Donald Trump Was Fired By White America

Joe Biden is now President-Elect of the United States.

How did Sleepy Joe pull off such an amazing result in the electoral college when the “Coalition of the Ascendant” sputtered on him and shifted toward Blumpf in 2020?

In 2020, Donald Trump was +4 in Based Blacks.

In 2020, Donald Trump was +3 with Hispanics and +2 in Asians.

There are strong indications that Donald Trump performed even better with minorities in 2020. He performed much better with the upper middle class and the wealthy, Asians, Republicans and black men. Mormons went home to Trump. He won more of the Muslim vote. He won more White women. He won 3% more of the Jewish vote. Donald Trump doubled his share of the LGBTQ vote.

Why did he lose then?


The party of the multiracial, multiethnic working class lost the working class in a landslide while winning the upper middle class in a landslide. So much for “National Populism.”

The coalition that Trump lost with in 2020 wasn’t the coalition that he won the White House with in the 2016 election. Donald Trump’s 2020 coalition was much more racially diverse, upscale, gayer, conservative and Republican. Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign pulled in far more downscale White male Independents, populists, moderates and college educated voters who live in the middle suburbs. The Independent vote which was pro-Trump dropped from 31% of the electorate in 2016 to 26% in 2020.

Donald Trump 2020


Independents – 52% Biden, 46% Trump

North Carolina

Independents – 49% Biden, 44% Trump


Independents – 55% Biden, 41% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 41% Trump


Independents – 57% Biden, 34% Trump

New Hampshire

Independents – 61% Biden, 35% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 53% Biden, 44% Trump


Independents – 47% Biden, 43% Trump


Independents – 51% Biden, 45% Trump


Independents – 54% Biden, 42% Trump

Donald Trump 2016


Independents – 51% Trump, 37% Hillary

North Carolina

Independents – 53% Trump, 37% Hillary


Independents – 50% Trump, 40% Hillary


Independents – 52% Trump, 36% Hillary


Independents – 48% Trump, 41% Hillary


Independents – 44% Trump, 42% Hillary


Independents – 46% Hillary, 41% Trump

New Hampshire

Independents – 45% Trump, 45% Hillary


Independents – 47% Trump, 44% Hillary


Independents – 52% Trump, 41% Hillary


Independents – 50% Trump, 37% Hillary


Independents – 52% Trump, 38% Hillary


Independents – 47% Trump, 43% Hillary

In all the swing states, Trump lost White Independent voters and performed more poorly with Moderates. He also consistently performed better with conservatives and Republicans. The glaring pattern in every swing state is Trump losing ground in the middle with White male Indies and trying to replace them with more conservatives, Republicans, Hispanics, Based Blacks or new White working class voters.

In response to this colossal failure, Robert Hampton offers at Counter-Currents what I call the seven copes.

Cope #1. The election was rigged against Donald Trump.

This is transparently false.

If the election was rigged against Trump, then it was rigged nationwide because his 2016 margin over Hillary diminished everywhere except in a handful of states. Donald Trump also performed better with non-Whites. Black turnout wasn’t impressive in Detroit, Milwaukee or Philadelphia. Hispanics in Phoenix and Miami also trended toward Trump. He decisively lost the election in places like the Atlanta suburbs, Phoenix, the Philadelphia suburbs, the Milwaukee suburbs, suburban Detroit, etc.

Cope #2. Actually, Donald Trump won more of the White vote in 2020.

In the 2016 election, the electorate was 71% White and Trump won 57% of the White vote and 66% of Whites without a college degree. In the 2020 election, the electorate was 67% White and Trump won 58% of the White vote. He won 81% of conservatives in 2016 and 85% in 2020. He won 88% of Republicans in 2016 and 94% of Republicans in 2020. Mitt Romney won 59% of the White vote, 82% of conservatives and 93% of Republicans. Trump won the 2016 election with fewer conservatives and fewer Republicans because he was stronger in the Center of the electorate with Independents and Moderates. The major shift is that he won Independents by 4 in 2016 and lost by 13 in 2020. Basically, he lost Independents and Moderates and tried to make up ground with Republicans.

