No, Trump Didn’t Win ‘The Largest Share Of Non-White Voters Of Any Republican In 60 Years’


This is a dumb meme going around.

Donald Trump tried to implement the 2012 GOP autopsy in his 2020 campaign. His campaign strategy and messaging focused exclusively on pandering to blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and LGBTs. In 2016, he ran as a populist and won the Rust Belt. In 2020, he ran as a conservative and lost.


I’m shocked it didn’t work in the Rust Belt.

Trump moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem!

Trump was the biggest supporter of fags in American history!

Joe Biden supported the 1994 crime bill and called blacks superpredators!

Trump offered to give blacks $500 billion dollars in the Platinum Plan to vote for him!

Even the people who swallowed their pride and voted for Trump in the 2020 election agree with those who didn’t that the 2020 campaign was HORRENDOUS. It cost him the votes of White men.

In 2020, the electorate stayed the same in Wisconsin, but it became whiter in Michigan and Pennsylvania due to higher White turnout. How many people were turned off and alienated by the policy agenda (or lack thereof) of the Trump presidency and the 2020 campaign?

The 2020 election was a winnable election.

Donald Trump won 71 million votes. He won almost 10 million more votes than in the 2016 election because it was such a dog fight with the highest turnout since the 1968 election.

Trump made several key mistakes:

First, he let the Left wipe his supporters off the internet and he demoralized the online army that clobbered the Left in the digital space in 2016.

Second, he never grew in office. He wasn’t interested in the details of governance. He was content to be the “star” of the administration. Effectively, we got the GOP in power. He lacked an ideology and surrounded himself with his enemies. Huey Long understood that you have to build up your own machine. He should have crushed Conservatism, Inc. after beating them in the 2016 election. In Louisiana in the 1930s, you were a Huey Long man. You worked for the boss.

Third, Trump let the GOP roll him in 2017 which changed his image from an interesting populist outsider to a rubber stamp for the wildly unpopular True Cons agenda.

Fourth, he brought his dumb as a brick daughter and Jewish son-in-law into the White House and gave them enormous power, which no one who voted him expected to happen.

Finally, he didn’t take COVID seriously enough which cost him the support of seniors, moderates and college educated voters. He went into a tailspin in the polls.

In spite of it all, Trump nearly won the election because the electorate is so polarized. He could have and should have tried to pick up more White voters in the middle of the electorate by moderating on economics. He could have locked down Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan and expanded his map into Minnesota, New Hampshire and Maine by moving to the center.

It was not to be.

Why not? As I explained before the election, it is because of a retarded ideology. Conservatives will moderate on anything … EXCEPT economics. Fag marriage … FINE. Race replacement immigration … FINE. Shameless cringe pandering to non-Whites on the basis of identity politics … FINE. Moving to the center on economics to win moderate voters who are in debt or struggling with bills, however, is anathema. They stuck to this absurd ideology through the Great Depression and the entire New Deal era and have spent the vast majority of the last century losing elections to Democrats because of it.


  1. Interesting tidbits about the election.

    “Since Florida first voted in 1848, no one has ever been elected President while losing both Ohio and Florida.

    Joe Biden lost the state of Florida by about 3.5 percent, and he lost Ohio by about 8 percent.”

    The two bellwether counties with the longest active streaks in predicting the winner of the presidential election:

    Vigo County, Indiana (since 1956)
    Trump 56% Biden 41%

    Valencia County, New Mexico (since 1952)
    Trump 54% Biden 44%

  2. Trump should have visited more factories and construction sites in PA, MI, TX, etc during his term instead of sitting around the WH on his fat ass and Tweeting dumb shit about the stock market, Israel, China and Blacks. He just came off as a buffoonish TV huckster in a suit instead of a Man of the (White) People. He just lacked that Common Touch.

  3. Trump may make it (probably not but miracles can happen). At least some supporting him still believe God will miraculously expose the Left’s crimes and give Trump the victory.

      • @ c d…

        ““God could care less about the petty machinations of Man.””

        Yep, that’s how this world was created and you got here – by a God that cares so little he could not trouble himself to do a single thing.

        Good thing you care, though, for, by dint of your own efforts, the world you just happened to land in shall be held up…

    • @Banned…

      “Trump may make it (probably not but miracles can happen). At least some supporting him still believe God will miraculously expose the Left’s crimes and give Trump the victory.”

      Trump may well make, it, but, that’s not the point, but, rather, that the law is properly upheld, and, in so doing, the vast conspiracy of The United States’ Government against it’s chief exposed.

