National Conservatism Was a Dud

I told you so.

The ABC News exit polls are out now.

ABC News:

Compare to the 2016 election:

In Wisconsin, the electorate was 86% White in 2016 and 2020.

In Michigan, the electorate was 75% White in 2016 and 80% White in 2020.

In Pennsylvania, the electorate was 81% White in 2016 and 86% White in 2020.

This was a whiter electorate in the Rust Belt. It tossed Donald Trump out of office. The same thing happened in Georgia and Arizona. It was also White voters in those states who walked away from Trump. We’re going to look at those two states next. It was the 5%.

I saw it coming years ago.

The Yang Gang was a shot across the bow. I have a different perspective on mainstream conservatism. I sat here for four years and told you Blumpf was moving away from me.

I’m on the “far right.”

The “far right” is on the fringe of mainstream conservatism. We are social conservatives, but we have more reasonable views on economics. We are populists, not conservatives.

I’m an ethnocentric White populist and nationalist moderate swing voter who is an Independent in the middle of the electorate. No one is interested in what I think about elections.

There was no Platinum Plan for people like us in the Rust Belt and Sun Belt.

The Republican agenda sucks.

As a social conservative and economic populist, what is the Center Right doing for people like me? It is unable to conserve the definition of marriage and the concept of two genders with the Supreme Court. It spends all its political capital on corporate tax cuts, deregulation, the military and Israel’s wish list. It runs in elections on one message only to pivot to social liberalism and economic liberalism.

What is this guy doing for us?

There came a point when he became a burden for us.

Then it was a like a miracle … he disappeared.


  1. Attorney General Barr is “looking into it” and “monitoring the situation” in regards to voter fraud. Barr is taking voting fraud so seriously that he brought in a special investigator from the Department of Monitoring the Situation (DMS).

    In all seriousness, all Trump did was energize the anti-White left. it will be funny to watch Biden sideline the Marxists:

    “‘Defund The Police’ Cost Democrats Seats In Congress, Says Top House Official”

    There’s going to be hell to pay. The Democrats were supposed to win 10-20 House seats. They were projecting that for many months. Instead they lost 7-12 seats.

    If Democrats let cities burn and Antifa get their way, they will lose the house in 2 years.

  2. Now Don can do what all Baby Boomers should do – play golf and leave the rest of us the fuck alone or just die already ffs.

    • While wearing Hawaiian shirts tucked into their slacks, and listening to the best of James Taylor on vinyl.

    • When Donald loses, then he will probably moving out of country and laughing when cucked whites get what they deserved.

      It happened before. In Russian Empire, we had pretty useless prime minister Mr. Kerensky who got nothing done.

      We decided to punish him and let Lenin to kick him out of office. The result. Kerensky lived long and happy life in France and watched how commies murdered tens of millions.

      Donald probably has the plan B for emergency but whites who voted against him has no way out. What those white people hope to get from Kamala ?

      • If the Hindu-Dindu were able to give White people AKA ‘Real Americans’ what she thinks we deserve we would get 65 grains of lead at 3,000 feet per second.

      • @Captain John…

        I’m okay with older folks voting.

        It’s the youngsters that ought be barred, for, with the slow maturation rates of people nowadays, I think none under the age of 30 ought be allowed to vote, except those who can prove that they have been living away from their parents and dorms for over 5 years.

        Having 20 year olds vote is a disaster, for not only do they know little of life, they are brainwashed by their professors and Facebook algorhythms.

    • And on the very saturday the Blompf Vooters rallied in their state capitol’s to “Stop The Steal”, he did precisely that…

  3. Someone pointed out that Biden did in his acceptance speech what Republicans will never do. He mentioned White people in a positive manner. And he mentioned Whites first before all other races. Biden truly is the real racist.

    • Somehow I don’t think he’s thinking

      “man, what drove those boys in Charlottesville to embrace racial politics, dud I fuck up by saddling then with student loans, shipping off jobs to China and making them fight endless wars for Israel!? I’ll try to make amends for playing second fiddle to that nigger and show them Liberalism is good for them. ”

      Would be nice to think so.

    • @Dart

      I believe that Hillary Clinton was the first presidential candidate to mention white people in a positive manner. When she was losing to Obama and they were about to hold the West Virginia primary, Obama’s team started calling West Virginians “racists” and other slurs. But Hillary Clinton very much needed WV and she was ahead there

      Hillary Clinton said: “I’m proud to get the support of white working families in West Virginia.”

