Zion Don Lost The Far Right Vote

How do you explain this puzzling result?

How did Donald Trump overperform his 2016 coalition with conservatives and Republicans, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, based blacks, Hispanics, LGBTs, women and the upper middle class and end up losing the election by 74 electoral college votes in the swing states in a whiter electorate?

How did Joe Biden mysteriously win the election by winning more White men, Independents, Moderates and working class voters? Why did the line break for Trump with White male Indies in the middle suburbs? Did anyone expect this to happen in the punditry before the 2020 election? The answer is no.

It was common knowledge in the mainstream punditry that the Orange Hitler was a racist, a fascist and the avatar of white supremacy. He had “energized” White Nationalists. No one reported that there had been a sea change in this swath of the electorate since the 2016 election. The argument for Blumpf 2020 in our circles was entirely a “lesser of two evils” argument. Even those who voted for him a second time did so reluctantly in spite of being deeply disappointed with the Trump presidency. No one in our circles voted “for” him this time. They voted “against” Biden. The energy level and unanimity was nowhere close to 2016. The opposite was true on the Right. There was more energy for Trump in 2020.

Donald Trump didn’t lose the 2020 election on the Right. He consolidated and energized the Right. He added a tiny proportion of highly prized LGBTs, Hispanics and based blacks to his coalition. He lost the election in the Center with White men who are Independents and more moderate on economics. This is how he went from losing Maine by 3 and New Hampshire by 0.5 to losing Maine by 10 and losing New Hampshire by 7. Trump lost the appeal that he had in 2016 with non-conservative White men.

What is the more likely explanation for this turn of events? Did Sleepy Joe have a rockstar appeal with this demo that no one had ever noticed before? If so, why did he perform so poorly in Iowa and New Hampshire in primary season? Why was he carried liked a corpse over the finish line by the Dem establishment? Alternatively, did Donald Trump’s support with White male Indies erode since the 2016 election and was this an underreported story? Did Donald Trump lose the magic he had in 2016 on his left flank? Why was Donald Trump elected president in the first place in 2016?

My theory is that Donald Trump 1.) electrified the Far Right vote in 2016, 2.) brought the Far Right into the Republican Party and 3.) the Far Right vote is concentrated in the Center of the electorate among White male Indies who make less than $100,000 a year – Pew’s “Hard-Pressed Skeptics.” The proof of this is that all the political attitudes that we typically associate with the Far Right are found in the Center of the electorate. The disaffected people who really want a strong leader who is going to deport immigrants and crush Wall Street and who are cynical about politics are in the middle stratum of America.

Here are the demographics of the Alt-Right.

The ethnocentric White vote is disproportionately downscale:

Here are the demographics of race conscious White Americans.

This is 15% of the White population. It might even be 30% of the White population now. It was strongly associated with the “for” vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Come on, man.

We know what happened here.

We know where the 5% came from in 2016. Indies stormed the GOP.

Washington Post:

“Newly released data from the American National Election Study’s 2016 Pilot Study show that both white racial identity and beliefs that whites are treated unfairly are powerful predictors of support for Donald Trump in the Republican primaries

These graphs show that white independents and Republicans who think their identity as whites is extremely important are more than 30 points more likely to support Trump than those who think their racial identity is not important. …

Likewise, white Americans who perceive a great deal of discrimination against their race are almost 40 points more likely to support Trump than those who don’t think whites face any discrimination.

And whites who think it’s extremely likely that “many whites are unable to find a job because employers are hiring minorities instead” are over 50 points more likely to support Trump than those who think it’s unlikely that many whites are losing jobs to minorities. …”

This is where “Trumpism” came from:

#1. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are much more conservative than the public on homosexuality than Democrats or Dem leaning Indies. They are far more likely than Democrats or Dem leaning Indies to agree than government is almost always wasteful and inefficient. And yet, they are more likely to say that government should help the needy with things like, say, I don’t know … a second stimulus check?

#2. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are more socially conservative on abortion and homosexuality, but do not think the GOP cares about the middle class.

#3. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are populists: social conservatives who are moderates on economics.

#4. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are populists who have an equal number of conservative and liberal positions. They have the most negative view of immigrants of any swath of the electorate.

#5. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are Independents who lean Democrat. They were weakly attached to the GOP before Trump came along.

#6. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are deeply skeptical of free-market economics.

#7. The Hard-Pressed Skeptics were the swing voters who agreed with Trump that America was in decline

#8. The Hard-Pressed Skeptics agree with the Right on trusting the government

#9. The Hard-Pressed Skeptics agreed with Trump in 2016 when he railed about the rigged economic system and bloodsucking globalist parasites.

#10. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are immigration hawks by A LOT.

#11. Hard-Pressed Skeptics believe blacks are responsible for their own failures.

#12. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are far more religious than Business Conservatives.

#13. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are overwhelmingly isolationists while Business Conservatives are overwhelmingly globalists

#14. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are deeply opposed to American intervention in foreign countries.

#15. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are White men and women who make under $100,000 a year and live in the middle suburbs.

#16. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are deeply skeptical of Wall Street which explains why Bernie occasionally resonated with them

#17. Hard-Pressed Skeptics are why Trump won the 2016 election and lost the 2020 election by getting out of sync with the Far Center

Here’s my POV:

I’m not with these people:

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  1. Zion Don threw a little gas on the CivWar fire this morning by Tweeting “I concede NOTHING!”(“nothing” in Boomertard CAPS Lock so that everyone knows he means business).

  2. Biden will not rule like a normal president. Even a hot cunt like Naomi Wolf recently realized this.

      • She votes with her vagina. It overrides her cognition. The stupid bint didn’t realise that Biden is Mr Lockdown. That’s the intent of the sentence.

