Joe Biden Declared President-Elect

FOX News even called the race for Joe Biden.

FOX News:

“Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has defeated President Trump, denying him a second term after a bitter campaign and dramatic, prolonged vote count in battleground states that sparked a flurry of lawsuits.

The Fox News Decision Desk projected Saturday that Biden will win the state of Nevada and the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, giving the former vice president the electoral votes he needs to win the White House. …”

Here we go.

The Right is about to lose its mind.

They had no strategy for holding White men. They took White men for granted and assumed that backlash politics would always be enough for them and that they could get away with anything in power. There was no Platinum Plan for the Forgotten Man in Michigan.

The fact that it was White men, not the “Coalition of the Ascendant,” who elected Joe Biden greatly complicates the Narrative for Democrats. Electing Donald Trump in 2016 was a flex on the Left. Electing Joe Biden in 2020 was a flex on the Right. They can easily toss him out in 2024.

Note: I didn’t think it was going to be a “Trumpslide.” I laid out all the reasons why for four years on this blog. The GOP doesn’t listen to people like me though.


  1. They should have allowed Trump a quick court hearing. Would have allowed the MAGA types to reconcile themelves to the event.

    Remember lads, MAWA. God With Us.

  2. This is how a Colour Revolution works – manipulate elections, orchestrate a crisis, (usually financial, though this time biological) then fan chaos with paid rioters reinforcing legitimate dissent groups, all the while using the select bought and paid for media of a country to create one illusion after another.

    Then, at a certain point, again use the media to confer legitimacy on the chosen replacement.

    For an excellent case, study how the legitimate Ukrainian government of Viktor Janukovich was overthrown about 6 years back.

    After months of fake news, fraudulent polls, and misinformation, we will simply say no to any media deciding this election, or any election for that matter.

    This has nothing to do with Trump, and everything to do with our fundamental rights.

    I felt the same way when they were doing it to Senator Sanders, in both 2016 & 2020) and I feel the same way now, only this is much more severe because it is not just the doings of a party, but, that of an entire nation.

    • It hard not to like Trump at a moment like this. But then you realize, he was part of the confidence trick too.

      • @Captain John…

        Yes, I understand how you feel, Sir, but, in the end, politicians are only symbols for values and laws.

        Thus, if we allow the same people who done their dead level best to sell out and destroy this country, from tip to toe, return to power in this lawless way, and resume business as usual, there is no hope.

        Irrespective of whether we are Secessionists, Accelerationalists, Theocrats, Dixiecrats, National Socialist, Yankees, Southerners, Easterners, Westerners, Constitutionalists, Educated, City-Slicker, Country Bumpkin, Uneducated, Alt-Right, Regular Conservatives, Trump lovers or Trump haters we have to stand here, for this juncture is precisely where we must show those who think they can manipulate us to any end where they can get off.

        We have to get in the habit of fighting and winning, even if it is over what many regard as a chimera of progress.

        Those who continually rationalize appeasement, disengagement, and various forms of surrender, offer nothing but the habit of buckling under tyranny, and what does that bode? – more of the same … tyranny.

        You cannot win by not fighting – no matter what you rational is.

        The habit of fighting is the soil from which the fruits of winning arise.

        The habit of fighting is what formed this country – from the centuries of Indian Wars to those with alien powers that sought, and still seek, to dominate us.

    • Ivan,

      I give you my condolences. This is a sad day. I am no lover of Trump or the Republicans for at the highest levels they are the same as the Democrats. Still the election of Harris/Biden is not a good thing. Only evil will come from this result.

      My grandmother is heart broken over this as well.

      • @Cristina…

        Thank you so very much for your kind words, My Dear. You are a fine friend to have because you are true.

        That said, irrespective of who says what, this election is far from over.

        What you, and indeed, all of us are undergoing is simply another attempted bald-faced coup.

        The plotters may win, they may not.

        One thing I can tell you : this is not over by a long shot.

        This kind of thing occurred over the 1860 election with Lincoln beating Breckenridge, and, if memory serves, it occurred over the election in 1800 between Jefferson and Adams, which went all the way to The US Senate, which it was decided, and where, if the courts do not resolve it, this will be resolved.

