The Million MIGA March Was a MASSIVE VICTORY for American Nationalism

AmNats drove all the way to DC yesterday to circle the drain with Blumpf, Nick Fuentes and their fellow Log Cabin Republicans at the Million MAGA March. He drove off in his limo though to go golfing while his elderly supporters got beat up by Antifa after the rally. He sent out another tweet though late last night while Baked Alaska and the rest of the chumps gathered around the Washington Monument and chanted “FOX News Sucks” and “Four More Years.” It was a fitting end of five years of a reality television presidency that ultimately wasted our time, accomplished nothing and cost us dearly.

Note: Trump said this morning that Joe Biden won the election.


  1. You think these people will ever snap back into reality? This is the definition of a Cult and this one is Political which is very bad for America. This kind of worship of a politician is what’s wrong with Politics in 2020. The same people who don’t believe in Wearing a Mask in a World Health Pandemic. Deo Vindice !

    • Dear Brian, you’ve been hanging out at Alt-Right blogs for too long, because, instead of rejoicing that many folks are now prepared to take to the streets in support of something vaguely American, all you can do is think to quibble at them for the fact that they were triggered to do such by the leader they support.

      That’s why leadership is so important, or Ikons in the Orthodox Church – because they put a face on something that helps bring deep truths home in order to galvanize you to act and act in the right way.

      When Napoleon’s Elite Guard went forward, what made them irresistible was that they did if for their man, he, to their way of thinking, embodied their nation.

      I could go on with examples like this, but, I bet you get the point.

      • You’re doing a good job being a voice of reason here, Ivan.

        These angry weirdos who run and populate this blog need that, though it’s doubtful they’ll listen.

        • @Kekist…

          Thank you, Sir.

          We nitpick things to death at this blog, and, yes, people often evaluate things in such a one-sided manner that it seems necessary to speak up.

          Yes, I am upset with President Trump for not following through on some major things, which is why I very nearly did not go out for him in 2020, but, that said, he is a brave man who has done some good.

          To know how good Trump is, just imagine Gretchen Whitmer as our president!

    • why bother in the end? America is obviously a hopeless freak show.
      And about all the other Western nations that only ape the freak show? Why bother with all this rabble of irredeemable worthless simpletons?
      What’s the purpose? Try to build solid, lasting, beautiful, harmonic, with scum?
      On the TV right now there’s some dumb military movie with Tom Cruise, and the commercials are pretty much only black people on it( this started about an year ago).
      Every place just apes the freak show.

      • If an alien landed on Earth and watched 12 hours of TV he would come to the assumption that the US must be 95% Black based on the number of them in TV shows and commercials(the other 5% being Coalburning wives) and yet people still think this jew-run system is worth saving by voting for Shithead #1 or Shithead #2.

        • C D
          ‘m in an “European” corner of South America. Blacks on TV commercials started about a year ago. All of a sudden is only blacks, on TV on
          products, everywhere. The stunning celebration of ugliness and devolution.
          But people around are only concerned with dumb clownish local politics, a bit more of money, neighbors’ problems and tragedies, what they’re gonna eat, and what they gonna do with their genitals at night. That’s all.

          Is it possible to build something harmonic and durable with such a low scum? Nope.
          But people so wretched and stupid are necessary to human continuation. Increase a bit of awareness and humans will stop reproducing Nature is “wise.”

        • I look at our land, the same way ferdinand and isabella looked at their spanish lands, we are going to take it all back.

  2. The Groypers went from trolling TPUSA about the 9/11 “Dancing Israelis” and asking why Trump was putting Israel first, or what anal sex had to do with conservative values …

    … to parading around with Israeli flags and doing Village People dances with a drag queen.

    Well, that’s the Republican party for you.

    • @Banned…

      The Republican Party has become a populist party, and, as such, it has a new identity of working people of every stripe.

      President Trump did that – changed it from the near exclusive party of Whites to all those who feel invested in the ideas our forefathers founded – such as freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to refuse any government without proper representation, etc ,etc.

