Mike Enoch: The Way Forward

Editor’s Note: Click through to watch Mike Peinovich’s speech.

As we enter the post-Donald Trump era, the National Justice Party has been holding meetups and working on its platform. I haven’t been involved in the party, but it looks to me like a vehicle for Market Skeptic Republicans who aren’t satisfied with what they are getting from the GOP.

Note: 5% to 15% of White Americans say their racial identity is extremely or very important to them. The Market Skeptic Republicans are 12% of the general public and registered voters. Why not create a Far Center party? The GOP doesn’t have a policy agenda or message that resonates with these voters.

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      • @Brad How is the Mike Enoch Party for the Liberation of Mike Enoch plan to raise a Few Hundred Million Dollars to make a small wave? Bingo? I bet Richard Spencer could raise Millions for a small fee of 50% of the money raised.

        Brad, do you want the franchise for Alabama? It’s up for sale.

        You could always sell Dr. Hills Secret Tonic on the Alex Jones Show. That’s got to be a lucrative franchise.

        Young man, be a mercenary.

  1. Mike Enoch is a feckless fatass and likely Jew. Forget about his attempt to create more controlled opposition.

    We must create a White ethnostate in the north of the continent stretching from the Pacific coast of the Northwest to the western border of Pennsylvania.

    What can you stupid crackers south of the Mason-Dixon line do to help? Start promoting secession!

      • I hereby crown Hunter Wallace King of Crackerdom.

        Your King has spoken. Now start promoting secession, you cornpone pussies!

      • Lots of trolls here! They’re the main ones AGAINST an all white enlarged 2nd Confederacy. All you uninformed / brainwashed / misinformed trolls … listen to this then watch all independent media over next 30 days. Get popcorn out AND make sure you have 2 months worth of food water supplies ammo etc. Also heard rumors … world bank is about to begin using XRP … but DigiByte is a runner up as is Electronium.


      • I always thought CC was trying to bad jacket the alt-right. When Anglin started bad jacketing us on his site, it reminded me of CC’s posts. Both CC and Anglin remind me of Alex Linder, who did a similar act in the early 2000’s. You get these unpleasant people who act really crazy and unstable online who then heckle the normal, well adjusted people and call them “pussies” for not being more extreme.

        The alt-right has been incredibly slow to deal with this element. They are indulged endlessly.

  2. Hunter, you are one sick puppy. Allow me to explain how the U.S. Presidential elections work. You get to choose between the Democrat or the Republican candidate. That’s the way it works. And no time soon will you or anyone else change that.

    So, you choose the party you think will do less damage to your life. You have chosen Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. As disappointing as Trump may have been, let me make a projection for your life within nine months. Under a Biden/Harris administration, you will have no access to a bank. Your domain will have been seized, by whoever it is that seizes domains.

    Like the morons at TRS, you are a cynical nihilist. Trump failed to invite you to the White House and personally fellate you? That’s a shame.

    While all the platforms in the National Justice Party sound just wonderful. There is no way on Earth that Enoch and Striker and their dumb ass friends are ever going to get within a million miles of power. It’s a little cult that likes to drink beer and LARP. That’s their “shot”. Like you, there’s no intellectual, nor organizational capability there. And like you, Biden/Harris will leave them with no way to make a living in the next year.

    I’m sure you were giddy to watch the videos of all those unfortunate Trump supporters being beaten by negroes in the streets of DC last weekend. And that reaction is just sick. You are an angry failure Hunter.

    Bet you don’t publish this.

    • You make it sound like I was there in DC, grinning, driving through the crowd to spend the afternoon golfing while my pathetic supporters got attacked again by Antifa as has been going for five years now. We also did have a choice to reelect this guy and I sat on my couch and monitored the situation

      • @Hunter Wallace:

        “You make it sound like I was there in DC, grinning, driving through the crowd to spend the afternoon golfing while my pathetic supporters got attacked again by Antifa as has been going for five years now.”

        That is exactly what happened, it seems to be his strategy. That is why I would never show up at an event for him, he doesn’t take care of his supporters. I did vote for him though.

