Million MAGA March Attacked By Antifa and Black Lives Matter

UPDATE: The Alt-Lite is unloading on Trump for five years of doing nothing about this shit, but who knows how long it will last? Will it be water under the bridge tomorrow?

UPDATE: The Proud Goys are fighting back.

The College Republicans are nowhere to be found.

Where was the Grift Right?

Where was Baked Alaska? Are you telling me he can only pepper spray ordinary people for clicks on his livestreams? What exactly were the Groypers trying to do here?

Where is Donald Trump?

All of his supporters came to see him.

A million MAGA supporters come to DC.

The Grift Right poses for selfies and photo ops and splits.

Donald Trump drives through the crowd on his way to go golfing.

Ordinary Trump supporters leaving the rally are attacked by Antifa.


    • Hitler was a real man and leader – shoulder-to-shoulder in the streets with his followers against the Communists – Trump does a drive-by in his armored truck on his way to his golf course in Virginia.

      • @ c d…

        I see – apparently Hitler was undergoing enormous hardship at the Berghof and Reich Chancellory, while his troops were freezing to death in Russia in 1941, just as he would when, in the bunk in ’45, he was waited on hand and foot, while issuing no retreat orders to the elderly, female, and juvenile populace of East Prussia and Silesia in the face of a rapacious Red Army.

        • Trump is a fucking coward – a draft dodger whose daddy’s jew doctor got him out of Vietnam while Hitler was an honorable soldat who was twice-decorated for bravery under fire in the service of the Reich, you rat-fuck kike.

        • @Ivan,

          Hitler put his bacon on the frontline 97 years ago with General Ludendorff in München. He was in the front of the German patriots when the police opened fire on them. Hitler later was sentenced to prison for his role in attempting to retake the Bavarian capital from leftist-communist coalition government made up the many jewish remnants of the failed and short lived München Soviet Republic.

          Just a month or so ago trump was hiding out in the White House bunker, while large cities around the nation he is chief executive officer of were burned, looted, and its citizens terrorized, as he tweeted, “Law and Order.” This is the “leader” that you write in support of everyday since the election. A man who like most chicken hawks in America was a draft dodgers, and you would disparage the reputation of a man who ran through hailstorms of bullets and poison gas clouds to deliver messages to the frontlines during WWI and earn an Iron Cross for his gallantry.

          • @November…

            Hitler was, without a doubt, a patriot whose bravery and loyalty to his country I have always deeply admired.

            That said, I was addressing a point made about President Trump by Mr. c d, who, too, is brave – that he would feel content to take it easy, from behind a protected stance, while his supporters ‘put their bacon on the line’.

            Hitler did that all throughout WWII – ordering millions and millions of his countrymen to great peril, their disposition, dismemberment, and deaths, while he was pampered at every turn.

            Fair is fair, and a lot of people at this site are frequently very UNfair about their assessments.

            Thank you for your reply.

      • @cd No one can honestly dispute anything you or Comrade November have said. But I suspect that the “President Trump” who was inside that armor-plated SUV was just some flunky wearing a rubber Trump mask. Zion Don has nothing but contempt for his idiotic supporters because in his mind they let him down, they didn’t MAGA hard enough to get him re-elected.

  1. They were warned they’d be picked off one by one as the crowd broke up and went home. And picked off they were.

  2. Three words:

    divide et impera

    The more they fight, the better for the elites who continue to gain wealth and power. Both sides are useful to the elites. Both right wings of the beast are flapping at each other, distracting the people from noticing that they are being robbed, enslaved and killed. Propaganda about China, Russia, Iran and other “foreign enemies” and so-called “terrorist groups,” serves the same purpose, to mesmerize hundreds of millions of victims of the elites.

  3. You did not need to be a remote viewer to see what was going to occur to the MAGAtards and groypers. Didn’t they see Senator Rand Paul encircled by fagtifa and blm terrorist thugs leaving the White House, after the day whatever of the RNC convention and almost get pummeled by the rabid marxist mob?

