The Wignats Were Right

I have no idea why people listen this guy.

Andrew Anglin is a paid GOP shill. He was wrong about literally everything.

After four years of discouraging people from engaging in street activism on behalf of our own cause, Andrew Anglin is now telling people to get out into the streets because Jared Kushner’s absurd strategy and messaging cost Trump an election he could have easily won.

Devote your life to being a professional protester for Donald Trump who before he lost the 2020 election wouldn’t give you the time of day and wanted to give blacks $500 billion dollars.

Just last week, it was going to be a Trumpslide.

But now you need to get out there in the streets with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It made no sense to do it when Donald Trump actually was the president, but now with Joe Biden becoming president it makes perfect sense. Also, the only people telling you this isn’t a great idea are FEDS!

Join Andrew Anglin and Weev on the frontlines.

They will be cheering you on from some remote location where they live these days off anonymous Bitcoin donations. No one quite knows where because no one ever saw them in the Trump era.


    • GOOD! What does America even have to offer, other than being a Global force for Satanic Evil? Trampling the sovereignty of other nations? Forcing world mandated gay anal? It’s time for Russia to step up in world leadership, China also even though I can’t stand the CCP, however no gook ever called me evil because I’m white and forced sodomite propaganda on my children.

  1. I think Anglin is going to get to eventually pivot to a non retard position. But hopefully everyone sees he is a show man news anchor, NOT a leader.

    Amnats who aren’t dysgenic freaks will get back with the memo and help save our people.

  2. Remember when Andrew Anglin hired Jeffrey Goldberg, a Jewish propagandist, to pretend to be a “Nazi” while at the same time Goldberg was pretending to be a “racial Muslim” trying to drum up patsies for false flag terrorism in Australia?

    Yeah, Goldberg was getting publicity from Ritz Katz, the Zionist Jew that run the propaganda outfit “SITE Intelligence Group” that “monitors” both “radical Muslim jihadis” and “violent white supremacists.”

    Wasn’t it also discovered that the Daily Stormer website is registered out of a Manhattan apartment that Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer shares with a fellow Jew?

    But face it – their online spam campaign RULED the entire “Alt Right” for nearly 5 years. No one could criticize Andrew Anglin without the “Troll Army” coming to call you a “cuck” or accuse you of “punching right.”

    But, if you went 100% “Hollywood Nazi” the “Troll Army” would give you big blog traffic and lots of positive blog comments.

    It was all coordinated via the Breitbart crowd, and virtually EVERYONE is this fake “movement” – even old stalwarts – really truly believed that this spam campaign was a “youth movement” and that the young white men had turned “fashy” and we really into “Nazi” stuff.

    Don’t feel bad, you’re not the first people to get conned by an obvious online marketing gimmick.

    For instance, teenage girls often get fooled into believing that something is “popular” because of what they see on social media, too.

  3. I’ll tell you another thing about that jew bastard, I bet he got an antibody test as soon as they were marketed. I’ll bet he tests twice a week, as well as his privately tutored kids and all the little Shapiros at his yeshiva. The biosecurity around him and his is tighter than a virgins cunt. Ride it out. The epitaph.

  4. The alt right, as defined by Anglin/Weev, is a bunch of middle class nerds trying to “activate” white working class men so they would pull a Turner Diaries move and save office jobs from the Indians. But these same fags were laughing at “they took our jerbs” just a few years ago when the working class was being crushed so it’s a movement born to fail.

    All of these online racists think that there is a cadre of violent and stupid strong white men just waiting for a nerd to activate them for their own ends. That’s why Weev and Anglin always go on these “epic” and “spiritual” rants, they are trying to touch your heart so you will lay down your life so they can keep playing video games and masturbating without Indian and Chinese eating their lunch.

    • @Steve

      “All of these online racists think that there is a cadre of violent and stupid strong white men just waiting for a nerd to activate them for their own ends. ”

      This times 1000. It’s the entire basis of right-wing politics.

      They are just like Communists, in fact, in that they will make up fantasies about what the working class is then demand their cooperation because they said nice things about them.

      Pretty weird, isn’t it?

  5. He is also saying that after Trump loses, he will start pushing for secession. But his entire rationale for backing trump and amnat in the first place was that he thought secession had no wheels.

    I still think it’s funny that most of the big amnats don’t even live in the USA. Anglin and Forney have been sex tourists in Asia and Eastern Europe their entire adult lives. And weev fled the country after getting out of prison. But they are the people trying to tell you they know what American normies care about.

