Goodbye, King

As we enter the Joe Biden era, a look back on how we got here:


Lock Her Up

Owning The Libs

The Fence

Democratic Primary

Namaste Blumpf

Our Greatest Ally

Foreign Policy


Samsung Dishwashers

Wall Street Crash

George Floyd Riots

Criminal Justice Reform


Mt. Rushmore

The Debate

Big Tech Censorship

The Platinum Plan

The 2020 Election

Post-Election Dictator Blumpf

Post-Election MIGA

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  1. For all your jealous bitching about groypers, what’s actually stopping you guys from getting together and goon marching around somewhere chanting about the Jews or how the south will rise again or whatever shit you’re on now?

    How exactly do Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes prevent you guys from doing, whatever you do now?

    • “How exactly do Andrew Anglin and Nick Fuentes prevent you guys from doing, whatever you do now?”

      By competing directly for our audience. By leading impressionable young men up the dead end path of kosher nationalism. By turning our own people against us. By allowing Zionists to infiltrate and take over pro-White communities. By legitimizing the anti-White Republican Party.

      The Jews who pay Anglin and Fuentes wouldn’t do so unless they were getting something for their money.

    • Now it is no time for marching but planning. In the US happens the same thing what happened in the Soviet Union in 1991. And then a good plan and good network is needed to act rapidly and decisively.

      When once in the century window opens, maybe for a few days, then there is no time to preparation.

      Yeltsin and Eastern Europeans won only because preplanning. Gorbachev returned to Moscow after few days but there were already changes what he could not reverse. Also West was not interested to blowing up nuclear empire but they also could not react.

      Later West reacted and took control over the former Eastern Bloc but as Putin and Hungary and Poland and others demonstrating, they never managed to put Nazis back in the box.

      So few days are sometimes enough to make irreversible changes. Few good guys on the right place in the right moment is all that matters.

      South has much more chances to rise as gravely poor f..d up Eastern European mini nations 30 years ago. In my hometown, there was and is ca half million people and when the non soviet police force was formed, they managed to get 16 firearms for the entire police. I can imagine that one random pro independence South household may have more.

    • Nobody is jealous of groypers lmfao. People criticize Fuentes and Anglin because they are pathetically humiliating themselves and the closeted incels who follow them. It says a lot about you that you envy the “fame” and small money that Fuentes gets by going along with this humiliation ritual, very shameful.

      Also why are 100% of Fuentes fans looking like gay retards when they come out of the closet to attend rallies? You need to tell him to stop holding public events, it is simply too embarrassing for you groypers, extremely poor optics.

      • I was at the DC rally and most of the groypers were regular gym chads or college kids.
        Why use “incel” as a derogatory if you have not seen a vagina in your life?
        Pathetic nerd

    • Sleepy Joe is going to appoint Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary. The puppets in the White House come and go but the Moneychanging Tribe is eternal.

  2. Hunter, would you characterize Old Dixie slave masters as being filthy degenerates for frequently using their nigger slaves for sexual gratification? Is it an act of degeneracy for White people to fuck niggers?

    • More likely the overseers and drivers who knocked up jigaboos. Sigmas like yourself shacked up with Jemima too, shame.

    • @ cap’n dickbreath, thee olde dixie dudes, were too busy playing their banjo’s , racing their horses, studying latin, fishing, hunting, fighting their chickens, frying their chickens, teaching mathmatics, geometry, bare knuckles boxing, barn raising, hell raising, finger painting , space exploration, moonshining, sunshining, funshining and corn schucking, bean schucking, postulating on mars hill, exploring underneath the temple baseball cards with thee king of san marino etc,etc,

  3. This is one of your best posts ever, a very good one to share. (Though I don’t revel in anyone’s failure; I wish it wasn’t so, and it didn’t have to be this way.)

    Republican leaders in red and half-red states are still resisting implementing public health rules, and the deadly results are inevitable: Not just in the U.S. though, but also in other capitalist countries including Switzerland, where all intensive care facilities are filled, and older people are being asked to sign a living will to die without receiving any intensive care: “Switzerland is now on a par with the United States. The positive rate of tests is 27.9 percent nationwide (…) According to WHO data, a positive rate of over five percent means the virus is running out of control. With the second wave of the pandemic, new infections have literally exploded, and they have also driven up the death rate. Of Switzerland’s more than 290,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 3,962 have so far ended in death, according to Johns Hopkins University”:

    But Vermont has a Republican governor who does believe in modern medicine, and yet Vermont’s economy is booming in comparison to the red, mask-free states. Vermont has had, until this week, the lowest infection rate of all fifty states: “Republican Governor, Phil Scott, whose record on containing this virus has been the best in the nation; and he was just re-elected in a landslide, 69% of the votes (largely because of this terrific record). Right now, however, the number of daily new cases has shot up suddenly about fivefold in just the past week; so, Phil Scott’s record is in jeopardy. If that surge quickly ends, then he could become the strongest Republican to run against Kamala Harris or Joe Biden in 2024. He would not only receive almost all Republican votes (since that’s his Party), but also at least a third of Democratic votes, and almost all independent votes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he would be the likeliest to win the Republican nomination, because (just as is true about the Democratic Party) that Party’s billionaires will be making that choice. (It was blatantly true also with regard to Biden and Harris.) This epidemic will be a major political challenge both in 2022 and in 2024. Anyone who wants to see Governor Scott’s press conferences regarding this crisis, so as to know precisely what his coronavirus-policies have been, can see them here”:

    Some good news today: The Oxford (British) vaccine, which is not mRNA, seems to be working: The Russian, Cuban, Chinese and British vaccines are probably all less risky to take than the U.S.’s “cutting edge” for-profit corporate vaccines.