  3. DC cops herding Trump supporters into a gauntlet of BLM and antifa and then cops did nothing as they were attacked a la Charlottesville.

    • The lousy treatment of whites is only escalating. Spencer was wrong to suggest that Biden would stop the excesses of the city and state authorities who are persecuting white protesters. I thought that might be Biden’s olive branch but he’s clearly cranking up the Zulu Impi to kill whitey.

      • Until whites are desperate enough to make the jobs of journalists, blackrobes, cops and politicians even deadlier than that of a South African farmer, it will only get worse. The liars, thugs cowards and criminals who occupy these positions will not be quite as willing to do the bidding of their masters if there’s a less than 50-percent chance they will return home from work after leaving for the office on any given day. Whites haven’t even done this in South Africa and they’re much worse off than whites here in Murika. Far too many whites sell out their fellow whites – and for much less than the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. We are not going to ever vote our way out of this. Much suffering and pain is on the way, unfortunately – regardless of which figurehead sits in the oval office.

      • “I thought that might be Biden’s olive branch but he’s clearly cranking up the Zulu Impi to kill whitey.”

        Biden’s handlers are cranking up the Zulu Impi to kill whitey.

  4. “White men who are Independents and more moderate on economics”

    That is me. I have nothing but contempt for right-wingers and conservatives.

    I didn’t vote for Trump because he didn’t stop immigration and he didn’t bring jobs back to America. In fact – he didn’t even try. He was too busy squandering America’s international prestige by helping Benjamin Netanyahu genocide the Palestinians.

    When the Covid Crash happened, Trump barely consented to a measly thousand dollar check for Americans thrown out of work – while giving TRILLIONS to his personal Jew banker, Larry Fink at Blackrock – and working with Nancy Pelosi to send even more money to Israeli Jews.

    Why should I support that piece of shit, Donald Trump, again?

    Everyone should have KNOWN what Trump was, because Trump spent the entire Obama administration spreading those stupid “birth certificate” conspiracy theories from the Israeli Jew Orly Taitz and trying to overturn the Iran Anti-Nuke Deal because Israeli Jews wanted it.

    Trump never said a word about illegal immigration until his “Elevator speech” when he realized it was a good gimmick to get votes. But of course, he didn’t do anything about it.

    Because Trump never cared about any American issues, he was only – 100% – focused on Jews and Israel. After all, his grandkids are all Jews living in Israel.

    • @BannedHipster

      Every President we get is gonna be a piece of shit, in one way or another. There’s no winning for any of us peons, no matter how you look at it.

    • There seems to be a lot of White Boomer men out there. Everyone thinks that all millenials are leftist, and all old white men are conservative, but that’s very far from the truth. The most radical, liberal men I’ve ever met were Boomers. They just want that government pension and the permanent vacation to continue.

  5. Biden’s views are closer to an old centrist Democrat than a liberal Democrat. He tries to focus on economics instead of culture, though the party drags him against it. People recognized that and voted for Biden, when they wouldn’t have voted for a liberal.

    • He’s got a bug up his ass about Covid19. I reckon he’s likely to use it to eliminate opponents. Wouldn’t you?

  6. “How do you explain this puzzling result?”

    I explain it by four years of obituaries for the old Silent Generation and Boomer white men dying off to have their spot on the voter rolls replaced by drug using, commie school system brainwashed, bastard 18-22 year old whites. When I saw how close the vote margins were in 2016, and Hillary expecting a blowout caught without the ghetto fraud machine ready, I knew it would be close to impossible to repeat this four years later with older white men dying off to be replaced by immigrants and fatherless bastards.

    Then seeing the vote by mail crap putting millions of ballots out there in the hands of scum that is usually to lazy to drag their ass to the voting booth on election day. Interesting how we were more concerned with preventing fraud in Iraqi elections with the purple finger, etc. than this mail in fiasco with endless ballots showing up for days afterwards of dubious origin. In a way it is good that normal Americans don’t trust the outcome of the election, even if it was true it’s also possible that they are seething inside finally understanding that these Fake Americans and blacks ruling over them at the ballot box is also not a legitimate result.

    • The main illegitimacy in this election is that Biden didn’t win among his own folk. That’s a radically unstable situation. Clinton won the white vote. Biden is Boss of the blacks, Jews, queers, injuns, Mexicans, Muslims, feminists and Hipsters. Ahem, good luck with that clusterfuck coalition.

    • I agree.

      Donald 2016 like Brexit were anomalies. Now everything went back to the normal.. Cucked whites voted the anti immigration politician out of office like they did with every last anti immigration politician in every white western country last 60 years.

      This the very reason for Donald actions to drain the Swamp. There is no point to build the wall only for someone running in 2024 from “tear down the wall” platform and win huge with white votes.

      Eastern Europe knows this problem well. The only way to keep country white is destroy the anti white parties so hat cucked filth just do not have pro immigration party to vote.

      Hitler was not very Jew friendly and his best election result was 30 something per cent. Enoch Powell went down in flames and we down here in Eastern Europe preferred Lenin to all other politicians.

      If Donald loses, there will be only one reason. Donald is white nationalist. He`s writing and speaking and hoping that someone wakes up but his is false hope. White people never wake up so every pro white person must reach out the nonwhites.

      Or end up like Kerensky or Hitler or David Duke or whatever you like who was doomed by cucked whites. This is also reason why Putin flirting with Muslim world or we here threw in Eastern Europe out Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor.

      For a normality survival, the next great question for 21 century is who are ” we ” . Are the ” we ” Taliban warlords or bunch of white college students who watching the communist mass murders in YouTube and masturbating ?