      By President Trump fighting for himself, the whole world can see who the CIA, FBI, NSA, Justice and State Departments are, and, as well, review the shadowy parade of their vast network of Oligarch, Media, Academick, Pollster, and NGO co-conspirators.

      Oops, on second thought, the world already knows. It’s the people in this country who need to see it, so they can stop believing they are living in a just fairieland.

  4. Looking at the Forbes’s graph I find it hilarious how republicans lost the black vote due to Barry Goldwater … who founded the co-founded the Arizona chapter of the NAACP and always implemented integration in his family department stores.

    “Most historians characterize the 1954 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Topeka Board of Education as the death knell for de jure public school segregation. Yet a little-known legal victory by . . . the Arizona NAACP before the Arizona State Supreme Court in 1953 provided an important precedent for the ruling by the highest court in the land.” – Quintard Taylor historian at U Washington.

    Goldwater was basically a proto Trump from what I read ive read of him. Both are portrayed as a evil white supremacist / segregationist by the media yet both were actually extremely liberal for their time, Goldwater being an anti-racist and hardcore secularist.

  5. I agree with much of the above, Hunter, but regardless of the drop in support from White males like us, Trump still clearly won the election and was brazenly defrauded in key swing states. Even my normie friends are aghast at this.

    But it’s not about Trump. Fuck Trump. It’s about US. If WE decide to elect Spongebob Squarepants and put him in the White House, that’s our prerogative. It’s not up to the self-anointed elite to pick and choose “rulers”. Flawed and useless as Trump may be in many ways, the real message (like the Brexit subversion by UK elites) is to us proles: “How DARE you so much as glance off the plantation!” They (or (((they))))) want to show us who’s boss.

    • The Washington Post is openly touting this now. They want no more possibility of another Trump. The title of a recent piece: “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.” These “elites” are so bad I sometimes think that the wrong people won the Cold War.

      This from the shitheads whose motto is “Democracy dies in darkness.”

      • “If WE decide to elect Spongebob Squarepants and put him in the White House, that’s our prerogative. It’s not up to the self-anointed elite to pick and choose “rulers”. Flawed and useless as Trump may be in many ways, the real message (like the Brexit subversion by UK elites) is to us proles: “How DARE you so much as glance off the plantation!” They (or (((they))))) want to show us who’s boss.”

        James, this is why I have said since oh, about 2018, DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER.
        It’s them. It’s always been them. THEY NEED TO BE FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM OUR LAND, our banks, our corporations, and reduced to the shtetl, and be ‘beyond the pale’ with NO computers.
        UTTER BANISHMENT. Oh, and the Mudslimes are right in one very important point – ‘Israel’…. has NO RIGHT to exist.

        “At the behest of powerful Jewish interests, this week Google Play banned the third-party app BitChute — a “free speech” alternative to heavily censored YouTube — because it has become a safe haven for people and groups who openly oppose Jewish supremacy and draconian Soviet-style censorship:”-

  6. Not much to disagree with here. And you know that these twats in the policy units at the Trump White House read your stuff so they knew that a moderation on a few policies would have worked. Early support for wearing a mask, immediate targeted financial support for whites in key areas and sectors. I might add that his flamboyant twitter account ought to have been vanished. During pandemic he should have set up a war room with charts n graphs in the background and monitoring stations that go brrrrrr… a much better optical presentation well within his means to set up.

    I still think that the presence of blacks simply distorts the proposition of Democracy. Trump won among his own people. Why should he be expected to win among a Xenos that increasingly occupies the same territory and shares the same rights but is biologically hostile? It can’t be done and his flailing around pandering to rappers proves it once and for all.

  7. Except your thesis is missing the fact there was a colour revolution and massive provable fraud, in two rounds, before and after the election. What else can we expect from a man who told people to stand down in the face of Atlantic Council/Soros style revolution. This is how nations fall and civil wars start, your too busy talking with the poofter Spencer who’s main gripe is that Trump was too pro-gay, this despite him elevating a man-boy lover who depicted our lord with semen stains on his pro-pederasty book to run Spencer’s fraudulent NPI. You have no excuse your betrayal, especially now that Trump was stabbed in the back by Netanyahu and AIPAC and he unfollowed them. He is gearing up against big tech, and Soros’ foreign influence operations. Instead you gripe like an accelerationist loser, hoping that by booting Trump you will get something more tangible, no you will get Nimrata Randhawa or Crenshaw, the oligarchy stole the election and will make an example of any third party candidate who ever tries to run for high office. You are absurd. You supported lockdowns even when the same media telling you that your killing grandma supported BLM riots, They are also supporting Biden block parties. This was clearly stolen, by mathematical odds it is utterly impossible this was won fairly. Go on celebrate Soros’ victory, and enjoy the totalitarian lockdown, critical race theory, endless wars, and corruption of a far far higher degree than we would have seen with Trump.