    Their God-Emperor isn’t worthy of their misguided support. In real life, trump wouldn’t give each and everyone of them the time of day. P.T. Barnum would have a ball with Trumptards.

    • You people don’t understand mass psychology, at all.

      You can’t get it through your thick skulls that Donald Trump doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if they’re out there marching for Donald Duck.

      This is a battle of wills between the actual American people and those who would be their overlords. Donald Trump is just the focal point, the banner. Humans need a leader to focus their energies around. In a way, what the leader himself is is immaterial as long as he’s moving in the general direction they want to go.




      If you think that being decisively defeated and having the (((overlords’))) narrative and authority thunderously affirmed for four years will somehow improve the position of your people, then you’re hopelessly stupid. There’s a reason that the defeat of armies in the field leads to progressive demoralization of a country and its eventual surrender, rather than your delusion that you win by being defeated.

      We want the American people to feel they can defy the Poz Complex successfully. We want their morale high enough to continue resistance. We want the other side angry and chimping out and making themselves loathsome to everyone normal.

      Right now, you’re all carrying water for your own defeat, and are too dumb to understand it. Please take your teenage girl snits and your low-IQ, self-important takes and shut the hell up.

      Trump doesn’t matter. Affirming American resistance to the central power’s dictates is. If that’s through Trump, so be it — the important thing is to keep up the momentum.

      Because if American defiance to their conquered state is crushed now, it will make it HARDER to achieve any goal you want in the future, NOT easier.

      • I’m not saying Trump will do anything particularly useful. I’m saying his winning will create the high morale necessary for future actions by other people.

        Get over your petty personal grudges and try to think big-scale for once.

        “Daddy Trump didn’t kiss me enough times!!! Wahhhhh! I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue!”

        Grow the hell up. This isn’t about Trump, it’s that he is the symbol Americans have at the moment of resistance to the dictatorship of Pyongyang on the Potomac. If you want to rally your people, you want to reinforce their defiance, not make them feel like it’s futile and the authority of the despots is unassailable.

        A positive outcome to their resistance now will make them readier to take positive actions in the future BEYOND Trump. Defeat and four years of the return of completely undisturbed narrative monopoly by the System will make Americans retreat back into their holes and give up.

        It’s not rocket science. It’s basic leadership. Which you apparently lack totally with your flouncing little snits and pouts.

        • You play the game with the cards you’re dealt. You don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If fate gives you Trump, then you USE his morale boost to your people to build something and move beyond him once he’s gone, rather than cutting off the first movement to make even moderate defiance to the system’s control in 70 YEARS at the knees over some weird personal flouncing.

          Use opportunities. Don’t stab them in the back and reinforce the enemy’s narrative, dumbasses.

          Anglin may be wrong about you lot being Feds, but you sure are corrosive, toxic people who enjoy being defeated so much that you jump all over even tentative, beginning victories, presumably lest they eventually grow into something bigger and deprive you of the opportunity to whine and complain and feel sorry for yourselves.

          I wouldn’t want any of you career defeatists in a movement, a foxhole, or a business enterprise with me. The destructive negativity hangs around like you a stench.

          • Trump is not a symbol of resistance to anything. He’s a symbol of subservience to the republican party. Even this election fraud theater is just a republican cash grab. Buying into partisan polarization only reinforces the system. Republicans need to to be demoralized and broken.

          • @Kekist…

            “You play the game with the cards you’re dealt. You don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If fate gives you Trump, then you USE his morale boost to your people to build something and move beyond him once he’s gone… ”

            Absolutely – Trump is the landscape of Nationalism at this point, and we must engage here, until the fight has gone onto somewhere else, at which point we must reengage there.

        • Blah blah blah, same conservative crap corraled back into worthless garbage. Total subversion.

          I’m a functional human being, and I am interested in actual European centric right wing nationalism.

