Donald Trump Made Real Gains With Asians and Hispanics

The 2020 election was another round of backlash politics.

Asians and Hispanics moved toward Trump like White working class voters have in the past mainly because of all the Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence and chaos. Ron Unz has called it the toxic relationship between White liberals and blacks. Different groups of White voters, however, moved against Trump for various reasons. There was the long awaited libtard backlash over “white supremacy.” There was a backlash from seniors over COVID. There was a backlash from college-educated White voters who think Trump is a moron. There was also a populist backlash from disgruntled Independents.


“Donald Trump lost the presidency, but showed Republicans a way to win the culture wars with working-class Hispanics.

Despite four years of being defined as a racist for his rhetoric and harsh immigration policies, Trump improved his margins in 78 of the nation’s 100 majority-Hispanic counties. And he did better with Latinos in exit polls of each of the top 10 battleground states, a POLITICO review of election data found.

Joe Biden still won Latino voters overall. But as post-election data trickles in, Democrats are growing concerned. Trump’s notable gains weren’t limited to Miami’s Cuban Americans or border-regionTejanos. Although Florida and Texas stood out for the notable shift, Puerto Ricans as far away as Philadelphia and Mexican Americans in Milwaukee drifted Trump-ward.

Trump improved his showing among Latinos by scaling back some of his immigration rhetoric and engaging in a sustained bilingual social media and TV ad campaign that courted Latinos based on place of origin, gender and religion. …

Amid the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter protests and the sputtering economy during the pandemic, Trump’s campaign found that Latinos were almost as receptive as non-Hispanic whites to a pro-police and pro-jobs message. …

“Let’s face it, ‘defund the police’ is just not the best slogan, especially in a place like Miami, where a lot of people work in law enforcement, or along the border of Texas, where Latinos are in Border Patrol,” said Jose Parra, founder of the consultancy Prospero Latino and a past adviser to Democratic Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada. …

“About 97 percent of Latinos don’t say ‘Latinx,’” Zaragoza said, referring to a Pew Research poll on the subject. “We’re building strategies around young progressive activists and organizations — and they’re necessary and we appreciate what they do. ” …

Biden did far better with Hispanic voters in the more-populous Latino-heavy areas around Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.But overall, Trump lost the nation’s majority-Hispanic counties by a combined 12-point margin to Biden. In 2016, Trump lost them by 20 points. …

“What Trump did is understand the basic values of Hispanics,” said Cuellar, a conservative Democrat who survived a primary challenge by the Justice Democrats group that helped propel Ocasio-Cortez to Congress. He said Latinos along the border are deeply patriotic, pro-business and favor fossil fuel development because of the jobs it brings, he said. Oil industry jobs and law enforcement were the top two issues Republicans ran on. …

They’re “working people who believe that the people that Trump is against are just crazy.” Rubio said. “‘They want to defund the police. They defend rioters.’”

This has rightly been seen as one of the most interesting swings in the election. Did you know that Donald Trump performed 9 points better in AOC’s district in the Bronx than he did in 2016?

If you are a Hispanic voter, the obsession with “white supremacy” and “systematic racism” and the bizarre, cult-like behavior of woke liberals putting blacks up on a pedestal and worshipping them and allowing total anarchy and chaos to reign in the streets must have been a profoundly alienating experience. “Defund the police” and “abolish ICE” and “Latinx” was a losing message for Democrats with Hispanics. Antifa and Black Lives Matter were also tearing down monuments of Catholic saints like Junípero Serra. Evidently, many Hispanics were as bewildered by what happened this summer as we were.


“Trump repeatedly called coronavirus the “China virus” and the “Kung Flu.” In tweets, rallies and press conferences, Trump, Republican leaders and right-wing media have doggedly used racial slurs to describe the virus, which originated from Wuhan, China, leading to “alarming levels” of hate crimes against Asian Americans.

Exit polls from NBC News reflected 63% of Asian American voters supported President-Elect Joe Biden and 31% voted for Trump. According to data from Edison Research, 30% of Asian Americans voted for Trump, up three percentage points from 2016. (A nearly identical increase among African Americans and Hispanic voters as well). …”

“Asian-American” is another misleading category.

In California, there were Vietnamese who switched to Trump because they liked the fact that he was aggressively anti-China. He also resonated with some high income Indians who dislike Muslims. There were also Muslims who swung toward Trump because he is aggressively anti-Iran.