      • Since when is Trump a “White Nationalist”? He’s done more for Mexicans and blacks than for whites. In fact, he ignored whites. He was actively seeking black votes. He ignored his voter base from the first election. Who ever advised him was an idiot.
        I don’t think either Spencer or Taylor are pro-white either. Just because someone doesn’t like some minority…doesn’t mean they are on our side.

      • If you won’t mind my asking you to clarify something there, Mr. W. …

        Do you mean he gained a larger percentage of conservatives and Republicans? If so, what portion did they constitute of the electorate (in 2020 as opposed to 2016, that is)?

  7. Surely even a clueless imbecile like Trump must have realized that by relentlessly pandering to the jews, queers and coloreds he was going to alienate at least some of his white male voting base?

    • He fluked win in 2016. Walls closed in on him 2020. Biden is going to be an extraordinarily authoritarian President. The treatment metered out to this crowd at dusk by the Antifa BLM Metropolice alliance is a bad sign.

      There was no tactical or political reason to counter demonstrate this crowd, other than ratcheting up the persecution of whitey.

      • Nothing funny about seeing common, ordinary, white people getting their ass kicked on the street at all, nothing funny about seeing a decent young white girl traumatised. Or a old white man beat down, no sir, nothing funny about it at all.

          • It’s clearly distressing for whites to witness whites getting ambushed in the Capital City.

          • No, Wallace is giggling over this stuff. He loves seeing the “Deplorables” who voted for “big mean meany-pants Orange Man Bad Drumpfpfpfpfpf” get beaten, drenched in urine, and variously tormented, assaulted, and knocked out by communist thugs and African rioters.

            He DOES think it’s funny. Don’t believe his flaccid denial of his own words.

            Because he’s an Antifa at heart. A leftist drone, an NPC, a malevolent bugman.

            Search this thread for “college educated” and see what contempt he has for Boobus Americanus, despite his noisy claims to be a populist, and to oppose Mencken for contempt towards the very “Deplorables” he himself hates.

            The real Brad Griffin and his loathing for “ignorant” ordinary American “troglodytes,” and the fact that he views college-educated Antifa and leftists as SUPERIOR to the disgusting flyover rubes who voted for Orange Man Bad is unmasked — by himself.

            Ex ungue hyaenae. From a claw [we may judge of] the hyena. Not going to dignify him with “lion.”

          • Donald Trump is the president.

            I’m not the president. Trump is/was the president.

            He had 5 years to do something about it. It started during his campaign. It continued throughout his entire presidency. It culminated at the Million Cringe March in Washington, DC. He went golfing and let his supporters get beat up by Antifa. As for the Groypers, they stood around taking cute photo ops and hanging out with the other Log Cabin Republicans there.

          • Kekist, deplorables didn’t vote for Trump in 2020. Only retarded Republicans did. The same retarded republicans who voted for McCain and Romney. That’s why he lost, just like they did. Deplorables are the wignats who sat this one out.

    • Biden too. There is no one rejecting them, and just lumping Israel as another “ally”. Biden probably promised them anything they could want. Trump learned a hard lesson here.

      • Trump learned nothing, else we would have heard that Jared-the-Cunt got his ass kicked by his father-in-law and is long gone back to his own country. Trump is incapable of learning and changing but at this point, as that bitch Hillary asked: “What difference does it make”?

        Trump is going to run the clock out on his legal challenges, fully justified too, but lightning would have to strike for DJT to be putting his hand on the Bible next January instead of Sleepy Joe, if Joe lives that long, of course.

        At least Trump is willing to fight the Democrats on election fraud, even if it fruitless in the end. It’s difficult to imagine any of the Republican cucks such as any of the Bushes, Mitt Romney or Little Marco having the balls to fight back. None of them have an ounce of courage.

  8. What do the “wignats” achieve by mocking Trump supporters and people who voted for Trump? Honest question. Good luck trying to recruit the Biden “fuck you Trump” voters to your cause, I’m sure there’s millions of those people who can’t wait to be “wignats”.

    Most of the people who post on this site are trash. Human garbage who don’t even know how to engage in civil debate. Good luck with the memes, because that’s literally all you have.

    They should call it the unemployed incel movement instead of “wignat”.

    Why would anyone respect “wignats” when a prominent one celebrated Mark Collett getting banned on twitter?

      • The GOP is going to see that pandering to non-whites paid off. They actually flipped several seats in the congress.

        Biden will also be sending a message but I don.kt think it’s one you want to hear.

      • “Sent a message to the GOP.”

        Yes, that you wignats support the cucked out GOP in backstabbing Trump. You’re incredibly stupid, and also incredibly arrogant, to think you affected this at ALL.

        It was all decided with fake votes. You’re a nobody who has basically no influence, and judging by your complete lack of intelligence, character, wisdom, perspective, or normality, Griffin, that’s exactly who you should be. You shouldn’t be entrusted with running a chickenhouse, let alone making any decisions that influence actual people’s lives.

        • Did I personally cost Trump the election?

          Obviously not, but if you read the article above though, I proved to you who did cost Trump the election.

    • You’re exactly correct on this, Gryphon.

      Wallace is not only effeminately obsession-posting with his snickering little backbiting at Trump and all his supporters — who happen to be Wallace’s own people — but thinks it’s “funny” that they’re being tormented and assailed by their freakish, malevolent enemies.

      Basically, it comes down to this — Griffin is in such a colossal petty snit over Trump, for reasons known only to himself, that he’s CELEBRATING the oppression and suffering of his own people.