          Not this same “but you gotta work with the gay Republican shit sandwich burger, because you just gotta!”

          • @Powell…

            Given that the courts and electors are yet to chime in on the election, I do not know how you can assert this.

      • I rather enjoyed the Fuentes speech. I hope he can keep up the momentum of that moment. I too think we might finally have the showdown.

        • Fuentes is good, and unafraid. I don’t think he’s done anything else in his life apart from be an agitator, the Catboy thing is somewhat unsavory…but I don’t see anyone else doing what he’s doing, and doing it as well as he does. He’ll do for now.

          • @ c d…

            Incorrect. If what the Good Lord sends us is a Franco or an El Cid, then that will work.

            Anyone who will help us fight for the nation that was framed by our Anglo-Forefathers is okay with me – whether he is a Negro cook at the Waffle house or a Latin-blooded politician, like Governor DeSantis of Florida.

      • “You people don’t understand mass psychology”

        Sure I do. We need to get these people marching for something useful.

        Start promoting secession!

      • @Kekist Monk If it took Ziocon Don to get these people invested and “defiant”, then they’re doing so for all the wrong reasons. They will be getting “defiant” for the sake of Israel, non-whites, and tax cuts for the upper-class, and at that point, we’re back to square one. In your delusional mind, you want to foster a defiant spirit in this mass of people, and at the same time you want to flip the script later on down the line and somehow trick this defiant-spirited mass of people into being more pro-white.

        That’s fucking retarded, retard.

      • “Humans need a leader to focus their energies around.”

        Yeah. One of the main problems with humans. Pathetic, really.

  4. Someone said it’s “the Gettysburg of MAGA,” the last high water mark, and now they’re broken realizing they’ve wasted so much time and money on rally after rally for absolutely nothing (except maybe to catch Covid from crowding together not wearing masks) and it’s all downhill from here. The Tea Party movement burned out similarly, from all their marches on Washington, rallies and meetings.’

  5. If Trump loses I hope they put him in jail. He did nothing to protect his own people for four years. Many of his supporters were attacked and beaten even before he was inaugurated. He didn’t lift a finger, but devoted all his time to keeping campaign promises to Israel. I hope he dies in jail.

    • Whatever the deficiencies of Fuentes are he delivered a very good speech. He’s got a mouth and the gab.

    • Don, your hatred of Jews and Israel is great than love of your own people. Your JDS, Jewish Derangement Syndrome, totally warps your ability to think.

      • @Illionois Avenger…

        “Don, your hatred of Jews and Israel is great than love of your own people. Your JDS, Jewish Derangement Syndrome, totally warps your ability to think.”

        Totally agree with your sentiment. Many here would refuse to advance to Boardwalk, despite already owning Park Place, IF Community Chest offered a Strike Back at Jewry for free card.

        Their whole perspective has been skewered by this problem..

  6. He sure does play a lot of golf for a President who is desperately fighting for his legitimately won second term.

    • It’s beyond him at this point. Fuentes just rolled on with Christian Nationalism. Most interesting.

      • Very interesting considering he is not a sincere Christian or a nationalist. He’s a neocon homosexual.

        • Not about him, more about the market share. This crisis could move more rapidly that anyone realises.

    • Trump is ultimately a businessman and he looks at the world through the lens of a businessman.

      Business is ultimately about making money; as much money as possible in the shortest time possible without going to jail.

      This applies to Ford Motor Co., the barber shop down the street, Sony Corp., VW, Pfizer, the pizza place nearby, Trump Corp. and the heroin dealer in the next town, they all want to “maximize profits” as the economic textbooks say.

      I’m surprised Trump didn’t alternately wave and give the finger to the MAGA crowd for a laugh, like his wrestling thing, as his limo passed through. Trump has written off the whole MAGA thing as a bad investment. Even heroin dealers sometimes buy an ounce of baking soda by mistake. They don’t like it but they have to write it off too although the heroin dealer settles his disputes out of court.

