1. Ok HW we get it blurmfphtermaga2020 failed. What’s next? Any ideas on where to build or are you running scared now?

    • The most important part of building a pro-white political movement is discrediting the fake and Jewish political movement that has been sucking all the oxygen out of the room for the last 4 years. Apparently we still have a long way to go because many of our long time activists are still stuck in the MAGA cult.

      • Biden’s Battlecunt Shield Shield Maidens are going to move so quickly with war plans a lot of what you are talking about will be redundant.

      • Well said, Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn.
        Whites are going to get fucked with either one of the two Kosher-approved parties/candidates nominally in office. The real power rests with (((unelected elites))). At least with Trumpensteinblattbergfarb not in office, Whites don’t have the illusion that someone is working on their behalf (secretly, and with literally zero material benefit for them).
        The downside is that Whites might get sucked into sending money and support and time/energy into whatever fake “opposition” the GOP will pretend to muster up against Biden/Dems (think Trey Goudy during Obama’s 2nd term, etc). More and more whites are beginning to see through this garbage, at least that’s the way it appears to me.

      • Did you know that in the lead up to WWII the south was disproportionately in favor of joining the war against Germany as opposed to other regions of America? It is because most southerners are descended from the flotsam and jetsam of the British Isles. And now the south is irretrievably demographically fucked to which I can only say, “Lulz!” That’s what it looks like when the chickens come home to roost.

        The German-descended north of America still has a chance to live. We can have a White ethnostate up here. Start promoting secession!

        • @ cap”n swinestein, we know all about seccession ,we need no advice from you, but i will clue you in on something, reason number one, why people want another, is to get away from. Sordid,.lower.class types such as yourself, it would be much better just to get rid of you , try too have a nice day , in spite of yourself cap’n sir.

        • I know the American pro-white movement will begin to move forward when anti-Americans are simply ejected. The worst anti-Americans are the neo-Nazi LARPer cult – the kind that hate Americans because of World War II.

          These people don’t add anything useful to the cause of White Americans, they are an albatross around their necks. They aren’t even proper National Socialists.

          The Trump cult has the benefit of having a cult leader that is living – the neo-Nazis worship someone that died 75 years ago.

          What was so interesting to me is finding out that the neo-Nazi cult is essentially run by Jews – which, of course, if you think about it makes perfect sense. Who runs Andrew Anglin’s neo-Nazi website? A Jew.

          Who wrote the script for the original American Neo-Nazi party of Rockwell? A Jew named Dan Burrows.

          Who started the career of Harold Covington? A Jew named Frances Cohen.

          The Beatles wrote the line, “if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.” It was a truthful statement about the cult on the left that worshipped a despised foreign dictator.

          It’s the same thing with the Neo-Nazi cult.

          It’s just as pointless to get into discussions with them as it is to get into a discussion with a Scientologist.

          So as I guess it was Bowden said, you just have to step over them.

          Any attempt at building a pro-White American movement will attract them as they try – like the Borg – to force you into their cult. So if you want to do anything useful, you have to forcibly expel the neo-Nazis first.

          Don’t feel so bad – most of them are Hasbara types and the rest of them are Feds, like Hal Turner. Many of them are SPLC employees.

          At some point soon, someone is going to start to get serious and that is the time to drop the ban hammer on all the cultists. It will take constant vigilance to keep these SPLC and ADL employees from hijacking your movement.

          • Cults, I think you hit on something there. Cult leaders tend to be narcissist psychopaths who use and abuse their followers, giving them little or nothing back for their devotion. Yet, the followers are perfectly content with this dysfunctional relationship. Trump cult? Jim Jones cult?

          • @Hipster, ever hear about how modern “education/school” apparently causes hyper activation of the Left side of the brain which (so the theory goes) causes group think?

            Once it becomes hardwired (as neuroplasicity decreases or virtually stops,which depends upon the individual…whether they adopt lifestyle choices/behaviors that counter this phenomena, like reading on a daily basis &/or not falling into a total routine), apparently people deeply afflicted are able to dismiss any & all evidence contrary to whatever their beliefs are…they’re stuck, they literally cannot think outside whatever set patterns have developed.

            Ever hear of amydala hijacking’s?

            It’s one explanation as to why/how ppl “get emotional” when confronted with things they’d rather not think about, & instead remain “blissfully ignorant” (depending upon what it is, chances are a lot more pain will be experienced later on if one does this regarding very severe problems).

            All that said, mr. Hipster, rationalize this however you may, how the hell do you think you or anyone else is going to “save America” (as you seemed to imply, you seem awfully worried about defending the mythos of America,the country & it’s values rather than the Aryan race itself) or the Aryan race when you’re quite literally defending/dismissing the fact that that country has thus far waged two “hot” (ask the Germans during WWII Hellstorm who were the only ones actually taking actions to save the Aryan race, the millions slaughtered during the war & the +1 million slaughtered in death camps after the war directly by America…i don’t include the additional tens of millions of Aryans throughout Europe also slaughtered by the USSR that was armed & saved thanks to America, we wouldn’t be on verge of extinction were it not for America) apocalyptic anti-Aryan racial wars?

            You really must think ideas don’t really matter. “Yea, its no problem to cling to the stars & stripes and defend all it represents while simultaneously going on how you’re “pro white.”