    Off topic but timely: This is the Harris-Biden “return to normalcy” and so-called “decency” that we can expect: Harris-Biden Secretary of State: and Harris-Biden foreign policy team: Look out world!!!

    • Check out David Sirota’s twitter feed for some hot takes. The left just realized they got raped.

    • Oxford Vaccine should be distributed among the third wod hordes. Would be good to see if it is safe.

    • Imagine that – that bimbo governor in South Dakota(worst Covid #s in the US) who refused to implement preventative measures is the MAGAtards’ latest Great White Hope for President.

  4. Left wing is having a twitter melt over Blinken. David Sirota is a good entrepot to the fun.

  5. Hunter and his New York City Jewish friend Mike Pienovich think Biden is going to better for this nation than Trump.


    • Thanks for adding deep profundity to the board. Why doesn’t it bother you Ron that Zio Don luv’d Jeffrey Epstein? Do you even care about a thing besides whining about supposed lesser of the evils who brutally & savagely defiled us, including you?

      Both were puppets working for enemies, but Zio Don from JYC (who luv’d Jeffrey Epstein, but i dont think that bothers you…nor does how Zio Don was “mentored” pre-politics by super Jew Roy Cohn just like Woodrow Wilson was “mentored” by Jew Bernard Baruch who really kicked off your beloved “i gotta support the evil guy who tv says is less evil than the other puppet taking orders & u baaaaaad if u don’t agree u a juw u a juw u a juw u a bad bad juw if u dont join me supporting a evil pos doing Jews work u a juw u a juw cuz me says so, I’m Ron & I luv me fallin for a good Con so i rock n roll with Zio Don, masochism is a special delight same as a flight into Stockholm u u a juw clown so u better git down with Ayn Rand, keep it kosher guiiiiiz & give Zio Don a helpin’ hand <paying off his debt as he sanctions 'anti-Semites'! Roflmfao go Zio Don i am of the forever betrayed Ron yeeeeeeeee hawwwww yawn yawn yawn btw u a juw! Based!! Wiggy kitty cat WigNats sure easily own my white ass" so yeah…Wilson's campaign was based upon his promise to keep America OUT of WWI & fine simple minded yet gullible folk like you pinned "he kept us out of war <goyim, better support my evil ass who did the Rothschild Reserve & Aryan Slave Act , cuz my Jews say my fake opponent Jew puppet might send y’all to the meatgrinder in Europa> vote Wilson” buttons to their shirts & praised themselves like drooling idiots only rivaled by 2020 MIGA Qcucks…the perpetually gullable masochists have really developed a taste for being used worse than a cheap Bolivian tampon since around that time…how’s that actually working out, Ron? ‘Scuze me, i am probably interrupting your daily dose of milquetoast “Art of The Deal” oh boy i bet how must good it may feel. Or perhaps you’re just out with yo MIGGA MIGGA man Ali Zamba from that Alex Jones vid with his biytch Fuentes trying to stop the steal as AA directs his multicultural revolution to install Zio Don (from a GILF brothel in Cambodia)…

      Just don’t mind those terrible feels in your gut telling you something is wrong, cuz cuz i type silly rhymes to boss you slow time’z i couldnt be a better ostensible “Wignat” candidate. So basically, you’d probably vote for me only if i promise to send trannies to botswana or some other random shithole so long as i have courtesy to bring them back to The Mighty “Muh Founding Freemasons” Repubwhipped with their foul soy engendered (get it?) ilk.

      The choice half or more of my 2015 comrades who are the best of the best Aryan men to join this Qcuck crap instead of rally to each other to take over a region irl for Aryans only, it pushed me over the edge, ok!? I admit it (philosophically that might mean Trump is about to get his remote checkmate button gadget, srsly Ron, after which he will tear off his face to reveal a striking blue eyed Austrian with a small moustache, srsly Q didnt tell ya that thats why Trump is orange in skin tone!?)

      You bastards have the benefit of at least temporarily not realizing just how unhinged & Qcucky by which y’all have been herded & stampeded by some bugman who by foul Kabbalah black magic or something crawled out of Charlie Kirk’s abyss to not know how lost y’all really are. Who doesn’t want to be a zombie in the zombie apocalypse? Btw please consider supporting Bolivian tampons, I’ve heard that they are the Zio Don Checkmate Button Device’s Authentication Key (after all Zio Don had to keep his Plan under total secrecy & befuddle all those Jews he surrounded himself with…surrounded himself with only to make them fall even deeper into Saturn’s permanent Black Cube Hexagon Storm on it’s northern pole).

