Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m going to try to pull myself away from politics. BTW, everything is normal in my household. We’re not listening to Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci and cancelling Thanksgiving.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Brad, his family and all my friends here in the OD family. I hope everyone has a safe and great day with their family while we remember all the work those before us sacrificed to build the nation which is facing intentional focused destruction. Take the day to eat, pray and be thankful because tomorrow is another day and another obstacle. May God Bless you and your families.

  2. On the eastern shore of North Carolina they have an old tradition of eating Red Fish for Thanksgiving.

    The original North Carolina colonists must have been attacked and murdered by the Indians, the area of Dare county is just too bountiful in fish, game, and other wild edibles.

  3. Are there any colored people in Eufaula, Alabama, HW? Is it a subtropical climate? Are there any slave plantations I can visit?

      • Grew up on a slave plantation, as in an Antebellum type plantation or (like i feel would apply to me as well) were you joking that you grew up with very “strict” parents?

        To the rest of y’all; reading “Day Of Wrath” by Cesar Tort, imo it’s a must read, but few ppl will want to touch (talks of taboos pretty much no one wants to deeply think about).

        Trust me though, y’all won’t feel bad at all about how our ancestors did colonialism to the reds in the New World.

        Instead, you’ll probably (healthily,imo) feel angry that our ancestors were so worried about dripping magic water on the reds to “convert” them into Aryans, instead of wiping them out forever like how our penultimate Fathers – the Cro-Magnons – actually loved us enough to have apparently wiped out Neanderthals to their last…imagine if our more recent ancestors had not dropped the ball (no God worth a damn will forgive us if we fail like other generations to protect our children..how could anyone wish their sons or daughters to be born into this?)

        Lots of damning ammo to use against our enemies in “D.O.W.” (his site is “The West’s Darkest Hour” & has free pdf’s of game changing racialist essays). …the reds in central Mexico weren’t just casual human sacrificer’s, it was on a level that you just won’t believe if you haven’t yet gone out your way to do deep dive research.

        They are seriously pure sadist’s who were arguably more ruthless a ruling elite than are the damn Jews (but unlike Jews they had very different values/mentalities/agendas), Tort rightly labels those vanquished civilizations as “literal serial killer cultures.” Sound exagerrated? Read the book, his thesis is solid & not just based upon hearsay his-story written by the Aryan victors. The case is overwhelming.

        Ex of just 1 regular practice: red indian mothers told their own daughters that their hypergamy would go into hyperdrive, “Be merry my daughter, very soon you will share the bed of emperor Motecuhzoma. He will sleep with you, oh blessed one!” The mothers then smiled proudly same as we might walking our daughters down the aisle to an honorable man, and motioned to their own daughters to go into the temple so she can “you go gurl!”

        As the young girl walks up, she might be hoping against hope that perhaps maybe just maybe she can become one of the emperor’s wives. Warm fuzzy feels, to “become a woman” is such incredible fashion as the tiki torches glow all around her. She girlishly adjusts her hair as she ascends the final stairs.

        When she arrived to meet the emperor, she is ambushed and decapitated, literally. Her own mother knew what was up, and sent her without so much as a second thought. Sometimes the sacrifices of women (they also regularly sacrificed men & children of both sexes) were done by being flayed alive. Sometimes their hearts were ripped out while they were conscious. Sometimes they were thrown off cliffs. If you can imagine a way to torture to death, they did it.

        One of the sources is the “Florentine Codex.” Often, the red race’s ruling caste (who were obligated to go out regularly hunting for more sacrifice victims in order to be part of the elite, which ensured the “serial killer culture” was maintained) not only ate the meat of victims, but wore the skins for days, until the skin went bad.