            “Muh founding freemason” George Washington was a good puritan in the country founded by genetic Aryan puritans who believed themselves to be “Lost Tribes of Israel” (literally…) who were “building a new Zion”…he arranged for his noble negro slaves to be freed after his death. No matter what they said, they put into writing (& made it the literal sacred founding mythos) “we find it self evident all men are created equal” (perfectly in line with freemason ideology, regardless as to what contradictory 3/5 they wrote or practiced for a few decades before Aryan slaughtered his fellow brother (often literally) on behalf of the poor noble savages for whom it is supposedly “white man’s burden” to go out our way to help & for whom we must do favors…writing something like that as a sacred founding mythos is asking for trouble, and anti-Aryan racial hatred was a problem not only from the beginning of America as an independent country, but also prior to it.

            The same country that over 150 years ago had created John Brown, a literal maniac who was celebrated by the pre-Jewish media as a 2nd coming of a “messiah” who literally wanted to exterminate all Aryans in the South Haiti style & who explicitly admitted he wanted all Aryan women of the south to be given to niggers to be gangraped before they’d be butchered. He wasn’t the only emasculated masochistic Aryan male filled with a seething bloodlust against his own kind who loved the stars & stripes. Thaddeus Stevens.

            Aryan women were already being allowed to publicly screw niggers back in the day of Lincoln (“bbbbbuuuut Lincoln the fanatical abolitionist said some contradictory based stuff even tho his deeds didn’t match them…i have no clue that Lincoln never contemplated deporting niggers by force/compulsorarily to Africa nor do i care that he started the war that culminated in disaster for all Aryans nor do i care or think it matters that his last speech before he was sooooo awfully assassinated was that he wanted to give his precious pet niggers he had started a Brother War to free voting rights nu uh nu uh, America = soooo based & good! Anyone who says otherwise any1 who doesnt praise America the country where mothers chop off their sons penises for likes on social media is awful & i srsly think i am an enlightened pro-white! Get hip or take a dip or lick my whip USA USA USA USA!!”), the enlightened magic negro Douglass enjoyed him some Aryan gals who flocked to hear the noble savage speak. In fairness, they did face some stigma, but it was overall tolerated.

            You go ahead & call me whatever you will to avoid confronting this; the one group that succeeded (until America’s FDR, who in fairness was a master liar,intervened) in standing up for Aryans racially against Jewry were destroyed thanks to America (interestingly Hitler got rid of the old German flag & created a new symbol…transvaluation of values..ideas, symbols & myths matter way more than you seem willing to entertain) .Only the Jew truly won WWII, and though you are entitled to your (wrong,in this case) opinion, GOOD LUCK LADDY waving the stars & stripes as you go on trying to make egalitarian puritanical “we buildin the New Zion” all the way down to its deepest roots Americanism aka Liberalism tinged with civic nationalism the opposite of what it effectively has been. “Stormin the beaches of Normandy to butcher the most potent symbol of pro-Aryan racialism in history – dem damn Nazi’s – is no problem guys & anyone who says it is a problem is just a bad bad neo nazi says me & they need to gtfo my hip movement hehe…o yea srsly guyyz i srsly want to rally y’all as patriotic americans to fight to save the Aryan race this will work out super well just like it has since our crusades to make the world safe for demockeracy by Wilson who campaigned upon the lesser of da evil ‘he kept us outta war’ but guyyyyz shit happens we had to be good americans & do the federal reserve and anyway after the second anti-Aryan crusade to save the Bolsheviks from those silly nazis such good things have happened..” -AHipSoHipHeBansAllHeCallsNeoNazisEvenAfterBeingBannedHimselfSoHipbtwOperationGammorahWasNoProblemFromAProWhitePOVroflmfaItsUWhoHasAProblem

            Not Hipster:”Tell me what you worship & i’ll tell you who/what you will become.”

            One of the only solid contributions of America is eugenics,but even back in the 1910’s niggers like Jack Johnson (boxer worshiped by tons of Aryan Americans who openly plundered Aryan women, “he” was allowed to marry a white-Aryan woman who “he” later murdered…shockingly Trump pardoned the monkey a few years ago & decried the fact that poor “Jack Johnson” was inconvenienced by legal trouble for that).

          • @Hipster,

            The confederacy had a jew for Vice President. Slavery in the South was a partnership between Anglos and jews. “Brother Wars” over the last 120 years (You know the ones that devastated Western civilization) was a production of Anglos going to war for jewish interests and agendas from the Boer War to the two World Wars.

            So if there’s anything we should be putting in the crosshairs is any venture that has Anglos acting as front men for the jew’s agenda, and in America, you can take it’s the New England Yankee WASPs and the evangelical Dixie WASPs.

            Nice projecting, anyway.

          • @November…

            “The confederacy had a jew for Vice President.”

            No, Kind Sir, Vice President Alexander Stephens was not a Jew.

            That said, thousands of Jews fought for the Southern Confederacy, and as well, served in Jefferson Davis’s cabinet – from it’s second secretary of war, to it’s minister of arnaments, logistics, and it’s surgeon-general.

          • @November…

            “Judah P. Benjamin aka “The brains of the confederacy” according to Jefferson Davis.”

            Excellent, Sir – and, as that to which I alluded, a Jew, the very Benjamin you mention, was the Confederacy’s second secretary of war.

      • Biden is actually going to build the People’s Temple and force in his own words your white kids to live in a racial jungle. Just like Jim Jones.

