Why Georgia Shifted Blue

In the Full Haus podcast, we debated the mystery of what caused the decline in the White vote for Trump in the exit polls. Was it White Independent voters in the suburbs making less than $100,000 a year sitting out the election or flipping to Joe Biden or was it affluent, college educated Republican voters in the suburbs? Could it have been both? The answer clearly varies from state to state.

In Georgia, the upper middle class definitely flipped to Joe Biden.

+$100,000 Voters (32% of electorate) – 53% Biden, 46% Trump

+$100,000 Voters (32% of electorate) – 56% Trump, 42% Hillary

In Georgia, the upper middle class size of the electorate was static. It swung dramatically to Joe Biden. Trump won it by 14 points in 2016. He lost it by 7 points in 2020.

Conservatives (40% of electorate) – 86% Trump, 14% Biden

Conservatives (42% of electorate) – 85% Trump, 15% Hillary

In Georgia, the conservative share of the electorate shrank. Trump won about the same amount of conservatives.

Republicans (38% of electorate) – 94% Trump, 6% Biden

Republicans (36% of electorate) – 94% Trump, 4% Hillary

In Georgia, the Republican swath of the electorate slightly expanded. Joe Biden did 2 points better though with Republicans. The focus here was on Based Blacks and Hispanics. Trump’s Team won more of them but were killed in the Atlanta suburbs with college educated White men, Moderates and Independents.

In Georgia, we can now say:

  • It was the upper middle class in the Atlanta suburbs
  • It was Moderates and Independents
  • It was the Obama-Trump voters
  • It was seniors
  • It was White college educated voters

It wasn’t blacks in Atlanta.

It wasn’t “demographics is destiny.”

Donald Trump did worse with all Whites in Georgia and staggeringly worse with White college educated men in the Atlanta suburbs. In the 2016 election, Trump crushed Hillary in the upper income bracket, 56% to 42%. In the 2020 election, the upper middle class went for Biden by 53% to 46%. He went from winning by 14 points to losing by 7 points. He could have won the state though by holding the Obama-Trump voters and for some reason he didn’t in 2020.

Note: Nick Fuentes and the Grift Right are coming to Atlanta to “Stop the Steal” in Buckhead and the Atlanta suburbs this week because the Platinum Plan only won +0.5% of the black vote in the blackest counties in Georgia for Trump. College educated White Millennials voted for Joe Biden because of student loan debt. He offered them something and so they voted for him.


  1. “Why Georgia Shifted Blue – it was White Voters…”

    Now, let me tweak that just a wee bit : Why Georgia Shifted Blue – it was White Voters being tossed and tumbled like a dinner salad by corrupt poll counters and invented to glitch CIA machines.

    • Eh, Griffin will never admit that. He’s a full-on Bidenite. Who hates White Americans because they dared to vote for Trump, whom he has a comically rabid bug up his ass about. 😀

      • I didn’t vote for Joe Biden.

        How was the election stolen from Trump in the wealthiest precincts in the Atlanta suburbs? What does it have to do with race? He lost the White vote while winning more based blacks in Georgia. This is the result of his own campaign strategy. He won 0.5% more of the black vote with the Platinum Plan in the blackest counties. It is a new day in the multiethnic, multiracial GOP.