      He hates Trump so intensely —

      — which is bizarre on its face anyway, okay you dislike the guy, just say you don’t like him and move on instead of obsessing over him for dozens of screaming, frantic, sweaty posts —

      — that he hates absolutely everyone who supports Trump also. Basically, he is on the side of Antifa, BLM, and the anti-Whites without acknowledging it. He things it’s “funny” that his own people are having their faces rubbed in the dirt by enemy filth, and views this completely fraudulent 3rd world election as valid.

      Notice he hasn’t said one bad thing about the other side?

      While I’m basically a National Socialist myself — an aggressive nationalist who thinks that corporations need to be severely reigned in by law, if not outright dissolved, to preserve the nation from their depredations, which probably counts as socialist, though I’m in favor of small businesses and private ownership without the (((corporate))) structure — these “wignats” are indeed disgusting people.

      “Hunter Wallace” and most of his regular posters, with a few exceptions, are indeed human garbage. They are completely unfit to be part of any American or White movement. They are simply small, vicious, negative people full of poison, backbiting malice, and self-aggrandizement, with completely corrosive personalities.

      At least they have revealed themselves so they can be excluded from any future endeavors. They have the souls of pariahs, and as pariahs they should be treated. Let them sit off in the fringes gnawing the ends of their old malice, like the Gollums they are, while men do the real work.

      • I have no respect for people who do not want to understand the concept of respect.

        I was considering Hunter’s point of view until he and his supporters started spreading rumors about Trump supporters and cheering on their assaults by anti-Whites.

        The anti-Whites are never a target of this site, it’s always the right, our brotherly Whites.

        This website is a laughing stock of the pro-White movement. It only divides Whites, not unites them. Kicks them down, not raises them up.

        No serious White men and women would take this website seriously.

        • I didn’t cheer on anything.

          I just asked why the Groypers weren’t out there defending Trump supporters who were being beaten by Antifa. It was never anything but a grift and a photo op. Nick Fuentes was in DC to circle the drain with Trump.

        • You are going too far. No one here cheered the assault of White Trump voters. The disrespect by Trump is the issue.

          The drive-by was an insult to his supporters who drove, flew and carpooled to the event at personal expense. He knew about the march ahead of time and was asked to attend. He declined not because he had an important presidential duty to attend to, but to play golf at a club where none of us could be a member. What a slap in the face.

          No amount of venting at those of us who held him to a standard will change that. When did White people dumb down the idea of standards? My family viewed a 2nd vote for Trump as an endorsement of his non-action on making America Great again, and pandering to groups he had no chance to win. He wanted to be “the first” black, lgbtq, hispanic POTUS because only Trump could do it. Whatever. I’m not in those groups.

          There is no reason to take this personally.

      • What are we going to be excluded from?

        Your cucked AmNat websites? There are vastly more of us than there are of you. LMAO.

    • @gryphons ferocity
      You are projecting in a major way. I am neither unemployed nor an incel. I am certainly not trash or human garbage. I have read OD consistently for about a decade, though I rarely comment. You seem to have popped up within the last year. Virtually all of your posts involve angry disrespectful insults toward both other commenters and HW. I am sorry you are for some reason unable to see the importance of HW’s cataloging of the rise of Modernism in the early 20th century. Given that it is the dominant ideology that we now live under, the ideology from which most of our problems stem, I dont understand how you miss the point in examining it. I have always said that OD doe not have the commentariat that it reserves. Lots of wackos. Fr. John has major mental health issues for example. Denise has not been around for a while but man-oh-man was she cukoo. That said, you are a prime example of being unwilling to participate in civil debate. You are tossing very large stones in your big glass house. This is unfortunate because we as a movement are pretty much confined to the internet and are therefore desperately in need of civil thoughtful debate. That is all I have to say. I have always refused to engage in internet tough guy talk. It is very silly. Good day.

      • The examination of visual culture and the arts is one of the most important projects Hunter has completed on this site. It’s where all the really important battles in a country occur.

  9. Nightowl makes a fine point above, which ties into the morons who like to repeat Anglin’s retarded mantra of “it’s just a cold, bro” (who cares if grandma croaks). Putting aside the massive fraud for a minute, how many of Trump’s 2016 voters died from the bio-weapon deployed by the deep-state after Cheetohead followed the totally inept advice of his son-in-law Grima Wormtongue and other (((biznisss leaders))) to deal with it? Probably far more than however many of the Diamond and Silk demographic voted for him this time around. While COVID-19 is not as deadly as the 1918 Spanish Flu, it’s not “just a cold, bro” either. The gross mismanagement – even allowing Pedocrat governors to carry out deliberate murder by sending infected prisoners to nursing homes – is ultimately thanks to Trump’s refusal enforce laws. Criminals like Cuomo and Whitmer took full advantage of the panic generated by jewsmedia to sieze power and terrify normies, while Trump tweeted about how great his tax-breaks for trillionaire thieves and usurers are for the booming debt-racket economy.

    Even the massive vote fraud is ultimately on Trump’s head. For 3 solid years the man resolutely refused to fight his enemies in any meaningful way. Instead, we’ve been treated to appointments of swamp-creature after swamp-creature followed by firings after their inevitable betrayals became too obvious to ignore (Mike ‘Raytheon’ Esper being merely the latest). Yesterday thousands of his supporters showed up in DC only to be attacked by BLM and Antifa with support from the police, FBI, et al (Charlottesville pattern again). Thanks to Trump’s tax cuts for the Davos set, oligarchs like Buffet, Gates and Soros have more funds than ever to provide Antifa and BLM with pallets of bricks, military gear (including weapons), etc. Despite all the fine rhetoric from 2016 (only now and again repeated between pathetic attempts to score wokemon points with jews), Trump governed as a typical Republican, cucking at every opportunity. If there is anything deserving of total annihilation followed up by salting the earth, it’s the fake-opposition Republicans – cultural marxism’s forever following shadow. If Used-Depends Joe and the Hindoo-Dindoo steal this one, this too will ultimately be thanks to the total fecklessness of Cheetohead the Clown, just another grifter at the end of the day.