  7. DC burns while Blumph golfs. Now the conservatards understand what the the boys in Charlottesville went through. I’m a fighter, so can some explain to me how the Trump-tards are able to be beaten when they outnumber the commies 100 to 1 at this event? Why won’t the men fight back? Afraid to be called racist, arrested or both? Trump stabbed his supporters down again. As a man, I would rather be arrested than be humiliated by these Antifa/BLM pussies. White men better learn how to fight or they will continue to be humiliated. Learn MMA,boxing, grappling, etc.

    • The anti-White Mayor of DC is a Black Woman. She was opposed to the rally, and she controls the DC police—not Trump.

      Trump could have used the federal police i.e. the FBI, Marshals Service, ATF, and others to keep order, but, he didn’t. Heck, he could have brought in a few companies of MP’s!

      But remember, BLM = Biden’s Laptop Matters

  8. I see a lot of people making excuses for Trump and blaming the local police, just like they did in Portland. But the fact of the matter is that antifa is a nation-wide criminal organization (they are criminal by their own admittance), and could have been taken down years ago by Trump’s FBI if he had given the order. Instead, he ordered Sessions to round up “white supremacists” and “right wing extremists” after Charlottesville.

    Antifa attacked Trump’s own rallies and his inauguration and they have been openly attacking his supporters ever since. That should have been the time to direct resources to dismantling their networks, but Trump just didn’t care.

    • Loyalty just switched to Fuentes among those who counted at that rally. The young white men have a rabble rouser with a real gob on him.

    • Trump could have directed the DOJ or FBI to go after Antifa using the RICO act but most understand Trump is all talk. Trump wouldn’t even mention BLM and even though he said Antifa is a terrorist organization, he has done zero to stop them. At the MAGA-TARD rally today, there were Antifa flags with the star of Moloch on it.

      • The real question is how many Proud Boys will the Trump DOJ go after for standing up and defending themselves. The answer, as many as the spoiled gay rich kids working at ProPublica can identify from Twits.

        Can someone fly in Little Tommy Cullen and Kangaroo Court Moon on their advice on the best ways to railroad uppity white goys?

      • Hopefully no one assaulted by antifa will be stupid enough to talk to the FBI … because guess what, the anitfa aren’t going to jail but YOU will when you can’t remember the exact street intersection where you were assaulted and the Feds will charge YOU and send YOU to prison for “lying to the FBI”.

    • @Dart,

      And as Israelis newspapers, magazine articles, tweets, et cetera all confirm; to attack anti-fa is to attack the Jews themselves. Look it up for yourselves goys. They practically brag about it, and while anti-fa falls under the protective umbrella of the ADL, they’re radioactive for any politician in America to crush.

      • One more reason why I’m glad I didn’t vote for him this time. Although this STEAL is not about Trump; it’s a slap in the face to the entire electorate, whoever you voted for.

  9. All I’m reading is a bunch of rumor spreading.

    1. Nobody is stopping the “dissident right” from protesting anything.

    2. A picture painted of Nick Fuentes literally letting Trump supporters get assaulted.

    3. Constant cheering for Trump’s potential defeat

    4. Cheering on yet having sympathy for assaults on Trump supporters

    5. Rabid denial of voting fraud

    6. Claiming 5% were super based White men when they were probably just low information voters

    I don’t know. I’m not sure if I should adopt the world perception of unemployed incels.

    • The unemployed incels are the goofy republican groypers. The cringe wignats generally have families, kids, girlfriends, careers.

      I can vouch for this personally.

    • “Rabid denial of voter fraud”

      I think voter fraud should be played up as the central issue spelling the death of our alleged democracy. We cannot trust that there will be legitimate elections again…ever. What to do? Secession is the only way we can assure legitimate elections. We must secede!

        • I am working with the noble lies these rubes believe in order to motivate them to dismember ZOG. By seceding! It’s called “propaganda.”