        • Hunter, you encouraged your readership, which rose dramatically in recent times, to literally not vote and accept a Biden steal. This is about the same as voting for him. You cheered as he won because somehow that made your essays on white flight from Trump seem real. The real reality is that the election was stolen, and despite the numerous mistakes Trump made, it was either him or BLM/Anti-Fa, and whites knew it, Hispanic business owners, and blacks tired of criminality. You supported the hoax lockdown even after it had been proven a fraud, with the media who was claiming you were killing grandma for stepping outside of the house began celebrating BLM riots while states began violently attacking lockdown protestors, this despite handling anti-fa/BLM rioters/vandals with kid gloves. Uber faggot Trudeau came out and admitted COVID was the impetus for implement Global Oligarchy Agenda’s “Great Reset” “UN Sustainable Development” and “Agenda 2030”. Even the NY Times admitted high false positives, and despite the deaths plummeting for COVID, they increased testing and number increased due to PCR only detecting anti-bodies but not the virus itself, they locked down harder. It was an obvious hoax and you knew it, but refused to admit it because you’d already invested in it. The same with your WhEXIT BS. In the end you misled you large readership and led them down the path toward technocratic oligarchy, poverty, zero privacy, and Neo-Feudalism by ordering a stand down in the face of a colour revolution and coup. Also, if your here promoting populism and nationalism you might as well stop it now, because they set a precedent by stealing this election, that is is okay to do that to prevent “Democratic Backsliding”, a dystopian term Globalists/Oligarchs use to term the election of nationalists and populists. So by sitting quiet here, celebrating Biden’s provable steal, you are in essence saying FU to any future nationalists and populists in the West by acquiescing to the theft of this election by the Global Oligarchy. Then you started palling around with the faggot Spencer, who is a bad actor in the nationalist movement, who openly promoted a manboy lover while pretending to be against Trump today because he’s too pro-LGBT. Spencer is pro-Globalist and Elitist, because Spencer has delusions of grandeur and see’s his upper middle class family as part of elite stock. If anything he is a total buffoon who the elite will happily subject to living in a pod and eating bugs once they ram through their Malthusian agenda. He is not of good enough stock, and not rich enough to join the club, no matter what he thinks. He is a Globalist first, nationalist second (to promote his belief that he is of elite stock when this is far from the truth, he is a peasant to the elite). His heil gate cost nationalism, his many interviews where he acted like a smug wannabe elitist also hurt the movement. He is a bad actor, yet you associate with him despite him being stupid enough to endorse Biden based on his 90s crime bill. All it means is that senile Biden will sign anything in front of him, not that he is the candidate for law and order and whites, which Spencer was trying to sell to his idiot followers. This whole site bit the dirt. It’s fantasy land, talking about esoteric movements from 100 years ago and older, one paragraph or less articles, complete denial of elite oligarch plots, denial of stolen election, promoting of COVID hysteria and lockdowns which only serve towards implementing the open and advertised plot of the Global Oligarchy to transform from Open Degenerate Society via oligarchy into Neo-Feudalism via oligarchy. You slept and ordered your men to stand down while the most important chess moves where made in the Global plot to implement hell on earth, and still don’t get it. Why should any populist or nationalist trust you? Especially after paling around with bad faith actors like Spencer?

      • What’s not to hate? White Trump supporters are not our people. The are the kind of folks who happily firebombed German civilians in the 1940s and then scratched their heads and wondered why there was a Civil Rights movement forcing integration in the 1960s.

        If you support Trump you support ZOG. It really is that simple.

        • @Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughn

          “not our people”

          Who you calling “our people?”

          There is no “we” Butt-Goy. You are not part of “us.” You are an outsider, an enemy, who hates us and wants to genocide us as collective guilt for something that happened before you were even born.

          You are just like the Jews who want to genocide us for a “Holocaust” we had nothing to do with, or blacks who want to genocide us for slavery.

          There is no “we” – you are the enemy.

          • Our people are those of us who are not content to live as slaves under Zionist rule and want white self-determination. No white nation has had a white government since 1945. If you’re pro-white yet continue to throw your support behind Zionist scum like Trump then it doesn’t matter what your ideology or race is, you’re the enemy. White Trump supporters are perfectly happy to put a bullet into you if their orange turd orders it.

            White Trump supporters are useless and they will never come around to us. You will never win them over. They are foot soldiers of the Zionist Republican Party that hates you and wants to replace you.

            Trump is the enemy. Trump supporters are the enemy.

          • @Butt Goy

            “Our people are those of us”

            There you go again! You are not “us” – you are an enemy.

            “If you’re pro-white yet continue to throw your support behind Zionist scum like Trump then it doesn’t matter what your ideology or race is, you’re the enemy.”

            Notice he thinks “ideology” is just as important as “race.” Anyone not part of his Cult is the enemy – which means, basically, ALL white Americans save for the two hundred or so of his fellow cult members and their leaders like – I’m guessing – Alex Linder and the Mexican guy Cesar Tort.