        I’m glad Trump is a narcissist, because it means he will fight for himself, and, in this, he will be joined by tens of millions fighting for themselves.

        The media is like a ship running around on rocks in a storm – they have gone all in in this process, but, in the end, they will be defeated, as will those shadowy constituencies whose interest they represent.

        • Ivan Turgenev,

          Thank you for writing that. Yes, whatever flaws Trump has Harris/Biden is not the solution. I have to admit whenever Americans say that Mexico is corrupt I will retaliate.

          • @Cristina…

            “I have to admit whenever Americans say that Mexico is corrupt I will retaliate.”

            what I have said for years, Dear Cristina – particularly to those many of my fellow Americans who, either Right or Left, seem to think it is our god-given task to save the world from itself.

            I tell them that we need to mind our own business, for we are in no position to preach to ANYBODY about ANYTHING, ANYWHERE.

            Tend to our own lands and kind, is what I say.

            Be well, my Child!

  3. Right, but how exactly will the lives of the taken-for-granted white people improve under Biden?

    The Biden admin is going to exponentially accelerate the persecution and exploitation of ordinary white people far beyond what would have happened under a second Trump term.

    • Yes, well, Brad Griffin is like “a girl who got felt up in a drive-in,” to quote that movie again.

      He and his ilk are in a personal snit against Trump.

      For that reason, they’re blinded to the larger fact that Trump, himself, is largely irrelevant. The 2016 election was White people giving the finger to the System when the System ordered them not to vote for Trump and the Wall. Which, of course, put heart in Whites.

      Now, refusing to vote for Trump, they’re bending the neck to the enemy’s triumphalist propaganda and helping to dishearten, demoralize, and defeat White Americans.

      Griffin and the other wignats don’t realize they’re actually bowing submissively to a bunch of jews, niggers, and transsexuals by their petulant refusal to vote for White defiance, by voting for Trump, who himself is inconsequential except as the de facto symbol of said defiance and resistance.

      So, congratulations, morons, you kowtowed publicly to your enemies, licked their boots, and are now counting it as a great victory.

      • What are you doing here?

        It was supposed to be a Trumpslide, right? It was well established before the election that wignats were irrelevant, COVID-19 was an elaborate hoax, millions of people were going to starve to death because of the lockdowns, it doesn’t matter when old people die of the virus, etc. Everything that the wignats said about the virus and the election was wrong.

      • Kekist, I do understand your argument to a degree. This place can be heavily blackpill. Even so, kindly explain to us how Mr. Trump’s endless fellating of Jews (at every single opportunity), installing his Talmudic Satanist son-in-law and convert to Satanism daughter as chief advisors, pandering to every degenerate dindu rapper, promoting the release of violent black felons onto the streets, forcing numerous countries around the world to bow to the Sodomite agenda, etc., etc., etc. serves as a kind of “symbol of white resistance” – especially supplemented with a long campaign denouncing “white supremacy” (38 times no less) while being too cowardly to say something as bland and neutral as “It’s OK to be white”? In light of the above short list – which I alone could easily expand to several long pages worth – why in hell would any self-respecting white person give a rat’s ass about what happens to him? Depends Joe the Corn-Pop Pedo, perhaps to be USSA’s first Alzheimers-Amurikan prez, won’t be there for very long, and we know exactly where the Hindoo-Dindoo ho stands when she’s not got her legs spread wide for Willie. Where, exactly, does the Mr. Trump stand?

        The problem is of course far deeper than Trump, who was probably the best we could expect in this present dark age (bad as he is). Most whites in Murika haven’t the slightest clue that the oligarchs plan and desire their extermination, along with most negroes and other races who they’ve imported for this very purpose. Some of the invaders and enemies are admittedly more opportunistic (Asians, Mexicans for example) than others (Jews and blacks – who are fully on board with the extermination). But the game plan is no different from the successful trial run in South Africa, where the genocide is under way in full force now. (Another thing ignored and tacitly supported by Donald Trump, by the way). Even there where the murders are daily events, the white folks will not stop believing lies. In light of the crimes carried out by negroes there, SA whites would be fully justified in carrying out actions against the regime and any of its supporters there which would be described as “terrorism”.