        We are at the crossroads of the Republic as we’ve known it since 1865. I wholeheartedly believe the best way to cause secession is by Trump’s victory and the Bolshevik//Progressive/ Democratic States to try to leave. A Liberal secession instead of Conservative/Traditionalist secession just might work.

          • @Ivan Turgenev

            Greetings sir! Yes I had lost contact with you on VK and haven’t been here much lately. I’ve been on forums and Gab.

            I look forward to reading your opinions on Brad’s work.

          • @Mark Saint…

            Thank you, Sir. Yes, I am retired from social media activism. Did what I could for our people and now I am on R & R.

            Yes, this is my online home now, as this is practically the only place a Southern Patriot can truly speak his mind.

            Thank you so very much for your interest on my opinions of Mr. Griffin’s work. As you know, I highly respect his excellent work and his brave service to our people, though I am supporting President Trump, at this juncture, which Mr. Griffin is not.

            All the best to you, your wife, and your children!

        • @Mark Saint

          “I wholeheartedly believe the best way to cause secession is by Trump’s victory and the Bolshevik//Progressive/ Democratic States to try to leave. A Liberal secession instead of Conservative/Traditionalist secession just might work.”


          But we need the political machinery in place, in order to take advantage of it.

          • @James…

            Right, and what more conducive to the Bolshevik-Progressive/Democrat states to leave the union than having this election go to Congress, where The Republican Electors choose Trump in mid December?

            That would make them feel cheated of the cheat, right?

            If they would not leave then, what else would ever be so inviting?

    • Biden-Wallace, the way things work is…you are mentally enslaved by the Jews to think that there is no possible future but the two party kabuki of Jew-controlled political theatre. You are no better than a castrated dog led around on a leash by Schlomo and trained to bark for your next jewby snack.

      Do you hail from south of the Mason-Dixon Line? I’ll bet you do, you retarded hick. Now start promoting secession!


        1) CA, OR and WA west of the Sierras and Cascades to be their own country: “Woketopia”.
        2) New York and New England to form their own country, “Goldbergland”.
        3) Chicago to be a Special Administrative Zone policed by Russian peacekeepers.
        4) Remaining contiguous Heartland + Alaska to be “New Texas”.
        5) Hawaii to be sold to China in exchange for debt cancellation.
        6) Population transfers of wokesters & BLM from cities like Atlanta and Detroit in exchange for patriots trapped in Manhattan, L.A. etc.
        7) Hunter Wallace appointed the First Court Chronicler of New Texas, also tasked with devising a history curriculum for New Texan schoolchildren.

    • “Trump failed to invite you to the White House and personally fellate you? ”

      I thought the issue was that Trump didn’t close the borders and stop immigration?

      I didn’t even hear about the free blowjobs. Why wasn’t I informed? I demand a recount!

      Also can I change mine from Trump to Ivanka? Thanks in advance.

  3. The platform looks great -the way forward, whether the nation remains one or not, for Whites, without a doubt.

  4. The issue with only being judged by members of your own race like is outlined in one of the last points is that, if you let jews only answer to jews, they will never be found guilty. either we have ethnostates, or we have a type of meritocracy which will still have the chance of being corrupt because of nepotism/ethnic loyalties.

    There is now way to actually have multi-culturalism unless you have an objective AI that makes judgements based on universal values.

  5. The way to have influence isn’t to start a new party, but to establish a caucus within a uniparty branch. Libertarians that got tired of being on the outside formed the GOP’s Liberty Caucus, for example. Sanders-style Dims left out of the establishment started Justice Democrats. Blocs within parties get help. They can field candidates with major party support, which means access to money and media attention. Third parties struggle to get on ballots, and don’t get candidates elected or much funding. It all starts at the local level. Once a few people part of a movement get into office, the parties will come calling.

    • @Boomer X

      No boomer, you’re missing the point.

      The point isn’t to win power through a political struggle.

      The point is to talk about Hitler and dress up in those cool Hugo Boss uniforms. (No homo.)