            Seriously – it’s like arguing with a Scientologist. These guys are no different than that fanatic “Fr. John+” – but at least there are more than 200 white Christians in America.

            So “Fr. John+” has more of a chance uniting white Americans than this guy “Butt Goy” who hates us and wants us dead because his cult religion tells him so.

            You are not “us” – you chose to be our enemy.

            Fortunately, all we have to do is ignore you, and you go away. You and your Alex Linder cult group have ZERO influence outside of the handful of fringe internet blogs that allows you to preach your “Esoteric Hitlerism” religion.

            Frankly the Scientologists probably have more cult members – we’d be better off appealing to them than you.

        • @Ricky…

          “White Trump supporters are not our people.”

          Sir, in saying this you are disavowing the majority of your blood people.

          I get your frustration with national affairs and Southern passivity, but, Banned Hipster is absolutely right in reproaching you and in showing that your intolerance level puts you into a category one would think, based on your historic comments, you would not wish to fill.

          • I thought my previous comment would go some way to explaining the utter meaninglessness of genetics in the current struggle we face. White Americans of German decent were perfectly happy to slaughter their European brothers and sisters in WWII because Uncle Sam ordered it. Ideological solidarity trumps blood every time. The MAGA crowd may be 90% white but they are not our friends and never will be. Those of us who can actually understand Jewish power demean ourselves by stooping to their level in attempts to win them over.

          • @Butt-Goy

            “Those of us who can actually understand Jewish power demean ourselves by stooping to their level in attempts to win them over.”

            I’m perfectly happy to allow Butt Goy to NOT demean himself by trying to win us over.

            But – let’s be honest – cult followers can’t shut up and stop trying to recruit people into their cult. So – no such luck. The reality is that Butt Goy will NEVER stop trying to “stoop to our level” and try to appeal to us.

            He even hates “German-Americans” too – he hates everyone not a member of the Alex Linder Esoteric Hitlerism cult. He’s like Greg Johnson and probably reads that weirdo freak Savitri Devi.

            The reason Jews prop up these Cult members is so anyone who starts to notice Jewish power gets caught in the circle-jerk of Neo-Nazi Alex Linderism, where they gather on fringe internet sites and jerk each other off over who looks best in their Huge Boss uniforms.

            Remember – there are at best 200 of these people – the rest of them are Hasbara like Andrew “Weev” Aurenheimer and the Jewish guy who runs Daily Stormer.

            Why allow yourself to get involved in a weirdo cult group with only like 200 members?

            The record is CLEAR: the entire “Neo-Nazi” movement was started and run by Jews, for obvious reasons. They want to isolate anyone who fights against ZOG into a weird, self-defeating cult.

            But good news – all they can do is fill up comment boxes on fringe internet blogs. They are impotent and irrelevant in real life.

            So you can safely ignore them – or just troll them back. What are they going to do, call you a fag?

        • @Ricky…

          “White Trump supporters are useless and they will never come around to us. ”

          I totally agree : the overwhelming majority of White Southerners are too decent to ever be those who think that all problems are rooted in Jews, and that the only way to deal with that is to advocate for and commit crimes against Humanity.

          • You can think whatever you want but objective reality continues to exist regardless, and the reality we face is that all of our problems stem from Jewish power. Every single one of them.

            It’s team White vs team Jew. Trump likes to pretend he is on both teams like the lying snake he is, but really he is just on team Jew. It’s not rocket science. If the majority of our race continues to support Trump then we continue to be a race of dupes and idiots who frankly deserve to be replaced for being so stupid. Perhaps there is a Darwinian inevitability to all this. No race this easily conned deserves to survive.

          • @Ricky…

            Thank you for your civil reply, Sir.

            In your assessment you are neglecting something tragic : the fight to save the South, and, indeed, The American Way, is not centered on the hill you would like it to, but, rather, a treacherous landscape that does not favor us.

            That said, we cannot afford to continue to disengage, for any reason.

            The fight is here, and, to get to a better ground, it must be joined and won.

