Blumpf Got Killed With Rightwing Indies

Something really bad happened here for Blumpf on November 3.

It happened on the left flank of the Republican coalition with White Independent men.


Independents – 52% Biden, 46% Trump

North Carolina

Independents – 49% Biden, 44% Trump


Independents – 55% Biden, 41% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 41% Trump


Independents – 57% Biden, 34% Trump

New Hampshire

Independents – 61% Biden, 35% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 53% Biden, 44% Trump


Independents – 47% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 45% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 42% Trump

It is clear what happened too.

Rightwing Indie men who were with Trump in 2016 didn’t show up in similar numbers to block and offset Biden’s surge in turnout with White men. Trump picked up more White conservatives in states like Ohio and North Carolina. In Florida, he found new support with Hispanics.

Note: No, the wignats didn’t cost Trump the election by voting for Joe Biden. The wignats are rightwing Indies and men who are populist on economics. They are a proxy of what was happening with rightwing male Indies. The wignats weren’t feeling it and neither was that stratum of the population.


  1. Those sticking by Blompf, despite his lies and betrayals, please tell me this: What will get better for us if he retakes the presidency? What will he do differently? I would really like to know. (Telling me that “Biden will be worse” isn’t answering the question, btw. That is avoiding the issue.)

    • I don’t understand all the hate for Trump you guys have. He might not be your perfect candidate, but he has to be better than Kamala..? He’s about as close to aligned with your own views as you are likely to get. I mean, you berate and belittle the only politician who’s done anything positive in decades, and what? You support Kamala (Biden’s a placeholder)? I don’t get it.

      • Once again, provide me with reasons to support him, unthinking trumptard! You cucked knobgobblers refuse to listen, refuse to learn. How is the Platinum Plan aligned with us? How is not enforcing immigration restrictions (more legal immigration than ever, plus the desire to legalize DACA) helpful, not building the wall as promised, not pulling us out of one-sided trade deals but merely renegotiating them, persecuting White activists, pandering to gays, hispanics, and anyone else guaranteed not to vote for him in great numbers while not keeping the 2016 promises made to his voter base, etc., etc., etc. — how is any of that beneficial for us?

        Blompf served the elites rather well, not us. Any other politician has done (and will do) the same. What does it matter who serves the financial elites/banksters a little more or a little less? The technocrats have not had effective or meaningful opposition from anyone in the political class, because pols don’t serve the people.

        Go to one of the thousands of cuckservative sites if you want unquestioning validation for supporting Blompf. Get on your knees and serve your master, slave, and be sure to swallow with a smile. Here, plenty of us think for ourselves and offer critiques of power.

          • @…. You didn’t reference anyone with your @, but I assume you meant me. I guess I should be glad you didn’t spell “the” as “thee,” which is an archaic form of “you,” and not an old way to spell “the.” Example: Did thee play football without a helmet?

            My alternative has been written about in comments on many occasions. Look it up, if you care to. I notice that yet again, a trumptard hasn’t been able to follow basic instructions and answer what should be an incredibly simple question.

    • They’ll have an excuse to “trust the plan.” Each & every one of us including myself must become smarter, more courageous, and more cunning.

      Imagine if 50% of Aryan Americans who want to preserve our race refused to take “no” for an answer, accepted the truth that whatever we have to lose is something of an illusion (which will be lost outright if a warrior culture fails to emerge), and acted accordingly (perhaps decentralized & organized for a specific day solo unless heroic individuals volunteering are certain they know trustworthy individuals to join).

      There aren’t enough feds nor feminist-enriched armed forces for that scenario. The trick is overcoming the real threat posed by the former and their talent for disrupting such heroic efforts from within. It didn’t happen in a vacuum, but modern “White Nationalism” is way way way too timid. I include myself, yet its worrisome to me so many are so “touchy feely” and act like ideologues.