          • The punchline is that there is going to be a mass suicide of leftists. A coalition of black, Jew, Hispanic, Indio, feminist and hipster white can’t endure.

            It’s the road to Jonestown.

          • November,

            Judah Benjamin, a Jew was Secretary of State not VP under the Confederacy and was elected to Senator from Louisiana. So you were close.

          • @Cristina…

            “Judah Benjamin, a Jew was Secretary of State not VP under the Confederacy and was elected to Senator from Louisiana.”

            Excellent, Young Lady!

    • I’m not sure I get the Jonestown reference. That graphic was generated by a dishonest ejit. Jones Town was a Multicultural Multiracial cult that grew out of Californian Liberal political yearnings for racial solidarity.

      The Koolaid if it is anyone’s at all will be the Biden coalition. These fools actually will try to implement equality and racial justice.

  2. You are such a southern fag! I can’t wait for you to be taken out of your home for re-education by Biden’s drag queens!Morons like you gave him the victory its only fair that he repays you in kind!

    • Everything you hate about the left accelerated under Trump. He was Jewish fake opposition. Are you too prideful to admit it or are you simply ignorant?

    • I’m pretty sure that Biden won this in the upper midwest. Southerners faithfully gave Trump their vote.

        • “We heard about FEMA Camps for 8 years while Obama was in – they’re fake”

          …and that Walmart stores and warehouses were being re-purposed, secretly designed to be used as FEMA facilities. Anything to create mass paranoia and distract attention from realities of escalating global war, mass immigration, cultural disintegration and increasing inequality.

  3. The reason Hunter won’t advocate for secession is he knows the south is irretrievably demographically fucked at this point. But the rest of you need not be so shortsighted. We can still build a White ethnostate in the north of the continent.

    It starts by all of us promoting secession!

    • Michele Flourney won’t hesitate to drone strike your North West Front Camp. Say Willcomen to SecDef KampfKunt, bitches.

    • Maine is probably the “Whitest,” and definitely the most ethnically English-descended state. But an ETHNO-STATE will appear naturally in a place where there is a “sense of” (long history of belonging to) that place, and a CLOSE (ethnic, not just racial) genetic heritage and cultural cohesion, and where there is not only fraternity but Equality – freedom from oppression of common people by an upper class and false religious organization.

      • Maine is probably the best state to be in when shit hits the fan. White and very rural. Unlike the south there are very few niggers in Maine.

        With Biden in power that may change though. The refugee programs will ramp up.

    • @ cap’n,.maybe you.should go upstairs and ask your mommy for permission to secede, before she grounds you.

  4. The optimal moment for revolt will be when Biden and his (((handlers))) try and bring back the draft. It will be unpopular with almost everyone. The elites are scared shitless and the only way they can react is by taking us back to feudalism and the endless wars with which they are accustomed.

    It’s not over yet. Infact, all this chaos could be the beginning of something awesome.

    • He’s appointed Michele Flourney to SecDef. Absolute KampfKunt. Drone strikes against domestic opposition can’t be far off. She’ll deal with this stuff mercilessly.

  5. I hope that the Republican legislatures, especially the ones in states where Biden supposedly won, appoint electors that will re-elect Trump.


    The Left and their coloured auxiliaries will go wild and annihilate their own enclaves in the Deep North, and in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

    What this will do? I don’t know. Maybe it’ll trigger an open season on the Left. Maybe it’ll make White normies get their heads out of their asses and finally start to fight back. Maybe not.

    One thing for sure. We don’t have a government any more. The Left has seen to that over the last 120 some odd years. The U.S. federal government is now just another faction in this war. One that grows ever more irrelevant as anything other than a rubber stamp for what the Oligarchs are gonna do anyway, regardless.
    Eventually, they won’t even bother any longer with the pretense of debated legislation. That’s already the case with Bill Gates and his proposed mandated vaccination. He’s completely ignoring the governments, state and national. Because they’re merely tools that he doesn’t happen to need for this particular caper. The fact that the federal government is just a tool, and no longer a real government, is confirmed by the Democrats running a reanimated corpse and an unintelligent nonety for President and Vice-president. They’ll be given official pens, Inkpads and rubber stamps.

    We know what we gotta do about all of this. There’s no debating it any more. We’ve wasted the last fifty years, and the last four.

  6. Trump did win the election and he won by a landslide. To those who don’t like Trump and are happy the Democrats are attempting to steal the election from Trump : The great majority of White Americans voted for Trump and if the Democrats are successful in the stealing the election from Trump that means White Americans have been very effectively disenfranchised, which is exactly what ALL the racial enemies of us Whites always wanted, to disenfranchise White Americans.

    The great majority of Whites vote for Trump, the election is stolen from Trump = White Americans DISENFRANCHISED.

    Think, Oh White “dissenters”.

    • @Joe,

      Why don’t you and the other 71 million kushner voters do your own putsch on the deep state and bad actors?

  7. @ cd thank you for your response, i get your point sir, but in all fairness, you will find southern people in all 50 states , lets hope the transplants recognize the quality of the people and.culture, the beauty of the land and acclamate themselves properly, , far be it from me to tell another american where they can and.cant live. I actually have family that has been residing in hawaii the last 20 years.

    • @Terry Smith,

      I don’t come into contact with many Southerners, but when I do, it’s usually at one of the home improvement stores, and they are quite friendly chaps.