            Be patient : we cannot reverse 75 years of backslide in just 5, it will take several decades. One step at a time.

            Try not to be so dismissive of your fellow Southerners who, not so well informed as you, do not see it quite like you, but, even if they were so well informed, they still might not come to the same conclusion as you.

        • Says’s the moron who thinks Agenda 21/2030 and the Great Reset aka 4th Industrial Revolution, which all three are practically the same, are a conspiracy theory and that I was a tard for thinking so, despite the fact that these plots are well documented, they have their own UN white papers, books, podcasts, discussion panels open to the public, and world leaders talking openly about implementing these goals. I attended an Urban Transportation Conference in 2002 and found out about how well funded and aggressive this agenda was, when I lead half the attendees to revolt openly. MY claim was we were their to plan Urban Transport, not promote half baked UN directives that deal with lowering living standards and had nothing to do with Urban Transport with the exception of them wanting to force 75 y/o seniors to peddle bike in Edmonton in -50c temperatures. I’ve been dealing with this for a long time. You are nothing more than a reactionary clown and sycophant for this publication of new found mal-repute.

          • All those programs you mentioned are very real, Michael, and pushed by the WEF in Davos. Biden, Boris Johnson, and other politicos have adopted the WEF’s “Build Back Better” motto. That program includes this little policy: “You’ll own nothing, and love it.” Be angry at the politicians, and try to make them accountable (ha!), but the strings are being pulled by top elites like Klaus Schwab at the WEF.

  2. These kinds of images put to rest the ridiculous electoral fraud claims coming from Blormpf and his team of Zionist shills. To pull this off those dastardly Democrats would have to strategically increase their vote in hundreds of precincts in such a way that it precisely mimics an organic shift away from the GOP among a certain demographic. This would be impossible if truckloads of ballots just suddenly appeared out of nowhere as Blormpf and his cult followers would have you believe.

    I must say I’ve lost all respect for anyone on the dissident right who is going along with the ‘stop the steal’ scam. So many people who should know better are just repeating the bullshit coming from the Trump campaign and it is incredibly disheartening. Trump is a Zionist, Trump’s reelection team is Jewish, Trump mainstreamed homosexuality on the right and Trump explicitly denounced White Nationalism. Even just today we learn that lame duck Trump wanted to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities but was talked out of it by his generals. Just what does it take for White Nationalists to finally admit they were conned and drop this orange turd?

    The fraud is not at the ballot box, the fraud is the fact that every candidate must grovel before AIPAC before he or she is allowed to run. That’s how Jewish power works, not by getting dead people to vote Democrat. Trump and the MAGA movement was the worst thing to ever happen to nationalists in recent times. Thank God he is gone.

    • Whatever you THINK doesn’t matter. The Elite Globalists though Trump was a populist and nationalist, they termed his election “democratic backsliding”, threw a colour revolution and coup against him. They then stole the election from him by fraud. Here in lies you idiocy. Because you are refusing to act against this subterfuge, this means that Biden will implement a hardcore crackdown on free speech, and make weaponized the FBI even more so than it was before. They will arrest any threat they see, crush any movement in the future, remove any website they deem subversive, and if for any miracle another populist and/or nationalist is up for election, they will steal it again. What you are doing is effectively cucking out, surrendering. and allowing them to completely crush to dust any future nationalist movement. Trump was not the end all and be all of anti-Globalism, Nationalism, or Populism. However, because of your idiocy, he just might be the last one.

  3. Georgia didn’t shift Blue because of MASSIVE IMMENSE stealing of votes from Trump by jews and (((their))) precious blacks, the black apparatchiks of the Communist Democratic Party, OH NO! Whites shifted Georgia Blue, NOT jews and ((( their))) darling darkies and MASSIVE IMMENSE voting fraud by the Communist Democratic Party. Barney Fife had more on the ball than you Occidental so-called “dissenters” in your online Mayberry. LMFAO at you all.

    • @Joe…

      Yes, there can be no doubt that, though the correct tally will never be known, Trump won Georgia handily, just as he did it’s neighbours – South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

      There simply are not enough Judeo-Bolshevik Aliens in Atlanta to make Georgia into what would be a statistical Deep South anomaly.