  6. Anglin is a gay-op. Everything he promotes gets turned into a clownshow, just like Trump.

    I’m interested to know what your plan is though Brad? Anglin at least is always going to be able to shill for someone as an agent provocateur because he has no scruples.

    The dissident right for the last two years has been focused solely on fucking over Trump, and alienating anybody that still saw him as at least the lesser of two evils.

    Anglin engineered the first major schism with the optics war. You all have now made the second.

    I literally have no where to turn that anybody is seeing things the way I do.

    All of you have given up doing anything useful. I don’t feel like its all hopeless though, but I can’t see a way forward.

    Certainly nobody on TRS, here at OD or Spencers neet fags has anything to say that resonates with me.

    I can’t justify continuing to burn time as an anon boosting this content on social media, spreading show clips for TRS, flyering articles in public spaces for people to read or any of the other shit anymore. I don’t even agree with your bullshit anymore.

    You all have become a personal liability to me that isn’t being offset with any upside value. Your brands are toxic, and seriously dangerous to have any association with. Whats worse, there is literally no hope for organization coming from this dissident media sphere. No activism. No advocacy. No real hard intellectual thought being applied to a path forward by our think tank types. Nothing.

    Its not even safe to read your blog in view of the public.

    At least Stormfront has managed to maintain a forum for two decades with active membership.

    The only legacy of this thing will be the footage of the tikitorch march, immortalized in the mass media as a cudgel to be wielded against anybody White who advocates for their right to survival. Great job on that btw.

    Who’s idea was it to run around a liberal controlled city with tiki torches screaming “Jews will not replace us”?

    Who was that supposed to be for? Who was it supposed to convince of our seriousness?

    Give me a good reason to even stick around to see if you guys get your shit together?

    • Harold Covington always promoted the hard, but one and true path. Either the White man ultimately takes up arms to fight for racial separation or there will be no survival for his progeny. You may present every piddling objection under the sun to the contrary, but that really is the bottom line.

      • @Captainchaos,

        The Northwest Territorial Initiative (NWI) has been discussed since the 90s. It is gaining popularity once more over the last few years. Because of the blowback due to the AngloZionist empires and their good chum international communism, it is one of our last option outside of Argentina or Uruguay.

        • You realize that the Northwest Front has closed shop and the successor to Covington, Andy Donner, denounced White Nationalism in his final broadcast. It is no more.

    • It’s not safe to read a nationalist site in public? You are a pussy. I would read the daily stormer in a public library or internet cafe no problem, I even watch hardcore Rock Against Communism music videos on the bus when everyone could see the swastika’s on public transit in Vancouver, one of the most leftist and ethnically diverse cities. Although I am not a NAZI and think Nazism is lame, I still did it, because I’m not a pussy.

    • Hunter and his friend Spencer, Heimbach and the rest of the cast are people who have never worked a day in their lives and are very dysfunctional sheltered people.

      These sites are good for another opinion, but that’s it. Never follow any of these loons.

      • Spencer is an actor, Heimbach works for the David Horowitz Freedom Center (He admitted that he partners with them for Holocaust Education, suddenly he become this big dysfunctional Nazi), and Hunter has the most useless Nationalist Blog on the internet. I used to enjoy him going after Trump from the right, but this, denying voter fraud, celebrating Biden’s steal, being a fucking Nihilist in the face of a colour revolution! Not what a real nationalist is, no wonder he’s hanging out with buttboy Spencer the Clown, who is literally paid to be a clown and is not serious. Spencer said Trump was too pro-LBGT so he bad. The same Spencer that let a known man-boy faggot pederast lead a branch of his stupid fake NPI. who wrote about gay love, and showed a semen cover Christ on his book about pederasty. Spencer is a smug piece of shit, I’d love to punch him, get that smug elitist face some work time. Clearly Liberals are more competent people, and get the shot listen to the your oligarch masters. Spencer was the WORST op the oligarchy ever ran on nationalism. Had us doing sieg hiels to make us looks bad. Couldn’t agree with you more Ron.

    • @Whitey

      “Give me a good reason to even stick around to see if you guys get your shit together?”

      Dude – GET OUT NOW. This whole “movement” is completely fake. It’s 100% Jews, Feds and shills. It’s Emmanuel Goldstein. There is no “movement” it’s a trap.

  7. I think is not important who calls people to resistance. Just forget the beefs, go out on the street, intimidate the lowest election official and win the elections and win the war.

    This is war for survival and anybody must fight.

  8. Anglin and Vox Day sure have some egg on their faces after promising a Trumpslide for so long.
    VD is really pushing the “it will be overturned” narrative. Good luck with that.