      Hysterical emotionalism is rife, and there is a widespread tendency of denying even the most obvious of demonstrable realities to spare a bit more pain (Qcucks). When it’s not that, there’s also a perhaps understandable tendency to let one’s desires to fit in in whatever (usually) personality obsessed (rather than ideas/goals obsessed) sect/cult of the pro-Aryan sphere.

      The Germanic way is superior to our own. The Germans apparently have the mentality of, “okay…we all want things to be how we want them to be, but we are dealing with very serious problems that won’t resolve themselves…let’s just do our best to set aside our feels/desires, do our best to gather the facts, and to the best of our ability, see what makes sense resolving what we are able to assess, even if we don’t like it…” Americans are so indoctrinated in all the “call an expert! Write to your congressman! Call the cops!” and its a major problem in this scenario. We don’t cooly assess things…there’s usually a borderline hysterical undertone of mean spirited judgement…perfectionism. I suffer from it too, and the way i see it, it’s not our fault, we were born in our own graves, in the most intense “cradle to grave” dystopian socioengineering cluster Hell ever…but at the same time…i can’t imagine fixing major problems without first recognizing the problem.

      Give ourselves a damn break, yet also push ourselves to strive higher. And it’d be great to help each other. The more i think about it, it seems to me that we each are individuals second and a group first in our natural disposition. Yet, we’ve all been marinating in the individualism and we are in a system that forces us to act as though we are individualists first and a group/tribal/collectivists…never. Do you find it easier to get mad at fellow white Aryans? It seems myself and many others do.

      It’d be great if “we” could learn to somehow simultaneously expect more & push to a higher standard each other, but also be less mean spirited, if that’s possible.

      Not a perfect metaphor, but Jews under Aryan Roman occuptation figured out ways to both survive & rise above their circumstances. Granted, Romans unfortunately never tried to exterminate the Jews outright (although they did handle the wretches much less irrationally than have we after Jewry turned the tables & conquered Rome, as Hadrian feared when he explicitly instructed Aryan legions to kill every last Jew during Bar Khokhba’s Revolt, “…even if Jews swear to worship Jupiter & our other gods, kill them, if you do not want to see them conquer & destroy Rome by their usually cowardly means..”), but the Romans apparently were foolish enough to spread Hellenism to the Jews.

      Romans are recorded to have tried to turn (((Judea))) into a Hellenistic culture, and foolish as that was (if true, +90% of all Aryan writings/records got burned outright after Jews spectacularly turned the tables), the Jews entire cohesion was under some threat. Apparently, there were Jews who were pacifists and defeatists (its funny that the wretches literally begged Rome to come intervene in their inner dispute), who were embracing Grecco-Roman culture…but the Jews found within themselves the Will to resist & to remain intact. Where are the Hellenes today? Where are the Romans? They’re extinct. The Aryan Romans were by far the greatest threat to Jewry other than N.S. Germany.

      My point is that we ourselves now have the Jews lording over us similarly as to how the Jews were dominated by Aryan Rome, wherein the “chosen/god’s people” were dominated by a “lower race/goyim,” and an apparently invincible one (ask Simon Bar Giora from round 1, Lukuas from round 2, or Bar Khokhba from round 3…but don’t ask the sob Constantine though). The Jews still see our race as Rome first & foremost. They haven’t forgotten the race from which we ourselves are descended, that destroyed their temple and hunted the rats down to Masada.

      However tempting it is to say otherwise, the Jews are actually quite rational and act within the framework of reality/nature. And they go all in, and disgusting as they rightly are to us, they don’t betray each other. Just saying we could learn a few things from them and no, not everything. They are a different sub-species, and whether you believe in whatever supernatural beliefs, 99% of all species (including the wonderful & indominatable races of Aryan Egypt/Persia/Greece/Rome) are extinct. They’re gone.