      The election of 2020 has made me wonder if anyone who has ever been elected to office in this country really ought to have been there.

  4. Somewhere between a third to a majority of white Americans vote against the Republican party on a regular basis.

    You have to ask yourself: what is it about the Republican party that makes it so ODIOUS to so many white people that they would rather vote for a Democrat, or a third party, than a Republican?

    In fact, many, perhaps most, white people that vote for the Republicans say they don’t really like who they are voting for, but consider them the “lesser of two evils.”

    So the Republican party is DISGUSTING to not just the white people who won’t vote for Republicans, but even to the white people who do vote for the Republicans.

    What is WRONG with the Republican party? Why is the Republican party so odious and disgusting to so many white Americans – the majority of white Americans?

    • ‘Why is the Republican party so odious and disgusting to so many white Americans – the majority of white Americans?”

      Because they, the Republicans, believe in private property.

      It’s really not that complicated, or have you spent no time among the bums who make up most of the white population? Before the American South invented the polyracial polity and thus forced whites to stick together, to some extent, against the presence of racial aliens in their midst, no white leaders besides a few demagogues—such as the Gracchi, I’ll guess, in Rome—thought, or pretended to think, of the white masses as anything other than bums, who’ll overrun the property of anyone in their line of sight to get the more that, in their own non-minds, they are owed.

      • @Il Signore Bonaccorsi…

        “‘Why is the Republican party so odious and disgusting to so many white Americans – the majority of white Americans?”

        Because they, the Republicans, believe in private property.”


        I love it!

        • Thanks, Ivan. I’ll remember your comment when other Occidental Dissent commenters start pelting me.

          • @Jo0hn Bonaccorsi…

            You’re very welcome, My Friend, but, be sure – if anyone pelts you for that remark it’s tatamount to a confession that they have absolutely no wit!

      • “Because they, the Republicans, believe in private property. … no white leaders besides a few demagogues – such as the Gracchi, I’ll guess, in Rome—thought, or pretended to think, of the white masses as anything other than bums, who’ll overrun the property of anyone in their line of sight to get the more that, in their own non-minds, they are owed.”

        A lot of truth to this.

        How does one get “private property?”

        Oh, yes, that’s right – one conquers. When I kill you, your property becomes mine. That’s called “war” and that is how nature works.

        So the people who believe in private property have to guard against other people who believe in private property. That is the Law of the Jungle. Mao was right.

        The Republicans believe that what is theirs is theirs, and what is mine is theirs too.

        Democrats agree.

      • Lol – “private property” – don’t pay your real estate taxes and then explain “private property” to the Sheriff that auctions it off – you lease it from the King.

        • Thanks for the clarification, sophomore.

          Those of us who do pay our taxes can call that same sheriff to have you removed from the property if we want you off it and you refuse to leave. That’s one of our several rights that make it our private property.

          • I have owned all of my properties with no mortgages since I was 28 but I am not dumb enough to believe the govt cannot take it from me if I fail to give them their Pound Of Flesh.

          • ” … you don’t own it if it can be taken from you legally.”

            What are you blabbing about?

        • You haven’t heard of eminent domain? Gov’ts take away private property all the time. A major airline using your local airport as a hub wants more runway space? Bye-bye, neighborhoods! A developer making sizable campaign donations to city council members gets that council to pursue “multifamily housing development” policies that he just happens to benefit from, so single-family homes that have been around for generations get demolished, etc., etc. “Ownership” has a flexible meaning when gov’t is involved. So get involved in your locality’s regime.

      • John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia

        Yes, Mr B., Every nation has it’s plebs and peasants. They’re allowed to vote because we have huckstering politicians, instead of real statesmen.

  5. “It wasn’t blacks in Atlanta.

    “It wasn’t ‘demographics is destiny.'”

    Just a simple question, Mr. W., which I hope you’ll have a moment to answer:

    Are you saying that if the black vote in Atlanta is completely removed from the tally, Trump still loses the state?