    • @Michael Leroy…

      Since Appomattox there has been an ongoing Colour Revolution, though, in the last 5 years, it has really picked up speed…

    • If President Don did 1/4 of what Campaign Trail Don promised the guy would have coasted to victory – you guys are blaming the abused dog instead of the abuser as a coping mechanism for Trump’s failures. Trump failed to inspire a lot of the people that helped him get elected in 2016 and that is Trump’s fault – not Brad’s.

  8. The first thing he needs to do is beat the Hell out of Jared Kushner, disown his daughter if she does not divorce him, and boot them both from the White House. Abs uses the last moth and a haft to make war upon liberalism!

  9. Trump’s niece, the clinical psychologist who wrote that tell-all book about him, was right when she said in a recent interview that losing re-election is the first time Zion Don has gotten into trouble with no one around to bail him out. His dad, Fred Trump Sr., prevented him from being drafted and Zionist jew billionaires like Sheldon Adelson saved him more than once from bankruptcy. But this time he’s on his own – and he’s extremely angry about it, because now he has to face the consequences of his own stupid, bumbling arrogance.

    • Didn’t you encourage the Antimask sentiment? Early adoption of skull design masks would have been a great way to start a fugging army.

  10. “Even the people who swallowed their pride and voted for Trump in the 2020 election agree with those who didn’t that the 2020 campaign was HORRENDOUS. It cost him the votes of White men.”

    I don’t know about that. Yes, these data you’ve been presenting might show, Mr. W., that the white vote Trump lost was decisive in the election’s outcome, but they don’t prove his campaign was horrendous. As I’ve more-or-less said in two or three earlier post-election comments here, at Occidental Dissent, the campaign he ran was probably the best option available to him. What could he have done that would have retained for him those “populist and nationalist votes,” or whatever it is you’re saying they were, without costing him a greater number of votes of other types? He could have napalmed the BLM and Antifa protesters and made an Oval Office TV speech about the need to maintain a clean, orderly America for white people. That, I’m willing to bet, would have won even Richard Spencer and you back to him—but do you think it wouldn’t have hurt him in the vote-tally overall?

    There’ve been a few suggestions here, I see, in the present comment section: more visits to factories, less mindless tweeting, a different attitude toward Covid. What are we to understand? That those might have helped him achieve another wafer-thin win, like the one he managed in 2016? That seems to me about the most they could have done for him, and it would have been far from guaranteed.

    No, I don’t follow politics the way just about all the other commenters here do; but for whatever it’s worth, my sense is that Trump was hemmed in by his own party from his term’s day one. Post-inauguration, he got, as far as I can recall, only one political break, namely, the death of John McCain (and the resultant psychological liberation of Lindsey Graham).

    His decades of involvement in big-time real-estate notwithstanding, Trump was unworldly, I think, when he started his run for the presidency. Maybe I’m the one who’s naïve, but I think he really did want to build the wall and had no idea that his own party would make it impossible for him to do that. Once that became clear to him, all he could do was try to hang on—to the presidency, I mean.

    • @John Bonaccorsi…

      I agree with your synopsis. I do not think that, in his heart of hearts, President Trump had any idea how much resistance he would get, is getting, and, that so, he thought he could go on a behind the scenes charm offensive and win people over.

      The Republican Party is definitely a serious problem, if not as much as the Democrat Party, then not so much less…

  11. Considering the absolutely massive swings we saw along the Rio Grande and in virtually any Hispanic-majority urban area, I’m fully willing to believe Trump won the largest share of the nonwhite vote since Richard Nixon in either 1972 or 1960. The Bush shares of the Hispanic vote were exaggerated, and he clearly did worse in the Rio Grande counties than Trump (he only won 26% in Starr County, TX; Trump won 47% -Romney won only 13%). The problem for Trump is the GOP “autopsy” strategy from 2012 doesn’t (yet) win you the Electoral College, and that Trump lost bigly among college Whites, though not as much as pre-election polls suggested.

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