      • @ november good, i am glad to hear that, hopefully our people can begin to like each other again , then sticking together as a people, will be easy and natural as it is supposed to be.thank you for your response.

      • November,

        I am currently in Texas though I might be going back to Mexico for the Spring Semester. I find Texans/Southerners extremely friendly as well. This is especially true when we are in the rural areas where some of our property is.

        • @Christina,

          So what do you do? Alternative semesters? One in the US and one in Mexico? That would be quite a unique education.

          • November,

            I have been in California and Texas for several semesters in a row. No I do not alternate as a general rule. Nor is it definite.

            Most of what we own is in Mexico more than California and Texas. Our father is in Mexico more than the USA. He is tired of going back and forth on a regular basis. We will see.

  8. We should be building moral communities and expanding white solidarity by such social bases. Politics is a case, as gripping as it is, of putting the cart before the horse. Institution building, from the dinner table to the school house, is the old way families and individuals fraternize and combine. We tried it among WN, but found most enjoyed the food, but 1) were too varied in social opinions (besides single-issue WN) to cooperate on a higher level than eating tasty food together; 2) people prefer hyper-news reality rather than creating our own, off matrix, grid or infrastructure. So, three years of meeting went no where. Also, a lot of people would rather wait until most work done, and then join in, rather than stay local and work from scratch. This was the biggest black pill I’ve taken in the last 20 yrs, and most wignat radio is saying the same thing– we lack all institutional power and take care of family and friends. Not really an answer, nor much endorsement on specifics of institution building, yet admission that we will remain very scattered and isolated (or ‘alone together’ if on web only– and some strangely prefer such (Covington called it key board activism)) for a VERY long time. Accelerationism can’t happen without your internet hotspot dying or web collapse. .

  9. Kevin Williamson, March 2016:

    It is immoral because it perpetuates a lie: that the white working class that finds itself attracted to Trump has been victimized by outside forces. It hasn’t. The white middle class may like the idea of Trump as a giant pulsing humanoid middle finger held up in the face of the Cathedral, they may sing hymns to Trump the destroyer and whisper darkly about “globalists” and — odious, stupid term — “the Establishment,” but nobody did this to them. They failed themselves.

    If you spend time in hardscrabble, white upstate New York, or eastern Kentucky, or my own native West Texas, and you take an honest look at the welfare dependency, the drug and alcohol addiction, the family anarchy — which is to say, the whelping of human children with all the respect and wisdom of a stray dog — you will come to an awful realization. It wasn’t Beijing. It wasn’t even Washington, as bad as Washington can be. It wasn’t immigrants from Mexico, excessive and problematic as our current immigration levels are. It wasn’t any of that.

    Nothing happened to them. There wasn’t some awful disaster. There wasn’t a war or a famine or a plague or a foreign occupation. Even the economic changes of the past few decades do very little to explain the dysfunction and negligence — and the incomprehensible malice — of poor white America. So the gypsum business in Garbutt ain’t what it used to be. There is more to life in the 21st century than wallboard and cheap sentimentality about how the Man closed the factories down.

    The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. Forget all your cheap theatrical Bruce Springsteen crap. Forget your sanctimony about struggling Rust Belt factory towns and your conspiracy theories about the wily Orientals stealing our jobs. Forget your goddamned gypsum, and, if he has a problem with that, forget Ed Burke, too. The white American underclass is in thrall to a vicious, selfish culture whose main products are misery and used heroin needles. Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin.What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change, which means that they need U-Haul.

    We all oy veyed and kvetched over this at the time, asking if Williamson and National Review had any heart or compassion for the White Working Class. Williamson did go onto clarify that he was making a distinction between the White underclass and the White working class, but as far as Hunter and the 5%ers on Twitter are concerned, they are one and the same.

    Not voting for Donald Trump is justified, and that’s not why I’m quoting Williamson here. I agree with the 5%ers that Trump did nothing for the White Race, that he accelerated the radicalization of the Left, and that the Obama years were much better for the Pro-White Movement. I myself did not vote in this election, but I strongly considered voting for Biden because I blame Trump for stirring up a hornets nest and destroying our cultural cohesion, which was teetering on the brink before he entered office.

    No, the reason I’m quoting Williamson here is because he was right all along about the nature and character of these 5%ers. The justifications I’m reading for why they didn’t support Trump, while flying under the plausible deniability that “he didn’t do enough for the White Race,” can in fact be summarized as:

    “He didn’t bring the White working class out of our misery. We’re still jobless, we’re still collecting welfare and disability, we’re still shooting up oxycontin, and its all Orange Man’s fault!”

    Williamson was a prophet all along. Trump, the Republicans, and the Democrats owe working class, uneducated white men in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin NOTHING.

    For decades, the industrial economy artificially propped up these men, who never would have survived in an economy that requires education and actual skills. Since the 1970s, the education-based, skills-based economy has manifested and has replaced the old industrial economy, which, like agrarian farming before it, has been relegated to a smaller and smaller percentage of GDP, while maintaining the same output needed to meet demand for goods and services. Such is the natural progress of capitalism and creative destruction, which is integral to making all our lives easier and more comfortable.