    To clarify: I don’t have a problem with arithmetic. I have a problem with electoral politics, an activity that has never really caught my interest. My question is simple: Remove the black vote in Atlanta from the tally. Does Trump still lose the state? The percentages are simple: Remove that black vote from the tally and show who gets the necessary fifty-percent-plus, Trump or Biden. That’s all I personally would like to know at the moment.

    • @Mr B.

      Well Mr B, during Reconstruction, the White Population was disenfranchised, and the Niggers, Carpetbaggers and Union Soldiery were the only ones that could vote in the South, for many years. That’s the only way that the misnamed Republicans could actually win. It’s why Blacks became so important, politically, in terms of numbers, in those years, until segregation and abandonment by the Republican Party virtually disenfranchised them again. Abandoned, Blacks went back to being only 10-14% of the population, and slipped back into political irrelevance, as far as voting was/is concerned.

      The parties simply aquired the currently unnecessary habit, during Reconstruction, and during the 1960’s, of pandering to Blacks.
      Unnecessary, because Blacks have now been abandoned, again, in favour of hordes of Amerindians, Mestizos and Asiatics. And in favour of millions of dumbed down Whites, who can be counted on to cheerfully vote themselves out of existence. The old Yankee slogan; “Vote yourself a farm,” or now, a union factory job, is just an inducement to the withering Whites, to vote for the people who are busy exterminating them.


      Joe Biden is just a puppet. So is Kamala, the Ugandan Giant, Harris. They’ll do whatever their handlers tell them to do. If Nancy Pelosi is replaced, by a man, that means that Biden will be out, for “health reasons,” in a short time. The new male Speaker of the House, likely a “moderate” Democrat, will become the defacto President, and Kamala, his sock puppet.

      Historically, queens and lady presidents/prime ministers, have always had strongmen to enforce their authority. You obeyed the queen because you knew that men with swords, matchlocks and cannon would reduce your manor house and estate to rubble, and you to a pile of butchered meat.

      Human nature being what it is, this hasn’t changed a bit. The best female leaders are always maternal figures. But Momma’s authority is backed up by Daddy’s hand and a good switch. Kamala Harris is no Margaret Thatcher, Queen Victoria, or even an Angela Merkel, however.

  6. “How Georgia turned blue: Huge gains in the Atlanta suburbs make up for a decline in the Black share of the electorate.”

    Huge gains in Carpetbaggers.

  7. @James Owen…

    “How Georgia turned blue: Huge gains in the Atlanta suburbs make up for a decline in the Black share of the electorate. Huge gains in Carpetbaggers.”

    Yes, Sir – especially when those Carpetbaggers are paying Southerners to miscount the vote.

  8. The only reason Hipster rants about Jews non-stop on his website, like any hardcore Nazi rants about Jews, is to lure White Nationalists and Nazis there so so he can lecture them that:

    1) Like libertarian Ramzpaul, he thinks anyone who wants to live in an all White country is a jew and a traitor.

    2) Republicans are traitors, and Dems are the good guys, even though Dems are vocally anti-White.

    3) America will only be White again through shitliberalism, because shitlibs are the real racists.

    4) Portland is going to be the first White Ethnostate and we should all move there. I kid you not, he said this about a year before the Anti-Fa riots started up. He said it when they were putting up billboards shaming Whites, and AntiFa were stopping Whites in their cars and screaming at them for existing while being White.

    5) Now Hipster says Trump is a traitor, but the people who vote for Trump are not traitors. Trump’s ideology matters to Hipster, but Trump’s supporters’ ideology does not matter to Hipster. Does that make any sense? Only in a lunatic’s brain.

    I’ve read Hipster for quite a few years, and found he contradicts himself constantly on his blog, within a couple of months of saying it. It could be because he is a raging alcoholic, and can’t remember what he said last week. Or he is just a loony shitlib. Either way he is thoroughly convinced he is a genius.

    Warning: Careful what you say on Hipster’s blog, because if it is useful to the PTB, it will be published on the Jewish Forward Magazine next day, and then someone with millions of followers will be deplatformed from Youtube two weeks later. I don’t visit his blog any longer for this reason. Its too dangerous.