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  1. I’m sure Occidental Dissent’s resident Spanish Habsburg infanta Christina A. finds the whole “woke” phenomenon among us neurotic, self-hating Anglos quite amusing/bewildering.

  2. spahnranch1969,

    That was a good one. It is true I do not understand the Anglo. I am simple. I never go against my own kind outside some rare individual exception. I never feel or understand group guilt only group pride and loyalty. If I sin I go to confession and do not look back.

    i expect everyone to sin therefore when people of my race/religion do wrong I am not bent out of shape about it. Self hatred is a sickness. Until the riots hit this summer without any police crackdown on them I was sometimes amused at the Anglo and the situation. But not now. It is too serious to laugh about.

    My residency at OD might be coming to a temporary end since there is a good chance that after the new year we will be going to school in Mexico for the spring semester.

        • Then does Catholicism approve (tacitly approve) drone strikes, even on citizens?

          The medieval Crusaders (wait, the crusades are still ongoing) should have had drones too. Only for the Crusaders, not for the Byzantine, Russian and “Arab” crusadees. Drone attacks can be managed from a safe distance, even thousands of miles from the battle front, giving a huge advantage to the aggressors.

          • Comrade anonymous,

            Deadly force should be used on violent rioters, arsonists, etc. and on communists like yourself.

          • Re: “Deadly force should be used….”

            Women are often fanatical, and more murderous than men, although they may inspire/instigate men to do the dirty work. Yet women are among the most staunch and active opponents of war and injustice. Jesus chose men for his closest disciples, but there were many faithful women following Him.

  3. All people and I mean all people want the same thing, to live in peace and earn enough of a living to support themselves and the families. The Jews are alone in wanting to destroy and remake the world. Do you think they see how alone they are?

    • People in their vanity all want to live like that. The reality is grimmer. We can’t all live in sleepy northern European villages like hobbits, without fighting orcs.

  4. Does anyone else make the distinction between “Hispanics” and “Latinos” or “Chicanos?”

    “Hispanic” is a mostly made up category. Most “Hispanic” people I have met were Spanish, or 90% Spanish with some Indio. If you ask them they would probably consider themselves “white.”

    Then there are “Latinos” who are, you know, racially “indigenous” to North America. “Chicanos” are “Latinos” who sell drugs in a gang.

    Many “Hispanics” I have met were – how should I put this? – not particularly enamoured of African-Americans. Now that I think of it, the Latinos didn’t particularly like African-Americans either and the Chicanos were in a gang war against them.

    I’m not at all surprised that many “Hispanics” voted for Trump.

    • “Hispanic” means having origins from the Iberian Peninsula. “Latino” means having Latin origins. Most Mexicans are of Native American descent, which makes them of Asiatic origin, Amerinds. Mestizos are mixed. A lot of them look very Asian, too.
      They are not indigenous to the Americas.
      I always thought “Chicano” was a street name for Mexicans.
      Our own government messed up the whole Hispanic thing. Anyone with a Spanish name or speaks Spanish is “Hispanic”, so they classify us as “Hispanic or Non-hispanic” for our ethnicity. It’s all wrong.

      • I forgot to add that they don’t have Latin roots, only true Hispanics do. Some Cubans who are mostly of Spanish origin would be Latino.

      • @Pilot-your comment is 100% accurate about Asiatic “hispanic natives” in NA.
        Cephalic science proves that there are only 3 races of humans in the world:

        I’m surprised this topic doesn’t pop up more on sites like this with commenters like the ones on this site.

  5. It wasnt necessarily the Anglo. The floating voter that decided the election, according to the Occidental Dissent hypothesis is a Scandie/German in the upper midwest. The Anglo population is more like the Southerner. The New England area that remains most anglosaxon is Maine and that oddly enough gave Trump a delegate.

  6. Of course they did. They see the shrinking White demographics. They’ve seen the number of Whites thrown out of work and/or marginalized into minimum waged jobs after they were brought in as scab labor replacements. They know damned well that any taxes that are raised to pay for reparations will come out of their own incomes, not those of the dead or dying White race.

    Interesting side note. Liberals threatened to leave the country if Bush and Trump won. None did. Many Whites quietly left the country without fanfare, some even renouncing their American citizenship, when Obama won in 2008 and again in 2012. I know a couple of people and their family members who are researching emigration.

    I think its going to be fun watching how the Asians and Hispanics deal with incessant demands of Blacks and other intersectional victims once they and ONLY they are left holding the bag!