    Instead of listening to the advice of those on the mainstream Right like Williamson and Ben Shaprio, the kind of white working class men who are on the same political wavelength as the wignats have instead decided to, like the Negro Population, act like a bunch of lazy, entitled children, demanding that Orange Man bring back their toys, at the expense of those who went to school and did everything right. Its as disgusting coming from poor whites as it is coming from blacks.

    Fun fact: The Republicans gained 8 seats in the House and maintained at least a 50-50 tie in the Senate, pending the outcome in Georgia. It was not the GOP or its agenda that was rejected in 2020, it was Donald Trump. Counties and districts that voted for Biden also put Republicans in Congress. How do the “moderate populists”* explain that? Was Trump pushed out because he wasn’t racist enough, or rather because he was seen as a narcissistic blowhard tearing apart the cultural cohesion of the country with his obscene rhetoric and obnoxious tweets?

    *Moderate Populism, also known as, Gibs for White Bois.

    • That economy did not just “manifest,” as you put it. It was created by Republicans outsourcing production, so they could increase income for executives.

    • @DP84 If it’s as you say that this white underclass is bad and lazy, then I say to that – a nonwhite underclass will always be even worse, if an underclass has to exist at all. “Advice of mainstream conservatives” – Like what, learn to code? Spencer mentioned this before – we’re eventually going to reach a point where even if a white man wants to work, there’s no job for it. Not everyone has to be or should be in a service-based job, I don’t agree with the premise that this transition in the economy is natural, and yes, I am willing to pay extra monopoly money for a product made by pro-whites instead of cheap plastic shit from China. Maybe not every household will have a flat-screen TV, but who the fuck actually cares?

      • Many have said it before; I don’t care if White Gentiles score lower on IQ tests than East Asians, grew up on a dirt floor, were born out of wedlock, because these are my people, and that’s all that matters. That’s where White Gentile racial unity has to start.

        The class distinctions are another oligarch remnant of division that led to wealthy White Gentiles and monarchs joining forces with international jewry’s financiers against the welfare of their own tribe(s).

      • If it’s as you say that this white underclass is bad and lazy, then I say to that – a nonwhite underclass will always be even worse

        Uh huh. Let me ask you something: What’s your opinion on the term, “Racist Liberal”? You’re a Spencer reader, so I’m assuming you know what I’m talking about.

        If I were to venture a guess, you hate “Racist Liberals” as much as you hate any Jew, spiteful Mud, or race traitor. If that be the case, who the hell are you to lecture me about the coming nonwhite underclass when it is “Racist Liberals” such as myself who are the most vocal about repatriating non-whites back to their homelands so they can stop raping our women, abusing our children, committing terrorist attacks, parasiting off us, and making our lives a hellscape? Do you even support the creation of a homogeneous White Ethnostate? Or is this just you Concern Trolling me in service of your real agenda (cough *communism* cough)?

        Spencer mentioned this before – we’re eventually going to reach a point where even if a white man wants to work, there’s no job for it.

        We’re anywhere from 20-50 years off from the kind of AI/Robot controlled economy that requires universal UBI that allows all of us to live leisurely aristocratic lives. Until we get there, our lot is to WORK for what we earn. If that requires learning to code, then learn to code. Or, you know, learn to run the ice cream machine at McDonalds. Just don’t be a parasite like a typical ghetto Negro. You are beneath contempt and deserve to be abandoned by society if you parasite off your fellow White Man.

        Maybe not every household will have a flat-screen TV, but who the fuck actually cares?

        Easy to say when you don’t own a flat screen TV. The White Race is entitled to ever greater standards of living and escalating progress. It is our birthright, it is our destiny. In 2020, that’s Flat Screen TV’s on Earth. In 2120, if we avoid being miscegenated out of existence, it’ll be Flat Screen TV’s on Mars. Anglo-Saxon, Consumer Capitalism has conquered the world over the last 500 years. Shut up, adjust, and get used to it. And enjoy your nice things. If you own them. lol.

        • Ahhhhhhh from your first sentence you already seem unreasonable. I don’t know what you mean by “Racist Liberal” but if they’re somehow liberal yet hate non-whites, then they’re alright with me. Do you mean the “liberal racism of low expectations for non-whites”? I don’t care about them. If you mean liberals who are racist exclusively towards whites, then yes, I hate them.

          Our personal experiences don’t determine right or wrong. I’ll lecture God if he’s wrong. Blah blah blah, I may or may not agree with your sentiments here – not relevant. Yes, of course I support the creation of a homogeneous white ethnostate – it sounds like you’re the one who doesn’t. You’re out here talking shit about the white underclass, writing them off as bad and lazy. Are you telling me in a homogeneous white ethnostate everyone WILL be an upper-class, materialist, capitalist, “Man is an island”, rocket scientist/doctor/lawyer/astronaut? What the fuck? I SERIOUSLY doubt this.

          So only when it’s “feasible” then people can be parasites? Only when we live in a heavily automated economy that enables universal UBI – then we can be grandiose parasites? Whatever. I think a distinction needs to be made here – of course I’m against parasitism, but I don’t identify the white underclass as parasites, I identify them as victims. They are what it looks like when your own country is out to demonize and marginalize you. It could be any of us the next day, for some miscellaneous off-the-cuff comment – any of our lives could be destroyed at a whim. Some white men can resist this better than others, but that doesn’t mean the ones who couldn’t are just parasites.