      If god/s created nature, then it is logical we do battle to the last, and the Jews won’t stop. “The Jews belong to a dark & repulsive force” (Cicero). This is one of the few things wherein there is no middle ground nor tolerance for half measures. Black, or white, no shades of grey.

      Do you want your children to survive, or do you not?

      • So basically you’re promoting Harold Covington’s strategy. Just say that. Get to the fucking point. It takes an intrepid soul to wade through your War and Peace length comments only to find at the end you’ve never proposed any concrete plan for action.

      • There are those, like myself, advocating coalescing around small towns. Withdraw and rebuild from the bottom, as we are a minority, a remnant of those formerly proud people unafraid to be White or European. Homeschooling networks, reciprocal small/home business networks, and so on. This is doable.

        • @ boomer x i like the thee’s, its thee ” king james” influence. I meant no insult to thee brilliant sir, i apologize for not having thy post’s memorized, brilliant sir, but trust me, i am working at it right now. Thank you for your response, i bid thee a good day, brilluant sir!

  2. “Same thing he does now, cry like a dejected fat little retarded faggot on his irrelevant neo-Nazi blog.”

    Mr. Republican has spoken!

  3. Why are “wignats” celebrating Mark Collett getting banned on twitter?
    Apparently because he was anti-lockdown…
    “Speaking honestly, Twitter’s purge of “dissident” accounts is falling disproportionately on those accounts fedposting and spreading fake news, and will ultimately have a eusocial effect on this scene.” – Tyrone Jackson 5%
    “But I liked Mark Collett. He’s not a shill. He tweeted recently that because Trump was all about inaction, he brought this upon himself.” – Gryphon’ Ferocity
    “His COVID-19 posting was disgraceful.” – Tyrone Jackson 5%

    That’s a very strange reason to celebrate a prominent Pro-White figure getting banned on social media. I’m pretty sure Mark Collett has done a lot more for the White race than Tyrone Jackson 5%.


      “I am not cheering his banning. If not for his constant stream of fake news for MONTHS about COVID-19, and after that “election rigging”, he would not have been banned.

      Basically, his banning had little to do with his white advocacy.”

      “Look – I get it. White advocates are being driven off platforms everywhere.

      Mark got knocked off for spreading fake news about “electoral fraud”, and before that fake news about COVID-19 for months. If you are a White advocate you have to be scrupulous or you’ll get banned.”

      Not sure if we was cheering it on, but he was not sympathizing, and even excused it over being anti-lockdown.

      • For some reason Mark Collett went full on Republican shill in the last few months; he declared Covid 19 a Jewish anti-Trump conspiracy and then went hard on the ‘stolen election’ narrative. I thought he was a solid guy so it was a real shame to see him lost to the MAGA cult.

        Imagine being a prominent pro-white activist and losing your social media account defending Zion Don. Sad… Many such cases…

        • Lots of a British right wingers went full QTard. I’ve discovered several in the extended family that I had to deprogram. All the antivaxxers, 5G, Covid19 hoax…Collett is following the market.

  4. Trump knows he’s been defeated. That’s why he’s in seclusion right now. Will he blame himself for losing? Of course not, it’s everyone else’s fault.

  5. Trump lost because he is weak coward and did nothing to stop the riots. He wouldn’t even mention BLM but he condemned white supremacy 34 times. He also pandered to blacks, homos and every other nonwhite group. Keep defending a man who never defended you, not once. In fact, he has his DOJ label you domestic terrorists. No wonder we always lose..

    • Biden/Harris will do exactly this too, and much, much more. Including having BLM in the White House.
      It wasn’t that Trump is good for Whites but that the new regime has as one of its stated goals to CRUSH any White resistance.

    • One possible good thing about Trump is he has awakened people to what they REALLY want.
      A truly NATIONALIST candidate. I can’t think of anyone who fits the bill here (not even a Nigel Farage type – and certainly not Richard “Macron fanboi” Spencer), but I believe that they will emerge when the time is right.

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