      • Wignat total victory!! We were right, and you were wrong.

        Funny thing is trump probably could have won if he and his sycophants (you) hadn’t pushed the lame “just the flu” narrative on covid-19. Incumbent decisively handling a crisis is almost guaranteed reelection. Instead you guys told people to inject bleach and that it will dissapear like a miracle. So we can give you some credit for Trump’s loss too.

    • But hey, Hunter Wallace and friends won. LMAO.

      This is media contrived BS. Don’t fall for it. All part of the playbook by the communist left.

  4. Biden will probably be the last President of the formerly United States. Or next to last, if the Ugandan Giant gets in, when he steps down for health reasons.

    Notice that the riots have all stopped. Mostly.

    • I like to see Trump as the Romulus Austulus. What’s coming is much worse than you could possibly imagine. The Dark Star has come.

    • The anti-abortion Protestant Trump, lost to the pro-abortion Catholic Biden. That explains most of the 2020 election.

      • Why in the hell do you keep banking on Blumpf as a Protestant? Its very weird bro He does not live a Christian lifestyle.Also he went to one of the biggest Catholic universities Fordham for two years Blumpf wasn’t really anti abortion Pence definitely was tho

        • Trump is very much a Protestant. I remember asking about Trump in New York when I was there on business in the 1970’s, and I was told he was Dutch Reformed/Presbyterian.

          Trump was anti-abortion enough to pick Pence for his VP.

  5. No! There will be not Trump 2.0 in 2924. Have you not realized by then Texas and Georgia will go blue? Biden has rebuilt the blue wall and diversity paved it brick by brick. You did notice all the contested cites were Black cities, right? They have trouble even running McDonald’s. Is it surprising to you they monkeyed up the election? Build red state America and make it independent for therein is you only salvation. It is not in rigged elections dominated by a few racially diversity states, or more correctly cities.

  6. As Tom Metzger pointed out, election outcomes where the electorate is majority White is White power.

    In this past presidential election, Whites made up nearly 70% of the voters. Had an explicitly pro-White candidate run for POTUS, and Whites voted for said candidate like blacks turned out for Obama, that candidate would cruise to victory. The problems are many fold to finding such a candidate, but Whites in North America really have no other choice, unless they are resolved to keep backing political candidates that thrown them crumbs or lip service.

    • November,

      This is a little off topic but for the first time I fully listened to a podcast by Ramzpaul with someone named Styxhexenhammer666 that looked like a wizard in an old horror film. I thought Ramzpaul was reasonable though his co-host around the 35-45 minute mark strongly believed in civic nationalism and thought everyone could and should assimilate into the US system. Styxx even thought Puerto Rico being a State is okay.

      I need not go into detail why Ramzpaul was right but I was wondering if you knew much about these 2 people.

      • Cristina,

        I’ve followed Ramzpaul for years. I like him a great deal – he expresses what would have been the normal, centrist American viewpoint in the early 1980s. But now he’s smeared as a “Far-Right White Supremist” by communist outfits like the ADL and SPLC. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he’s generally right.
        Styx has a lot of good points, but I don’t follow him as I don’t like the “beastly” connotations of his name.

        Hope that helps!

        • Jannie,

          Thank you for replying. Ramzpaul definitely seems mild in delivery and message. Styxxhenhammer666 does have a Hollywood evil name. He was okay until race indirectly came up. He saw no problems for Republicans with Puerto Rico as a state. He also assumed everyone wants to think like Anglos.

          Ramzpaul is polite when speaking. Even when Ramzpaul was cautioning against the Mexican take over of the Southwest and Styxxhenhammer666 did not mind I was not offended. From white America’s viewpoint and objectively speaking Ramzpaul was correct.

      • @Christina,

        I believe that RamzPaul and Styxhexenhammer were both coerced by homosexual silicone valley tycoon Peter Thiel to shill hard for Trump.

        RamzPaul seemed to take on a more establishment republican POV, after he unceremoniously parted ways with his Happy Homelands co-host Tina from Finland.

        Styxhexenhammer is a libertarian who was pulverized in a debate with James Allsup about the Trump-Kushner administration. Having seen Styxhexenhammer in the past, it was quite obvious that he was arguing for some polices that he knew were faulty, but supported them because that was what he was being paid to defend.