          What? It could be anything, like the AC or the fridge. Dude, material wealth does not determine right or wrong. I do believe a homogeneous white ethnostate WILL be well-off because white people are great, but that means devoting resources to science and technology, too, not just luxuries, and have you looked up how much it costs for scientific and technological breakthroughs?

          • I don’t know what you mean by “Racist Liberal” but if they’re somehow liberal yet hate non-whites, then they’re alright with me.

            Nevermind then, you must not have been following the drama on Pro-White Twitter that erupted last March. I won’t quibble with you on your other points, because I agree with some of them, and I don’t feel like nitpicking the finer points of my disagreements. In short: I agree that not everyone in the White Ethnostate will be an upper class materialist capitalist, I think you’re overestimating how much the White Working Class is actually victimized, and I think the government of a 1st world country such as ours should pump $billions every year into scientific and technological development, as this is not mutually exclusive from consumerism.

            Now then…

            A “Racist Liberal” is a White Nationalist or a generic Pro-White individual whose political and philosophical beliefs would be classified as “Liberal” in the classical sense of the word, as opposed to “Traditional.” Pro-White writers like Hunter have caused a lot of confusion around these words.

            In layman’s speak, a Liberal is synonymous with a Leftist, or a Democrat, or a Progressive. Examples of Liberals are the journalists and editors for websites and newspapers such as the Huffington Post, Salon, Vox, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. Keith Olbermann stands out to me as a great individual example of Liberalism, since I used to enjoy watching his “Special Comments” back in 2006-2011 when he was at MSNBC.

            Liberals are defined by their support of specific policy positions, and the ideological assumptions that underpin them and serve to justify them. In the economic sense, a Liberal is someone who supports higher taxes on the wealthy, increased regulations on businesses, and higher spending on social programs. Hunter Wallace is an Economic Liberal. Although Populists are an exception to this rule, support for Economic Liberalism tends to go hand in hand with Social Liberalism, which is defined by support for abortion, gay rights, alternative sexual lifestyles other than strict monogamy, open borders, distrust and critique of the nuclear family, belief in “global warming” and support for radical Green policies, diplomacy as opposed to military strength, and a global, cosmopolitan outlook on world affairs and national identity.

            Conservatives, or Right Wingers, would be individuals such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter, and, most prominently among the youth these days, Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. There aren’t nearly as many media outlets that promote Conservatism, but Breitbart.com, The Blaze, One America News Network, and the Daily Caller all stand out. Conservatism also has magazines such as National Review and Human Events which have a history of policing everyone to the Right of the them, as you are probably aware in the case of one William F. Buckley. Conservatives are more defined by their opposition to Liberal principles then they are by standing for any principles themselves, although this has arguably changed in regards to economics, where Conservatives are more or less unabashed supporters of free market capitalism, which, say what you will about it, is at least an ethos.

            Unfortunately, in the Pro-White sphere, these common sense distinctions between Liberals and Conservatives are dismissed as “simplistic” or “Boomer speak,” even though they are the objective reality for every normal White person, young and old alike. Instead, writers such as Hunter insist on using the word “Liberal” in its classical sense, in which the ideology and values of Classical Liberalism circa the 1800s are indeed similar, even identical, to contemporary Conservatism.

            Used in this sense, a “Racist Liberal” would be someone whose political and philosophical views align with Classical Liberalism, but who holds the racial beliefs of those like the Eugenicists, Segregationists, Confederates, and yes, the Nazis. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, our racial beliefs as Pro-White individuals are on the same wavelength as those aforementioned groups, hence why Antifa, the Media, the SPLC, the ADL, and everyone else who disagrees with us and/or hates us just skips past all the formalities and calls us “White Supremacists.” Basically, if you combine the racial beliefs of someone like Madison Grant with the economic and cultural beliefs of someone like Steven Crowder, or even a leftist like, say, Bill Maher, you get a Racist Liberal.

            Most Pro-White writers, such as Hunter and Richard Spencer, despise this connection with the fury of 1000 suns, because to them, there is no separating Pro-White racial beliefs from a Traditionalist worldview, which to them is a Pre-Enlightenment worldview, or perhaps a Pre-1800s worldview, or these days with Hunter, a Pre-1910 worldview. With Traditionalists and Reactionaries, there’s always an arbitrary point where “Everything Went To Shit.”

            If you accept and believe in any of the ideological developments of the later 20th century, such as Feminism and the Sexual Revolution, this is enough to dismiss you as not truly supporting the White Race. Same thing with Economics. To them, anything that reeks of Reaganomics or something you’d see in a Heritage Foundation report is “unacceptable” in Pro-White spheres. The unanimous assumption in these circles is that Capitalism is Bad for the White Race.

            So then, with all that background information, basically, there was a flame war on Twitter last spring over the Covid-19 lockdowns. Just like with the general public at large, some White Nationalists strongly and vociferously supported the lockdowns, and some hated the lockdowns from the get go and wanted the country and the economy to open up as soon as possible, and indeed, never wanted it to close in the first place. The WN’s who supported the Covid lockdowns took to calling WN’s against the lockdown “Racist Liberals.” In other words: “You’re no different than a Conservative or a Leftist, you just happen to have objectively racist beliefs.”