    • Bingo. Limp-Dick Dump constantly sucked the malodorous, hairy asses of kikes, niggers & faggots, and showily gave them everything they ever dreamed of, while the ignored, betrayed Whites who put him in the Oval Office got generic, raceless mouth-fartings at empty feel-good pep rallies.

      His MAGA monkeys demanded nothing, so he gave them nothing. I voted for him in ’16 with the greatest enthusiasm, but my continued support was contingent on his doing everything in his power to keep his word; he did the exact opposite. So fuck him.

      I know his (far more importantly our) first term was stolen by all the (((globalist Cultural Marxist))) scum of the FBI/jewsmedia/Big Tech spy & lie machine, just as this election is being stolen by them, so yes, I’m glad he’s fighting to the Supreme Court: he doesn’t deserve another win, but JoeHoe definitely deserve to lose.

      But he brought most of this catastrophe on himself – and maddeningly, us – with his own stupidity, lack of loyalty, and above all, his disgusting jew-loving.

  10. I guess I mainly fit into the HPS definition. Gov’t is not to be trusted, but its’ resources should be used to protect the people from the inefficiencies of corporate capitalism and disastrous market interventions of the elites. To minimize the damage gov’t often does and the power of elites dictating policy, I would prefer to devolve gov’t power down to the local level. You want laboratories of democracy? Imagine localities “competing” to be more free, responsive and provide more services to the regular citizen, instead of states that really don’t challenge federal power.

  11. Hunter,

    Do you plan to examine the claim that Biden underperformed Hilary Clinton in every major metro area except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Phildelphia?

    “Here’s the best part from what the pollster wrote at The Democracy Institute:

    How curious that, as Baris notes, “Trump won the largest non-white vote share for a Republican presidential candidate in 60 years. Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia.”

    • No, he won’t, because he’s on the side of BLM, Antifa, and Biden.

      He hates White Americans because they supported Trump in vast numbers, and he hates Trump with a singular and bizarre passion. As can be seen by his absolutely obsessive flood of posting about “Trump is bad, ha ha Trump supporters are getting their faces beaten in how funny” over dozens of posts despite his claim that “he’s not interested in politics any more, just history.”

      What a spiteful little toad he’s proven to be.

      • If White Americans are so in love with Trump, why are they the only group in which he lost support in 2020? It is conservatives and Republicans who are in love with Trump, not White people.

        • This is a good point. “It is conservatives and Republicans who are in love with Trump, not White people.”
          When I went to vote, I felt that no one on the ballots represented me. Everyone is so worried about getting the “minority” votes. Everyone is worried about giving them more money, more of what they want, and letting more in the US.
          Americans seem to care more about “racial justice” and other groups getting more privileges and money, than their own. And, it shows.
          I always felt the elections are staged. I think the winner is picked before the elections. Since Israel decided to snuggle up to Biden, it was obvious. Votes or not enough votes, Biden would be in.
          I’ve seen a lot of Trumpers do that “we are all Americans, black, white, yellow…” and it’s sickening, because NOT ONE of those other groups EVER cares what happens to Whites. Whites are the gasoline in the tank of the economy, yet, on the job, we have NO RIGHTS. But all of the other races are “protected classes”. Just being protected from being fired is a big thing we don’t have. So we are abused, overworked, and without any kind of representation.
          The Republicans are pretty much left of center now. Most favor amnesty and more immigration. Some of them adopted nonwhite kids. Just like the new SCOTUS justice. Religiously passionate, but aiming to the left side.
          I felt voting Republican rewards them for betraying them. They had to NOTHING to get our votes, because they know the Democrats are always somewhat worse.
          Trump had more allegiance to our “democratic ally in the Middle East” than you and me.
          This election does show how polarized things have become. People are sick of being betrayed and lied to.

          • @Pilot,

            The Way of the World posted a photo of a white goose laying a golden egg. That’s what we’ve been to this world, but Christianity made us too fucking altruistic, and we shared our gifts with the non-White world, who after getting over their wonder of the incredible things we created became filled with envy and hatred of what they cannot do themselves.

      • White Americans also supported Romney. Does that make Romney an avatar of the White race like you guys claim it does for Trump? How about Mitch McConnell? Or Lindsey Graham?

      • Are all these angry ankle biters out tonight Hasbara trolls or are they paid by the Republican Party? Is there even a difference?

  12. In other MAGAt news – there is rumor going around that the Orange King of the Jews’ deep-pocketed pals are looking to buy Newsmax to become a rival to FoxZioNews for the MAGApedes. I mean, this was what Trump was ultimately aiming for with his low-priority Presidency – a media empire, right? The last 4 years have been one big marketing campaign for TrumpTV.

  13. One last word to you, Griffin.

    Your support for the anti-Whites and your obsessive malice towards ordinary Americans because they voted for Trump lends weight to the Anglin speculation that you were ensnared by the Feds after Charlottesville and are now being puppeted by them along with Spencer and that lot.

    Anglin has his own deficiencies, and I’m not saying he’s correct in this, but the fact that you frantically support the (((narrative))) — you might as well come out and say Trump’s supporters are a basket of deplorables and vile racists, since you’re implying that constantly of late in your passive-aggressive, backbiting, spineless, two-faced way — makes it seem at least possible the Feds own you.