        Bottom line is that both sold out to someone paying them to bring the dissident right back into Trump’s camp.

        • November,

          I was hoping you would spot my question among all of the recent comments. I sometimes forget as well where I put some of my statements.

          I do not know much about Tina from Finland but that sounds interesting.

          So Styxenhammer666 is a libertarian? That explains a lot about his stated beliefs. Libertarianism goes against all my belief systems both temporally and religiously. While he is against some of the things I am against I could tell that he would be just as much against my beliefs as well. I got the eerie feeling that the USA could turn into Washington D.C. and he would be okay with that just as long as they were Republicans.

          Ramzpaul was correct when he stated that non WASP types are not enamored with American beliefs to the same extent as conservative whites Americans are.

  7. Yes Trump betrayed whites, however there is still election fraud here as well.

    So let’s not pretend that the system is legitimate, because it isn’t.

    • Everyone I know is shaking their heads at this, most of them normies. I agree with Hunter that Trump lost a crucial share of the vote – our vote – but the fraud is clear, brazen and in-your-face. And supported by a lot of people who have an irrational, media-driven hatred of Trump.

  8. Depends Joe, a corrupt, senile pedophile, will be US president. We’re getting Caligula- or Nero-Lite. Half the psychosis, but with all the war and corruption. Next four years should be a shitshow of major proportions.

  9. However legitimate the claims that Trump lost White men, this election WAS a national referendum on traditional White Americans — and we lost. Agreed, Trump was not our guy; but the media backed Narrative was that Donald Trump was a White Supremacist- – and poc bought it 100%. They saw Trump as an avatar of White Americans. And they despise him — and us — to the core. They want us erased. Enjoy your “victory” .

    • You seriously believe this tiny blog caused Trump to lose? AR are also heavily censored on Twitter.

      The only victory here was that Wignats correctly predicted what would happen as usual. They predicted that Trump would lose based on ignoring his White base, pandering to minorities, and breaking his promises.

      AmNats live in a Kushner world where you can screw over your White base, and they will still vote for you because as Kushner said, “They have no where else to go”.

      • No. This tiny blog is completely irrelevant. As are all of you, and myself as well. I am simply addressing those of you who are gloating in THIS blog as if some sort of victory has been achieved by your opposition to trump. The fact remains that White Americans LOST. Trump did not appeal to your narrow intetests because obviously he does not share them. He was still an avatar of White people to our enemies. And we lost.

    • Anti-whiteness accelerated in the last 4 years. So with Trump in office you got the worst of all possible worlds: The progressive backlash against “white supremacy” without any pro-white policy at all.

      Trumpism is evil and Jewish and manipulates white people into supporting it while stabbing them in the back. There was absolutely nothing good to come out of it.

      • As usual you have the best takes on the shit-show that was the Trump “presidency”, RBGV. Unfortunately, HW’s womanish hysteria over the chink flu scamdemic has left his credibility in tatters.

  10. So (((fake news))) has declared Depends Joe the senile pedophile as presidente. Jeb (please clap) Bush has even sent his congratulations. Clown World on steriods. I will give Trump credit for his response. There was no cucking. Obviously his son-in-law Grima Wormtongue didn’t write it for him. Let’s see if he actually follows through. For three years the man has been the mirror-image of Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘speak softly and carry a big stick’ notion. Assuming he’s not a complete grift, Trump has damned well better fight his enemies for a change.

    • Jesus Christ, yet another clown ostensibly aware of Jewish power lamenting the defeat of the most pro-Jewish president in American history. (((Donald Trump’s))) tweets are fake news.

      • Do you somehow think Biden (who won’t be there long) or Harris (married to a Jew) will miraculously be less Jew-fellating (it will be literally so in Harris’ case) than Trump is? The one thing Trump did not do for them was start another war – despite his complete failure to get us out of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq (yet another promise broken). The reason (((fake news))) is so happy is that they’ll now have the whole enchilada – wars for Israel, wide open borders, abolition of 1st and 2nd amendments, etc. Yes I even acknowledge we might very well get the same thing in a 2nd Trump term should it come to pass. Fraud is fraud though, and now the USSA has descended to full Zimbabwe level fraud. The only argument in favor of Hindoo-Dindoo is the accelerationist one of ‘worse is better’. I’ve yet to see anyone make a serious case for it.

