The Failer Strategy

David Cole is correct.

Just look at the numbers. It is a train wreck with White men.


“Why’s everybody so glum? Don’t you know the Durham Report is gonna drop any second now? Oh boy, I can’t wait to see Obama and Hitlery led off in cuffs! Yep, the indictments are being written as we speak. So hold tight; it’s coming! …

I’m letting black superpredators out of prison.” That’s the takeaway from that debate exchange. To whatever extent it won over “soft on crime” liberals (it didn’t), and to whatever extent it won over average American blacks (it did to a small extent), it alienated Trump’s base. Whites fled Team Trump in droves. The president increased his share of all other demographic groups—hell, even Jews—but he lost whites. A lot of whites.

Now, here’s where it gets funny. Having apparently lost the presidency, brokenhearted MAGAs are joining with mainstream conservatives (the kind who would’ve been quite happy in 2016 with Rubio or Jeb) to declare a victory “in spirit” because Trump won more blacks than his GOP predecessors.

“We won the important victory because we opened up the party to greater numbers of blacks.” That’s the talking point that at present unites the elitists who despise MAGA and the MAGAs who despise losing. For the latter, it’s a way to soothe the butthurt; for the former, it’s a way to ensure that we never again get another candidate who even hints that the concerns of white Americans matter.

On Nov. 6, lil’ Ben Shapiro declared that the real losers of election 2020 were “the woke,” because Trump destroyed the notion that “demographics are destiny” by winning “an increased share of black and Hispanic voters.” Stephen L. Miller at The Spectator echoed Shapiro, claiming that Trump’s gains among blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims “threaten an entire coalition the Democrats have spent years, decades developing.”

See? We won. I saw a hundred hardcore MAGAs on Twitter making that exact same point last week. We won because we got a few more blacks while losing a shit-ton of whites. That’s a victory because it robs the DEMON-RATS of their monopoly over people of color!

Declaring that a slight increase in nonwhite voters at the expense of white ones equals a “moral victory” is a troubling response that does not bode well for the future. It validates the current mania that “nonwhite approval” is the be-all and end-all of any endeavor. Do blacks approve? Have we won their hearts? Then we’re happy, even in defeat. …”

Everyone saw it coming.

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign was light on the social conservatism and economic populism and heavy on social liberalism and economic liberalism. White Independents bolted.


    • “Rest in peace.”

      You fools [ Ps. 14:1] don’t even understand what that means. Only a Christian, in the grace of Christ, CAN ‘rest in peace.’ The term comes from the Catholic Requiem, and is a translation of the liturgical prayer, ‘Requiescat in Pace.’

      Metzger (like Covington) were antichristian, anarchic fools who played into the hands of ZOG.
      They neither CAN rest in peace (‘ where the fire dieth not’- J.C.) nor DESERVE to do so. (“For all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God’- Rom. 3:23)

      As I stated when someone started lauding ‘Stormfront,’ this site is going to the dogs. NO HONEST AMERICAN can have ANY sort of liaison with evil- that is why NEITHER JEWS, nor PAGAN ANARCHICS, can win. The only reason why the (((former))) have achieved any measure of success, is because they fabricated a complete theology that they claim is their own (Talmudic ‘Jew-day-ism’) and infiltrated the Church, over a hundred years ago, via the Heresy of Dispensationalism.

      Spawn, the only things you learned from Metzger, is to shut your mind off from the grace of God.
      Not a fair exchange, IMHO.

      Trust NEITHER the Jews, NOR the Pagans.

      • Fr. John +,

        Sorry, but your Abrahamic Christian God behaved like a negro father. He created you, and then abandoned you to fend fir yourself will the cope of “muh free will.”

        Also, since God is supposed to be omnipotent and omnipresent, He should know the who, what, and when of every human’s action before it occurs, so casting that person in a rigged game into eternal hellfire makes him a sadist as well as an absentee father.

  1. Trump lost and some of his supporters are celebrating because they slightly increased their minority vote from 2016.

    You would think this would be a moment of reflection where they say, “Gee, I guess we fucked up by not targeting the White vote”.

    But no.

    Unfortunately I don’t think MAGA is going away anytime soon. The Trump whisperers like TimCast, Dinesh D’Souza, Breitbart, Nick Fuentes, Baked Alaska, Tucker Carlson, Ben Shapiro will ride and harness the MAGA anger for years.

    You will see, the MAGA leaders will harness it into an Anti-Biden movement. Then in 2024, we will get another minority-ass-kissing MAGA creature as a presidential candidate and the MAGA people will lap it up.

    I used to admire people like Tucker Carlson, now I see him as a problem. No I don’t think he will run for president, he will be too busy trying to stoke anger so MAGA stays alive when it actually needs to die.