Cope #3. Actually, it was Gary Johnson voters and Jill Stein voters who went to Joe Biden.

In the 2016 election, Gary Johnson won 4,489,233 votes and Jill Stein won 1,457,216 votes. In the 2020 election, the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgenson won 1,835,058 votes and the Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins won 383,943 votes. The difference between 2016 and 2020 is 2,654,175 votes for the Libertarian and 1,073,273. Even if we assume all 3,727,448 of those third party votes went to Joe Biden, it doesn’t explain how Joe Biden got 14 million more votes than Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump also got 10 million more votes than he did in 2016. Democrat and Republican turnout was higher.

In Arizona, for example, Gary Johnson won 106,327 votes and Jill Stein won 34,345. Jo Jorgenson won 51,465 votes. Assuming all 89,207 of those net third party votes went to Joe Biden, he is still pulling over 500,000 more votes out of Arizona. Trump has gone from a 3 point win with Independents to an 11 point loss.

Cope #4. It was affluent, college-educated suburbanites who flipped to Joe Biden.

In the 2020 election, Donald Trump won voters making over $100,000 a year, 54% to 42%. In 2016, he split them with Hillary in 2016, 47% to 47%. He won more wealthy White voters who liked to hold their little Trump 2020 boat parades. He won more conservatives. He won far more Republicans.

In some states, the upper middle class flipped to Joe Biden. In Georgia, he won the upper middle class, 53% to 46%. In Michigan, Trump won the upper middle class, 54% to 43%. In Wisconsin, Trump won the upper middle class, 55% to 44%. In Pennsylvania, he won the upper middle class, 50% to 49%. In Iowa, Trump won the upper middle class, 56% to 42%. In Virginia, he won the upper middle class, 53% to 46%. Nationwide, the wealthy and the upper middle class swung 7 points toward Trump.

Cope #5. It was college-educated shitlibs who voted for Trump in 2016 who soured on him because of “racism” in 2020.

Does this make any sense?

The Democrat narrative on “white supremacy” fell flat with blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews, LGBTs and White women, but persuaded college-educated White men to vote for Joe Biden in 2020. It seems unlikely to me. I think there is something else going on here. The biggest part of it is undoubtedly the fact that Blumpf is broadly perceived as an incompetent buffoon by college-educated voters even on this website. It seems that college-educated voters, but not necessarily wealthy voters, turned against him. Part of it is undoubtedly due to COVID. Another part of is due to the endless chaos and disorder of his administration and people drawing the conclusion that the costs of Trump outweighed the benefits.

Cope #6. The “Real Right” supports tough immigration restriction, non-intervention and making fun of John McCain.

Not really.

According to the Pew Research Center, we know exactly who supports those issues. It is the “Disaffected” or “Hard-Pressed Skeptics” or “Market Skeptic Republicans.” Those people are Independent voters in the Center of the electorate. It is the “Business Conservatives” or “Core Conservatives” – the conservative liberals – who oppose these things. They are pro-immigration, globalist on foreign policy, free traders who are cucked on race to the point of hopelessness. They are the traditional Republicans like Ben Shapiro who warmed to Trump in 2020 after pearl clutching in the 2016 election.

Cope #7. The 5% narrative isn’t true.

Yes, it is.

In Georgia, for example, we now know on the basis of voter history that there was a 5 point blue swing from Obama-Trump voters to Joe Biden. Of all the states where his decline with White college educated men and wealthy suburbanites hurt Trump the most, it was Georgia. If the Obama-Trump voters flipping back to Joe Biden were decisive there, what happened elsewhere?

The 2020 electoral map looks familiar:

The result in Florida is due to Hispanic voters.

The result in Arizona is due to White working class voters.

Everywhere else and particularly across the White Belt from Minnesota to Maine where Donald Trump overperformed Mitt Romney in 2016 we see a reversion to the pre-2016 status quo. The White electorate is less conservative in these states. There are more moderates, populists and Independent voters. The election was whiter in this area than it was in the 2016 election. So it wasn’t changing racial demographics.