      Democrats are the real racists.

    • Biden opened his presidential campaign in Charlottesville. Was he trolling everyone? Libs feel free to use “racially-charged terms” whenever a dark-skinned slave leaves the ideological plantation, but that’s because they’re more enlightened than thou. If you want to publicly call blacks naughty words, become a Dim.

    • Ha can be serial killer also. As long as anybody doing something anti communist, there should be no problems on any other issues. In the war we need allies, not morality.

      Example from Poland

      Simon Mol has slept with over 300 Polish girls and infected over 40 of them with HIV. Many of them were activists in Poland’s human rights and antifa movements….”””

      “”…Despite concerns voiced by UNHCR in April 2007, plans for HIV testing of all asylum seekers were fully introduced in Poland shortly after Mol’s well-publicised trial.[35] Poland joined Iceland and Slovakia as the only three countries in Europe to offer HIV testing prior to entry for all migrants on arrival,….””

      40 antifa probably dead by now and immigration limited. And proof that immigrants do the jobs what Europeans can`t do.

  4. I voted for Trump, obviously. The ones who didn’t will be shown the realities of increased displacement by the Democrats. They know diversity wins elections for them. That being said I do agree Trump was a b.s. artist on too many things. It’s like he had an agenda when he first ran and it simply changed later on. He was guided off the cliff by ———. You name it.

    I agree conservatives do not speak to real issues. We have an obscene wealth gap. Trump screwed up covid as well. Certainly in the beginning he did. He brought in wayyy too many jews including his daughter and Jared. Then again being a rare goy real estate developer in New York City, that’s who he knows.

    I for sure hope he wins. No doubt there was voter fraud. I mean, be serious. Voter dumps of tens of thousands and all for Biden? Gop poll watchers not allowed in closer?

    But what pissed me off is, ” Where were you on this years ago, Gop?” It’s clear to me nothing was done because all this shady vote counting is done in heavily black cities and White people are terrified of being called ” racists” to the point they would rather lose an election. Romney did squat about it. I mean the Republicans ran it all the first couple of years of Trump’s presidency and Zippo was done about voter fraud, the wall, changing who could immigrate here, etc. It’s pretty pathetic.

    The handwriting is on the wall. A black has been on the presidential ticket in 2 of the past 3 elections. This is due to whitey paying blacks to have more and more welfare babies. Good going, whitey. You pay people who hate you and who vote against you and who commit tons of crime to have more kids. Good going. Soon it will be nothing but black presidents turning America into one giant ghetto. Whites will then speak of moving saying the country is not what it used to be and pretend not to know why.

    • If blavks voted anything like whites or other minority groups, say 60/40 or even 70/30 then whites would probably swing closer to 50/50 and go back n forth each election. Their bahaviour necessitates whites vote in the 60-70 range to counteract the lop sided vote. It also means that whites who are naturally left wing don’t get universal healthcare or a peaceful foreign policy. No one gets what they want.

  5. “WE TOSSED” THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN. Repeat after me, massive vote fraud occurred. No one was tossed, America is not a real democracy and never has been, its a technocracy run via oligarchy. The one time it bucked the trend was when Donald Trump was elected, the oligarchy can’t have that anymore, so it will do everything in its power to DESTROY Trump, steal the election from him, and punish him and his supporters for going against the system of America, that system being Technocratic rule via oligarchy. You don’t understand how real politik works. You think American’s actually elect theirs? Maybe the Sheriff and Dog catcher, but the US is not a democratic nation at all. You have two controlled parties, a controlled media, and if need be, they’ll just steal the whole election if they have to. You live in an oligarchy. The sooner the US falls apart the better. I am sick of the Gay Anal superpower anyways. Time for real nations and contenders to step into the Global arena of superpowers like Modern Russia. At least they won’t force Gay Pride at gun point under literal APC and Tank blockade like they do in Eastern Europe under EU dictate.

    • As you note, in lieu of the fact the only choices we get via voting in the absurd “lesser of the evils” two party system, the whole thing is a hoax. We don’t choose our choices, Jews & their golem do. The rest is a fait accompli. A coercion. Sportsball, but even worse. This 5% meme has grains of truth, but it too is a cope so we don’t feel powerless even though *so long as we play ball with this system* that openly hates us, we are officially powerless.

