“The Failer Strategy”—Why Trump Lost Ground with the White Working Class

Scot Olmstead uses FOX News/AP exit polls to draw a similar conclusion to my hot take based on CNN exit polls that the Jared Kushner strategy obviously backfired.


“The 2016 Presidential election results (remember them?) were a vindication of four people:

First, the incomparable Pat Buchanan, who ran for the presidency three times on an America First platform, championing the ideas that ultimately propelled the Trump campaign.

Buchanan was a prophet—a man of foresight, courage, and vision who loved his people and delivered a warning that went unheeded. Trump had the benefit of running in light of the damage and wreckage that Buchanan predicted.

Second, Samuel Francis, editor, columnist and essayist who long predicted the rise of “Middle American Radicals”, a phalanx of dispossessed white working-class voters yearning for a populist tribune.

Third, Steve Sailer, who has repeatedly argued that the GOP can still win national elections by maximizing the white vote. The “Sailer Strategy” was the playbook the Trumpists implicitly followed—in 2016.

Fourth, Ann Coulter, whose book Adios America seems to have been read in Trump’s orbit and provided much of the rhetorical ammunition for his immigration agenda—in 2016.

But four years later, pending the outcome of legal challenges raising legitimate questions about irregularities, anomalies and possible election fraud, we sit on the precipice of a Joe Biden presidency.” …”

David Cole expands on his previous take on the Failer Strategy.


“Chico has more registered Democrats than Republicans (but not by too much), and a reputation for being California’s version of a “swing state.” Four years ago, the city went solidly for Trump. It wasn’t even close. …

On Nov. 3, the people of Chico ousted the filthy progressives who’d made manure of their town. It was a blowout; the GOP handily retook the council.

At the same time, though, Chico went for Biden. There was no chicanery in Chico; no magic, no alchemy. No Democrat election fraud, no foreign vote-stealing machines. This is simply how the people voted, fair and square. Trump had them and he lost them. There was a local “red wave” that flowed right past the president without getting him even remotely wet.

So let’s stop talking about voter fraud for a moment, and analyze these actual votes from actual voters. …

That was Trump in 2016, when he won Chico handily. “Illegals are swarming the country; I see it. Third World nations are not sending their best; I see it. They’re committing crimes; I’m acknowledging it. And I’ll stem that flow.”

Trump won in 2016 because he noticed what the left insists we must never notice.

But somewhere along the line, he lost the thread. And as a result he lost towns like Chico. He turned on supporters like Ann Coulter, who tried to keep him centered on what mattered, on why he was elected in the first place. Of course, by this point it’s painfully obvious that Trump was ill served by those around him. But let’s keep the focus on his superfans, because the guy was ill served by them, too. Instead of holding the “God king’s” feet to the fire on the issues he ran on, his activist base grew increasingly detached from reality and increasingly distracted by flights of fancy that distanced them from the core issues that had appealed to voters in 2016. …”

Look at this.


Philadelphia swung toward Trump.


Chicago swung toward Trump.


Detroit swung toward Trump.

San Francisco

San Francisco swung toward Trump.


Milwaukee remained flat.


Cleveland swung toward Trump.


Miami swung toward Trump big time.

Ethnats, BTFO!

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  1. The supplicant pandering to blacks was inexplicable. All he needed to do was shoot flat a crowd of black protesters and he’d have won approx 50 states. Obvious exception of Mass and Illinois. White voters wanted a purge and got a negrophile knobgobbler.

  2. I noticed something under a very funny Ann Coulter Breitbart article where she analysed the Democratic conspiracy theory that Reagan was secretly coordinating with the Iranian Mullahs to embarrass Jimmy Carter with the headline “Trump should accept results just like Democrats”… many of the commenters were obviously not reading her incisive takedown of Christopher Hitchens role in peddling the myth that Reagan was somehow controlling Tehran in the Nation and elsewhere after he borrowed the idea from Lyndon Larouche. Comments like “shut up Ann, no one listens to you anymore” or “Stfu Tranny Coulter”. Half were liberal trolls who’d read it but others were clearly MAGA people who didn’t read it.

    Anyway would have been good if Trump had kept Coulter onside. She tends to have a keen political instinct. On a side note Kit Hitchens, that guy and his hoaxes need to be looked at afresh.

  3. The look on Kushner face in that photo, it screams “wipepo you are the Palestinians now!”

  4. It wasn’t JUST the pandering to Blacks and all the cringe-worthy, very Bad Optics Lady MAGA Drag Queen crap.

    It was mostly the fact that Trump did not deliver.

    He didn’t build a wall – in fact, he didn’t even just stop immigration, which doesn’t really need a wall.

    As soon as Trump got into office, instead of “Locking Her Up” he gave a speech praising Hillary Clinton’s long service to the country, blah blah blah.

    Instead of bringing jobs back to America, he just renegotiated NAFTA and the other trade deals, sometimes making them worse.

    Instead of “draining the swamp” he hired the typical Republican neo-con scumbags – he even hired John Bolton, FFS!

    Within his first three months he was bombing Syria.

    He spent two years complaining that the Democrats were being “unfair” to him with the Russiagate hoax. He whined like a bitch – his wanted his fans to make saving him their number one priority. He didn’t act as a champion for his voters, he expected his voters to act as his champion.

    The goal of the Trump administration was no longer doing something for America, but doing something for Trump, personally, who was being treated “unfairly” by those gosh darn Democrats.

    So it was close enough they could steal it. They announced what they were going to do with the “Transition Integrity Project” and Trump even said, months ago, over and over again, that they were going to steal it with the “mail in ballots.”

    But by that point – who cared? Trump never did anything for us anyway. So enough people just stayed home and no one was there to bail him out anymore.

    Kushner’s comments about “the trailer parks having no where else to go” was a very, very bad take – they could just not go anywhere, stay at home on the couch and not bother to vote. There goes Trump’s margin, one and done.

    No great mystery.

    • Trump has learned nothing. If Jared were seen running out of the White House, frightened and disheveled, clothes torn up and with two black eyes then you would know Trump had learned something from this debacle.

  5. A professional Demographer on Coast to Coast last night said that Trump lost because he did not appeal to millennials. I contend Trump lost because he neglected his white middle and working class base in red state America and ran a traditional “big tent” Republican campaign trying to appeal to Blacks and Hispanics.

  6. What’s really crazy is his supporters keep running around saying that Trump is a secret White Nationalist. LOL Yea right. I guess his followers have never heard of Anarchists and Black Lives Matter going on a giant Race Riot and turned into Violent Terrorists in 2020. How many American and Confederate Monuments was destroyed as a result. What about the 250,000 Americans who’ve died from Covid-19. Many of them being White Americans. If he’s a “secret” White Nationalist….he’s got a funny way of showing it. Yahweh Bless !

    • 123,000 dead white Americans. The rest are black, Latino or injun. Of the 123,000 around 10,000 Jews and various Middle Easterners. Probably less than 100,000 dead white people.

      That’s proportionately better than the UK.

  7. Those Miami-Dade results look very suspicious. Trump appears to won almost all of the 191K newly registered voters and Biden apparently lost 7,000 of Hillary voters, resulting in of 198K increase from 2016. This is a statistically improbable situation. It seems to me most of the voter fraud in this election were actually committed by the Republicans.

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