      Also, come on – a movement that couldn’t prevent Confederate monuments from being destroyed, couldn’t stop their flag from being banned – couldn’t even stop the Dukes of Hazzard from being label “hate speech” – that sort of movement is just on the cusp of seceding from the world’s largest and most powerful Empire.

      We just need a few more blog comments more radical than the last. Or, failing that, some street marches.

      Don’t be a “blackpiller” now, you don’t want to divide the movement.

      • “The point is to talk about Hitler and dress up in those cool Hugo Boss uniforms. (No homo.)”

        Oh no! We can’t have anyone who likes Hitler in our ranks, while violent Communists take over the country, bash up Whites and shoot them in the head.

        That wouldn’t be pc/kosher/good opticks. Anyone who likes Hitler is gay. Don’t ya know Hitler only had one ball?

        “a movement that couldn’t prevent Confederate monuments from being destroyed”

        Come on man! You supported the monuments being torn down. You attacked them on social media for going out to defend their heritage, while you cowered at home.

        “We just need a few more blog comments more radical than the last. Or, failing that, some street marches.”

        Strange that you never blog about Anti-Fa doing street marches and bashing people’s heads in as bad opticks. You showed concern for Anti-Fa when Alt-Right defeated them in Berkley.

        Anti-Fa do street marches, bash White heads in, burn cities down – No comment from Hipster.

        If anyone stands up to Anti-Fa, Hipster insists they must be gay nazi homos with bad opticks.

        The (((Hipster))) plan for defeating violent anti-White Communists:

        1) Dress up in nice suits, because style makes up for having no substance.
        2) Cower at home and snipe at Pro Whites who do anything.
        3) Insist there is no Pro White movement. They are all jews and agents!
        4) Insist that liberals are the real racists!
        5) Insist that Anti-Fa controlled Portland will be the first White ethnostate (see 4).
        6) Call anyone who stands up to Anti-Fa homojewnazi.

        You go girl!

      • Is it possible to get a Boss-designed denim suit? How about a velvet leisure suit made by Hugo?

        The movement isn’t OD. It isn’t anywhere; it’s not focused, it’s splintered. November, for one, has said over and over again that it doesn’t matter if you’re living in a trailer park or in a McMansion in the burbs. If you’re White, we’ve got to look out for each other. Follow the 14 words. Stick with basic principles. That’s what people can come together over. The ideology and religion can take a back seat. We’ve got to overcome our cultural programming, reawaken human nature, and allow ourselves to become tribal again.

        A European identity bloc will get the political pandering every other group gets, because of the possible votes available. The language used to get our attention will be carefully crafted, because CivNat programming has many White heads in an ideological vise, but it’s getting close to the point where White flight means moving out by the farms. Most Europeans don’t want to go that far out. The dark ones follow us out of the hells they can’t help but make without us, so that tipping point will come when, just to be left alone, we’ll have to make sure we have segregation.

        A lot of suburban Whites I know do not like their schools and neighborhoods being dragged down by Others, but they don’t know what to do about it. They’ve been taught that European pride equals wearing bedsheet uniforms with pointy hoods and doing Roman salutes. The truth that it’s not hate to want to see people who look like you in your neighborhood and town will rise again in little enclaves, then branch out to larger numbers of those steeped in American public education and mass media tropes. Unless, we’re all so pussified that we would rather let our people die out than change.

    • Comment moderation/no comment moderation…make up your damn mind, HW! Also, don’t lose comments when you do moderate them!

  6. I like the NJP’s choice of red, black and white as their party’s official colors. I want to become the first Chancellor of the future California Reich. Naturally such a Reich would have to include the Baja Peninsula.

    • Spawn- You’re not the only one that wants “California Reparations.” I want the city of Santa Barbara/Montecito up to and including Santa Maria as my portion of the pie. You can have LA.

  7. We need a middle right party. No jack boots and not cucking everything the right wants to conserve. Stand your ground politics. HW you have the sense and logic to find a sweet spot. The best thing for us is ahead. Enough of the defeatist attitude. Build something you want your grandkids can have and be proud of.