      Still, given how so many right wing pro-Aryan racialists seem incapable of detecting possible reverse psychology (ie – “if the Jews are attacking X, then X is automatically always a good guy & an enemy of the Jews” …the Jews are well aware that we hate them so much that many of us are tempted to “think” in that way too simplistic way that leaves many of us blindsided over & over & over…), I am proud that there’s still a significant minority who were able to see through the Qanon madness (psyop?) and also wonderfully denounce demockeracy itself. How can one be a revolutionary and take demockeracy elections super seriously (beyond how they do matter in the sense of tons of zombie sheeple ready to kill each other over them blindly believing the system is still somehow legit)? It’d be better had Trump just not been an asshole con man – statues of him would have been built for centuries & he would have been celebrated up there with Alexander The Great & Achilles & so on had he but not been a Boomcuck Boomer & gone overboard to deliver to Aryans – but I guess one could try to say one good yet shitty thing is it revealed who is at least trying to speak seriously about our people’s plight. Trump’s betrayal revealed a lot of Conservatards/weak individuals/bad actors pretending to be revolutionaries.

      Of course, we are also interdependent and some individuals who desperately turned to Qcuck hopium mass delusion would presumably have never flew off the rails and done their very own small yet major harm to our race, if Epstein’s buddy Trump wouldn’t have screwed everyone *except* Jews (& gays…& non-Aryan mudbloods of every stripe…). We are indeed individuals, and many pro-Aryan racialists are more of freethinkers than the avg Aryan male, but even more individualistic types are still tribal.

      Point being, when we are forced to compete cutthroat style like in this social order that is designed by Malignant Narcissistic Psychopaths for Malignant Narcissistic Psychopaths – the extra smug “I’m a super ‘successful’ winner who’s shit doesn’t stink b/c I got $$$ & status” types – we can easily falter.

      The more I’ve learned about Trump himself since I fell for his swindle in 2015/16 (off trump train when he did the Syrian missile nuclear brinkmanship strike part 1), the more I’ve been inclined to think he was a psyop as well. Idk for sure, but logically, the case seems compelling. Bailed out of at least 1 bankruptcy by Rothschild’s. “Mentored” by a Jew (((Roy Cohn))) similar to how the disaster that was “he kept us out of World War 1” re-election slogan & “federal” reserve sell out shill Woodrow Wilson was also mentored by a super Jew before entering politics (((Bernard Baruch))). Then all the stuff tons of folk know about Zio Don Trump. Son of a super zionist. From Jew York City. Married his daughter to a Jew (not that he really could’ve stopped her to be fair/honest…but still, he embraced it & the (((Kushner))). The decision by some to triple down supporting Trump when he announced he wouldn’t go after Hillary & definitely when he risked nuclear war for Jews was disastrous. Whether he was a psyop/pressure release valve or not, he certainly has sown immense chaos and bad blood against what was previously a “movement” on the rise. It wasn’t necessarily wrong to try him out, but all the ppl I followed back then claimed that if Trump failed/betrayed us, then we’d detach & disavow him, and move on to take matters into our own hands. He’s the enemy who fools tons of people into believing he’s their champion instead of the enemy that doesn’t really hide the fact he’s an enemy.

      Well, now we understandably hate each other. There’s fog of war, so it’s possible that all of this is a blessing in disguise (but shouldn’t be expected to be, can’t afford that, anymore than total defeatism, bad as things are) because I’ve come to suspect some of those same prominent “leaders” are themselves possibly psyops. Either way, some of them have proven themselves to be totally spineless. To not stand for anything. Just more of the same Malignant Narcissistic Psychopath type behaviors (which are effective, & work very well)…I’m not even saying never should such tactics be used period (so long as they’re used against enemies), but they’re using them ostensibly in favor of a bastard who didn’t deliver one thing and who let all sort of catastrophe’s occur.

      Anyway, trying times. Hopefully some soul searching will occur. And hopefully a mentality of self-sufficiency (mainly meaning as a collective) and a true warrior culture will be built. We are at war. We are the best hope the Aryan American people have.

  6. Trump conservatives are like monarchists, feeling pain for Trump losing his “throne,” like foolish monarchists who sincerely (foolishly) love a fallen king, although we know all kings are evil.

    What we SHOULD be feeling pain for is the continued loss of the wealth and rights of commons, the real “treasure” that needs to be CONSERVED. Instead of loving (worshipping) so-called “nobility” we should love equality, the source of freedom. There is “No republic without the peasants!” (a French revolutionary motto)

    • *yawn*

      That all sounds like a bunch of pretentious bullshit to me. The only thing that makes this blog worth reading is the lulz one gets from seeing all the kooks here insult each other.

