50 Cent: Donald Trump Offered Me $1 Million To Attend His Inauguration

50 Cent claims Lil Wayne took the money.


50 Cent called into the Breakfast Club on Tuesday for a 46-minute chat featuring, among other things, more comments about the failed steak salesman.

Around 37 minutes into the interview, 50 recalled being offered a large amount of money to attend Trump’s inauguration. Per 50, the Trump team was reaching out to him—as they did with other artists ahead of the 2020 election—as part of an effort he says was aimed at attracting voters.

50 explained he was initially offered $500,000 to go to the inauguration, though that offer was later bumped up to $1 million.

“He was needing it for the same reasons you see now,” 50 said. “He participated with different artists for the Black vote. And I’m going, nah, I ain’t gonna put myself in that position. ‘Cause I don’t know what I’d have to do to recover from that.”

Asked by Charlamagne if Lil Wayne received a payment for his widely trashed Trump endorsement, 50 said he was “sure” he did.

“Yeah, I’m sure. … Easily, he got paid,” 50 said. …”

Lil Pump/Pimp was probably paid off.

We know that he wasn’t even registered to vote.

Note: I’m shocked that White college educated Millennials voted for Joe Biden instead of Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s version of the “Platinum Plan” was student loan debt cancellation for them. Trump was offering $500 BILLION DOLLARS to blacks alone and $1 million to black rappers.

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  1. That first video was pretty gay.

    “omg guyz trump tried to buy the black vote!”

    Ok, but did you have the same snarky attitude when Biden did that interview with Cardi B? What was that supposed to be, huh?

    It’s that kind of libtard hypocrisy which almost makes me get back on the GOP plantation.

      • I wasn’t talking to you, Hunter. I was directing my post to the narrator in the TYT Sports video.

        He said “Trump tried to buy the black vote”, and I was asking that question in my post as if he was in front of me. Talking like that can fly over people’s heads through text though, so my bad.

      • @kronos – if you thought the GOP pandered hard to the nibbas and Messicans the last few years while ignoring your White ass b-b-b-b-baby you just ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  2. Remember W.E.B. Dubois spoke of the talented tenth among his race that tried to uplift their own people whereas the other 90% tries to drag it down into the gutter. Rap and Hip-hop artists are part of the 90%.

  3. I don’t like the idea of a niggra dressed in a white man’s suit. More suitable attire would be overalls, bare feet and a straw hat.

  4. I don’t trust much of what this nog says. He seemed pretty interested in voting for Trump due to tax reasons. Fitty may be a GOD less demon who told his grandmother he can’t go to church any longer because he’d rather live the drug dealer life and has a son that hates his guts. However, these rap demons know a lot about money and how to keep it.

    After he said he was going to vote for Trump, that monster jew whore, Chelsea Handler, said she would bang him again if he did not vote for Trump. It was then that he ” changed” his thinking about Trump. Handler calls Fitty her ” favorite ex boyfriend.” What a disgusting washed up slut.

    I would say his homies said, Yo nigga, just tell her you ain’t votin Trump but then just vote for him. But if you say you di—-int, you then get some mo of her white snatch.” Nome sayin, Yo?

    So I don’t trust much from a drug dealer turned negative morals spreading rapper who makes D level made for video movies where he gets about 20 million per video basically doing thug movies.

    Fitty chose his devil path like nearly all rappers and even too many ” top 40″ White singers. The only thing I believe out of him and all rappers is they love money and hoes..

    Chelsea Handler may not fit the stereotypical rapper slut but the aging jewess is one. This is why Jewlywood rewards her over and over the same way they reward CHRIST hater Sarah Silverman. Oh, and how about another evil jew in actor Ron Pearlman who basically said it’s time to ” fu%÷ Lindsey Graham in the ass.” Sick, demonic stuff and not a thing will happen to the jew.

  5. I beez fipty cents n I use gorilla glue so muh grill don’t beez slidin’ ’ out mah mouf…
    Now gibz me a dolluh , bish

  6. IN a sane society, Fiddy cent and the rest of the rappers, basketball,football and baseball players would in jail or working in MacDonald’s spitting in the white mans food. In an insane society, whites of all sexes worship these savages.

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