Conservatives Lash Out Against Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

The apocalypse is here.

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Joe Biden.

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for these people either.


In theory, I am supposed to be aligned with mainstream conservatives because of our shared social conservatism, but since that is merely dog whistling while the commitment to neoliberal economics and the refusal to do anything about issues like student loan debt is real there is no common ground. Donald Trump had four years to address this issue and when he finally temporarily suspended student loan payments because of COVID it was too controversial for him to take credit for it.

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  1. The debt servicing industry is making billions in profits at the expense of 22 year olds who cannot afford to repay their student loans, something which could hound them for decades and ruin their credit scores. Their only crime was wanting to attend a top tier school so they could get a degree and earn a good living as an educated professional. Boomers and conservatives who can’t understand that should be tossed into a mob of mostly peaceful BLM and Antifa terrorists wrapped up like fish in all their stupid MAGA apparel.

  2. Having a college degree doesn’t eject you from the working class. If you work for someone and they can cut your string, you’re working class. It’s an alpha beta thing. Most of us, unfortunately, are forced in a beta position. And that’s most of us with college degrees.

  3. Maybe they should give the people that paid all of their loans back in the last ten years a tax break or something so there is less sour grapes. But our entire higher education system needs reform as well, not just a one-time loan forgiveness. A nation shouldn’t require that its workers take on huge debt for advanced job training.

    • The preferred policy for four years was monitoring the situation and doing nothing about the student loan issue. Meanwhile, everything that could be done to goose stock market for the investor class was done.

    • @Nikandros,

      America is on her death bed. She refused the cure to what ails her, so let her die. It is for the best.

    • How about taxing the bloated wealth of institutions of “higher learning” and so-called philanthropic organizations and use the wealth to pay off the student/medical debt?

  4. “… issues like student loan debt …”

    There’s no “issue.” Exactly what was bound to happen when the masses tried, as usual, to vote themselves something for nothing has happened.

    Student loan “forgiveness.” That’s right up there with “amnesty” for illegal aliens. There’ll be some prattle about making sure the problem doesn’t arise again—then the problem will start arising again.

    • One in four Americans live in poverty or are jobless, and “fiscal conservative ” Tea Party capitalist pigs want to keep the banker’s wing tips on the masses throat but never flinch from tossing trillions of dollars in corporate welfare (US taxpayers money) to jews and gentiles on Wall Street and “too big to fail” banks without any expectations of of having those trillions of treasury ever paid back.

      It’s amazing there aren’t people in the streets with torches and pitchforks leading the fat cat 1%ers to their overdue appointments with the guillotine.

    • We can’t afford student loan forgiveness. We’ve already spent all the money bailing out Wall Street last year. What is more important, the masses of middle and working class people with student loan debt, or our most important bankers and their bonuses?

      If these lazy students need help with their student loans they can apply for a new loan at Blackrock – they should be flush with funds after their were given control of trillions of dollars in assets.

      Larry Fink is a Real Conservative not a lazy bum who can’t pay his student loans.

      • Yes, Larry and his buds pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. Real capitalist entrepreneurs, heroes really, like the heroes of the Illiad and the Odyssey except we are graced with their living presence, they walk amongst us. Don’t forget either, even though they may steal billions through the U.S. Treasury, they do condescend to occasionally throw some pennies in the general direction of the peasants as they ride by in their limos, giving the finger.

        We are indeed fortunate to live in this age of filthy rich billionaires, multiculturalism and diversity. Without the infinite wisdom of Larry and his pals and their firm, gentle but unseen hands guiding the scumbags in Government no doubt we would be afflicted with peace, prosperity, low taxes, liberty, and a white country.

  5. Even a tiny, token amount of forgiveness (say, $10,000) would be a sacrilege, in the American “culture” of financial exploitation – charging “rents” (interest, insurance, fees, taxes) for EVERYTHING.

    Nothing can really be free in the “land of the free.”

    • This country was a business/profiteering enterprise from the very beginning. Platitudes aside, nothing is sacred other than the almighty dollar.

      • “This country was a business/profiteering enterprise from the very beginning”:

        But now the wilderness, the frontier, the wide open spaces to settle are gone, and usurious elites tighten their stranglehold, taking a cut on every transaction, charging rent for everything, “giving” with one hand while taking back more with the other. Class structure has become obvious, and grows rigid.

          • Indeed. The trajectory is inexorable bankruptcy, perhaps not de jure but certainly de facto, indebtedness has gone too far to be stopped. Plot debt on the y axis, the year on the x axis and as the debt goes parabolic, bankruptcy is written somewhere on the x axis, I just wish I knew where.

    • Turn all the femsle students into sex slaves. That’s what they wanted the whole time anyway.

      • Send the administrators, professors and students of all the Frankfurt School “Studies” programs in the country to tend and chop sugar cane in a plantation zone administered by David Duke in Louisiana. Overseers will be the Mexicans at who used to be the groundskeepers back at your alma mater which will soon look like Detroit. The Mexicans will be paid double what they were paid back at your college. Barracks, mess hall and military style health care free during your hitch . Then you can get that “real feeling” and revolutionary experience Fidel and Che style. White college boys can only have sex with black college girls. White college girls can only have sex with black college boys and the Mexican overseers. None of this fake half-assed wearing a crimson beret and flipping open your laptop at Starbucks. Five years or tonnage quota (whichever comes first as an incentive) and you’re free of student loan debt and can leave with two hundred dollars and a Trailways/Amtrak Ameripass to anywhere in the US.