    An honorable man would in that case quit grifting with this website, leave politics entirely, and get a job at McDonalds, or a garage, or a trucking company. You might want to examine your own heart to see if any honor at all remains there. You could redeem yourself a bit that way, and you would be less defiled in your own eyes.

    It’s better to stand straight as a man with a little, than to profit from a grift but be trash in your own eyes.

    • LMFAO.

      Why wasn’t Andrew Anglin at his own goon march?

      Wasn’t he the one who told his audience to go to Washington, DC? Why didn’t they help anyone who was there getting beaten up by Antifa? Why were they grinning and taking selfies and grandstanding on their livestreams instead?

      Andrew Anglin has been consistently proven wrong about everything this year: wrong about COVID-19 which he said was just the flu, wrong about where the public was at on COVID-19, wrong about the so-called “Trumpslide.” Aside from Nick Fuentes, he is the dumbest pundit in the Far Right. As we saw in DC, Little Nick and the College Republicans were useless when the fight broke out.

    • Wandre Weev Wanglin’s Daily Republican is a (((Limited Hangout))) website meant to repulse normies from embracing White Nationalism.

    • Trumptards, tell me what your choice has done for us, and what he will do for us. Simple question, one for which you should have ready answers. Don’t talk about meaningless crap like symbols, either, because Trump persecuted unashamed Whites when they hadn’t committed crimes or even left their homes.

      He’s the man wanting more immigration than ever, just legal, remember? Big tech got their H1-Bs and plenty of lower-cost Indians and Pakis to take away native jobs; E-Verify still isn’t mandated, so illegal latinos still get to come in and take jobs for lower pay at our expense; trade deals weren’t thrown out, just “renegotiated,” on and on and on. Every minority was catered to, including the queers. But if we don’t support Trump, we’re doomed? Because he’s done…what, exactly? Whatever pills you’re taking, please share some, because I’d love to be able to deny obvious reality in such an easy manner.

      You cucks are a group of abused wives, defending the guy who kicks in your teeth, because you imagine the other guy will make you swallow them after they’re kicked in. The issue isn’t how anti-White any politician is going to be, because ALL of them are. Do you finally get that? Trump made noises about protecting heritage America, but in actuality did nothing. He might as well have been Sgt. Schultz from “Hogan’s Heroes,” for all the effect he had.

      We will have to stop looking to a system that actively hurts us to save us, or to even stop the damage. Whites are already turning their backs on this anti-European culture, because even zombified normies are starting to get it. Separation of various kinds — rural/urban, right/left, white/not — are already happening. To stop this process is to preserve a system that openly hates us. That is suicidal stupidity.

      • *Separations*

        Don’t forget that our elections are ultimately a sideshow. Notice the “Build Back Better” language used by so many political “leaders” around the world, including Biden and Boris Johnson? That slogan comes from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Look into what their “Great Reset” means for all us peasants in the future. One point of their plan is: We’ll own nothing and love it. Computing Forever on YT and Bitchute lays it all out for you. Enjoy!

  14. The exit polls were obsessed with claiming Trump won white women in 2016. They also had Hillary winning. The exit polls are really unreliable. Until we can explain how the GOP picked up seats in the House without losing, I would suspend judgment on all this talk about how Trump supposedly lost.

    • I am a white nationalist who got out and voted for Roland Blumpf in 2016. He seemed not to be a politician, who was speaking blunt truth, who maybe, just maybe would actually do the shit he promised on the campaign trail. I thought it was possible he actually would actually deport those bringing down the property value of his real estate. Back then we knew he could be conning us, but there was a chance he would do some of what he claimed.

      If you didn’t figure out in 2017 blumpf lied to us and used us, you are seriously slow. 2020 blumpf was a cult of personality for boomerbrained fools. I have standards. I fired blumpf by not voting in 2020. I am 36, only voted once in my life, 2016, despite being registered and prepared to vote at any time for someone worthy. The disgusting pandering to blacks, offering half a trillion in whiteys money, Hispanic invaders, etc. enough. No, blumpf wasn’t buying us time or any of that nonsense. Lil Wayne, Kanye, kardashian, and lil pump didn’t vote for him. I am the 5%. I’m one of the many white nationalist men that helped fire this orange bastard. His disgusting, frightening, and retarded claims of voter fraud are more denial of the role white men like myself played in refusing to re-elect him. I am not muh fraud. I’m the white man you refused to pander to. Muh black employment, Hispanic employment. What about me? Literally if he said white people a few times in a few speeches I would have leaned towards voting for him. But he joins in with the genocidal left in the belief that white people is a dirty word and can’t be spoken of positively. Well, fuck off, orange, yer fired.

      I have for the past decade made plans to leave America for good and the vile witch Harris is good enough reason to renounce my citizenship within the next two years. Good luck white Americans, no one even dares say the word white people in a positive light. There’s no way through the darkness without that first step and 2020 blumpf proved he wouldn’t dare do that. My main hope is for one country opens up to white immigration and becomes a redoubt for our people. We just need one. The United States are diversified and conquered. If you are young and can work on a computer anywhere in the world, get out.

  15. It is only just that President Trump lost the Far Right vote – he conspicuously bailed on the immigration and aspects of sovereignty restoration platform he put forth as Candidate Trump.

    • There’s no doubt whatsoever, Trump-Kushner was eschewing the demographic he was targeting in 2016. It was deliberate, I don’t doubt it cost him votes. Nevertheless, Trump’s vote total was much higher than in 2016, and the Republicans picked up seats in the House. We need more to go on than polling data.

  16. Hunter, you really are starting to look like a clown with the spreading or rumors / mocking Trump supporters. Encouraging your commenters to mock Trump supporters as they get assaulted. Why haven’t you condemned them? Because you condone it.

