Donald Trump’s Narrow Defeats In Pennsylvania and Michigan

Donald Trump’s donors made the call to “ride it out.”

Conservatives chose to die on the hill of COVID-19 in the Rust Belt. Some of us warned that this would happen earlier this year and were shouted down by all the people who insisted the virus was a hoax and a conspiracy. The virus only kills old people. Are they going to vote for Joe Biden?

Well, it looks like they did:

Seniors in Pennsylvania voted for Trump by a 10 point margin in 2016. They flipped and voted for Joe Biden by a 3 point margin in 2020.

Seniors in Michigan voted for Trump by a 4 point margin in 2016. They flipped and voted for Joe Biden by a 8 point margin in 2020.

In Pennsylvania and Michigan, non-Whites either voted for Joe Biden by the same margin as Hillary or moved slightly toward Trump. In Pennsylvania, college educated Whites moved toward Biden. In Michigan, college educated whites and White working class voters moved toward Biden.

There was movement toward Joe Biden across eastern Pennsylvania and Michigan.

The blue shift toward Joe Biden happened in at least 41 out of 50 states. As one of our astute commentators pointed out, votes are still being counted and this picture might improve for Joe Biden. There is nothing unusual about Joe Biden’s victory in the Rust Belt.

In Michigan, the idea that “niggers stole the election” isn’t reflected in where the votes came from that gave Joe Biden his margin of victory.

In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton beat Blumpf in Wayne County, 66.4% to 29.3%. Hillary got 519,444 votes to 228,993 votes for Blumpf. In the 2020 election, Joe Biden beat Blumpf in Wayne County, 68.0% to 30.6%. Biden got 587,074 votes to 264,149 votes for Blumpf.

In the 2012 election, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in Wayne County, 73.1% to 26.2%. Obama got 595,293 votes to 213,586 votes for Romney. As in Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Joe Biden’s margin of victory and vote total in Wayne County was within historical norms. Biden won more votes than Hillary in Wayne County in 2016, but fewer than Obama in 2012. Blumpf is losing Michigan by 146,123 votes, but he only got 67,630 more votes out of Wayne County than Hillary in 2016.

In Pennsylvania, the idea that “niggers stole the election” isn’t reflected in what happened in Philadelphia County either. It is even more implausible. Philadelphia County shifted toward Blumpf in the 2020 election!

In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton beat Blumpf in Philadelphia County, 82.3% to 15.3%. Hillary got 584,025 votes to 108,748 votes for Blumpf. In the 2020 election, Joe Biden beat Blumpf in Philadelphia County, 80.9% to 18.2%. Biden got 566,107 votes to 127,313 votes for Blumpf. As hard as it is to believe, Joe Biden has gotten less votes than Hillary out of Philadelphia County and Blumpf performed better there than in 2016. There was a red shift toward Blumpf in Philadelphia.

In the 2012 election, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in Philadelphia County, 85.2% to 14.1%. Obama got 557,024 votes to 91,840 votes for Romney. As in Milwaukee in Wisconsin, Joe Biden’s margin of victory and vote total in Philadelphia County was within historical norms. Hillary won more votes there in 2016 than Biden won in 2020 who won more votes than Obama won there in 2012. There is a red shift toward Trump in Philadelphia and a blue shift in eastern Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, you can can clearly see the stupidity of the Jared Kushner strategy of trading 5% of the White vote for 4% of the black vote. Blumpf may have picked up 19,000 more votes in Philadelphia and it isn’t even clear those votes came from blacks motivated by the Platinum Plan.

I’m not from Philly, but this is where Trump won there in 2020:

Do blacks live in South Philadelphia and Northeast Philadelphia?

What happened in Michigan?

What changed in Michigan over 2016?

Seniors went for Trump in 2016, 51% to 47%. They flipped to Biden, 54% to 46%.

Whites went for Trump in 2016, 57% to 36%. They went for him in 2020, 55% to 43%. The 2020 electorate was also whiter. It was 75% White in 2016 compared to 80% White in 2020.

White men went for Trump in 2016, 64% to 29%. They went for him in 2020, 60% to 38%.

White women went for Trump in 2016, 51% to 43%. They went for him in 2020, 50% to 48%

White working class voters went for Trump in 2016, 62% to 31%. They went for him in 2020, 59% to 39%.

White college graduates went for Trump in 2016, 51% to 43%. They flipped to Joe Biden in 2020, 52% to 46%.