  8. Wow! People still believe we can vote our way out this situation, and that elections will replace (((them))), eh?

    • Voting for Jew-approved politicians will not get us anywhere that is true. But forming our own political parties is absolutely the best way forward. The Turner Diaries style insurrection you seem to be hinting at would be squashed immediately.

      It’s time to give up on the GOP.

      • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn,

        I am not advocating a Turner Diary insurrection only because it wouldn’t be successful. A political party could be a start of something, but that path will have many roadblocks put in place by TPTB.

        As Mark Weber pointed out, that is the reason Europeans have put up with so much humiliation, hatred, violence, and dispossession is that we aren’t a united front for our own well being. Until we have a unifying and sacred cause that White men believe is worth the risks of prison or death, we will be fighting a losing battle in my opinion.

  9. This NJP shows that you “Wignats” are either stupid or insincere, I’m guessing the latter. If you were sincere about holding political office in congress (or anywhere), you would form a caucus within the GOP in order to get people elected to the house, from there with recognition you could hold office in local and state government as well.

    If you were sincere, Hunter, you would propose or support a populist or workers caucus in the GOP that was anti-immigration, pro-worker, anti-trade, pro-free speech, pro-Palestinian etc. in order to gain at least some power at first.

    This NJP won’t even get a candidate elected to dog catcher with their rhetoric. The “Wignats” are all about being in a club patting each other on the back about how based they are rather than getting results achieved.


  10. These guys embraced the ridicilous Stop the Steal-meme so why should anyone support them? The movement in USA doesnt need more crackpots and conspiracy nuts. Shouldnt you realise this, Hunter?

  11. A Holocaust denying retard who scares away decent whites. An anti free speech knowitall set the alt right up to fail throwing Nazi salutes after trumps election for CNN to film then goes home to his Jewish tranny loving NYC wife. Absolute scumbag who should be lucky to work at McDonalds. Destroy this retard. He hurts our cause, a home for normal white families. Hunter has been spot on in many respects but this Peinovich guy is poison, absolute trash, terrible takes on COVID, Holocaust denial, etc., etc. Overall a fat disgusting moron posing as a big thinker because he surrounds himself with even dumber morons.

  12. wow – the comment homos are out for U Hunter … 😛

    U would scrap what’s Left of the Constitution? Am I a Jeff Davis Conservative for wantin’ less gubmint, NOT more? U say the Confederacy was destroyed? So was Nazi Germany – butt both were because of Foreign Policy mistakes.

    How to get back to the Republic of our Foundings/ I don’t see us votin’ our way there, and Franco’s answer in spain merely delayed the Left, though who knows, the horse may learn to sing.

    Prayer, a change of Hearts & Minds for the Dark is Risin’ …

  13. How about this:

    1. No anti-whiteness (“political correctness”)

    2. No immigration

    My platform is superior for the simple reason people will actually read it all the way through.

  14. All well and good as regards their program but did not Donald Trump teach us anything? The program above could be possible in a nation made up only of red states. But it has a snowball chance of hell of being adopted nationwide in the United States. Our path to sovereignty can no longer be found within the “American” system. The path, the only path now left to us as a people, is red state secession and the formation of a White Heartland Republic. This will become self-evident in time. After all, if this is truly a stolen election what makes you think you are going to win it back in 2024?

  15. “The way forward” also involves public health education and establishing a real PUBLIC health system in the imperial homeland (the fifty states) where coronavirus is exploding now. More than one thousand cases in this small rural county now! Vaccination will not cure poor public hygiene. There is now a SARS CoV-2 mutation first identified in Denmark that has a different spike protein not targeted by any of the vaccines in development. Many people would prefer (if they must be vaccinated) one of the Russian and Cuban vaccines instead of “cutting edge” technology of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, etc. But the U.S. will not allow these vaccines to compete with the Western corporations. One Cuban vaccine doesn’t even require a jab:


    There will always be another epidemic if the system fails to care for the health of the commons including the weakest links.

  16. The way forward for us is Southern Nationalism. But we’ve been, and still are, wasting huge amounts of time doing essentially nothing.

    It’s nobody’s fault but our own.