          • @CaptainChaos…

            “Harold Covington proposed a kind of graduated voting system in which the votes of some individuals would count more than others. For instance, a man who had served in the military, his vote would count for more, be assigned a higher value, than the vote of a man who had not served in the military of our new White ethnostate.”

            This is no invention of Covington’s, but, rather, was the system put forth by our Founding Fathers.

            That system gradually began to unravel, from Appomattox forth, because of the determined efforts of New Englanders to remove any distinctions that come with being an American.

            Southerners fought hard to preserve the old way, but, in the end, we grew tired and turned the United States of to New England and their mistress – New York Jewry, they who figured out a way to harness the new ‘equality’ to their best advantage.

        • You can’t have universal suffrage…you just can’t. There should be certain standards or responsibilities that have to be met to earn the privilege of voting.

          • Harold Covington proposed a kind of graduated voting system in which the votes of some individuals would count more than others. For instance, a man who had served in the military, his vote would count for more, be assigned a higher value, than the vote of a man who had not served in the military of our new White ethnostate.

          • That’s what they said in the beginning. And where did they end up? Bismarck had his hands full even with the relatively weak Reichstag. It’s the people who rule who matter. Yankee-Judah doesn’t care about elections.

    • Hunter has been dead on exposing these worthless Republican conservative grifters. Ive seen this empty crap my entire life. It is all worthless and corraled back into some civic nationalist garbage.

      I don’t care about any of that crap. I want inspiring, pro-white, right wing, nationalist rhetoric. Not this empty Republican garbage.

      Hunter is spot ass on.

  10. The Washington, DC Police report to the Mayor of Washington DC, not the President.

    The Capitol Police patrol the Capitol Buildings and grounds. The Secret Service protects the President, and the White House.

    Trump doesn’t get it that people expect him to flex his muscle and use the various Federal Police i.e. the FBI, Marshals Service, and others to protect his supporters while in the Federal City!!!

  11. The election was stolen by riggers,
    This brought out all the miggers,
    Much as I tried, I laughed ’til I died,
    When they all got beat up by n***ers.

  12. “Hunter has been dead on…” – Dixieland observer

    Sorry to burst the echo chamber in here but Hunter Wallace has been wrong about everything. Wrong about Covid-19, wrong about the 5%, wrong about it doesn’t matter if Trump loses.

    Congratulations, Trump probably lost, most likely. You happy? Now you have Kamala Harris who will be a “very influential” vice president according to Biden’s Chief of Staff.

    I’ve noticed something odd, the people who take Covid-19 the most seriously don’t even cover up or social distance all the time. My supervisor is a Corona cuck and he doesn’t always social distance and forgets to wear his mask on occasion when near people.

    Nobody gives a fuck about the flu because there’s a vaccine now. Nobody gives a shit about the few dead Boomers who died from the virus, not even Hunter Wallace, HW just likes to quote fake CDC numbers like a bot because he thinks it makes him look correct or something.

    The 5% which Hunter Wallace keeps plastering over and over again as a meme was very clever at first but think about it. He has no proof of this, only a theory. In actuality these 5% of White Males were most likely low information cucks out in the Midwest.

    Trump is a bullshit artist, everyone knows that, but every sane nationalist voted for Trump because he is not implementing anti-White policies. Trump may be a do nothing blow hard but he isn’t actively trying to exterminate the White race like the Marxists.

    And contrary to what Hunter claims, immigration went down the past 3 years under Trump, not only just because of Covid-19.

    Finally, the only reason Hunter Wallace paused posting on his pretentious boring articles on Modernism and 1920’s women fashion is because he wants to post dozens and dozens of articles about how he is happy Kamala Harris is now our leader.

    Hunter Wallace thinks he is right even when he is dead wrong. He blocked me on twitter because I told him his historical articles are boring as fuck, noting that one of the degrees is in history. He couldn’t handle the criticism.

    The only reason Hunter lets me post on OD is because he enjoys seeing his unemployed followers troll my comments. Notice I rarely ever respond to them? I learned a long time ago if you argue with human garbage they will just make you dumber and waste your time.