Conservatives went for Trump in 2016, 79% to 17%. Trump won them 88% to 11% in 2020.

Moderates went for Hillary in 2016, 52% to 42%. They went for Biden, in 2020 60% to 37%.

Independents went for Trump in 2016, 52% to 36%. They flipped to Joe Biden, 51% to 47%.

Overall, the picture in Michigan is pretty much what I expected. Conservatives went harder for Trump in 2020 than in 2016. Independents swung to Joe Biden. Trump also lost ground with moderates. Seniors flipped to Joe Biden. White college graduates flipped to Joe Biden.

Again, the idea that “niggers stole the election” from Trump makes no sense. The Michigan electorate was 5% whiter in 2020 than in 2016. Blacks voted 92% to 6% for Hillary in 2016. They voted for 89% to 9% for Joe Biden in 2020. Clearly, Trump gained group with blacks, but lost it with Whites.

Where did Trump lose the election in Pennsylvania?

What changed in Pennsylvania over 2016?

Seniors went for Trump in 2016, 54% to 44%. They flipped to Biden, 51% to 48%.

Whites went for Trump in 2016, 56% to 40%. They went for him in 2020, 55% to 43%. The 2020 electorate was also white. It was 81% White in 2016 compared to 86% White in 2020.

White men went for Trump in 2016, 64% to 32%. They went for him in 2020, 60% to 38%.

White women went for Trump in 2016, 50% to 47%. They went for him in 2020, 51% to 48%

White working class voters went for Trump in 2016, 64% to 32%. They went for him in 2020, 63% to 36%.

White college graduates split their vote in 2016, 48% to 48%. They flipped to Joe Biden in 2020, 52% to 47%.

Conservatives went for Trump in 2016, 85% to 12%. Trump won them 87% to 12% in 2020.

Moderates went for Hillary in 2016, 53% to 43%. They went for Biden in 2020, 56% to 42%.

Independents went for Trump in 2016, 48% to 41%. They flipped to Joe Biden, 51% to 43%.

Turnout was much higher in 2020.

In Michigan and Pennsylvania, the electorate actually became whiter. In Michigan, it went from 75% White in 2016 to 80% White in 2020. In Pennsylvania, it went from 81% White in 2016 to 86% White in 2020. Blumpf chased black voters in an election in which, actually, was basically a fight between White people. He deflated his base while Biden stirred his up.

As for the black vote, blacks in Pennsylvania voted for Hillary in 2016, 92% to 7%. They voted for Biden in Pennsylvania in 2020, 92% to 6%. Blacks went from being 10% of the electorate to 8% of the electorate. Blacks couldn’t have swung the election and clearly didn’t in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump ran as a conservative Republican in 2020.

He lost the Rust Belt by pursuing Jared Kushner’s retarded strategy. End of story.

Here is Lil Pump/Pimp:

Everywhere it is the same story.

If you want to win as a Republican candidate in the Rust Belt, you have to win moderates and Independents and crank up the White vote. The Other Biden increased his share of the White vote while Blumpf suffered a collapse in his margin with moderates and Independents.

These were winnable races.

Trump lost these races because of COVID and because of his son-in-law’s retarded campaign strategy and messaging. It is obvious it was the White vote that cost him the election.


  1. Saddest item of all was the humiliating Giuliani-led ‘press event’ for the Trump campaign on Friday, to declare evidence of voter fraud, right as the mainstream media was declaring Biden the winner

    Either maliciously or as a horrid mistake, some Trump campaign staffer arranged that this press conference be held at the Philadelpia ‘Four Seasons’ – not the posh Four Seasons hotel there in town, but instead at the shabby ‘Four Seasons Landscaping’ company back lot, in dreary outskirts of Philly, located between a porno-and-sexual-toy shop, and a funeral body cremation service

    Photo of the place and the event … what a disaster

  2. Also very sad: All those MAGA hat wearing Pennsylvania voters who stood in long lines in the cold wind on Tuesday, bragging that as soon as Trump wins big (from their limited perspective they were almost 100% sure of it) all these masks will be gone and the “hoax” (pandemic) will be over.

    • It’ll largely vanish as an issue on TV now. The data won’t be advertized and the focus will be on Ukraine, Iran and Syria again. A few compounds in rural Washington will get blasted in drone strikes.