      This is a very good thing, for Whites now being only half of the population, and about a 1/3 of us being anti-White, we need help.

      Friends and allies – always good to have them in this difficult life.

        • @Dart…

          Thank you for your reply.

          Yes, The GOP is more accepting of Homosexuals under Trump.

          That said, his appeal to minorities, and especially The Working Class tone of his rhetoric has changed the party – NOT yet all the heirarchy of the party – but, the tone, flow, and membership of the party is, and, indeed, has been undergoing, quite a transformation.

          • It has not changed the party. That is a false claim. Changing their “tone” is meaningless because republican policies are not determined by the tone of their rhetoric. That is just voter bait and doesn’t translate into real policies. The rhetoric may change, but the party remains the same as always.

          • @Dart…

            I respectfully disagree with you that our party has not changed.


            #1. Because the entire tone of the nation has shifted because of Trump’s Republican Party.

            #2. Many of the policies Trump has openly pursued have not been pursued in decades.

            #3. The Demographics of The GOP are changing.

            #4. The way local Republican people are thinking, acting, and talking is substantively different.

            That said, I do agree with you that elements of the party are unchanged, particularly a majority of officials at the top of it.

            They are still Globalist RINOs, without a doubt.

            That, however, will change over the coming 3-5 years.

            Be well!

      • Trump has no populist policies. Trump administration is a standard Republican administration, the only difference is that an obnoxious man is at the helm who acts like a jackass on twitter and causes the Left and media to freak out. This reaction from the Left causes the Right to see him as a crusader against globalist and elites but it is all just a distraction.

        I would like to support someone who challenges the Left both intellectually and policy wise.

        • @JamesO…

          No, Sir.

          Trump advocates for and fights for, everyday, populist policies – from refusing a national mandate for masks, to preserving the 2nd Amendment, as is, to pro-life, to forcing pharmaceutical industries to bring back some of their production, to trying to get out of Afghanistan.

          Trump has pulled us out of TPP, changed Critical Race Theory policy, stopped transgenderism in the military, destroyed Political correctness, refashioned the notion of a president, appointed constitutionalist judges, stopped suffocating The Coal Industry, supported nationalist governments abroad, launched anti-trust suits against Big Tech, etc etc…

          And that is not all.

          Could he have done more?

          You bet.

          Could he have done less?

          You bet.

          • @ ivan turgenev, good sir , i am sure you will agree our forbears never intended for goverment too have the relevance in our lives, as it does today, we should strive to do what is right for ourselves our families our people, no matter who is in there.

          • @Terry…

            Of course, I think as you have written here, Dear Terry.

            If I have read several hundreds of your patriotic opinions I am still waiting to disagree with one!

      • The “Founding fathers” were not exceptional and didn’t give a fuck about any of the principles they espoused – it was just window dressing on the same old story: taking power and enriching themselves. Why do you think they wrote the constitution in such a secretive way (boarded up windows and locked doors) or had to add the BoR as Amendments AFTER they wrote the bulk of the document. When people say they love the Constitution, they really mean the BoR, since the rest of it they either don’t even know or they know that it’s simply a manual on how they sold the actual people out to the usual suspects – (((international capital))).

        Trump is no different than Biden, the 2 parties are the exact same. If voting changed anything, it would have been outlawed. They both serve Jews, hate Whites and have married off all their kids to Jews. There isn’t anything exceptional about America (not the government anyways), all political power systems work the exact same at their core.

        • Peter,

          A very good comment. Yes, at the highest levels I see little differences in the agenda of the 2 parties. Perhaps a stalemate will occur since the Republicans keep the Senate I believe.

          A good portion of the world has copied the United States in form on many issues. For instance Mexico has a right to keep and bear arms copied from the USA. But there is only one major gun store in the country and it is run by the Army.