    (Confession – I never read Anglin, but do read VD for an alternate view of things.)

    • Vox Day was also wrong in a big way in the Obama Romney election. His track record sucks.

      There was fraud but it doesn’t matter. Trump is out for good. He messed up by not taking on the main stream media and allowing big tech to gain so much power.

      Another lesson here is pandering to niggers was a waste of his time and effort.

    • Weimerika needs to die. It is the most powerful and dangerous golem world jewry ever created. You can thank the Anglo establishment elite, and the Christian soldiers that did and continue to do their dirty work.

  9. Does anyone else remember the multi-million dollar federal lawsuits that Anglin LOST to the Muslim “comedian” and the jewish real estate speculator in Idaho but somehow he is still alive and well, talking sh*t and encouraging quasi-criminal activities by his followers?

    I can only imagine the scene when a bevy of FBI special agents and other alphabet secret police types took the plaintiffs aside and explained that Anglin, Weev and the DS are all an elaborate honey pot operation to keep the ZOG entrapment pipeline continually supplied with new low IQ patsies to support the twice monthly “white supremacist plot foiled by brave feds” fundraising/budget justification/publicity and career advancement scam going.

    This latest call out to his “DS troll army” is easy enough to see through … now that Anglin has issued “the call”, the lying jews media can now claim that any and all protests are somehow masterminded by “evil white supremacists” … expect the vox, huffpo, splc, adl, propublica agitprop tweets and “shocking details” to start showing up tomorrow morning … as if somehow coordinated … oy vey, I’m shocked, shocked I say!

  10. Don’t go out into the streets and protest. You may very well be placed in a situation where you need to defend yourself. When this happens, YOU will be arrested, not the terrorists from antifa or black lives matter.

    • It will be funny when these protestors end up being arrested by Trump’s FBI, after the same FBI did nothing about antifa for months.

      Good advise regardless. Don’t attend these bad optics goon marches organized by fuentes and anglin. Don’t fedpost either. The feds will be looking for “white supremacist terrorists” to make an example of in the coming weeks. They will need some visible arrests to show they are “tackling white supremacy” as they segue into the Biden regime.

  11. Yeah, says the guy who literally told his readers to stand down during a Soros Colour Revolution and not support the candidate that was targeted by Soros because he wasn’t perfect! 2nd term Trump would of taken the gloves off with big tech, Fauci, Gill Bates, Soros, and BLM/Anfi-fa. Instead this website promoted the Soros Candidate to win, and basked in the glory of Biden’s stolen victory. This is not a serious blog, articles about 20s fashion, pro-lockdown/mask, and stand down orders during a Soros colour revolution. If you claim Anglin is a GOP paid shill then I can ask this of you, did the FBI extort you with bogus charges over Charlottesville? This is complete nonsense, you talk about known false flags as if the official story was real, we have proof 9-11 was done by the Mossad not muslims, we know Dylan Roofe was a false flag of an MKUltra victim (dead people or not), proof of photoshop of Dylan in his media pics and victim was the wrong one when they did open casket. This site is NOT SERIOUS, it doesn’t wish to fight oligarchy and the ruling elite. No candidate is perfect, Trump had plenty of faults but he would of put the hammer down on big tech and the feds on anti-fa. You instead encouraged a Soros/Biden/Anti-fa victory. Now you attack Anglin, who is a better writer than you, and has a far more interesting website. Instead you write about boring history pieces no one cares about while promoting the COVID hoax (its a real virus but 99.97% people survive it) no reason to kill people as a result of lockdowns to push A GLOBALIST AGENDA of the GREAT RESET. Trudeau said COVID laid bare the fundamental inequity of society so he is ordering Canada to follow ALL UN AGENDA 2030 directives, UN sustainable dev. directives, and follow the Great Reset! COVID WAS A SCAM to make the billionaires richer and put us into prison planet. Instead you sit around promoting this trash and pseudo science, celebrate a Soros/Biden win and write ghey articles on how cool the Rockefeller Harpies of Christian Womens Temperance league were, which was a scam to justify high income taxes and solidify petroleum monopoly over alternate alcohol based fuels. You have zero grasp at the forces behind the scenes, you are the Michael Shermer of the right.

    • Michael Leroy,

      Why don’t you go chew out “never Trumpers ” like Shit Romney and (((Irving Kristal))) who couldn’t wait to tweet their congratulations to the Harris administration’s for their triumph over Donald ZOG Kushner.

        • Add Ryan, Romney and Rubio to that list. “Respectable” Republicans think Biden-Harris and the Democrat machine will give them a pass.