      • I agree that it will disappear from mainstream media. A pandemic doesn’t matter as long as big business and the stock market keep booming and the elites are not harmed. It was reported only to unseat Trump. Not that it isn’t real.

        “Happy days are here again,” in a new era when the media tells us America is healthy again (even when it’s not) now that Trump is gone. There can be no anti-war movement either, under a Democrat administration. The last apparent anti-war movement, under Bush, was mostly an anti-Bush partisan Democrat “movement.”

    • None of these statistics mean anything now. Wait till the sting’s over and the true numbers are in. Still let’s not make more of Trump than he is. From OUR perspective, he represents 4 years to discuss, shape, form, hone and tweak official documents to found a 2nd Confederacy. If we waste this coming 4 years LIKE WE WASTED THE LAST 4 … shame on US, and “we’ll get the government we deserve,” and booooy will it suck. You think Trump’s bad? Get a load of what hijacks all of Americas gatekeeper positions and our military in 2025!!!!!

      4 years. It’s a gift.

      • I am no Trump fan, but at least he is not a marxist. I am skeptical that anything of substance will be allowed to move the courts, and certainly not the media, who is running hard cover for the coup.

        I completely understand that a lot of people in the South want Dixe back, but at some point you are going to have to face reality, it’s not going to happen. The South is as pretty much divided as the rest of the country.

        The marxists have been working for a century to bring America down from within, and they are almost done. The Republic, such as it was, has fallen.

        • When communism collapses, everybody get their stuff back. After Soviet Union, Eastern Europe split to multiple countries and everybody is fine with that. Who can be against Independent South? Except communists

          We supported Gorbachev 6 years despite he failed to keep his promises. Coup failed and we got rid from communism. Now is your turn. Support your leader and when enemy goes down, you are free to choose your own destiny. Independent South similar to Poland supported by neighboring independent Nazi horror country like Hungary.

          This madness show that Donald is winning. Without winning, they would let to sit him in the office another 4 years. Nobody arranges dangerous coup against useless guy.

          • I understand the history you are speaking of. There are a couple important factors that have helped to save European countries that will no longer save America, that is the lack of forced multiculturalism, and a lack of decades of self-hatred brain-washing.

            Today in America, half of all White people have been conditioned to hate their own people, it is really bad with the younger generations, many of them no longer even know who they are. It would take some kind of serious miracle for any of them to reconsider their positions. For the South, sure it would be good if Dixie could stand again, but it is very unrealistic at best, look at demographic math.

            As for the coup, yes we all see it happening, and the marxists know we see them doing it, that is why they are doubling down. This is when they get unpredictably dangerous. As for when communism collapses, these people are just getting started, and if they get their way, even these conversations will end.

            Yes, it is possible to stop them, and I have not given up hope that they will be stopped. If we are lucky, the coup will be completely exposed, and America will only break up. Either way America as we knew it is long gone.

  3. When the Israeli prime minister Netanyhahu formally recognizes Joe Biden as the president-elect that tells you right there how this is going to be played.

    Let’s say hypothetically that this entire election was a total fraud and that Trump really won despite a number of voter fraud allegations being easily debunked.

    Hypothetical now…

    Do you really think the elite / establishment / media / intelligence agencies / and Israel would allow Trump to win? Of course not.

    It’s a losing battle. I’m not dying on a hill for Trump especially after he was the do nothing president who let his DOJ / FBI / Homeland Security target nationalists, allowed censorship to run amok, did not quell the rioting, did nothing to defend his supporters who were attacked.

    He’s not worth it. Trump is a bullshit artist of the highest order. He’s not a stable genius, he’s a salesman who put his bets entirely on minorities to carry him to a second term thinking he successfully suckered White people into submission.

    Trump was arrogant and stupid and it cost him and us dearly.

    • Biden’s call for unity rings very hollow though. Trump’s so called divisive rhetoric was much more candid. I frankly don’t see how Biden or Harris can walk back what we saw this summer.

      Pandora’s box was opened with the iconoclasm and rioting. He will try to start wars to give white men a quest, but they will end up like Vietnam, or like pyhhric victories that end the empire. You can’t run an empire catering to Liberal whites and POC; then expect the tough white men to soldier without them having special status and clout after they fight for the state. He will regret winning office under such a dishonest campaign.