The headline result of this election is that White Independent men who make less than $100,000 a year and who are concentrated in the middle suburbs shifted toward Joe Biden.

This is also exactly the result that you would expect too if race conscious Whites soured on him. He desperately tried to fill in that hole in his 2016 coalition by turning out more conservatives (81% to 85%) and Republicans (88% to 94%) or new White working class voters in the electorate.

It could reflect a judgment on the Trump administration. In spite of the claims of paleocons LARPing as “National Populists,” the Trump presidency actually wasn’t that impressive on race, culture, immigration, trade or foreign policy. It wasn’t impressive on free speech, monuments, law and order, strong leadership and other issues this constituency is known to care about. My bet though is that it reflects above all else a judgment on Trump’s economic record – his bailouts for Wall Street and endless stock market cheerleading in the context of the COVID economic crash. These people were already notoriously financially strapped and that was before 2020 when he was campaigning with Ricky Rebel and Lil Pump/Pimp on the Platinum Plan. They looked at this guy and didn’t see much racism or populism. The message that he sent to that constituency was that he doesn’t give a f*** about them.

Populist voters are under no obligation to prop up MIGApedes and mainstream conservatism. Independent voters are also not mainstream conservative Republicans. Calling Charlie Kirk and mainstream conservatism pretty words like “nationalism” or “populism” for chumps will believe it doesn’t make it so. Donald Trump and the Republican Party don’t give a shit about changing demographics except for maybe in Israel where their mind has been on “winning” for their donors for the last four years.

If the GOP wants our political support, then it can start representing us and change its True Cons message and policy agenda. And if not, it can get used to President Joe Biden.

UPDATE: In Alabama, Trump managed to lose Indies to Joe Biden while winning 97% of Republicans. In Kentucky, he went from winning Indies by 34 points to 14 points. In Alaska, Joe Biden performed better than any Democrat since 1964.


  1. “If the GOP wants our political support, then it can start representing us and change its True Cons message and policy agenda. And if not, it can get used to President Joe Biden.”

    I’ll ask you again, Mr. W.: What political support? You are spending blog-entry after blog-entry to point out what everyone knew on the evening of the election of 2016: Trump scraped by, to a win, in that election, with votes from those Reagan Democrats or whatever those rust-belt whites used to be called. If there were, as you’ve said, no pundits pointing out that the 2020 outcome would turn on the votes of those whites, then those pundits must have been completely unfamiliar with presidential politics of the last twoscore years. The outcome was obviously going to be a matter of whether those voters would come out for Trump in sufficient numbers again; and it was equally obvious that they were unlikely to, inasmuch as Trump failed to get the wall built.

    If I’m recalling correctly, you said, in an Occidental Dissent entry the other day, that we’d “better believe” the GOP heard the message from you populists in this 2020 election. Really? We’d “better believe” that? Let’s see, over the next four years, how hard the GOP pushes to build the wall, to gain your kingmaking support. Let’s see how much they ignore Israel—no matter how much money Sheldon Adelson waves in front of them—to secure your priceless votes.

    If you’ll permit me a snide remark: Southerners have a conspicuous historical record of misreading their political circumstances—and you’re extending it. Cotton wasn’t king—and you populists aren’t kingmakers.

    • Southerners are know to not be the brightest people, the reputation is there for good reason. Hunter admits this in his own way. He recognizes that the South voted for Trump overwhelmingly, curious to know if Hunter considers Southerners to be stupid as well because of how they voted.

    • The Sailer Strategy is a strategy to help Republicans get into office. It is not a strategy to make Republicans do anything for Whites after they get in.

      The only people who really count in American electorial politics are the ones who give billions of dollars to Republicans and Democrats, and the ones who are evil enough to do what ever it takes to blackmail them into doing what they want. These people will go as far as exploiting children. There is only one group on the planet that is willing to go that far.