    I actually hear what Nationalists are talking about outside the “wignat” circle and I can tell you that the “wignats” are irrelevant in the grand conversation of things. One of these prominent so called “wignats” was celebrating the fact that Mark Collett got banned on twitter, being completely ignorant that the same thing could happen to him.

    The “wignats” are arrogant assholes that don’t know what the fuck is going on but pretend they do and think they come up with these grand predictions that are revolutionary but in reality they are just cheering on our demise.

    I’m not going to die on a hill for Trump but I’m also not going to shit on his voters or supporters like Hunter Wallace does. Hunter doesn’t even have a job, his “profession” is being a professional shit poster.

    • Clearly, I was wrong about everything:

      +250,000 dead

      Highest level of COVID infections ever

      COVID losing Trump the middle of the electorate

      Biden wins because Trump loses White male Independent voters in the middle suburbs

      Biden wins 306 electoral college votes

      Trump ends up accomplishing nothing of enduring value for his supporters

    • @Gryphon’s Ferocity I won’t argue that the covid “pandemic” is fake. Trump supporters, however, do need to be brow-beaten. If it took getting invested in the most pro-jewish President ever for them to be “nationalistic”, then they’re being invested for all the wrong reasons, and we’re back to square one. And Trump might not be personally ordering the National Guard to drag pro-whites out into the streets and executing them, but even worse, he’s letting it happen while giving the false illusion to these victims that he’s “on his way”. Nothing good will ever come about from trying to live in a sweet dream.

  13. The Mainstream Right is undergoing what we, on The Dissident Far Right, were undergoing 3,4,5, and 6 years back.

    I see only positive things coming from this.

    The Far Right, no matter what flavour, was never going to be able to do this alone, The Average Joe and Josephine had to get involved, get engaged.

    Suddenly, the normally disconnected and diffident White Populace in Rural and Smalltown North Carolina and Virginia seem more like hornets.

    I have to say the suddenness of it, and it’s virulency, has shocked me.

    Suddenly many people sound like secessionists, even if they do not yet use that word.

    Quite amazing.

  14. “Sorry supporters but DC is a democrat stronghold aka Joe Bidens America so I couldn’t protect you from blm and antifa last night. I also couldn’t give you a speech because I was on my way to one of my many millionaire exclusive golf clubs not giving a damn shit about you getting assaulted

    Only a million in attendance? you could do better! Jared says I might have to disavow you if you defended yourself against antifa/blm too aggressively Rudy might release more Hunter Biden dick pics to stop the steal also please buy his cigars Thank You!” -Potatus Blumpf

  15. When it comes to Trump, you’ve missed the point completely. A vote for Trump was a vote against the elites. The mere fact they’re so desperate to remove him reveals why it matters.

    The elites put him in no-win situations meant to fool the masses. If he clamped down on protests, they called them storm troopers and said he was an evil fascist dictator. If he didn’t crack down, then the chaos was his fault.

    You, Ann Coulter, and others who undermined Trump are more like the left than the right. You tear down everything and never offer anything constructive in its place. Biden is not better for America than Trump.

    Also, you’ve undermined your thoughtful articles with your childish “blumpf” commentary and memes. Please go back to writing about history.

    • @KrisP

      “If he clamped down on protests, they called them storm troopers and said he was an evil fascist dictator. If he didn’t crack down, then the chaos was his fault. ”

      Guess what? He’s a stormtrooper fascist either way and the chaos is his fault regardless. You’ve never played this game before, have you?

      “Ann Coulter, and others who undermined Trump”

      Ann Coulter, and to a lesser extent Tucker Carlson, were the only people telling Trump the truth and not blowing smoke up his ass. But Trump prefers smoke up his ass to the truth – hence, he lost.

      The purpose was to close the border and brings jobs back to America. The purpose was NOT to stroke Trump’s ego. Either way, Trump failed. Trump did not fail because of anything posted on Hunter Wallace’s fringe internet blog.