            The “Racist Liberal” slur was also deployed in 2020 against the rising coalition of Pro-White women and their male supporters (“simps”) who, around the same time, launched a counter-strike against the vicious sexism and misogyny that has always been a mainstay in the Pro-White Movement for years, but which only this year has been directly challenged. At first, this flame war was an extension of the larger American Nationalist (AmNats) vs. Wigger Nationalist (WigNats) flame war that has raged since Charlottesville. The AmNats such as Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes have always had an intense hatred of White Women, whereas the WigNats, at least nominally, do not hate White Women. Last March, at the same time Covid lockdowns were happening, the WigNats tried to eject the AmNats out of the Movement over their sexism. But then, starting in June when Lauren Southern returned to Youtube, and especially in late July when an obscure White girl from France gave testimony to the French government over how her treatment by Pro-White men turned her into a Feminist, the WigNat narrative around women was revealed for what it always was: “We like you, and we’ll treat you well, but don’t you dare go whoring around!”

            A Racist Liberal is any Pro-White individual who happens to think Liberal, Modernist, Progressive values might actually be Good Things. We were opposed to the Covid lockdowns because the medical science makes it clear that the disease is not a true pandemic and in fact is just a worse version of the flu. The fact that anti-racist Conservatives feel the same way about Covid does not change this objective reality. Moreover, economic lockdowns are gross violations of our individual liberty, especially freedom of movement, and we tend to value Individualism more than we do Collectivism, which to us, is only morally justified if the vast majority of individuals within the collective are actually benefitting from collectivism. 9 times out of 10, the majority of individuals do not benefit under collectivism, especially economic collectivism, which requires all of the sacrifice without any of the rewards.

            We support the right of White men and White women to live their lives the way they see fit, which we do not believe is any real threat to the so-called “Moral Order,” an idea inseparable from the moral stench of social conservatism and its support for the discredited social systems of the past, such as coverture. Simply put, we trust our own race to do the Right Thing, and when a small handful of impulsive, low-character whites fail to do the Right Thing, we don’t worry about it. Our response is, “let them fall through the cracks and reap the natural consequences of their actions, and the rest of us won’t be harmed.” This applies to economics, it applies to sexuality, it applies to every endeavor of life.

            The bottom line is this: A Racist Liberal supports his race, but he has radically different ideas of what is Good for the White Race, and what White people need, vies-a-vie Traditionalists. To defend the White Race is to defend ourselves as individuals, to defend our parents and our siblings, and above all, to defend our fellow White people who belong to the same race we do and who are innocent of the filthy lies and accusations thrown our way by our enemies. There is nothing wrong with standing up for the White Race for those aforementioned reasons.

            Sadly, this Movement has demonized those reasons and demanded that we defend our race using the same justification Christians use: God exists, and he’s more powerful then you, therefore, you must serve him, even if the cost for you is misery and suffering. Your race exists, and it is above you, therefore, you must serve it, even if the cost for you is misery and suffering. 2020 has been the year of pushback and resistance against this sick thinking from WigNat types who have been around for 70 years and have failed for 70 years. Traditionalism is being purged from the Pro-White worldview. Liberalism and Progressivism is the future and has always been the future. Its time the Pro-White Movement makes Liberalism and Progressivism Great Again.

          • @DP84 Bro I hope you post this on a blog somewhere, cause I doubt it’s gonna catch much eyes other than mine down here, lmao. I mostly agree with you. I strongly believe in a “Moral Order”, an objective right and wrong way to do or go about things. I pass judgment on people and their behaviors, no matter how big or small – that’s my right. But yes, I wouldn’t intervene if someone else messes themselves up unless it would have a negative externality or I happen to feel obligated (but that would be my personal circumstance). If put in a position of power, I most certainly would regulate certain behaviors, but more recently, I’ve accepted that being pro-white doesn’t mean living like an ascetic in a mountain somewhere; you can have fun, you can maybe even be a little degenerate.

            I don’t believe women can be self-actualized individuals to the same extent a man can be. Why? Basically…I don’t objectively know what actually goes on in a woman’s head, and I don’t assume men and women are magically the same and should be treated the same. It’s much the same with how I see race. And from what I can gather in front of my own eyes, women are more like overgrown children. For every “great” woman, there’s a “greater” man. I would definitely take away women’s suffrage, or at least make it so only nuclear families can vote (the smallest unit of a civilization while retaining all of its’ characteristics is not the individual, it’s the nuclear family).

            I have seen some pro-whites who are jarringly full-on anti-capitalism, but they seem like a minority to me and ignore jewish distortions in the marketplace. I personally would prefer capitalism, but I’m not that hung up on the economic system of the white ethnostate. Yes, I was surprised that some pro-whites like TRS, FtN, and Hunter Wallace just fully accepted that the corona pandemic was real. I mean, these are people who are supposed to be skeptical of what the media and government tells them, right? Especially if it was something that, you know, made the lives of ordinary white people even harder?

            I think I may have seen a tweet here and there from one of those guys, criticizing people who didn’t buy into the pandemic hoax, but I didn’t realize it was a full-on flame war, lmao. Because I would’ve fucking told them the pandemic is obviously a goddamn hoax. I live in one of the biggest cities in the US, I live near a Chinatown, and I’ve been going out every single goddamn day without taking any special precautions. And I haven’t gotten sick a single time. I’m either a freak of nature or the virus just isn’t that big of a deal.

