Ricky Rebel: MAGA YMCA In DC

I know some of you find this hard to believe.

From my perspective, Donald Trump was offering the Platinum Plan to blacks, tax cuts for billionaires and Wall Street and Ricky Rebel dancing to MAGA YMCA while Ric Grenell waged a global crusade to promote homosexuality across the world. Joe Biden, however, was offering to cancel student loan debt for millions of college-educated White Millennials. As a social conservative and economic populist, it wasn’t in my interest to vote for more social liberalism and economic liberalism. So I didn’t.

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. If mainstream conservatism is going to be homos doing the MAGA dance and based black rappers for upper income bracket tax cuts and Jared Kushner doing criminal justice reform, I want no part of it. I Walked Away from the GOP.

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  1. Very well laid out synopsis of the whole thing:

    “From my perspective, Donald Trump was offering the Platinum Plan to blacks, tax cuts for billionaires and Wall Street and Ricky Rebel dancing to MAGA YMCA while Ric Grenell waged a global crusade to promote homosexuality across the world.”

    • The Chinese government clamps down on those who corrupt public morals like these MAGA fags. This policy started in 1949 after the CCP victory when Mao Tse Tung ordered opium dens closed, dealers shot and users to get clean and sober with help. Opium addiction had been a scourge in China for a long time and a source of income for the non-communist governments of China thus opium use was tolerated.

      The trend in the U.S. is more public corruption of morals, a process gaining speed since the 1960’s as documented nicely here by Hunter. In this last election several states decriminalized possession of small amounts of hard drugs which means more crime and criminals from drug use. Cities like SF and LA basically give thieves a green light to steal from retail stores as long as a certain threshold of value isn’t breached making those cities unlivable and leading to more White, middle and upper class flight.

      The prime purpose of government is to protect the nation from foreigners. The U.S. Government has turned a blind eye to foreigners invading the U.S. from the Third World for the benefit of small numbers of bidnessmen. In a military crisis with China the U.S. Government will be forced to turn to Whites to prevent the collapse of the multi-cult, diverse military; the same U.S. Government that has been attacking Whites and favoring foreigners for years.

      Whites need to defy the U.S. Government in a crisis by not responding to conscription orders. This alone would bring U.S. Government lawlessness overseas to a screeching halt and provoke a long overdue crisis of legitimacy for the Government. Let the Government get by with its multi-cult, diverse military, see how well it does.

      Here is the U.S. Air force slobbering all over unqualified minorities and discriminating against Whites:


      If this is a good idea then President Hindu-Dindu should make the whole military minority/majority, especially officers. I’m sure China supports U.S. diversity %100.

        • Worse, black pilots. Flying F-35s at 1,200 MPH, but not for long, especially with the black mechanics servicing them, these planes are too expensive to lose. I can hear the conversations now: “Yo, Shaniqua, you ain’t got my 9/16th inch socket? I can’t find it nowhere.” “Y’all dumb ass. It probably be left in engine last time yo fix it. Just get yosef another one. We got plenty”.

          The Air Force is going to have many more hangar queens that don’t leave the ground much, that way, they don’t crash much either.

    • Nah. The GOP got rid of this troublesome faux populist. Now they get to have Biden appoint neocon Republicans to run the defense department. It’s customary to have GOP figures populate defense when a Democrat wins. Biden will bioartisanly offer many many gifts to warmongering senators.

  2. The Trump 2020 Campaign strategy is like a Floyd Rose electric guitar tremolo going out of tune and yack!

    YouTube a Floyd Rose tricks and set up and you get the point!

  3. Margaret Thatcher was pro abortion, pro gay and wanted to cut taxes. She also sucked all the political oxygen out of the room from the National Front in the late 1970s. An Oxford STEM graduate who did her dissertation on antibiotics in 1947,who then dud a law degree at the Inns of the Court.

    Trump is Thatcherite but the demographics don’t really support Thatcherism any more.

  4. That MIGA YMCA image with the maga girls, ricky rebel, joy villa and mindy robinson that whore with caked make-up her name is I think? has haunted my mind and damaged my psyche for the rest of my life

    I would say thanks not for using that photo this time Hunter but its already permanently scarred my brain and I can’t unsee it now

  5. I’m just wondering how Christian conservatives, who pride themselves on being extremely “moral” and “virtuous”, can support a candidate like Trump, someone who actively sought the support of godless jews, homosexuals and drag-queens?

  6. oh WOW! Boomers behaving like Boomers! Who would have known! Time to completely surrender to the Global Oligarchy and allow them to trample hard on any future nationalist movement up to and including stealing their votes because a few boomers did a cringe dance… This is not a valid excuse to cuck out during a coup and colour revolution, after the theft of an election by the oligarchy. The movement is not defined by Trump, who is not the end all and be all. However, because people like the author here are choosing to stand down, remain silent about the steal, and celebrate a Biden win because he think’s it proved his thesis correct, will ensure that Trump will be the end all and last Nationalist-Populist to ever be elected. Second, if you don’t think he was a nationalist or populist it DOESN’T matter. Because the oligarchy that plotted to coup and steal did think so, they termed it democratic backsliding. This means any future movement will be crushed to dust by the full weight of the US government in the future because YOU decided to stand down and keep quiet!

  7. “a coup and colour revolution, after the theft of an election by the oligarchy”:

    It might not be a coup or colour revolution, because the majority probably did vote for Kamala and Biden, so no coup or colour revolution was needed. There are many coups and colour revolutions staged by the U.S., but there was no need for the U.S. to stage a coup or colour revolution HERE, when just another fake election would do. Also, “the theft of an election” is not possible, because this was not really an election. None of them are real elections because there are never any people’s choices.

  8. Its hard to even imagine what four years of hillaryism would have been like, but i will try,……. Ah… Deteoit , times a million!

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