The Anti-Sailer Strategy

In the 2016 election, Donald Trump won on the Sailer Strategy.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden won on the Anti-Sailer Strategy. If the goal of the Sailer Strategy is to maximize White turnout by dialing up the salience of race and populism, the goal of the Anti-Sailer Strategy is to maximize anti-White turnout by fomenting liberal hysteria about “white supremacy.” This is what the Left has done for four years and particularly for the last six months.

In the 2020 election, the Trump campaign DID NOT run on the Sailer Strategy. It ran on the Jared Kushner strategy. The Trump campaign attacked Joe Biden for supporting the 1994 crime bill and for calling young black men “super predators.” It attacked Joe Biden for supporting the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and the Defense of Marriage Act. It boasted about the lowest black unemployment rate in history and criminal justice reform. Trump ran for reelection on the Platinum Plan. The Jared Kushner strategy was premised on the assumption that White voters who voted for Trump in 2016 had “no place else to go.”

In the end, Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign got the map it wanted:

It courted Tejanos in South Texas and Cubans and Venezuelans in South Florida. It was obsessed with winning the black vote. It seemed like every other speaker at the 2020 RNC was black. The Trump campaign had groups called “Latinos for Trump” and “Blacks for Trump” and “Women for Trump” and “Walk Away.” Trump performed better with black men in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago and Detroit in 2020. He won more Asians and Hispanics and doubled his share of the LGBTQ vote.

The Trump campaign IGNORED the kingmaker in the center of the room.

This White iceberg is 12% of the adult population and is concentrated in suburbs and rural areas.

It looks like almost nothing changed on this map.

Something went wrong though with White Independents making less than $100,000 a year.

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  1. There is a credible sounding argument formulating that the election war swindled by outside interference. I’m ambivalent about it personally but I’d guess this will linger. The theory will form the basis of the Republican base for 4 years. Now, the question is how do we get the disingenuous Republicans to stop pandering to blacks and instead just enact policies that build a middle class.

    • You don’t because the Republican party is nothing but disingenuous. Forget about them. What we need is The Stop White Genocide party.

    • They won’t do that. They know white birthrates are down and blacks are growing at a huge rate like latinos. They don’t care about our support and they don’t represent us.

  2. Hunter, I have to ask, what if there was massive fraud and the numbers you have so proudly lauded are inaccurate?

    Is that a stretch to think that this banana republic is above rigging an election, have you seen CNN lately and the massive propaganda?

    You have a good bead on history and previous corruption yet you seem to have a blind spot on current affairs.

    • Why do you believe there was massive fraud?

      Have you looked at the numbers? Where is the fraud? Joe Biden performed slightly better in Milwaukee. Trump performed better in Detroit and Philadelphia. Joe Biden performed relatively worse than Hillary in those two cities. Nothing that happened in any of those three cities determined the result of the election.

      Trump lost all three states in other parts of those states. In Pennsylvania, it was in the Philadelphia suburbs. In Michigan, it was in suburban Detroit and Grand Traverse. In Wisconsin, it was in the suburbs around Milwaukee. Both the exit polls and the results show that White voters in the Rust Belt cost Trump the election.

      BTW, there is no proof that the election was rigged in a handful of places. Trump performed 1 or 2 points worse than 2016 almost everywhere. The big cities like Miami are among the few places where he did better than last time.

      • When Trump won I attended several academic seminars where the leftist academics formulated several baseless theories about the election, Russian influence and various copes. I man was it a delicious spectacle. Anyway, I suggested to one panel that “conspiracy theories are how you gain back agency”. I think I said it to some German cunt.

        There’s no reason to trip over your integrity in politics. Doesn’t matter if it is absolutely true that the Democratic Party conducted some sharp electioneering at a moment like this. Doenst matter if they committed crimes. It look plausible that they did stuff ballots. It’s a useful moan, to organize around the perception of cheating. A new crisis will arise next year to replace the cheating argument.

        The problem is which way the GOP go after this trauma.

        • Captain John,

          Why in the fuck do you want to resuscitate the RETARDicans? They do not represent pro-Whites. The GOP represents “fellow whites.” You do understand the difference, correct?

          • The Republican Party was hardly dented in 2020. They dumped Trump and pivoted away happily.

        • “Took money from China to steal the election from Trump”:

          What a lie! Absurd, but music to the ears of much of the American population, who want to blame China, Russia, Korea, Venezuela, etc. for their own failure.

          When the “sample” paper copies of China-hating “Epoch Times” arrive in our postal mail box I throw them away.

      • Additionally there’s a good argument that stopping this guy might have been an overriding imperative.

        If he could lie about WMD in the 1990s he could easily subject his own people to a biological attack. It’s low hanging fruit. Trump was held personally responsible for 250,000 dead Covid19 sufferers. 104,000 of whom are black and or Latinos or Injuns who’d never have followed a single suggestion he made.

        Fuck this Biden asshole, would you be shocked if his people released the virus?

    • @Ron Even without fraud, Trump still would’ve lost for the reasons HW have agonized over. But okay, there’s fraud, that’s a given for any election, but on top of that, would they also go to the trouble of creating a pattern? That Trump consistently makes minor gains with the diversity crowd while losing white independents and moderates?

  3. I wouldn’t get too excited about what (((Nate Cohn))) says about anything, and, the Pew family of Philadelphia own Sunoco, and they are liberal Democrats.

    Trump lost the White vote because he didn’t pander to White voters the way he pandered to Jews and Catholics, Blacks, LGBTQ, and others.

  4. I think Biden won because he ran away from the people you’re talking about. Not enough, but he gave little hints. It was his centrism. if he ran away too hard he’d lose some votes he needed.

  5. My strategy is to point out that you can’t so much as go shopping at a grocery store, or speak the english language or socialize at all – without in some ways advancing a society that was built in contrast to a Cherokee society. If you even participate in society you’re advancing it. So all all politics is to a degree white supremacist, because nobody is saying burn it down nero style and start over, learn a new language, make a new dominant culture. That means liberals are hypocrites for building up the society.

  6. There have been several cases where ballots were thrown away, even one online bragging about it on LiveLeak. I think there was fraud, but I think every election going way back was designed.
    I totally understand whites abandoning Trump. I have the same issues, but I could not vote for Biden. I don’t understand the disillusioned going over to Biden. It’s just not even a tolerable choice.
    I read somewhere that Trump was paying rappers a lot of money to endorse him. Another abandoning of his original voter base.
    I think this election just revealed what our elections really are, and how they haven’t been real elections.

  7. Attention Trumptards: Zion Don has issued a statement distancing himself from Dixie lawyer Sidney Powell.

    Now trump’s Secretary of State Mike “the wannabe kike” Pompeo wants to make BDS of the terrorist state of Israel illegal, and you have your hero’s DOJ deporting a 94 year old German concentrate camp guard that has lived as a law abiding resident in America for 60 years, but allowed convicted israeli spy American jew jonathan pollard to emigrate to Israel.

  8. MMR vaccine is linked to childhood immunity to Covid19. It appears kids don’t get Covid19 because they have had a more recent MMR shot.

  9. The Michigan GOP has put up John James in the past two senate elections against white liberals and he’s lost both. As much as the GOP loves the talking point of how democrats want to keep blacks on the liberal plantation, the GOP wants to keep appealing to blacks by putting up an articulated accomplished black candidate as if they can attract their votes like a baby can be attracted by dangling a shiny toy in it’s face.
    It does not work.

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