          Because of American influence and trends Mexico legalized Homosexual unions in 2009 despite fierce resistance from the Catholic Church in Mexico.

          So a good portion of the United States rubs off on most of the world sooner or later.

          • “a good portion of the United States rubs off on most of the world sooner or later”:

            Yes, in many ways. Genetic studies of the constantly mutating coronavirus have shown that Latin America and most of Africa received their infection through the United States.

            Mexico and other Latin American countries have been held back from freedom and democracy by centuries of U.S. imperialism. The conquest of northern Mexico (from southern California to Colorado and Texas), as well as the Louisiana Purchase, and expansion to the Northwest all diluted and destroyed the English ethnicity and identity of the U.S.

          • We who conquered and settled this land that god in heaven, gave us, from top to bottom have fared better here, than we ever would have , anywhere else.

        • @Peter…

          Unfortunately, you have engaged in reductionism – using one set of truths to obliterate or obscure another set of truths to suit your philosophical druthers

          The truth of the matter is that our Founding Fathers set forth a Nation brilliantly conceived, arguably superior in political conception to every other nation.

          But, yes, they certainly were hypocritical about many things, and, yes, they certainly wished to use it as a tool to protect, and, indeed, enrich their own power.

          I have been blessed to travel much of the world and know many of it’s people and I can tell you this – though every place has things to recommend it, no place would I prefer to The United States, especially the Southern part.

          That, Sir, was bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers.

          • “bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers”:

            And before that, it was “bequeathed to us” by the smallpox virus (depopulating the Western hemisphere) and black powder weaponry.

    • Obsessive, aren’t they? 😀

      It’s like the classic clown car crash. Grotesque, unpleasant, yet hilarious at the same time.

  3. Remember when the groypers went after Charlie Kirk? It was all about immigration and how the new American First movement wasn’t going to tolerate any more “cuckservative” policies on immigration. Yet Trump not only did not give us immigration restriction, he actually expanded h1b visas which continue to screw America tech workers. It was only Covid that gave us immigration decline and h1b visa restriction policy(temporary of course). Suddenly immigration doesn’t seem so important otherwise none of these Trump worshippers would be so passionate supporting him. I understand voting for him as a preference to Biden/Harris but the amount of passion and devotion I see for him from supposed “dissidents” is pathetic.

    I think the Trump cult was the worst thing to happen to the Right. What would make it even worse is if when he finally leaves he remains active and continues draining up all the energy and attention from the Right for a “nationalist” movement that cannot even be described as civic nationalist let alone any other form of nationalist.

  4. The West as our ancestors knew it dead, and it will not be saved by the RETARDicans or AmNat “conservatives.”

    All roads to a renaissance or New Order for Europeans either lead to National Socialism or lead nowhere.

    • So don’t try to do anything? What can people do? Like anyone should lay down and accept communism.
      It’s the economics that always wins out.

      • Start promoting secession. Of course ZOG would never actually allow secession. But if enough people get riled up about the issue there would be a pre-made base of support for the Harold Covington strategy.

      • @Pilot,

        Communism would have been dealt a crushing blow had not AngloZionist empires provided food and military aid to the USSR by the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe during WWII. They would have been no Korean War, no Vietnam War, no Cuban Missile Crisis, and no GRU demoralization of the West. Too late now. This is the bill come due for the (((allied Western powers))) “victory ” over NS Deutschland.

        • @November…

          I very respectfully disagree.

          The notion that the Germans would have beaten the Russians, without Allied help is just classic western dismissal of Russia – from Russian art and literature to military achievements.

          The Russians took tremendous body blows from The Wehrmacht and still recovered and beat them down, ten times worse than they had when Napoleon orchestrated a Western European/Polish invasion of Russia, in the early 1800s.

          Even if the Germans had taken Moscow in 1941, the results would have been the same.


          A. Because the Russians successfully moved their entire industry behind the Urals.

          B. because the Germans never had the manpower to cope with the Russian Bear.

          The Germans are an amazing people to have made it so far into Russia as to be skiing in The Caucuasus, but, they never had a chance to win that war.