  7. Good piece today by Caitlin Johnstone on the forthcoming Biden cabinet, which will be “the most diverse, intersectional White House cabinet ever assembled”:
    Including the first-in-history FEMALE Secretary of War (“Defense”): “the heavy favorite to lead the US war machine into further imperial conquest as Secretary of ‘Defense’ is a butcher of the fairer sex named Michele Flournoy, who was Obama’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from 2009 to 2012. In an article titled “Biden: A War Cabinet?”, Antiwar’s Mariamne Everett writes the following: Flournoy, in writing the Quadrennial Defense Review during her time as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy under President Clinton, has paved the way for the U.S.’s endless and costly wars which prevent us from investing in life saving and necessary programs like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. It has effectively granted the US permission to no longer be bound by the UN Charter’s prohibition against the threat or use of military force. It declared that, “when the interests at stake are vital, (we) should do whatever it takes to defend them, including, when necessary, the unilateral use of military power.’ While working at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Top Defense and National Security Think Tank based in Washington D.C., in June 2002, as the Bush administration was threatening aggression towards Iraq, she declared that the United States would ‘need to strike preemptively before a crisis erupts to destroy an adversary’s weapons stockpile’ before it ‘could erect defenses to protect those weapons, or simply disperse them.’ In 2009, she joined the Obama administration as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, where she helped engineer political and humanitarian disasters in Libya and Syria and a new escalation of the endless war in Afghanistan before resigning in 2012,” report Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S Davies in another Antiwar piece on Flournoy. From 2013-2016, she joined Boston Consulting, trading on her Pentagon connections to boost the firm’s military contracts from $1.6 million in 2013 to $32 million in 2016. By 2017, Flournoy herself was raking in $452,000 a year.” Ibid.

    Never-Trumper former Ohio governor John Kasich will be the Republican (RINO) and genetically White male token in Biden’s “diverse, intersectional” Democratic cabinet.

  8. just another psyop … fools … “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” ~ Samuel Langhorne Clemens

  9. Again, you are misleading your WigNat readers about the lessons of all this.

    Here’s your thesis:

    “Populist White Men did not support Trump as strongly as they did in 2016, and this is why Trump lost the swing states that he won before, such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Populist White men thus caused Trump to lose the 2020 election.

    Here’s your hypothesis for why Populist White Men didn’t support Trump as strongly:

    “Trump didn’t build the wall, failed to deliver on his promises to end free trade and bring all the jobs back, and above all, failed to explicitly court White Men in his speeches and his tweets. Trump didn’t do any of the things for Populist White Men that he said he was going to do in 2016. Trump instead governed as a typical neoliberal Republican, while his 2020 campaign made explicit appeals to Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTs, Conservative Liberals, and basically everyone else *except* Populist White Men.

    “As a result, Populist White Men, who supported Trump’s 2016 appeals, and who, above all, wanted to be noticed and acknowledged *as* White Men, with interests and values of their own, did not support Trump as strongly as they did before. If Trump had explicitly courted them in the 2020 campaign, and if he had delivered on his promises, then Populist White Men would have supported him by the same Reagan-Mondale style margins again, and Trump would have been reelected.”

    On the surface, it’s a compelling hypothesis, and it has some elements of truth to it, but it is undermined by a false assumption: That Populist White Men want the same things WigNats want, and think the same way WigNats think.

    Populist White Men are not Wignats. Their feelings and beliefs about Race are either colorblind or anti-racist. Most of them probably don’t even think about Race in their daily lives, especially the ones that still live in homogeneous rural communities. They would be repulsed by the idea of repealing the 1965 Immigration Act and repatriating non-whites.

    Populist White Men are economically leftist and socially conservative. They align with Bernie Sanders economically and Ronald Reagan socially. Many of them voted for Trump in 2016 because they liked what he said about free trade, and their social values are much more aligned with Republicans than with Democrats. Voting for Trump was thus an easy move for them. When Trump governed like a typical neoliberal Republican, yes, some of these Populist White Men who “abandoned Trump” probably felt betrayed by him economically and thus stayed home or switched to Biden.

    But, this is just one potential factor out of several:

    -Hillary Clinton was unlikeable and called them a “Basket of Deplorables.” Joe Biden was their friendly uncle who literally was born in Pennsylvania. Biden was thus much more electable among Populist White Men.