    • Oh I forgot to mention, Hipster has said many times on his blog:
      1) All of Alt-Right are Jews.
      2) All of WN are Jews,
      3) All NatSoc are Jews.
      4) Heimbach and Parrot, and the Workers group they started are SPLC.

      The pattern with this guy is *anyone* who stands up explicitly in public are Jews, or they are government agents. If you want to live in an all White country, you must be a Jew.

      The only ones I haven’t seen him call Jews are the AmNats (he never mentions them), and his best buddy RamZPaul. RamZPaul also coincidentally promotes AmNats and attacks all of the 3 groups above and has said he has jewish ancestry.

      So the future Hipster demands is RamZPaul’s color blind fake anti-semetic libertarism, mixed with Nick Fuentes mixed race homosexual American flag waving patriotism, which means a brown Civic Nat future for you Whitey!

      Remember when Alt-Right were still going out in public, and they punched up Anti-Fa at Berkley Uni? That was fking great, right? Hipster actually showed concern on his blog for the Anti-Fa that got punched, because they are liberals like he is. He seemed worried that they were losing.

      According to Hipster the ‘winning strategy’ is, people who want a White future should shut up and cower while violent Anti-Fa communists take over their country. And you don’t do what Hipster demands. you are an agent or a Jew. Oh and you better wear a nice suit, have nice teeth, and speak nicely while you lose, because optics matters most of all.

      If ya’ll can’t figure out this Hipster is projecting when when he accuses everyone in the movement of being a jewish agent, you haven’t been watching his act very long.

  9. He should have lost more of the White vote. Might I add how many of his own supporters that passed away from Covid-19. I’m sure that made his numbers go down as well. Deo Vindice !

  10. Obviously exit polls are off because a lot of people voted by mail. I think a lot of Georgians still remember Jimmy Carter. If there was a deep south state to flip for a more conservative Democrat, it would be Georgia.

  11. This is the most depressing website these days for people in our circle. No positive messaging at all. Just black pilled nonsense. Trump isn’t perfect, but at least he doesn’t make white people want to kill themselves and gives them hope. And he hasn’t started any wars.

    And immigration is down. And our enemies don’t like him.

    Wtf is y’all’s problem. Cheer up for gods sake.

    • Wallace is smart, but he appears to have emotional problems.

      He gets in these grudge match/snits periodically with people who may or may not know he exists, and spends weeks obsessively posting backbiting, venomous statements about them OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again. To the exclusion of everything else.

      He’s currently in a monomaniacal dudgeon at Trump, for reasons known only to himself. It’s been 14 days since the election and all he can do is post multiple posts every day repeating the same bitter anti-Trump stuff and mocking Trump and everyone who ever voted for him, for some reason.

      He kind of did the same thing with COVID-19, even though there was no specific individual he was targeting that time.

      Come to think of it, his “Modernism” posts kind of did that with Nietsche and Mencken, posting OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER, tediously and obsessively, that these two “knaves” were ostensibly responsible for the entirety of modernism (despite Nietsche in particular loathing modernism totally). It was the same pattern, partly hidden by the fact the targets of the obsessive, repetitive attacks were long dead.

      Earlier, he did the same with Anglin after Anglin said something negative about Cantwell or somebody, so Griffin spent weeks posting nasty, snarky digs at Anglin OVER and OVER and OVER to the exclusion of anything else. Yes, Anglin’s kind of a jackass — but is he worth 3 weeks of doing nothing but post walls of text about how short he is three or four times a day?

      He seems to find a target, frantically complain about them in a kind of demented way, and only stop when he finds a new target to obsess over.

      I’m going to say this site’s problem is that its owner is weird, and negative, and compulsive/hysteric, and radiates a constant aura of truculent butthurt, and leave it at that.

      It’s not even amusing any more. Just tedious.

    • No what is depressing is that men like David Duke and Don Black voted for a Zionist conman with Jewish grandchildren because he said a few things about Mexicans 4 years ago. Think about that… That is how desperate and wretched the pro-white community is. They voted for their Zionist enemy who explicitly denounced them by name because he occasional throws whites a few scraps that he doesn’t follow through on. These are men who’ve spent 50 years studying Jewish power and Jewish subversion of white institutions and they voted for their literal enemy because he teased them with promises of civic nationalism.