      Exciting times, Ron

  6. You’re going to have to cancel “Turkey Day,” goyim. We’re facing an unbelievably deadly plague and any human contact might act as a “super spreader” incident that could ultimately destroy humanity via a seasonal flu with a survival rate of 100 percent if you want to round to the nearest whole number.

    Instead, we need you in your pod with no personal property slowly eating a cockroach sandwich because you must put your bitch-cloth back on between mouthfuls of cold exoskeletons and nourishing antennae.

    This is the kosher “Great Reset,” which is either a baseless conspiracy theory or on the cover of magazines and the topic of meetings of semitic globalist evil, depending on how we’re currently trying to attack you, your family and your rapidly eroding rights.

    Cuckdown 2 is saving lives. Here’s a vaccine full of poison, slave. This was the most honest election in American history. The negro is your g*d. You know the thing.

    As we prepare to “hunker down” and give up our traditional holidays to appease “great reset” semitic evil, we can at least take solace in the amazing Liberia Ball monsters risking their “black lives” to provide you, the gelded slave, with top quality entertainment.

    There is no better cure for the “my country is dead” blues than watching creatures straight from a nightmare pile on top of each other and sometimes even make their fellow simians “hurry.”

    Have no fear, shktozim, the Rwanda Rugby sewage pipe is not going to be shut off, even if it means turning a blind eye on the unsurprising pathology of 70 I.Q. savages unleashed on slumbering Whites.

    We might have to ignore the snow hoe rape. It’s very important that the negroes on “blue” defeat the negroes on “red,” just ask any doomed and spiritually cancerous debased White.

  7. Yes and I’m very happy he lost. Just saying that would make so many Conservatives / Republicans go wild. OMG how could you say that????? You “was” a Patriot back in the day. I’m the same as ever. I’m happy he lost because I really don’t like how he turned Conservatives into a bunch of stuck up snobs that only care about themselves. These people run around mad about Wearing a Mask in a World Health Pandemic and play a direct role in why the cases keep going up here in Mississippi. All because those people never ever thought Trump could ever do anything wrong. How wrong that is. That kind of politician worship is pure Evil and goes directly against God. He did nothing about Antifa / BLM destroying American / Confederate Monuments. He was a coward and wouldn’t use the Military and stop the Violence once and for all. He used the same ignorant / coward strategy dealing with Covid-19 by hiding behind the Governors and Mayors and played a direct role in the cases being so bad. I can only imagine how long it will take before Conservatives get straight aka stop being brainwashed by him. Those people was on cloud 9 and it was all a mental cloud. Nothing he did was every good for America, the South, or the White Race. This is a perfect example of how Cult like Pop Culture figures are bad in office. I’m not a fan of boring dry politicians. However the most robot like politician couldn’t possibly have been as bad as Trump. Anybody would have been better. Anybody! I think the Republicans are afraid of jumping off the Trump Titanic but it’s gonna happen eventually. It’s gonna take 1 or 2 establishment Republicans that jump off the Titanic and the rest will follow. Give it 6 months and Trump’s merchandise will be in a junk pile at the local Flea Market and nobody will every buy it again. Thank God! What I’m interested in seeing is any Republican that runs for office and gets elected President in the future run this country for 4 – 8 years and see just how much better a standard / moderate Republican would be vs how Trump ran this country into the ground. Deo Vindice !

    • @Brian…

      “These people run around mad about Wearing a Mask in a World Health Pandemic and play a direct role in why the cases keep going up here in Mississippi.”

      Kind Sir, if you trust government numbers, the total Covid Death tally for The United States this year is not much over 10,000.

      That’s folks who died from the illness, who were not already at death’s door.

      That’s less than half of the average flu fatalities.

      Given that you believe in the ‘pandemick’, I have one question : since when did you, a Southern Klansman, believing the Jewsmedia, Sir?

    • Just a reminder, half the dead in the US are black or Latino or Injun or Jewish. Whites were disproportionately unaffected by it.

    • What’s the difference between a Conservative and a Progressive?

      Ten years.

      See the gay marriage issue since 2010.

      Any Republican that runs in 2028 will have more in common with Biden than Trump.

    • If many of these guys fell for the Trump con in 2016, why wouldn’t they fall for the COVID con in 2020? Just laugh at them as I do, especially when they’re walling around with cloth face diapers on.

      • My wife is Nurse Practioner in the ICU of Big 12 University Hospital – it’s a pretty elaborate hoax – they are even going so far as to fill all of the ICU beds with crisis actors feigning the Coronavirus.

  8. “COVID” was around when Obama was in office. It was called SARS. The jew media wasn’t going to embarrass the 1st magic negro so they said and did nothing. Trump lost, not because of the COVID “”pandemic” but his failure to keep his promises, and his pandering to blacks, homos and jews. Watch how fast COVID goes away when Biden gets into office.

  9. What a liberal homogroup here! Why don’t you cocksuckers get together and fuck each other under few pictures of Trump! Apparently the (dick)Hunter and the rest of you are obsessed with him!

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