    -As evidenced by the CNN Exit Polls among non-college White men in swing states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc), whereas Trump only lost 1-3 points of their vote, Biden gained upwards of 10 points of their vote. This can just as easily be spun as Populist White Men embracing Biden as opposed to “abandoning Trump.” Roughly the same percentage of Populist White Men supported Trump in 2020 as they did in 2016, but Biden’s support among this group skyrocketed compared to Hillary. Again, is that an abandonment of Trump? Or is it a return to their roots as a Democrat supporting constituency?

    -The increased numbers of total votes for both candidates across the board suggests that there were Populist White Men who did not vote at all in 2016 who turned around and voted in 2020. Many of these men voted for Joe Biden. If they didn’t vote at all in 2016 but voted for Biden in 2020, then it can’t plausibly be said that they “abandoned Trump,” as they never supported Trump to begin with (probably because they don’t trust any Republican no matter who it is).

    Regardless of which of these theories is correct, there is no version of things where Populist White Men “abandoned Trump” because he wasn’t racist enough. That’s a fantasy imagined by WigNats. Populist White Men don’t care if you explicitly court them *as* white men or not or not as long as you give them what they want on economics – bringing the jobs back, strong labor laws, union support, welfare, etc – and at least pretend to align with Traditional Family Values.

    Populist White Men did not “punish” Trump for failing to be racist enough. In fact, they barely punished him at all. They are a natural Democrat constituency that only votes for Republicans because their social conservative values matter more to them then their economic interests (see the 2004 book, “Whats the Matter with Kansas?”), and in the cases where their economic interests matter more, they vote Democrat.

    • “-Hillary Clinton was unlikeable and called them a “Basket of Deplorables.” Joe Biden was their friendly uncle who literally was born in Pennsylvania. Biden was thus much more electable among Populist White Men.”

      Hillary is despised by white men, even a lot of left leaning white men feel a gut dislike of her. Old Joe doesn’t scare them. Savage mentioned he thinks the Democrat’s recently realized Kamala was a big mistake and sent her away to hide until the thing was over, had she been at the top of the ticket these guys would probably have repeated 2016. The Democrat’s backed themselves into a corner promising to hand them a black female on the ticket. There’s really no one qualified and the person who probably would have gotten the nod, Sheila Bronslavsky err…ahh…I mean Klobachar got screwed out of the job by Affirmative Action.

      Probably the lesson people should draw most definitely now, I drew it in 2012 hoping 2008 was a fluke, is that minorities have now hijacked control of America at the ballot box. With block voting for democrats it’s no longer a choice among whites who naively vote 53-47 only to have these huge minority super-majority block votes negate all that. It started when the black vote took over the Democratic party, without a political party to represent poor whites they were stuck with this plutocratic Paul Ryan party that doesn’t do squat for them. Really, losing the democratic party was a big blow for whites, no way was this plutocratic Republican Party able to rally a super majority to outvote the black and brown turnout. At least not in the rust belt where they see corporate America conspiring to steal all their jobs from them because they built something nice and set rules to get paid for a decent living. One good think for the democrats to do instead of transgendered bathrooms would be a federal ban on this “right to work” crap that has stolen jobs from the rust belt. I remember my dad used to have a very close relationship to his sister and her family, until my uncle’s company decided to abandon Illinois in the 70s for low North Carolina wages and no union and moved them a thousand miles away. Same as how in Roger and Me some plutocrat just tells people who had generational connections in Flint to become atomized individuals and move to the Sunbelt. Nope, Trump’s GOP economy may have been good for Dallas and Orlando, but didn’t do squat for the rust belt.

      People complain about the pension debt in a lot of northern states, another problem by having huge expenses like retirement and healthcare outsourced from the Federal Government to companies and the states. Yes there are structural problems with too early an age and excessive pension amounts but that can be dealt with. What can’t is the property owners in places like New Jersey and Illinois forking out huge amounts so former employees can move to Tampa and spend that money propping up Florida’s economy instead of the communities paying them. I say the Feds take over all pensions and put them on Social Security and increase the amounts a bit so they don’t need this privatized 401K fleece that was originally intended only for millionaire CEOs. Barring that then the rule should be if the New Jersey taxpayers are funding your lavish retirement you have to live there and spend your money back in the communities of those who are feeding you. Sorry, but you have to sell that house in Sun City and move back to where your employer (the taxpayers) live and spend the money they give you there.