      • The bottom line is that trump listened to his chabad lubavicher son in-law, his shiksa daughter, Nuttyahoo, and sheldon adelson for the last four years. Along the way he hired uppity incompetent negress omarrosa from the apprentice reality show, retred neocon chicken hawks john bolton, mike pompeo, and eliot abrams.

        In the end, trump, inc. won the ben shipiro voters and those that wanted to put off the future for another four chaotic and turbulent of relative comfortable bourgeois comfort. In other words, trump lost race realist voters, but kept the CivNats, Israel Firsters, and frogs in the simmering pot of water.

    • How do we really even know any voters flipped? The margins were so small in the rust belt the normal dying off process of 75+ whites from the Silent and Boomer Generation to be replaced by the fatherless, drug addicted, public school brainwashed Generation Bastard whites on the voter roles could easily erase those small margins in the rust belt, not to mention four more years of immigrants and their spawn coming of voting age. Trump got millions more votes this time than in 2016. It’s just the democrats pulled a misdirection magic trick with this COVID shipping out tens of millions more ballots than we had in the last election and managed to farm out Biden votes from every ghetto slug who stayed home when the Witch was on the ticket in 2016.

      I will also say I think there were some flips, seeing how ineffective Trump was with with wild “tweets” like Quixote tilting at Windmills and hoping things would go back to normal if they fed the monster, i.e. give the media what they wanted. Besides, the republicans suck and have a hostile economic agenda to anyone who isn’t already set up with a good job, nor does their agenda provide any reassurance that they will let those people keep their jobs. Probably the most significant good thing that had a very good effect on the economy the GOP did was stop the global warming madness. If Biden has any sense he will realize he needs cheap oil to keep the ailing economy rolling. We’ll see how crazy the democrats are in how they proceed. Whether this is the kind of propaganda for their base like the GOP gives to Evangelicals that they don’t keep? Or if they are insane true believers?

  2. Trump won Ohio by ~8.3%. Your EC map above is wrong.

    I guess I should have seen it coming back when you were so excited about Yang that you wrote about flipping some Southern states for him and the Democrats.

    Yes, Trump was a disappointment, to say the least. I hope the White America which fired Trump enjoys President Kamala and gets it “good and hard.” Sorry, Hunter, no gibs for you.

  3. Spencer asked for a source on this tweet:
    “How do I know Conservatives are running a con game on social media censorship by promoting the repeal of Section 230?

    Because Biden also supports repealing section 230 for the purpose of increasing censorship by turning these platforms into publishers responsible for posts.”


    People are suggesting its so the Dems can suppress the left, or the right.

    Its because only the very rich can afford to have good lawyers on staff, so only rich people will be able to afford to have free speech on the internet.

    Those that can afford lawyers use them to bully those that can’t afford them.

    • Spencer is a total asshat. He is pro-Globalist and pro-Elitism. He is not a populist at all. He supports the elite/rich ordering everyone around. Apparently Spencer thinks he’s part of the elite stock or thinks he can join it. He’s a nobody and his parents aren’t rich enough to put him in the drivers seat at Bilderberg or Davos. In the end he will become a surf once Agenda 2030/Great Reset is implemented. He can then huff his own ass crack. Spencer is nothing more than an arrogant twat, who supports lockdowns, mandatory injections, and Elite rule. He cost Trump huge image with “heil gate”, hired a pederast who promotes man boy love and wrote a book about it with the cover of our Lord and Savior covered in semen to run his NPI buttcrack organization, and then has the gall to attack Trump because he’s too pro-LGBT, when he literally hired a pederast. He sits there all smug, with a punch-able face. and sick mannerisms. He is the worst representative of nationalism, he is not a populist rather a Globalist, and endorsed the Democrats because they “Were more capable”, this is the same party that during a conference headliners couldn’t speak because people were constantly raising “points of privilege” in the audience. Spencer should is reprehensible, and a bad faith character who is probably trying to discredit nationalist-populism or serve in a trojan horse function.

  4. Trump made his bed, let him lie in it. Remember, it not those who vote but those who count the votes. Trump lost because he took the white vote for granted. We still have power and we must use it wisely.