      I’m more and more convinced you people are simply insane and can’t even perceive reality.

      • Every White person is a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, actually or potentially. Respectable conservatives never win because they always play by our Anti-White enemy’s “rules”.

    • The goal was a “vote against the elites”? Trump, Jared and Ivanka ARE elites. That’s also not what he ran on in 2016. He signed 1 piece of legislation his whole term and that was a tax cut for the elites. The rest of his rally agenda turned into courting blacks and gays, who still can’t stand him.

      I’m looking forward to moving past this election and getting back to history too, but as long as this “stop the steal” grift continues, Hunter has to write about it.

      It is beyond amusing to read these cope posts though. Some of you are ascribing things to Trump that he’s never said and not holding him accountable for what he did say, or worse – Tweet.

    • @Kris!

      Trump was such a spoiled narcissistic brat that he blocked Ann Coulter on Twitter, after she made honest but biting appraisals of his (or should I say jared’s) policies were falling way short of what his voters expected.

      Trump knew he could always rely on boomertard Sean Hannity to ‘toss his salad ‘ and give him a ‘tea bagging.’

  16. No once cares about that Fuentes fag, except a small handful of weirdos, and he IS a fag.

    Trump drove by. That is precious, a memory of a lifetime. He drove by on his way to golf.

    I don’t care who wins. But that drive by was perhaps the most detestable act Trump has ever commited.

    • “The prisoner’s will prevailed over the jailer’s oppression (…) The 49-year-old father of six hails from the occupied West Bank town of Silat al-Dahr, near Jenin, where he owns a dairy farm. ‘I don’t want to die. I love life. I do not choose death,’ he told Tel Aviv daily Haaretz this week. ‘But I am standing steadfast until all of us, as human beings, will be free.’ Al-Akhras rejected Israeli claims that he presents a danger. ‘I’m not a danger for anyone. Not Israeli citizens and not any other citizen in the world. I want us to live in peace, Jews and Arabs,’ he said. ‘I long for that. I don’t want us to raise weapons and fight one another.’”

  17. Most people will never admit it- but the answer to violence is violence.

    And it will be our enemies who forge our freedoms in the fires of war , not a voting booth.
    There is and never will be any peaceful way out of genocide.

  18. Jared Taylor gives a better speech than Fuentes just by breathing, lmao. Fuentes just stringed along a bunch of trite slogans rather than give a speech, “We must protect our people! The mainstream GOP has betrayed us! God is on our side! Install Trump for four more years!” This shit is feel-good cheerleading, not anything meaningful, no new information.

    • The bit about converting Shapiro to submit to the church was comedic gold. Rhetoric we should hear more often.

      • No, it was stupid. I don’t care about “owning the libtards” or little Benji. I really don’t fucking care about these stupid little “quippy” one-liners that don’t mean anything. I care about white people. And I’ve noticed you fanboying over Fuentes all over this place, and it’s slimy.

          • Hehe haha yea, we’re totally owning Ben Shapiro! Next we just need to get Trump to retweet Gamergate!

            The crowd was roaring over every little thing because it was a bunch of feel-good slogans strung together. How many of them were cheering over “naming the Shapiro” because he’s a slimy anti-white jew? If they were, then why are they there for the most pro-jewish president ever?

          • And yet it took muh election steal from Ziocon Don for them to be galvanized in the streets rather than say, the arrest and prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse. Why? There are several other cases that justify street activism more than Zognald’s presidency, yet it’s this that galvanizes street activism. These people are either invested for all the wrong reasons, putting us back to square one, or they’re literally so ignorant to the destruction of their own people that they’re useful to no one.

          • “they’re literally so ignorant to the destruction of their own people that they’re useful to no one.”

            That right there is the correct answer.

        • It’s a sorry stat of affairs, no doubt about it. But when a crowd sees itself as a crowd amazing things happen.

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