apparently took a good course. Do you suppose those numbers would have been the same if, as you suggest, Trump had “cracked down” on BLM and Antifa? I doubt it.

    • John, let’s face reality. I voted for Trump too but Trump was the inaction president, the do nothing president. His legacy is “looking into it” and “monitoring the situation”.

      Even Donald Trump doesn’t believe in MAGA himself. Spencer was right when he said that Trump “stumbled” upon the immigration issue / White resentment and used it to his advantage to drive himself to power.

      Just take a look at MAGA world. It’s a culture and religion, not politics an policy. It has become a joke.

    • As long as white politicians are too afraid of actually tackling “race”…as long as they are afraid of being called “racist”, and until the anti-discriminatory laws are changed, NOTHING will change. The only answer is to repatriate blacks to Africa. Then they can be responsible for themselves, and stop blaming us and hating us, when we give them trillions of dollars and free passes at every turn. Only in a white nation can we be free. And their worshippers can go over there with them. Everyone is just dancing around the event horizon, hoping something will eventually appease them. Nothing ever will. This goes on, year after year, decade after decade.

    • A heavy handed drone strike on BLM mid riot, though it sounds psycho would have ended the rioting and established Trump as a man to be feared. No one fears him. A Peterloo or Amritsar would have been good for all.

  14. That’s your view. The white male slipped because white males have died off since 2016 and not because Trump could not or did not appeal to white males.

    Your narrow interpretation helps you pander to your readers though. But it is not based in reality.

    • “The white male slipped because white males have died off since 2016 and not because Trump could not or did not appeal to white males.”

      Talk about not being based in reality! Trump got five percent less of the white-male vote than he did in 2016. He appealed to five percent fewer white males than he did in 2016.

      • This is so easy to understand. According to a Pew poll taken a few years ago, 5% of Whites strongly identified with their race (lowest by far of all the races). It was this segment of Whites that Donald Kushner lost. Deserving so.

        By the way, that 5% didn’t vote for Biden to spite Zion Don, they just didn’t vote for any of the five choices fir POTUS on the ballot because NONE OF THEM care about White well-being.

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