      • Calls for “unity” or the trite phrase: “We’re all in this together” really mean White people need to shut up, do the heavy lifting, keep the lights on, fix what’s been wrecked, restock the stores, do jury duty, obey the law, military service, volunteering, pay the taxes, open up your wallets and probably next year, your homes in the suburbs too for the violent, savage, colored underclass.

        It’s White people who founded, built and keep this cluster fuck of a country going – and the ruling class knows it. Look at any area where whites have left i.e. Baltimore, Detroit, Newark, Filthadelphia etc. and they are a wreck. The only reason they function above the level of Haiti, the only reason even Haiti functions at its low level is because of White people.

        The coloreds know this and bitterly resent Whites for this glaring contrast. The ruling class also knows this and is petrified of one day Whites waking up and saying: “No More!” By waging war against Whites with BLM and Antifa this year and probably doubling down next year by bringing BLM’s war against Whites to the suburbs (they have threatened to do this) it may finally wake up Whites who think they can buy their way out of trouble or that the BLM sign on their lawn will protect them from the colored mob.

        The Hindu-Dindu is just what this country needs.

  4. The Pandemic should have been utilized by a scrupulous man to deport POC, euthanize POC and to fine and terrorize Liberal enclaves with biosecurity edicts that bankrupted them. When the nigs and Libs rioted use Hellfire missiles to incinerate them.

    Instead the dumb bastards protested against masks.

    • Nope, I think 911 was the key moment and last chance whites had to stop this trainwreck and Bush Jr. failed. After 911 immigration could have been shut down and the illegal aliens deported, the media and deep state would have fought this full stop, but that was the last chance that this was possible. Instead Bush fiddled while Rome burned and let the illegals and legals keep pouring in and breeding, and allowed the wholesale transfer of our industrial base to China. Back in the late 90s there were all these light industrial jobs hiring big time, by 2008 these industrial parks were deserted, gone to China and whites responded by tipping to Obama in 2008. I also remember going through customs in 2005 in the Airport and seeing the line for first time immigrants arriving. They have a special passport booth and have big packets with things like X-rays showing no TB etc. I saw all these elderly Asians arriving? I was perplexed at the suicidal math of allowing all these non contributing old people to come retire on the dime of the taxpayers of the United States? Where I worked at the time we also had an old 65+ Vietnamese guy retiring because he had now worked 10 years and qualified for social security. This shows how far the “Immigrationism” madness had extended. Trump was too late, things were too far gone by 2016 and the election was a fluke for the Republicans. The only way he really could have won again was for those “shuttered” suburban light industrial parks to have reopened and that didn’t happen, at least in Wisconsin Michigan and Pennsylvania. A job boom in Dallas and Nashville won’t help the Republicans in the electoral college, and in the long term will only bring in huge numbers of hispanics, asians, and “yankees” to turn those states blue as well.

  5. “The Pandemic should have been utilized by a scrupulous man to deport POC…” – Captain John Charity Spring MA

    “Conservatives chose to die on the hill of COVID-19 in the Rust Belt.” – Hunter Wallce

    I’m trying to understand something here. Does the dissident right support Covid-19 seriousness because they are truly concerned about the virus or because they wanted to use Covid-19 for political purposes?

    Because I just watched a clip right now of hundreds of Biden supporters celebrating victory inch to inch of each other, not social distancing, many of them not wearing masks. It seems the left thinks Covid-19 is bullshit or they are reckless about their concerns:

    • I supported the idea of using biosecurity to annihilate political opponents. Seems like Trump didn’t. Biden in a curiously low key way used it to destroy an opponent.

      I didn’t like the white Anti lockdown protests that I was seeing in late spring as they made It more difficult to physically annihilate the black protesters when they started to emerge in summer.

      I caught Covid19 in early spring. Summer could have been an epic pogrom but Trump flinched.

  6. I see Kushner and Netanyahu jumped the Trump train already (yesterday). Kushner was his Achilles heel and he never had a clue. Kushner was a saboteur in his relentless pursuit of everything Jew or Israel at the expense of Trump’s original base of support.

  7. Hunter,

    I have one issue with your analysis here…Ohio.

    Why did so many counties in OH shift so red, when in MI and PA it went blue?

    I don’t see much difference demographically between them, and I live in Indiana. I know the Midwest rather well.