    • They are not really interested in Southern Nationalism … they are only interested in following a global jewish messianic monarch … and they say they’re kin were confederates of sovereign republics … i say they are bs liars and shills for the shekel oligarchy … cant have a sovereign Southern Nation under a jew messiah global monarchy or even under the British monarchy trying to go global with the jews bullshit!

      Why i call em out as pure shill cuck liars… all!

  17. Am I the only sane guy here? The NJP isn’t meant to actually win the Presidency or Congress, though that would be nice, it’s meant to be there when it all collapses. The real challenge for them is making sure they don’t get infiltrated and subverted, and remaining strong for when the collapse comes.

    • The multi-dimensional purple dragon dressed in green plaid whispered to me that you’re the craziest one here, so no. All third parties or pro-White groups are used by Feds (White supremacists are more of a danger than ISIS, the FBI says) as infiltration training courses. The KKK is basically an FBI seminar on dissident sabotage these days.

      If you’re not forming a group that will have any effect, why form it? Pull an FBI, and infiltrate groups with staying power and funding.

      • Pack it up, go home, never form a group or organize because it WILL be infiltrated, nothing will be gained from the venture, and we must therefore concentrate our efforts on infiltrating every other group, like a diaspora of jews.

        I’ll fucking pass.

      • @Boomer X,

        I understand where you’re going with the “White working class caucus ” inside the GOP, but once those donors that belong to the small hat & hooked nose tribe get one whiff of a pro-White platform, they will not give such a caucus a single shekel of funding.

        You’re smart enough and well-read enough to know how this rigged game is played; if you want the msm and the GOP establishment to not libel your caucus, members of said caucus must pledge fealty to Israel and become pious promoters and defenders of holocaustianity.

        If we could live in communities with like-minded people, then we’d be able to elect those that truly represent us without cucking (e.g., Steve King).

        • Every other identity group also has to pledge to be anti-racist. After that, it’s open season on whatever other groups the particular identity group doesn’t like. There is a growing anti-Israel movement among the Dims, because the other minorities don’t like the joos. Yes, it’s currently different for we Ebil Crackas, but it’s hard not to notice that “woke” Whiteys in social media get to be rayciss as heck to those dark ones wandering off the left’s plantation.

          There’s a huge opening here for a White populist. Make the correct noises to not scare off the CivNat herd (everyone needs numbers to get ahead, and that means normies), but promote policies that don’t reflect those empty words. It’s pursuing a little power through lying, which is what US politics has always been: telling a few lies to get inside the (((master’s))) house. It’s a low, nasty game played by a lot of unprincipled people. Politics is show business for ugly people, as the saying goes. People who are ugly inside and out. Andrew Jackson stands out because he was rare; the norm is a Clinton or Bush.

  18. Yes and the National Justice Party has a great platform. Great folks. These people think like we post. I like the whole National Justice name because that’s what we need White Justice! I’ve been sharing them on Facebook. However the Republican Trumpards keep scrolling thinking Trump is secretly a White Nationalist. I think we all know now…he’s nothing but a 1 term President that will be known for Covid-19 and how 249,000 plus Americans died from it. All because he wouldn’t work with China and Stop It In China! Oh but lets not forget Anarchists and Black Lives Matter that destroyed many of our Monuments. All while Trump did nothing but post about it on Twitter and his idiot followers got all happy. The Conservatives, Republicans, and so on are The Enemy of the White Race! Deo Vindice !

  19. Here’s a good idea, stop supporting shills that are looking for claps and cheers. The suit doesn’t make the man, the man makes the man. I saw fear and reservation in those guys. The guy before Mike was talking about global warming and the animals disappearing. How about Whites disappearing in their own countries. We either rise as a people or fall as a people.

  20. The NJP’s purpose was alluded to on “The Third Rail” after the first speech. Its an attempt to circumvent the blockade on TRS by payment processors by using election law protections against discrimination of legitimate political parties.

    Its literally a vehicle to collect money for the TRS group of knuckleheads. Just going to be a grift.

    People should stop listening to Enochs bullshit. He’s a buglight for inexperienced White young men.

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