  5. Obama now says that the greatest threat to “Our Democracy” is the Internet.

    I think that signals a final crackdown.

    Hunter, do you think that your principled stance against Blompf and your celebration of his defeat will save this site? Your acceptance and citation of “official” NYT and CNN data and your insistence that fraud played no part in the result could help your cause, no?

    • Trump would have let them do it if he had been reelected. He let them do it his first four years. Trump did nothing to protect anyone his entire time in office. Have you been in a coma the last four years?

      • No he wouldn’t have. Trump has a yuge Ego, Twitter and Big Tech violated that by openly censoring him. The Kraken was about the be unleashed via executive order. Trump family (excluding Kikner and his entrapped wife) are livid with the media and big tech. Anti-Trust, removal of 230, and even indictments were coming down the pike after the election. Wray was about to be fired for targeting nationalists and populists. The second term would have been his revenge, it would have probably seen Soros’es arrested for inciting riots and treason, election interference. There is a reason they bugged out and stole the election so brazenly. If Trump was going to be a complete lap dog they wouldn’t of bothered risking civil war and destroying the regime credibility of the New World Order’s Global Police Force and Economic engine. They were so afraid of him they are willing to risk the USA falling apart and damaging their Unipolar World Order, which is one easy step away from the New World Order, or Global Governance by technocratic elite, directed by oligarchy, most likely, shadowy central banking families who are mostly Jewish. But I find myself again on this disinformation website, who does publish my opinion thankfully, but does not grasp the fact that every colour revolution MUST be fought, and it’s opponent must be supported. That the oligarchy is our primary threat, and after Trump it will be unlikely we will get a better candidate. They will clamp down, they are throwing out the “Open Society” model because their propaganda is not powerful enough to sell the BS they are pushing, so in order to prevent “Democratic Backsliding” a Soros/Globalist term for Populism and Nationalism they are going to crack down on dissent, Soros linked politicians are already planning to arrest the head of the nationalists in Slovakia for writing a check to 3 poor families, their evidence is he wrote the check for 1488 Euros, which is not a crime but nevertheless changed the law and he was convicted and faces 4 years if his appeal falls through. This was spearheaded by the new President who was a literally employee of Open Society, and Corona Hoax Artist PM who owns testing kit company and is locking down and mandating immunity certificates in order to enter public shops. He is making millions upon millions from testing kits, and so far 2/3rd of the nation was forcibly tested. These are evil people, they were fooled by a Soros anti-corruption campaign, after 15 years of anti-Soros party rule. Next election Soros linked parties will lose again, but the damage has been done. Last time there was a colour revolution in Slovakia they privatized the largest oil refinery and pipeline depot in the world Slovnaft, and Biden/Soros are using it to run scams on Ukraine. They took us into NATO, made us go to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Serbia (a fellow Slavic nation that was under attack by Islamic Narco Terrorists/Organ/Human traffickers). Again, you always fight against a colour revolution. Now they want to censor everything, and are investing in voting machines to steal elections from nationalists and populists, so its important you get out their and PROTEST the STEAL, if you don’t, you may never see a nationalist or populist win in the West again, because they will steal votes again if no one complains.

    • “Obama now says that the greatest threat to “Our Democracy” is the Internet.”

      The plebs having free speech is a threat to Democracy. Only the rich should have free speech. Shut. It. Down.

      “Hunter, do you think that your principled stance against Blompf and your celebration of his defeat will save this site?”

      A post I put here that is waiting to be approved, makes you look silly. Donald Trump was campaigning to end free speech on social media long before Obama said anything. Obama is just agreeing with Donald Trump, that free speech must go. The fix is in.

      Nationalists should have supported a third party a long time ago, but it was always “We gotta vote Republican, because they are the lesser of two evils”. Now we are seeing the results of that strategy.

    • This is shocking and scary.

      Just read the article on Vox. In all seriousness ALL these evil f**ks deserve to be hanged, drawn and quartered (In minecraft, ofcourse).