    I used to think Trump was incompetent, now I think he’s an asshole for what he turned his movement into.

    Like I said before, not even Trump believes in MAGA himself (the original MAGA of 2016, not the gay/minority MAGA).

    For all you people who voted for Trump I have some advice for you: I can understand if you voted for Trump to ‘hold the line’ but don’t die on a hill for this bullshit con artist, he’s not worth it.

    • A week ago you were harrassing this blog to vote for Trump, calling us traitors, and making anti-white comments. As soon as your boss Benjamin Netanyahu stabbed Trump in the back, you turned on a dime and began stabbing Trump in the back, while still making anti-white comments. Fuck off back to Israel you spammer.

      • I’ve always been honest while you are clearly not. I clearly stated that supporting Trump was no longer about supporting Trump himself when he came out with the platinum plan.

        I have admitted that I am no longer a White Nationalist because I live by the philosophy that there is trash in every race. And I have been honest that I feel that way based on my life’s experiences.

        I’m not going to stop you if you want to blame every single problem you have on Jews but I am going to be honest and say that for every Jew trying to replace the White race there are also 3 so-called “Whites” who also replace us. If you want to ignore this analysis, that’s your call.

        I usually don’t engage with human garbage but I also don’t appreciate people spreading rumors about me.

        Get a job.

        • Gryphon,

          Why didn’t you tell him to “pull himself up by his bootstraps ” like a true boomercon?

          By the way, a whole lot of those folks you smear with the slur “white trash” probably would have turned out differently, had their nation not thrown trillions of dollars at closing the achievement gap in education towards black and brown students, not spent another huge chunk of the nation’s treasure on the military industrial complex, and had made their well-being the focus of self-improvement.

      • Herman [Munster]- You don’t get it, do you? It’s not TRUMP, it’s what he REPRESENTS against the godless tide of the Hindoo Hoe and Sleepy/Damned Joe.

        It’s the ‘I’m NOT voting for the Dems’ position’- it had pretty much NOTHING to do with voting Republitard qua Republitard.

        It had to do with ” I can understand if you voted for Trump to ‘hold the line’.”

        Here. Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest, Herman.

  2. Did Trump deliberately pursue a losing strategy here? That’s the only question left to answer. You are suggesting he could have pursed a Pro white message that won.

    • Captain- knowing politics as ‘the art of the possible’, could it not have been BOTH?
      Either way – ISRAEL wins.

      And ANY strategy that the White Man has, MUST start with the fact that JEWS MUST LOSE. AT ANY COST. for the future.

      Or the Hell of Bolshevism will dominate the world. Which is a LITERAL HELL ON EARTH.

      And Kail the Destroyer Goddess, IS the ‘patron saint’ of the Hoe known as Kabala Ha’aretz.
      Jew know it’s true….because Joe B. is naught [nought?] but a cipher. Always has been.

  3. For many years sacrificing White votes for non White ones has been typical GOP “strategy” and it always loses. Republicans are either terminally stupid or they want to lose.

  4. Media cabal coordinated effort to houst Trump.For month we had Riots and looters and physical anarchist because some coons died for giving the police a hard time.Trump being called white supremacist in debates, as if he was to blame for the chaos.This turned lots white people off.Now it’s back to normal,what ever that is,sure isn’t what it used to be.

    Note:Trump is deplatformed,evenFoxnews no longer air him positive way.Giuliani investigating voter fraud,watch on youtube.

  5. Oriental Dissent has now reached a new low!

    David Cole is a known biological Jew and anyone who has read Martin Luthers ‘The Jews and their lies’ or follows Trunews should not trust the talmudic filth that spews out of David Cole’s mouth!

    ( )

    In its disturbing quest to bash the God Emperor the yellow fevered horde at Oriental Dissent will grasp at any straw.

    What is next? Quoting Ibram X Kendis anti-Trump statements?

    At this point I’f the proprietor of Oriental Dissent hates the 71 million Right thinking Americans who voted for Trump maybe they should just defect to communist China.

      • No. But 2+2=4 is a verifiable outcome of applying the axioms of arithmetic. We don’t take it on faith. I don’t take anything a jew says on faith.

    • Jeff in OR,

      Dude, you’re riding the trump train, and his administration’s policies have been dictated by the Ashkenazi jew Jared Kushner. Can you not see the cognitive dissonance of your protest?

    • If you didn’t vote for the one who lied to us, came after us, then ignored us, we’re commies? Huge logic fail there, most bigly.

  6. Does anybody know why only Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito was the only SCOTUS judge to intervene on Blompf’s behalf?

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