      • I have no need to chew out Bill Kristol because I KNOW HE IS AN EVIL SUBVERSIVE KIKE AGENT OF ISRAEL WHO IS A 9/11 CRIMINAL. Mitt Romney was so bad I am on record telling people to vote Obama in 2012 or face imminent and total Zionist control, war with Iran, for someone who isn’t even a conservative. Donald has been betrayed by both Kushner and Netanyahu, you sure you don’t want him for a second term now that he has had a taste? The election was stolen, it isn’t because of Hunter’s absurd claims.

    • Trump doesn’t seem to be too concerned about this color revolution. While you guys are all pulling your hair out and sending your money to GOP grifters to “stop the steal,” Trump has spent the last two days on the golf course.

  12. I always knew mongrel Anglin was a fraud but I never thought Lee Rogers would turn into a clone of Anglin. Anglin was telling people to not resist or get violent and now he preaching a different tune. Hopefully when Trump concedes, these grifters go away.

    • He has also been claiming for months that Biden and Kamala are going to send black death squads to the suburbs to start ethnically cleansing white people. Now he tells his readers to go out and protest the Biden regime, as if that wouldn’t make them the first targets of these imaginary death squads.

  13. Anglin’s latest online incarnation is that of a Trump supporting Christian Conservative Republican. The Daily Homo is nothing but an “edgy” comedy website like The Onion or The Babylon Bee.

  14. The Daily Stormer isn’t a serious site, never has been. It occupies the gray area between satire and serious face where it constantly can claim to be writing ironically, and so never be held to full account for just how retarded the content is.

    Lack of accountability though, is something nobody in the dissident sphere of bloggers and professional propagandists has.

    This blog is no different anymore, but its lack accountability comes from its lack of reach in that nobody who would hold it to account reads it, only its own echo chamber of effort posters.

    TRS is the same with its podcasts. It exists on confirmation bias alone.

    The pursuit of truth, and our claim to its mandate is no longer what drives this thing.

    In that, we are no different than the rest of this decadent society.

    I agree with many of the above posters in their sentiment that this is the pot calling the kettle black.

    I’m about out of patience with all of it.

  15. Now wait a minute. Are you actually a Southern Nationalist or just a garden variety Socialist? How can you be against secession?

    • I’m not a socialist.

      I’ve always been a populist and a moderate. Socialists believe in the collective ownership of the means of production and abolishing private property. Populists simply believe in regulating the economy to curb corporate power and to distribute wealth more equitably. As for secession, I would obviously support it, but I just find it a bit rich coming from an American Nationalist. You know, this guy told us not to engage in street activism for three years and to wrap ourselves in the Star Spangled Banner and that it was too dangerous to engage in street protests. Now he wants people to get out there when Joe Biden is president.

      • “Socialists believe in the collective ownership of the means of production and abolishing private property. Populists simply believe in regulating the economy to curb corporate power and to distribute wealth more equitably.”

        That is concise and perfectly accurate. AOC’s “Squad,” and Democratic “Socialists” of America are reform capitalists who misuse the term “socialist.” Hitler and the German National “Socialists” were also certainly not socialists. Unlike populism which is a “mixed” (Aristotelian) oligarchic system with elements of democracy, Socialism as such does not merely “curb corporate (private) power” but replaces it with collective ownership. The Korean Democratic Republic may be the best of the few living examples.

  16. Anglin is brilliantly insightful and prescient.

    It was a Trumpslide. That’s why the Jews had to have their golem call “time-out” in the middle of the night – because the Trump turnout overwhelmed their cheating efforts to that point in time and they had to pause the counting to produce more forged ballots.

    Anglin has been right about the Jew Flu and the Goy Gag mandate since March while others were fooled into the golem role of promoting the hoax.

  17. Where were all of you wignat faggots the last six months of nog riots? “Hurrdurr we’re going to take up arms against the Jews! The Turner Diaries had it right!”

    Hey Hunter, you fat little faggot, you want your gullible readership to take up arms against the government, but you aren’t doing so yourself. Why is that?

  18. You point to some strong evidence for your thesis. I see your definition of “working class” is probably what I’d call middle class (assuming you mean the 50k-100k income bracket that voted Trump four years ago and Biden this year) but that “forgotten man” middle, however defined, has always been the target audience for right populists. Ie people too rich to qualify for Medicaid or Obamacare subsidy but too poor to afford the rising premiums due to that program. Your thesis is that many in that bracket just stayed home this time round? I mean hard to believe they actually switched votes

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