      This should be a call to arms to defend freedom of speech and access to information. It’s wierd…they kill Epstein right before our eyes and then turn around and say pedophile rings are a figment of your imagination.


  6. I do not understand why Trumpers are here. They know by now we are not going to change our minds about the con-artist grifter who is tweeting up a storm, firing people and having drunken fool Rudy Giuliani embarrass himself, Trump and the country.

    I guess they’ve taken abuse via indifference from Trump for so long, they do not know what self-respect looks like anymore.

    These rants are Trumpish and do not help the image of free White people whatsoever.
    The rage here is unhealthy and unnecessary when there are numerous safe spaces on the internet.

    It won’t change a thing because Trump lost, but MAGAs can make the most of these last 8 weeks if you chat with people who agree with you. Or tweet Trump to hold rallies through Jan 19th.

    It was rumored he had plans to do so, but seems to have dissapeared for all practical purposes. Talk about going out with a tweet and a whimper. The man is coming across like a lunatic.

    • Well said, Vickey. Trump-tards suffer from battered wife syndrome. They get conned, lied to, abused and disappointed but keep going back for more.

    • Cult leaders are narcisists, and never do anything for their adoring followers. Cult minders, the men with the machine guns, chase down all escapees from the cult.

      On the day the Jim Jones cult drank the koolaid, Jim’s cult minders chased down all refusers and shot them in the head – including Jim Jones! These Trumpers are Donald Trump’s cult minders.

    • Magatards have the Jewish revolutionary spirit inside them, that is to say they venture into hostile territory and attempt to control the narrative. They’ve basically taken over political discussion on 4chan even though they are relentlessly mocked and jeered by the boards long time users. You can spot them a mile away because they bark retarded slogans rather than actually engage in debate.

  7. Two weeks later and your still repeating this nonsense? Everyday your like, “white Merica fired Trump”. Sometimes twice a day. YOU’VE MADE YOUR POINT ALREADY. However, the real point is that the psychotic oligarchy that controls the US, has STOLEN THE ELECTION FROM TRUMP. They are moving AWAY from the OPEN SOCIETY model, of free internet/speech because they believed their propaganda was strong enough. Alt views points crushes to shreds the Neo-Globalist PC culture, because its insane gibberish that is illogical and appalling. They’ve decided to go all out, take away free speech, take away open internet with mass censorship (Kamala just might take down your website Hunter), ban books/videos, take away firearms, and last but NOT LEAST, take away any form of Democracy. They will NOT allow “Democratic Backsliding”, which is Globalist speak for a populist anti-Globalist being elected and will even disenfranchise your right to vote. They stole the election, Dominion voting chief promised anti-fa he would make sure Trump loses, at least several small counties have found errors in Dominion, where it flipped votes to Biden, they call this a “glitch”, we are not stupid, its designed that way, no proper voting system is done by computer, let alone one with USB ports and options to connect and monitor, which means they can steal it in real time. If they hand counted the votes properly Trump would win the closest battle ground states, and if they disqualified fraudulent unsolicited mail in ballots, sent after the polls closed Trump would take the rest. You decided to STAND DOWN in the face of a Globalist Colour Revolution, and like a total hurting unit are bragging about how Trump lost because people didn’t vote for him because they are of the same mind as you. This is idiotic. You still support COVID lockdowns despite it being CLEAR this is a scam to implement AGENDA 2030/Great Reset. The people pushing the Covid BS are on RECORD SAYING, 1. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, HAVE NO PRIVACY, NO CAR, AND NOT EAT MEAT, AND YOU WILL LOVE IT, all by 2030… You are a failure Hunter, you stood down during mass election theft, during lockdowns to promote Global Technocratic Oligarchy you supported them, and you talk every day with stupid “he lost cause of what I was saying, teeeeheee”. Your not serious, or you are not smart enough. Trump has plenty of PROBLEMS, he is ineffective, he isn’t onboard fully, but he would of taken big tech to task, stopped the lockdown agenda, stopped the great reset agenda 2030 global communist hell plan, and probably at this point he is ready to drop Israeli support b/c netanyahu sold him out, is pulling all troops out as he found out command was lying about troops numbers to him and not following his orders, and probably replaced Wray and Barr, indicted Soros and Open Society for foreign election interference. Soros is a British Agent. Blood is thicker than paper work, his Hungarian/EU and American passports should be cancelled and him arrested for treason, and inciting riots. But no, you ordered a stand down, and are gloating, saying he lost because people listen to you, not because the oligarchy has now said you will never have a free election unless both candidates are controlled by us. You failed nationalism, populism, and white Europeans. Now all we can hope for is the US to break apart by the USSR so it will no longer be the foremost enforcer of Globalist evil. You are now the Michael Shermer and Webster Tarpley of the right, both ignorant of realities you think are conspiracy theories when they are written in white paper available on WEP websites. READ THIS, this is the new order you are promoting with your lockdowns, and what you stood down to with your failing to stand against a globalist COUP/colour revolution. FAILURE!