    Yes Trump is the inaction president but at the same time he is building the wall and immigration went down the past 4 years. Despite your claims to the contrary, both of these claims are true. We have 400 miles of wall.

    I was taking your point of view seriously until I read the posts on this forum of your supporters cheering on and mocking Trump supporters as they get assaulted.

    Trump may be the inaction president but he is the enemy of my enemy. Almost 80% of Jews voted against Trump. The anti-Whites / Cultural Marxists / Corporate anti-working class elite despise Trump.

    In the end, Trump is the enemy of my enemy and I do not want my enemy to win.

    This is not an endorsement of Trump. This is an analysis.

    I really have a very low opinion of you Hunter and your followers. You and they are Grade A cuts of shit.

    “Wignats” needs to purged from the pro-White movement. You people are degenerates.

    • I never mocked those people.

      I mocked Nick Fuentes and the Groypers who were in DC solely to promote themselves. These grifters stood around and took selfies and did nothing to help women, children and elderly people as they got beat up by Antifa in the streets. This is also what happened in Charlottesville. These little bitches hid behind everyone else when Antifa attacked and later attacked the rest of us for “bad optics.”

      There is no evidence whatsoever that the pro-White movement is synonymous with 1.) Donald Trump or 2.) mainstream conservatism or 3.) the Republican Party. I challenge you to show me evidence that this the case. You are not in any position to “purge” anyone from the pro-White movement. The majority of people who are pro-White likely didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2020.

      • I feel very sad for the people who showed up in DC. No protection from the boss. None from the cops and little to no organized cover from the tougher young guys there.

        Perhaps it would be good to make an appear to the folks who got exposed and hurt at the rally.

        • @Captain John,

          The most pathetic of all the MIGAtards were the ones wearing their red MAGA caps, waving trump flags, and “Back the Blue” buttons. While their unfaithful and ungrateful “leader” drove by with his convoy of heavily armed security force, and left them to be pummeled by the same forces that he allowed to run roughshod since ‘Fetanyl George Floyd ‘ croaked.

          Heck, Zion Don bent them over, and didn’t even have the curtesy to give his fan boys a ‘reach around.’

    • Your comments have been schizoid. Trump is the greatest, then Trump can’t be trusted. We’re right, he’s indefensible, then he has gotten stuff done and must be supported. We’re seeing the truth about things, then we’re clowns and degenerates. At base, you’re a standard cuck who wants to be validated by outsiders. Make up your mind about what you want, then either stay or move on.

    • You suffer from battered wife syndrome. You get beat and beat and you go back for for more You’re a weakling and a pussy just like your Yankee hero, Blumph. Go back to sucking off Anglin.

  17. Brad the cunt who’s afraid of truth, what exactly made you turn your webzine upside down?

    Was it the lawsuit .gov has against you for Charlottesville?

    Your graphs and charts and your covid scare are all MSM.

    You are an enemy of of your own folk you POS!

  18. I hope you publish this.

    I’d be there are 100s posts you delete for your arrogance believing covid and Trump got screwed.

    The Feds got you by the by the balls. Aye Brad

    • 1. COVID is a conspiracy.

      2. Trump losing the election is a conspiracy.

      3. For disagreeing with you on these two points like most college educated White voters, I am also part of the conspiracy.

      Maybe it is you, not me. Maybe you are nuts.

      • Broke: Covid19 will kill you
        Woke: Covid19 is Trump’s fault
        Bespoke: Pandemic is a weapon that can be utilised to wipe out opponents

      • Oh-ho. “Most college educated White voters.”

        Crikey, you’re literally invoking the “bitter clingers,” “racist rubes,” “basket of deplorables,” “flyover troglodytes,” bullshit of the Left.

        Why don’t you throw in a Boobus Americanus, too, there, you smug, smarmy latte-sucking hypocrite? You have more contempt for ordinary Americans than

        “Nationalism, populism, reaction” my left foot. You’re literally saying “I have a degree, so I’m better than you.” Some populist. Why don’t you also write one of those hoity-toity pieces about Shakespeare being a nobleman or a something, since obviously a poacher’s son couldn’t be smart enough to write those plays. He’s got to have a title or a degree, nobody self-taught could be that smart.

        “I have a degree, so I’m smahhhhht being indoctrinated in tosh for four years to get my Leftist Seal of Approval Paper, unlike you worthless hillbilly peasants who should be exterminated!”

        Yeah, I’m university “educated” too. It’s the least of my accomplishments; all it did, other than cost a lot of money, was reveal how shallow and hollow the crap taught by a modern university is.

        The mask is off. Why the hell don’t you just declare for Biden and leftism like a man instead of making some pretense of being nationalist or populist, you vile elitist Antifa poser?

        You bugman. You NPC. You urbanite yuppy pretending to be a country squire.

        Off to Vice or the Washington Post, you low-down bootlicker of the (((System))).

        • Donald Trump lost those people everywhere.

          Everyone with an IQ above 100 fled Donald Trump en masse. The Trump presidency was a shitshow and now it is history. I don’t blame those people for voting against Trump. How could I blame them? I didn’t vote for him either and probably for the same reasons.

      • @Mr. Griffin…

        I do agree with you that there is a fine line between recognizing there are bad people attempting to do bad things and seeing conspiracies with everything you do not like.

        Yet, this is very complex, because each of us discerns very carefully.

        For example, I do not believe in, whether they are put forth by the establishment, the following common conspiracies :

        #1. Hitler escaped to Argentina.

        #2. The moonlanding was faked.

        #3. Chemtrails to control us

        #4. Kennedy was killed by Oswald.