        • You mentioned Zimbabwe in jest. In fact white America is in worse shape than South Africa in the late 1970s. While the Whites in South Africa were 30% they were unified and did not form an alliance with the ANC. Whites ran their own affairs and brooked no equal. In the US half the whites or 30% of the total population are actively siding with POC against their racial kindred. There has already been a black executive. The blacks dictate your elections. So it’s worse than SA in the 80s.

  11. It was a landslide for trump. He didn’t lose. The fraud was massive and obvious. The mainstream numbers are fake. Just like the covid numbers. For some reason whenever the mainstream releases numbers you wrap your whole worldview around cnn’s numbers. It’s really quite strange.

    • The problem with the fraud argument is that it would have had to occur in the usual areas, the big cities the Dems control in the battleground States. Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee, in order to have made a difference. But if true, then Trump should have done worse, not better, with the POC vote!

      Since he only did worse with the white male vote, that’s where the fraud would have to be found. But the WM vote is minimal in those cities.

    • If Zion Don had been a halfway competent president the election results wouldn’t have been close enough for Scumbag Joe to steal his way to victory.

      • Actually, Spawn. If we had known how UTTERLY EVIL Die Juden were, we would have incarcerated Hitlery, the Obamanation, and every other scumbag on day one.

        Trump even underestimated the evil of the Jews, and now hopefully can throw his accursed son-in-law and his SHIKSA HO daughter, under the bus. Let the dead bury the dead.

  12. If all the states that were trending trump had been allowed to call the election in their states before the ballot dumps at 4am, trump would have had easily over 300 electoral votes. The enthusiasm for trump was even bigger this year than 2016. You and I both live in Alabama. I’ve seen nothing like the lines at the polls this year. All white. All trumpers.

  13. The found ballots have ALL been for biden. All of them. That’s a statistical impossibility. It reeks to high heaven.

  14. The greatest threat to this Yankee Empire are the Red Communists. Their Red Terror assault troops Antifa, BLM, etc have been burning, looting, rioting for months now.

    If there is to be a Yankee Empire left, Trump needs to go to the military and police and make his case before their top brass and have their support and declare martial law. The military needs to go door to door and drag every Marxist/Communist/Anarchist out and put them in prison camps to be executed or deported after a hearing.

    There is no doubt that the Dems cheated. They always do. Their whole mindset is based on cheating — doing everything they can to replace the founding white stock of America justifying their crimes by their false religion of anti-racism and abolition. If they could open our borders up and let every non-white in the world stream through and kill every white in the country they would.

      • No, actually I want a Red Terror to become a Dead Terror no matter what it takes. I want a free South with no Red Communists and I think the other regions of America would want the same.

        Remove every Marxist/Communist/Anarachist/Leftist/etc. These revolutionaries are a threat to all of us.

  15. But who’s gonna do the monitoring If not Blumpf? Biden certainly won’t be doing any monitoring thats for damn sure!

    All joking aside we no longer have to live under this fake and ghey Blumpf clownworld anymore with his annoying libtard family and the behind the scenes presidont Kushner. Blumpf was never our guy he was always their goy

    • Now the Democrat party gets to own the worsening pandemic, the continued austerity for the masses, increasing “public debt” and inflation, ever-increasing cost of escalating global war, et cetera. But there will not be the drag and waste of a four-year-long coup when the Democrats are in power. The Harris and Biden) administration will continue to launch drone strikes killing innocent foreign civilians and U.S. citizens, and continue to deport excess cheap labor immigrants, lock immigrant children in cages, etc., but they will be very discrete, not boisterous about it, and the mainstream media (except perhaps Fox News, the Republican TV channel) will become completely silent.

      Nothing will change fundamentally under the Empire’s other right wing.

  16. NO. I will not pray, commemorate, or hold up as EVER valid, that lying, corrupt piece of Sh*t.
    Anathema, anathema, anathema.

    Let the Secession begin. Ballot Lives Matter!

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