  7. Accepting Hispanics against blacks has to be something even more fatal than accepting neither. There is no such thing as a “White Hispanic” unless we are talking of a Spaniard. They’re all in the same raceless, gelatinous mass which would quickly assimilate you before you could assimilate any of it. The average White American has no non-European ancestry. Only 5% of White Americans have any Native or black ancestry which averages out at 1%. Why should we destroy this purity our ancestors have given us just because “muh based castizos.” Soon enough every single “castizo” would be considered White another crop of “castizos” would be waiting for us to consider White as well and as the frontier of who is consider White advances and advances it would become a meaningless category of “not black.” If we are to have an alliance with Hispanics it must be predicated upon the truth that we are fundamentally different peoples and, when whomever we are against is defeated, we are to separate. Even then I do not understand this as it would be far more pragmatic to ally with blacks against Hispanics as the latter is growing far more rapidly than the former and will actually make up a majority in a few states unlike blacks. This shit really does vindicate the whole “whiteness is anti-blackness” thing.

    • In 2016 Trump attempted to ally Whites with Blacks against Hispanics. But Blacks are so insular and stupid they didn’t break with the Democratic Party. He Platnignummed his chances by pandering on steroids to blacks this time.

      • That’s dumb. Why would we ally with blacks? What commonality do we have? None of these groups are on our side, and the Republicans have no problem destroying our country just for their own selfish votes.

        • For one, blacks don’t go into our neighborhoods and aren’t interested in mass miscegenation. In North Jersey it wasn’t the blacks who destroyed White neighborhoods, but the Hispanics. They remained where they were and to this day I never saw a black-White miscegenating couple in which one party wasn’t extremely old, but I have found tons of those which are White-hispanic unfortunately which makes me want to puke. Theoretically blacks would make an alright ally as they too are interested in separation and Hispanics never will because there is nothing they love more than to drain the White man of anything he has and fuck his kids, but I doubt we could ever ally with blacks.

  8. The sheer amount of media gaslighting about the election fraud, if you so much as scout around the margins of a mainstream media website, is astounding.

    Every loaded adjective imaginable is poured onto Trump’s efforts by the steamshovel full — a couple of seconds of scanning before I retreated in disgust revealed his resistance to the obvious steal being described as “ludicrous,” “insane,” “false,” “bonkers [sic],” “demented,” “criminal,” “ridiculous,” “divisive,” “undemocratic,” “illegal,” and “insane.”

    These fucks really schemed this entire thing out — the combination of exploiting COVID, the riots, the attempts to prevent another justice being put on the Supreme Court, the massive fraud, and now the frantic, thundering, howling, unaninmous, hectoring chorus of condemnation being heaped on Trump’s resistance.

    It’s so patently obvious that they thought they had won permanently in Obama’s era, with them trotting out a Negro president and their fag and tranny agenda, and were then blindsided by Trump in 2016. With this year’s long-prepared 7-month rollout of the plan intended to prevent Americans from picking the president they want by surprise again.

    The whole thing is so transparent. They couldn’t indicate more glaringly “this is all a fake, rigged put-up job” if they wrote it on the sky in letters of fire.

    Even I, with all my deep background knowledge, find the scale and audacity and openness of their steal breathtaking.

    (Of course, the proprietor of this site has chosen to join with the (((MSM))) and the Uniparty, and laud both as purveyors of the honest truth against the loathsome Trump. But he suffers from a bizarre form of Trump Derangement System, and, frankly, appears to be emotionally unhinged.)

    • Where is the fraud?

      Trump did better in Philadelphia and Detroit than in 2016. He did better with black men in a bunch of big cities. He ran on the Platinum Plan of giving $500 BILLION DOLLARS to them. This is the result of Jared Kushner’s campaign strategy:


      Clinton 16: 584,025
      Biden 20: 594,005

      Trump 16: 108,748
      Trump 20: 131,330


      Clinton 234,871 (95%)
      Trump 7,682 (3%)

      Biden 233,908 (94%)
      Trump 12,654 (5%)

      • You have to admit that the totality of the full spectrum looks like a conspiracy… Even down to knocking Yourself, Morgoth and others off twitter and YouTube. The choreography of it all looks conspiratorial, even if it wasn’t. Which for all intents and purposes it was conspiratorial in its impact.

  9. Big deal! The zionist POTUS in American history also made inroads with the muslim vote.

    To know trump/kushner is to vote against them.

  10. Is the 500 billion dollars on top of the trillions we spend on them? Why do we have to give them money? No one is giving me money. I work for what I have. They will never be satisfied.

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