    • @DP84…

      I totally agree with your observations – in 2020 White Men were NOT punishing Trump for not having been racist enough, because the overwhelming majority of White Men do not, as you, think about race every day, and, for that matter, are generally anti-racist.

      White Men, as a whole – particularly those in the rural areas and smalltowns – remained the bulwark of the Trump Coalition in 2020.

      In my area, Eastern Virlina, there are only a few White Men who are notextremely enthusiastic about Trump, and they are all old Chapel Hill-educated Baby Boomers who would never EVER like a Republican, much less vote for one.

      • Being “anti-racist” means they will continue to erode their place in this world. They will work harder and be taxed more and more to support nonwhites. They are fools. They care about their beer and football. Until people realize it IS all about race, they will continue to hand over their rights.

        I don’t believe we actually elect anyone. It’s a show every 4 years. They aren’t going to let the American people “elect” their leaders. It’s BS. Those days are long gone.

    • The old and middle-aged white men who the remnants of “Reagan Democrats” are indeed RACISTS by the standards of 2020. Little Princess Ivanka and her feminist rainbow agenda obviously came way ahead of any sort of America first improve jobs and wages for white men agenda.

  10. Actually, I think Trump’s brand of ‘National Conservatism’ was something of a success with the electorate – more than I had anticipated.

    In fact, if the congressional races are investigated, such as that of incumbent Democrat Abigail Spannenberger in Virginia, I would not be surprised to see the Democrat Majority shrink even further.

    After they investigate Michigan and Georgia, John James and Purdue will have won, thus ensuring a Republican Senate majority.

    I do not see any signs that Democrats have an agenda that appeals more to Mainstream voters than The Republicans.

  11. Biden this, Biden that.
    Don’t all the Biden voters realize he’s being set up to be the ultimate Useful Idiot?

    It will be President Harris before the 2022 midterms. Has to be. The Dems wanted a woman President to follow the Black President, and they were very angry it didn’t happen in 2016.

    They’ll get their first woman President soon enough. Then most of Biden’s cabinet will be replaced with more radical Leftists. This was always the plan.

  12. Pfizer just announced their vaccine is 90% effective. The timing couldn’t be worse as no doubt Trump and his movement will believe, perhaps rightly, that they deliberately delayed the findings by a week to hurt him in the election.

    Looks like Trump was right about Milwaukee, Philly, and Detroit producing fake results as a little know law of mathematical statistics used to detect fake vs. real numbers called “Benford’s Law” which is used to find rotten accounting books and 3rd world election fraud says the results in those places are fraudulent. Did this make a difference in the whole election with white male support down? Even without changing the outcome something needs to be some about these crooked black cities waiting till 4 am and everyone else has reported, then suddenly dump enough votes to change the results. This is why the south was correct not to let these overgrown children anywhere near the electoral process.

    • I read about that. The naturally occurring numbers you’d expect to see in the totals are quite suspect. Bit again, it’s because blacks run your urban cores.

    • @Brian…

      That’s unfair, Dear Brian.

      Yes, President Trump was more talk than walk, but, to say he was no walk is not a fair and even-handed appraisal.

  13. In my estimation, a lot of these center right AmNats are angry with the so-called wignats is because the Trumptards and other sheeple wanted another four years of bourgeoise comfort, before the POC and Ashkenazi blue wave made them fight for their future on a political layaway schedule.

  14. I wasn’t buying what Blumph was selling from day 1. I tried warning you guys in 2016 he was a conman and selling you a line of crap. He’s a NY democrat with jew connections. He told the naive goyim what they wanted to hear.

  15. the mixed economy must be rejected in favor of laissez-faire

    only two social systems are possible- total freedom or totalitarianism

    conservatives LOVE the mixed economy, and think it is part of Americana

    conservatives hate laissez-faire as much as liberals hate it

    they will deny to death that these are the only two choices

    they want the choice to be part freedom [mixed economy] vs full communism

    they are flag wavers, forgetting that the pledge of allegiance was written by a national socialist- francis bellamy [1892]

    bellamy’s cousin wrote Looking Backwards [1887], painting a rosy picture of socialist america in the year 2000.

    This book had almost as much influence as the communist manifesto.

    So in their heart of hearts conservatives despise the Founders’ creation, as individual rights stem from a radical acceptance of Reason, which Conservatives also despise.

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