      “And he hasn’t started any wars” He just asked about bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities on his way out of the white house. Even his neocon generals thought that was crazy and talked him out of it. You’re either ignorant or arguing in bad faith.

      By the way any slow down in immigration is due to Covid. Trump wanted immigration in the largest numbers ever.

  12. Every Republican victory since 2000 has been by a nose. What is likelihood of that happening by chance? These people who pretend the Democrats don’t get away with massive cheating. Who is going to stop them? Trump lost a percentage of white voters (nevertheless his vote totals increased dramatically), it is illogical to say that is proof the election was stolen. “I don’t like phony con-man liar Trump and his followers are fools” – that doesn’t mean the election was stolen. I didn’t vote for Trump or Romney – that doesn’t mean the elections aren’t stolen.

  13. Everything about Roy Moore’s election screamed fraud but he was ridiculed for contesting it. I do believe it was fraud, just as I believe polls showing Jones ahead of Tuberville were outright gaslighting.

    Psychological warfare is real, and egregiously stolen elections are real too.

  14. I think a lot has to do with the liberals leaving the states they destroyed and are bringing their politics to other states. The Californians are buying up homes in Idaho, Texas and Arizona to name a few. Than there’s the Yankees and the jews. Florida used to be a red state but the jews have moved there and will turn it jew blue.

  15. While more goofy leftist Whites ( may have) increased their vote for Biden, in the end the White vote was about 30% for Biden and 70% for Trump. That’s a blowout. As usual, the problem is blacks. Trump got about 11% of the black vote in a state that has an unfortunately, very large black vote. Throw in Asians and Hispanics along with ( probably) at least some voter fraud and it tilts to Biden.

    Trump was mind numbingly dumb to blow off the White vote. But Republicans always do this. They screw it up by avoiding issues like universal healthcare or the wealth gap. Democrats screw it up by being anti White, anti second amendment and now anti police.

    I have no problem with increasing the non White share of the vote for Republicans. But it can never come at the expense of Whites. Shit, as Hw mentioned, Biden talking of canceling student debt is a huge win. Trump should have done that or at least half of it. How about Julian Assange? Trump used him with his win in 2016. He totally tossed Assange under the bus after that. Trump would have gotten huge accolades for defending Assange but he blew it. Just like he blew it regarding all the Dissident Right folks Trump allowed to be deplatformed on social media or thrown in jail by lunatic socialists in our cities. Trump is not loyal despite the ” vibe” that he is.

    I am happy they are pursuing the voter fraud thing. Not just for this election but for future ones. But the truth is if Trump were not owned by Kushner, if he were not so disloyal to his backers, if he would have helped Assange among other things, this election would have been a cakewalk for him.

    Republicans refuse to talk about universal healthcare or the obscene costs just to own a home in many parts of this country. The wealth gap is too much. Trump and Kushner are part of the wealth gap problem. No doubt these refusals do cost Republicans White votes. Obama got a staggering 43 and then 40% of the White vote while Romney was given 4% of black scraps.

    It’s truly incredible Republicans do as well as they do. Trump has 92% negative media coverage. This is what happens when jews own most media. He is also hated in Hollywood. Yeah, jews own that too. Trump the candidate for 2016 was so much cooler than this divided mess we have as a president now. He turned out to be far more inept than I imagined. But does anyone seriously believe Biden the babbler received the most votes ever in Us history without voter fraud?

    • It’s a unique moment. The presence of blacks, injuns, Jews, mestizos and Asians in the franchise has so completely distorted the Electoral map that the white candidate can win his own people AKA The Americans, with a comfortable margin, but still face certain defeat at the polls. Joe Biden is the Dem who must rule with a coalition that is both literally and spiritually anti white in the most profoundly Destructive way. Biden knows he’s siding against the wishes of his own folk. At least with Obama he was a black asshole being a black troll. Biden is in a whole other category of traitor.

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