          Russia, singlehandedly, destroyed the Nazi beast, as they alone faced the bulk of the German war effort, practically alone until 1944, at which point the Allied invasion of Normandy did nothing to significantly change the course of the war, only to accelerate it’s end by a year.

          If you study where the Eastern Front Map was in March of 1944 (before D-Day) you can see the Russians already had the Germans on the run.

          But, lest you doubt me, you can read the memoirs of Erich von Manstein; he who considered it his greatest achievements to have kept the German Army from collapsing in both winters of 42-43 and 43-44.

          But, yes, Allied lendlease was helpful, particularly in 41-42.

          It did not change the outcome of the war.

  5. I didn’t watch any TV news or any other news about the MAGA march, except these OD articles. Other sites I read have barely mentioned it. The photos I see here show MAGA marchers not wearing hygienic masks during the pandemic. Most of them are young, likely to have mild cases and be spreading it while they don’t know they have it. These are low IQ people and/or lacking common sense and morality, who have been misinformed and misled. The opposing Antifa and BLM protesters are also foolish and wrong, and extremely violent. These confrontations between Right and false-“left” serves as a distraction from the many evils (such as war) that the Empire is doing, the real, important news mostly not being reported in mainstream media and most alternative news sources.

  6. It wasn’t any kind of victory.

    The Oligarchs and their ostensibly White Leftist minions still get exactly what they want. And all they haf to do Is rig elections and lie on TV. There riots are just political theatre.

  7. These dudes @Ivan Turgenev and @Kekist Monk out here going hard in the paint and posting up for Ziocon Don. If it took Zognald to get these people invested and galvanized in the streets, then they’re doing so for all the wrong reasons, which puts us back at square one. We don’t want people out in the streets for Israel First, non-whites, and tax cuts for the upper-class.

    Trump apparently doesn’t take corona seriously but shuts the country down anyway, has allowed the 2nd Amendment to be eroded through red-flag gun laws and banned bump stocks, has continued wars in the Middle East and tried hard to start new ones though thankfully Russia abstained, started a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality, has courted non-whites by promising a Platinum Plan and a Dream Plan, harps on constantly about muh black unemployment rate, appointed Supreme Court justices who cuck, and has done nothing to stop online censorship. Trump is not “buying time” for anyone, and if he is, it’s for our enemies, who can scale much more effectively than us.

    And there is no part of this plan where you incense these people into a frenzy, and then later on down the line you magically flip the script on these people into becoming pro-white. They will not listen to you. Because they’re a frenzied mob. And they’re frenzied for all the wrong reasons. Understand? You cannot have your cake and eat it too. Stop investing in Ziocon Don, invest in guns in white men’s hands, and get people marching for legitimate reasons.

  8. Hunter, this post is hilarious. I voted for Trump, but no way I am down with all these faggots. I voted for Trump because he has not started any wars.

  9. Yeah Hunter, your not a nationalist, nor a populist. Your acting in bad faith, the votes were stolen, this is provable, and Nick has accomplish 100x more than you ever will. He stood there saying we are to reject Nimrata Randhawa, and One Eye’d Jew Lover in 2024, and if they take over to leave the GOP. This was a march against voter fraud and theft, against UN Agenda 2030/Great Reset COVID conspiracy lockdowns, and against the technocratic oligarchy. Here is what Biden, Gill Bates, and Bloated Boris will be promoting, COVID is their excuse to push this crap, maybe released for that purpose, after all its 99.97% survivable. “Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better” by World Economic Forum/Great Reset/UN Sustainability Goals… This is what you are celebrating. No spine whatsoever. The march was a victory for Nationalism and Populism, which is bigger than Trump! Trump doesn’t dictate it, however we must ALWAYS fight against EVERY Globalist Colour Revolution Operation, if you stand down you are a coward. Get ready for hell on earth.

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