            Yes, I’ve always seen being pro-white as an outward expansion – you can’t care for the race if you can’t care for the family, you can’t care for the family if you can’t care for yourself. Though, this is certainly a path of thorns and suffering. Life is eternal struggle. I’d probably still be considered a traditionalist, but I arrived there through “liberal” means.

            P.S. I tick the “Notify me of new posts via email” box but it doesn’t work.

    • What control do we have over industrial policy? Over corporate capitalism? Over the pols that give those corporate donors legal and regulatory preferences? Over the bureaucrats that enforce those diktats? It’s easy, and cowardly, to blame those without the power to do much about any of that.

  10. @DP84…

    “Nothing happened to them. There wasn’t some awful disaster. There wasn’t a war or a famine or a plague or a foreign occupation. Even the economic changes of the past few decades do very little to explain the dysfunction and negligence — and the incomprehensible malice — of poor white America. So the gypsum business in Garbutt ain’t what it used to be. There is more to life in the 21st century than wallboard and cheap sentimentality about how the Man closed the factories down.

    The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale communities is that they deserve to die. Economically, they are negative assets. Morally, they are indefensible. ”


    This was written by a thoughtful youngster, someone who did not live through times when these communities were the very opposite of this.

    Despair, and all it’s venues, along with Welfare Dependency, does not create itself out of thin air.

    No, it comes after your political class makes a war of the pen against you and then, for the sake of a few, here and abroad, allows you to be sacked and resold – from top to bottom.

    The America in which I grew up was prosperous, hard-working, largely Christian, honourable, and, though there was definitely degeneracy, nothing like the pandemic it is today.

    America was a good place, and got that way because of the tremendous effort put into it by the normal White Folk you seem to revile.

    As I have often said to my fellow Southerners – “give me a month of William T. Sherman going through, instead of what we have had over the last 5 decades, because he could not do, did not do, a fraction of the damage that been done to us by The United States’ Government of the modern day.

  11. @DP84

    The “creative destruction of capitalism.”

    Thanks for underlining, with your massive, hate-filled, White-hating screed, the reason why (((capitalism))) is the foe of all humanity.

    The “creative destruction” of peoples, nations, cultures, races, hopes, futures, on a gigantic scale, so that you filthy worms can suck up profits from the ruins while heaping the vilest, most poisonous opprobrium on those your juggernaut destroys.

    I had forgotten just how low and ruinous (((capitalism))) is.

    John Buchan’s words from The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915) are as true today as they were then:

    “Capital has no fatherland and no conscience.”

    • The “creative destruction” of peoples, nations, cultures, races, hopes, futures, on a gigantic scale, so that you filthy worms can suck up profits from the ruins while heaping the vilest, most poisonous opprobrium on those your juggernaut destroys.

      The Strong do what they can, and the Weak suffer what they must. I’m sorry to hear that you identify with the Weak. I thought to be White was to be Strong, not to make outrageous alliances with turd world peoples and religions under some anti-white “One Struggle” banner.

      “Kekist Monk.”

      God what I wouldn’t give to see “men” like you publicly humiliated by some gorgeous Pro-White feminist chick. Your movement is being taken over and remade in a new image.

  12. Is Joey Merlino really gonna flip? The Buffalo Chronicle thinks he might just flip on Biden, according to their article out today.

    Merlino oversaw the manufacturing of 300,000 fakes ballots in PA, all marked for Joe Biden. He was paid ten bucks a ballot, for a total of 3 million bucks.

    Joey Merlino is the mafia boss of Philly.

    The Chronicle believes he wants to flip on Biden, if Trump will give him immunity.

    • Who said that the city that dominates Pennsyltucky is a Black-run city? It is in fact an Italo-Talmudic city.

      • If Philly was an “Italo-Talmudic ” city, the mafia would have rigged the votes for the most zionist POTUS in American history.

  13. I never would have thought execution would wind up being the problem with Trump. The guy couldn’t get it done on too many things. He did zero on pressing social media companies. Just a lot of whining.

    He waited 3 years to even begin the wall. That’s disgusting. Remember he did zero on the wall when Republicans ran it all the first two years. Paul Ryan didn’t want it, obviously, but Trump sat back way too long. The only reason he didn’t have massive egg all over his face was due to the Supreme Court saving him by 5 to 4 that he could use military funds for the wall.

    Trump said he would deport tons of people. That never happened once the business crowd talked to him. I do give him credit for deporting many gang bangers. That is something Democrats would never do.

    I never thought he would be a relatively weak president. More bark than bite. Kushner and Ivanka must have weakened him. Why did Kushner have so much influence? Must be money somewhere in there.

    As Hw says, his presidency got turned into something totally different. Platinum plans? Gay nonsense? Best president for blacks since Lincoln?

    I believe Trump had some successes like the judge appointments, the economy pre covid, some of the wall, etc. But what he failed on he failed big. To leave all of his supporters in the wind from social media bans and doing little on antifa and zero on Blm is insane.

    I voted for him simply due to the fact Democrats are so far gone. I also like the fact he ” opened the door” on things not discussed like a wall, changing immigration, trade with China, etc. But I am quite surprised he was so inept getting things done.

    Ann Coulter is very happy to see him go. It’s probably true that ” Trump tv” will be a huge hit so the Trump influence will still be there. I do hope he realizes blowing off the White vote was a very bad move. I hope all future Republican candidates realize how dumb it is to take the White vote for granted. It’s also dumb to seek black and jewish approval. It never comes.

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