    • I know in the midwest Appalachian Dialects begin around the 40th parallel, the southern have of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio are culturally like Kentucky, the North have the standard mid Atlantic Dialect. I’d suspect a larger Scotch Irish, conservative Christian element in the demographics that votes overwhelmingly Trump was the difference. Illinois is too corrupted by the huge population of Chicago to have followed the Indiana Ohio voting pattern and Pennsylvania likewise by Philadelphia’s huge size. I see the Mason Dixon cultural line right around the 40th parallel in Illinois. I drive North from Champaign just 20 minutes and encounter mid Atlantic Dialect in the kids working at the McDonalds in small town Gibson City, the farm names hanging from the mailbox in that area are German. Going south 20 minutes to Tuscola the employees at McDonalds have the West Virginia accent and in the rural farm roads I see all these “Abortion is Murder” type signs you usually don’t see much of north of latitude 40. Big cultural shift and you can see the pattern of settlement 200 years back pretty much following the same latitude outwards from the Atlantic Coast.

      • Probably have mentioned this here, at Occidental Dissent; but decades ago, had a Philadelphia friend who moved to Cincinnati for a job. When he mentioned to me that he liked it very much there, I asked him why. “The Southern hospitality,” he replied.

    • “J Edgar Hoover had nothing on Murdoch when it comes to collecting and using compromat. I’m sure he has plenty more on both Biden & Harris, just as he had plenty on Trump. In other words Dems should not be celebrating the fact that both the NY Post & Fox are also calling a Biden win, when in reality it is just another Murdoch win (…) So Murdoch reassuring the elites he has this Biden/Harris thing covered makes it highly unlikely that many billionaires are going to shell out on something that (a) could be a loser and (b) doesn’t matter since Biden will do what they want anyhow.” Ibid.

      • Maybe with Trump out of the picture big jewish money will turn on AOC and the squad as they really don’t want that shit either, just they hated Trump more and this riot crap was useful at the time. There is talk that Pelosi is also finished now too. All the democrats had to do was pretend to be the party they were during the John Kerry election and the election would have been called on election night. One thing is certain, the way this election was handed was terrible. It’s like if the referees had kept playing the Super Bowl after the clock hit zero and only blown the whistle after the other team had scored a touchdown to take the lead. The optics were terrible and ghettos can’t be allowed to keep counting votes for days until they “find” the necessary votes to change the results. Like how Al Franken stole the election from Norm Coleman by someone “finding” a box of 300 ballots in the trunk of a car days later. This goes against all rules of evidentiary, say I was to walk into an auction house claiming to have an unknown painting by Rembrandt, if they asked to review the documented history of the item to try to authenticate it and I said if first appeared in the trunk of a car the think would be worthless. Funny how a liberal judge would take the opposite view of ballots in a senate race?

        I am wondering if the useful idiots are no longer going to be useful now with the election over. People like these bum mayors who destroyed property values in a lot of big cities over the summer. I can definitely see the Mexicans running a candidate in Chicago to get rid of that black lesbian. I wonder if even in Blue States we are going to see the democrats run candidates in the primary to challenge unpopular “shut down” politicians like that witch Whitmer. That Frey in Minneapolis is finished too with any primary challenger that shows the TV footage of him walking away like a little boy from that angry low IQ sheboon who called him out at the riot.

  8. It will be nice to have a matronly White First Lady in the White House instead of that vapid Slavic slut prancing around in her $1000 shoes.

  9. “Do blacks live in South Philadelphia and Northeast Philadelphia?”

    Since I don’t know Philadelphia’s geography and demography the way you know the geography and demography of many American places, Mr. W., I probably can’t help you much with this, but I’ll throw out a few things …

    1 — For several decades in the heart of the twentieth century, the answer to your question, above, would have been a simple no. Northeast Philadelphia, where I grew up and still live, really didn’t get built up until after World War II and was entirely white as far as I knew. In this context, white means just about entirely Catholic and Jewish, I’d guess.

    2 — Over the past thirty years, that’s changed, partly because—and this is merely my sense of things—blacks have migrated from lower parts of the city up into the northeast wing and partly because of non-white immigration. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the remaining whites in the northeast are pleased, in a way, about the non-white immigration because it has helped keep the area from going completely black.

    3 — Anecdote: Back in 2014, the wife-and-mother in a Hindu family that had moved into a home on my block happened to encounter me as I was preparing to take my mother to a cemetery to mark the seventieth anniversary of a second cousin of hers in Normandy, during World War II. This woman was very sweet, with a son who, by that time, was probably already in college and studying electrical engineering. The son, naturally, was more Americanized than were her husband and she, and I was struck by her reaction when I told her where I was headed. “Oh, yes,” she said, “World War I and World War II. I have read about them.”

