Americans Say More COVID Aid Is Needed Immediately

In the last days of Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign, the focus was on Hunter Biden dick pics, Amy Coney Barrett, MIGA, BLEXIT and the Platinum Plan. The Trump campaign was ecstatic about support from black rappers who wanted tax cuts like Ice Cube, Lil Wayne and Lil Pump. The focus is now on claims of voter fraud. Meanwhile, huge lines of cars continue to form outside of food banks.


Can you do anything that is popular?

Less than half of upper income Trump supporters think more COVID-19 relief is needed. BTW, these are the people who control the Republican Congress, who refused to send the second stimulus check and who set everything from the message to campaign strategy to the policy agenda on the Right.

Are you shocked that they lost Independent and Moderate voters? 2/3rds of Independent voters and 1/2 of Republican leaners think the economic system unfairly favors powerful interests. Right Independents who lean Republican also report higher levels of financial stress and make less than $100,000 a year. Instead of attending to their economic needs in the wake of the COVID disaster, Jared Kushner endorsed Ice Cube’s plan to give $500 BILLION DOLLARS to blacks. It seems to have worked in some places too. Trump performed better in some big cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Chicago.

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  1. That we STILL don’t have a huge Stimulus II at this point is to me, Trumps biggest blunder. NOT having it could cause WAY more chaos than all the election and ape / wigger drama combined. It’s very odd nothing’s being done?

      • He waited too long, by the time he went for the second stimulus, it was so close to the election that they could easily refuse him and spoil his chances.

        Someone with the ability to think ahead could have made it a priority to get money into the hands of the voters throughout the pandemic. And if he was prevented from doing so, he could have shifted the blame to whoever was preventing him, pressuring them to cave in.

        I don’t know how someone can be so good at conning people but so bad at everything else, rarely does a political opportunity like that come along,

  2. I use my elderly family members as the Boomer benchmark and they seem to think stimulus money is “handouts”. Coming from the same people who get social security checks and everytime they see a new arrival using their welfare card to buy things snicker.
    Only the old and people darker than beige deserve anytype of governmental assistance.

    • Your callousness is unconscionable. People who worked forty years were told NOT to set money aside, as SSI was going to be theirs. Denying it to them now, is as bad as the Godless Jews who say, ‘Kill anyone over 75.’ Effing Logan’s Run scenario. I don’t think so.

  3. “American” Covid19 data.

    104,000 dead blacks, Latinos and Injuns

    123,000 dead whites, (including others officially counted as white).

    Blacks die of it at 120 per 100K while whites die at 60 per 100K. (Black British die at 255 per 100K btw).

    Blacks and Injuns are superspreaders.

    • Yet in Africa the Covid death toll is far lower than one would expect. This is somewhat of a mystery and there are no clear answers as to why Africa has been spared so far. Proposed answers are climate, early government response, public compliance with Covid health measures etc.

      Africa is mostly chaos so public health measures seem unlikely to be effective. One answer is widespread use of the BCG tuberculosis vaccine, widely used in Africa but not in the U.S. This is being investigated to learn if there is ancillary protection from the BCG vaccine against Covid, this may be the answer.

      • It’s the cold dry weather, this time the outbreak in the North Central Region is for real, after the media cried wolf all summer. I looked at the actually positivity chart and it was pretty much negligible all summer and then started ticking up mid October and is rising exponentially. This dry cold air is rough on respiratory tissue and makes it much more vulnerable to serious infection. Not much Pneumonia in the summer either.

        • Exactly. Blavks and Brown are not suitably evolved to live in our climate, even though they live longer lives if they access our technology.

        • @Captain John,

          Blacks and all non-whites in Africa start breeding their females from their first menses to menopause. How many little darkies do you think that average African father and mother during those 30 years of fertility? Certainly, more than enough to have a booming population, whereas, Europeans live longer but aren’t reproducing at below replacement rates.

      • 12AX7

        Yet in Africa the Covid death toll is far lower than one would expect. This is somewhat of a mystery and there are no clear answers as to why Africa has been spared so far.

        Beyond a few tourists, big game hunters and the employees of various companies engaged in resource extraction, almost nobody goes to sub-Saharan Africa.

    • Blacks are also more likely to be obese and they produce less vitamin D from sunlight because of their dark skin tone. Low vitamin D is correlated with more severe symptoms.

      • The remarkable part of this is that if you slice up the numbers of dead by likely political affiliation based on race data alone, many many more Democrats must have died from Covid than Republicans. Rather ironic that the Republican head of state caught it in the neck for the outbreak given the pattern of infection.

  4. Boomer here. Many Boomers are ignorant. They are unaware that the Ponziconomy had an elaborate Airplane scheme where the earlier you took flight, the better off you are. They are unaware just how much our manufacturing has been hollowed out to China and how all these STEM and professional jobs were just as quietly being filled by Hindus and Asians while their children and grandchildren were force-funneled into “college-ready” classes. Note: the majority of public schools shut down their shop and cosmetology and office skills classes. The kids were forced to take out loans to go to tech schools.

    It does not help when conservative talk show screeners kept callers from complaining about things like tax cuts and endless wars and non-stop immigration while our infrastructure crumbled. I called a local show where I lived once, pissed that some Libertarian Business Owner called in, indignant that Americans felt he owed them a job. They were very supportive of that asshole. They chortled at me when I told them that if more wasn’t done to protect American jobs we would see a French style Revolution in our life times. I finally told them to considers themselves warned before they hung up on.

  5. McConnell seems to be trying to gum up the works and make sure any stimulus only goes to big business. Let them eat cake. Republicans should never be allowed into office again.

  6. Yes, print more dollars out of thin air and then be surprised when we have inflation and a currency crash – because all that paper is based on precisely NOTHING (unlike China or Germany). Open up the economy! There is absolutely no reason not to.

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