    • The great reset 2030? Is this the new conspiratard bugaboo now that agenda 21 is almost obsolete?

      By the way could you give a me a reason why the Jewish establishment would try to steal the election from the most pro-Jewish president in American history? Did you know Israel manufactures a lot of the electronics in vote counting machines? Did you know Trump was Israels preferred candidate?

      • There’s a huge difference between Israel, and American Jewry. A lot of you all don’t get this. The Republicans feel obliged to put on a show of how nice they are to Israel to try to head off any charges of anti-semitism since their agenda is the agenda of the dwindling WASP elite that the largely leftist American Jewry doesn’t like. They also are trying to have at least SOME Jews on their side, the more conservative religious ones who are obsessed with Israel unlike you typical leftist Jew who only cares about showing transgendered pornography to kids in middle America to demoralize them as some sort of psychological hostility against ordinary whites.

      • Your literally dumber than a Somalian if you call the Great Reset a “Conspiracy Theory”. It is completely out in the open, it has its own pod cast, a book, white papers detailing the plot, and admissions from world leaders that COVID is the excuse for ushering in this model. –Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better — Is one link about the Great Reset plot, they want you car and meat free by 2030, brain scanning chips that police/border security will scan (unless your a non-white migrant, in that case they want 1 billion of you in Europe, they will install the chips afterwards). Klaus EarSchwab literally wrote this in his book, the 4th Industrial Revolution, which is the Great Reset, that was done several years ago, which they are trying to conflate with COVID. They are intentionally trying to crash the economy with lockdowns so they can “build back better” with this garbage. RT ‘Great Reset’ trends on Twitter after Trudeau speech on Covid-19 hints it’s not just a ‘conspiracy theory’

        I can’t believe you are so ignorant and I’m sorry to say, but stupid. You called me a conspiritard for pointing out an open program, which is advertised through the UN (UN Agenda 2030/Sustainable Development Goals), through Davos Economic Forum, which has a podcast, published white papers detailing the plot, and a book written by Klaus EarSchwab Blofeld director of Davos. Mainstream media has covered it and world leaders talk about it (ie. Build Back Better – Biden/Kamala, Boris, Macron. \plus Trudeau who admitted Covid was the excuse to implement the “Reset” then talked Agenda 2030 and UN Sustainable Development Goals). It’s in the UN, there are white papers. You sound like the journalists that claim Replacement Migration is a conspiracy, when their is literally a UN paper called UN Replacement Migration detailing how Japan, North Korea, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, and Europe will have their natives replaced by a flood of non-white (non-Korean/Japanese also) migrants. They are targeting high trust/net worth societies and replacing them with sewage in order to build a new Neo-Feudalistic society. The Great Reset is just that. I still can’t believe you called me a conspiritard, I demand you retract your un-intelligent comment as I have shown proof!

  8. I hope the brown hordes kill rednecks like yourself first under the incoming President Harris administration, faggot. A vote or non vote against Trump is a vote against White america, period.

  9. How bout you start talking about all the anti-white legislation coming down the pike when biden gets there, it’s almost as if you prefer biden over trump. This is going to be so much worse than the last four years dude.

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