    4 — Re the northeast, in short, that’s probably what’s showing up on the map you’ve posted here and have linked at In the northeast wing’s lower area, where I live, you’re seeing light blue, probably because the lower area has received more black migration from dark-blue North Philadelphia than has the wing’s upper area, where you see more of the light red. At the link, where you can see the entire upper part of the northeast wing, there’s one full-red spot that’s just about where a family-friend grew up and lived until very recently. When she sold her suburban-style single-home, where her parents had raised her brother and her, she told me all the houses in her neighborhood were being bought by Hindus. That came to my mind when I saw that dark-red spot—but that’s just an odd little guess on my part.

    5 — The two main dark-blue areas you’re seeing—with lots of fine lines that mark streets—are the two main ghettos: North Philadelphia and West Philadelphia, where I could have believed Trump hadn’t received a single vote. A good way to get the basic sense of the city’s layout is to view the map at

    6 — As to South Philadelphia: That was an Italian neighborhood when my father was growing up and for quite some time thereafter, I think; but in recent decades, that’s probably been broken up, with a black influx, among other things, and, more recently, hipsterism. On the map, most of it is light blue, though there’s that red area at the bottom, where lie the stadiums and the former Philadelphia Navy Yard—now a sort of industrial park. Don’t know what that means.

    7 — The third and last dark-blue area is Southwest Philadelphia, which is at the map’s lower left and is broken up with very few street-lines. Probably, that area is less dense, populationally, than any other part of the city, because there’ve probably always been drainage problems there. I’d guess most of that dark-blue spot is occupied by the airport and by tank-farms for oil refineries. Of the residential housing that is there, a significant portion might be government-funded.

    8 — Short answer to your question: More blacks in northeast Philadelphia and South Philadelphia than there were when I was growing up, but they’re not the main black areas.

    PS I do have friends and relatives who tend to think of my lower-northeast neighborhood as a ghetto these days, but I guess I still don’t think of it that way. Maybe it’s like the slowly-boiling-the-frog thing: The change has been gradual enough that I don’t quite notice it.

    • That’s what I thought.

      I’ve only been to Philadelphia once. I thought South Philly was an Italian area.

    • Hindus were very much in ww1 and ww2. The British Imperial Forces in Egypt, Libya, Italy, Burma, Singapore, Ethiopa, Somalia, Malaya, Persia, Syria Iraq were often Indian. Very likely she had relatives in British campaigns in either war.

      Fascinating anecdote anyway.

  10. “Biden’s call for unity rings very hollow though.”

    Am anticipating Biden to reverse Trump’s EO on critical race theory indoctrination.

    White men will soon be blamed for all the ills of society due to ‘White privilege’ & ‘White fragility’.

    The Roman Catholic Biden shall soon place the whip into the hand of Time Wise.

    White Protestant Christians are about to enter our own Babylonian Captivity soon.

    Trump stopped the critical race theory Trainings once… Can he run again (with running mate Tucker Carlson) and free us from this bondage in 2024?

  11. I’m not buying the fraud stuff. Not on the scale these people are trying to claim.

    And if the Dems did win through fraud, it seems they left no evidence that will hold up in court. If they are so competent that they can swing several states through wide scale fraud while leaving no evidence, then I’m more in awe than angry about it. At that point it’s like a well executed heist, where you just have to admire their skills.

    • FRAUD HAPPENED! As a long time senior elections worker in numerous positions I can tell there is easily provable fraud. Their needs to be a re-vote.

  12. I was pleased to see that former World Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier, who passed away about 9 years ago, remains civic-minded and voted in the election.

  13. I guess the Pennsylvania officials who violated Pennsylvania laws and who defied orders from the US Supreme Court will all get away with it just like all those people in the FBI, the Rosenstein-Mueller-Weissmann group, the DoJ and other agencies who lied to the FISA courts and destroyed evidence and violated laws and the civil rights of Trump people will get away with it.

    What can I say except that I think this country now qualifies as a lawless Shithole. I no longer see any major institution here worthy of trust. As others have mentioned this is the true legacy of Trump— the reaction to him revealed the deeply corrupt “elites” of the US in the news media, in the FBI, and in many other places.

    Good luck to you all.

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