    • I actually agree with this. Not all student loans are the same, and gender studies and similar explicitly Anti-White indoctrination programs (they sprinkle Ant-Whiteness even into STEM programs, of course) should have their student loans increased 60000000000000000000x fold, think of it as an Anti-Whiteneness Race Treason interest rate.
      For what it’s worth, I personally know of several individuals in or recently finished Medical School, and the Anti-Whiteness in that field is off the charts. Their journals and professional associations are on record as saying that racism (i.e. White people) is the most dangerous epidemic and critical public health issue.
      STEM needs to be overhauled too.

  6. The republican party opened to the door to ideas like this. Usury. I am looking forward to the old OD, but make no mistake. I am leaning Biden at this point. I am sick and tired of voting the same way, including Trump in 2016. There will be no revolution. We are best bet voting in our own self interests economically. For Once.

    Covid has us with children in make-shift hospitals. Where is the line?

  7. Its interesting to see influencers in the ‘white positive sphere, repeat the exact same Republican talking point:

    “I paid back my student loans, why should anyone elses be forgiven?”

    These are the same people who said nothing, when the US government printed trillions to keep share prices from collapsing, which only benfitted the wealthy.

    I am starting to think a lot of people are taking money to spread talking points for the Republican Party, because they still shill for Trump despite him scamming ethnocentric White voters from 2016. They say COVID is a scam, but it is a China made deadly bio-weapon, so we should go to war with China, but COVID is not that bad, so we should ignore it and worship the economy. They are now saying Trump was robbed in the election, despite him ignoring and disappointing his 2016 White voters. These are all Republican Party lines.

    The people I have seen repeat this student loan talking point are RamZPaul.and James Edwards. I assume Nick Feuntes does it too, and the Red Ice people I assume would also go with it. I saw Anne Coutler repeat it earlier this year. She said nothing about the (((6 trillion))) bailout, the hypocrisy of which pissed me off. I would expect the exact same from the Boomers at Stormfront.

    I think it would be a good idea to make a policy taxomony of all the major influencers in the ‘white positive spehere’. I think we should know the names of of people and the policies they support, so we don’t unknowingly help people into power that will do nothing for us.

    • It’s interesting about the GOP talking points on Covid19. I do think it was a biological weapon. Very infectious but only a bit deadly. It has utterly wrecked the western world. Who released it? Who insured it escaped from Wuhan? Who indeed. How that happened doesn’t justify a war on China though. They just realized the era of the open society is over. We will catch up once we deport darkies from our midst.

      • ” . . . They just realized the era of the open society is over. We will catch up once we deport darkies from our midst. . . “

        But, but, but what if we lose the ethnic restaraunts? Where will we get authentic rat-on-a-stick and cat soup with insects along with deep fried bat if we lose the stone age people?

      • There is absolutely NO chance that China released a biological weapon against the U.S.

        But for a long time I thought it might have been released by the U.S., as part of its “hybrid” (by every means possible) war to subdue China – given the timing and location, coincident with the large U.S. team and delegation coming to the world military games in October, and some of the first cases (November) being traceable not to the outdoor farmers’ market but to the hotel, and the very part of the hotel, where most of the U.S. visitors were staying during the games. The presence of the Chinese research facility in the same area would give “plausible deniability” to the covert U.S. bioweapon release.

        I believe now that SARS CoV-2 is a NATURAL virus that appeared by CHANCE.

    • Harry H

      The people I have seen repeat this student loan talking point are RamZPaul.and James Edwards.

      James Edwards is the man whose website, the Political Cesspool, converted me to White Nationalism in 2012, when I made a New Years resolution to give “Those Guys” a chance (Racists, White Supremacists, etc). I had seen things happen in 2010 and especially 2011 which alarmed me, and I had come across the Political Cesspool once when doing research for a college project. I was converted to a Pro-White worldview thanks to James Edwards. He has probably done more to wake up Whites than WigNats like you ever have.

      These are the same people who said nothing, when the US government printed trillions to keep share prices from collapsing, which only benfitted the wealthy.

      As a “Racist Liberal” who supports most of those groups and individuals you mentioned, particularly Red Ice, I speak only for myself here: The wealthy deserve those bailouts, and they were necessary to keep the financial system from collapsing, and every normal White person’s investment accounts from disappearing. You, on the other hand, being the type of white person who can’t hold down a fucking job at McDonalds, do not deserve it, therefore, you don’t get to have it. Got it?

      Wigger Nutshenalism will forever remain a movement composed of downwardly mobile, impulsive, low-IQ punks. You ain’t getting any free money from the Jews, from Upper Class Whites, from Middle Class Whites, or from anyone else who is naturally more successful than you. And you will learn to accept it and deal with it.

      “The government exists to give me free shit, and if you say it exists to physically protect us from brown people, you’re a racist liberal”-WigNats in a nutshell

  8. Well, ignoring the issue sounds about right to me. The question must be asked: what counts as an issue? What counts as a social problem? Lots of people have student debt, car loan debt, mortgage debt, medical debt, and bought-my-play-station-on-an-installment-plan debt. It’s unclear to me why the first categories are problems and the latter aren’t. Someone mentioned STEM degrees, but STEM degrees are not an issue here, as STEM graduates can easily pay the debt back. The problem is people who made poor choices to get bad degrees, and it’s unclear to me why I should show more generosity to them than to the playstation-on-installment-plan demographic.

    I would like to see someone making a pro-“forgiveness” argument that addresses this point and isn’t just attacking a strawman that we support the bank bailouts. I don’t think anyone in this thread supports the bank bailouts. I myself am a “wignat”* who dropped the ballot in blank and who supports tax increases.

    *Not literally, as I’ve always been opposed to the nazi larpers. But as the term has basically come to mean “anyone who’s right-wing and opposed to Trump,” the shoe fits.

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