        #5. The Jews control everything and everybody

        #6. Christ did not resurrect.

        #7. Our souls do not exist before our births in this world.

        #8. The North won the Civil War

        #9. Poland attacked Germany

        ON THE OTHER HAND, I do believe that…

        #1. Covid was another plot to destroy Trump’s reelection chances – with no regard for collateral damages.

        #2. Roosevelt plotted with Churchill to force Americans to enter the Anglo-Jewish war against Hitler.

        #3. The Nazis killed a bucket load of Jews.

        #4. God exists and loves us.

        #5. Christ died to help you out, if you want it.

        #6. Marilyn Monroe was snuffed out by someone sent by the Kennedies.

        #7. Vaccines are not wholesome.

        Of course, every single one who reads this will dissent from a variety of my beliefs, which is why I try not to accuse other people of harbouring ‘conspiracies’, when I do not like their point of view.

  19. @gryphon,

    Why don’t you and the 70 million other MIGAtards stage a coup d’ tat to keep the Biden-Harris administration from assuming power? Of course, none of you will actually anything but bitch and moan about “wignats ” because you have the spines of jellyfish.

  20. MIGAtards,

    That “400 miles ” of wall was mostly replacing old fencing, and what he did get built was glorified chicken wire. Narcos are tunneling under his third rate barrier or just throwing their contraband over the fence, and “coyotes” have cut through sections of it bringing in more illegals from Mexico, and Central and South America.

    What happened to federally defunding and prosecuting mayors and governors of “sanctuary cites and sanctuary states”? It was all just one big nothing burger.

    I recal Zion Don cucking so hard after blinking first during the government shutdown that not only did he reopen the federal government’s bloated bureaucracy and get a tenth of the funding he requested for his “big, big wall,” but the scumocrats made him demolish the three wall prototypes too.

    If trump-kushner treated his White base with such disrespect and disregard during his first term when he would have to face the voters agin, how badly do you think he’d screw them over as a lame duck POTUS?

    By the way, in my state, I could have voted for the tangerine colored traitor 100,000 times, and he would have still lost my state and its electoral votes.

  21. James Edwards and Keith Alexander from the TPC tell us we must stand with Blumph because he is the better of two evils. That’s like saying we must support Stalin because he killed less than Mao or Pol Pot. What’s wrong this these people?

    Tyrone Jackson 5% said it best: “You supported Trump unconditionally and told your audience to do so as well. No wonder Trump did not feel the need to cater to you.” Typical White men looking for crumbs while they stab you in the back.

    • “What’s wrong this these people?”

      They are just racist Republicans, not the revolutionaries we need. Essentially they are happy to leave ZOG in power just as long as the boot on their neck is lifted ever so slightly. They occupy the most stupid place on the political spectrum imaginable: Excluded from mainstream politics for their views while simultaneously cheer leading for a mainstream candidate that hates them. People like them are the reasons Jews laugh at us and mock us from their luxury penthouses in New York and LA.

      Both Ben Shapiro and The Political Cesspool endorsed Trump, one is raking in millions of views and dollars and the other is a pariah languishing in obscurity. If you’ve set the bar so low that getting Trump reelected is your only goal why on earth would you also suffer the consequences of being an open White Nationalist? You’ve made the incredible sacrifices of going against the system, only to endorse the system. It is utter lunacy and shows just how psychologically whipped White activists have become. We are now at rock bottom, begging for scraps from an establishment that hates us. It is absolutely pathetic.

      • I normally don’t respond to comments but you are spot on. Mark Weber tied to explain that to those two weaklings but I think it went over their heads. James said at the end of hour 1 that if you don’t support Trump, you are part of the problem. I might as well listen to Hannity, Levin and Rush if I want to hear Trump cheerleader’s. Pathetic!

      • The funniest part is these guys are now claiming that Trump is fighting against the mainstream Republicans, while almost half of the donations to his “stop the steal” grift are going right into republican party coffers. Fighting the mainstream republicans by fundraising for their party. 4D chess!

    • “Tyrone Jackson 5% said it best” – John

      Tyrone Jackson celebrated Mark Collett getting banned on twitter. When I asked him why he said because he was anti-lockdown.

      Pretty damn sure Mark Collett has done a lot more for the White race than Tyrone Jackson 5%…

      You got your priorities all fucked up, buddy.

      Get a job.

      • 1st of all idiot, I just posted something of his I agreed with. I know nothing about Jackson or Collett and their petty differences. Next time you assume something, make sure you don’t make an ass out of yourself. You seem to do that a lot.

        • Jackson condemned Collette stance on Lockdown. I don’t think Americans are fully aware of the pain lockdown has caused in the UK. If Biden gets a national lockdown the pain will be astonishing.

      • @Gryphon’s Ferocity

        “Get a job”

        Oh, looks like someone is projecting …

        … it’s you that is likely looking for a job, now that no one is going to pay the interns to troll WN sites for MAGA Trump anymore…

        Hope Ben Shapiro is generous with the severance packages.

      • Collett fell off the deep end with Covid19. I’m more or less okay with masks, but I’m not okay with lockdown policy. Biden will fucking ruin you all if he gets a shut down nationally in winter.

  22. “Zion Don Lost The Far Right Vote”

    Actually, after thinking about this, I am not sure about this.


    Because, while President Trump clearly lost the White Supremacist/White Nationalist vote of The Far Right, he did sensationally with the other parts of The Far Right, constituencies, such as Constitutionalists, unracial Libertarians, and, perhaps the biggest group of all – The anti-racial Evangelical Theocrats.

    The Rural South, as, indeed, is The Midwest, is filled full of the latter case and they, overwhelmingly, are overwhelmingly thrilled with him.

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