        The flesh of victims was apparently sold same as we today sell beef in the open market. The first thing the red race’s parents told their kids was that they exist to suffer to appease the various deities of the red race. The entire culture surrounded gathering more blood same as today most of us suffer genital mutilation as an offering (& to mark us as slaves to the accursed Jews, who all but certainly are still engaging in their Jewish ritual murder sacrifices, apparently to Saturn , still snatching our children & without any sort of consequence at present, torturing our kids…*rhetorical questions*: why are we allowing this criminal race to dominate us again?).

        Why not create a new thanksgiving? A Thanksgiving to celebrate Aryan liberation from the Jewish terrorism, the Jewish tyranny of slaughter, a Thanksgiving wherein the Jews are finally truly defeated? Wherein future generations don’t (rightly) curse us & suffer the +300th time the Jews are allowed back into our lands to deprive them of all that is decent & fulfilling, before wiping Aryan’s out & killing this planet?


    “On 4 Dec. 1619, Captain John Woodlef, a member of the Virginia Company, arrived aboard the ship Margaret, with 35 men to take charge of the Berkley Hundred. An experienced former Jamestown settler, he became Berkley’s first governor. He bore Instructions that the day of his ship’s arrival “be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of thanksgiving to almighty god.” Beginning in 1958, the Virginia First Thanksgiving Festival commemorated the directive as the first English Thanksgiving in North America with an annual reenactment at nearby Berkeley Plantation.”


    • The First Thanksgiving Took Place in Virginia, not Massachusetts

      Years of elementary school history lessons taught us that Plymouth, Massachusetts, was the site of the first Thanksgiving. Those lessons were false. A year and 17 days before those Pilgrims ever stepped foot upon New England soil, a group of English settlers led by Captain John Woodlief landed at today’s Berkeley Plantation, 24 miles southwest of Richmond. After they arrived on the shores of the James River, the settlers got on their knees and gave thanks for their safe passage. There was no traditional meal, no lovefest with Native Americans, no turkey. America’s first Thanksgiving was about prayer, not food.

      On September 16th, 1619, the Margaret departed Bristol, England, bound for the New World. Aboard the 35-foot-long ship were 35 settlers, a crew, five “captain’s assistant”, a pilot, and Woodlief, a much-experienced survivor of the 1609/1610 Jamestown’s “Starving Time.” The mission of those aboard Margaret was to settle 8,000 acres of land along the James River that had been granted to them by the London-based Berkeley Company. They were allowed to build farms, storehouses, homes, and a community on company land. In exchange, they were contracted as employees, working the land and handing over crops and profits to the company.

      After a rough two-and-a-half months on the Atlantic, the ship entered the Chesapeake Bay on November 28, 1619. It took another week to navigate the stormy bay, but they arrived at their destination, Berkeley Hundred, later called Berkeley Plantation, on December 4. They disembarked and prayed. Historians think there was nothing but old ship rations to eat, so the settlers may have concocted a meal of oysters and ham out of necessity rather than celebration. At the behest of written orders given by the Berkeley Company to Captain Woodlief, it was declared that their arrival must “be yearly and perpetually kept holy as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God.” And that’s exactly what they did–for two years. On March 22, 1622, the Powhatan, who’d realized the settlers intended to expand their territory and continue their attempts to convert and “civilize” them, attacked Berkeley and other settlements, killing 347. Woodlief survived, but soon after, Berkeley Hundred was abandoned. For three centuries, Virginia’s first Thanksgiving was lost to history.

      Graham Woodlief is a direct descendant of Captain Woodlief. While he’s known his family’s history since being a teenager, he’s devoted a considerable amount of energy to research since he retired in 2009. Today, Woodlief is president of the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival, which has been held annually since 1958. Woodlief says he thinks the major reason that Plymouth, and not Berkley, is universally thought to be the site of the first Thanksgiving is that “they had better PR than we did.” He also said the emphasis on prayer, instead of Plymouth’s festive harvest meal, also made Virginia’s Thanksgiving a bit less appealing, though more accurate. “In fact, most Thanksgivings in the early days were religious services, not meals,” Woodlief says.

      309 years after the 1622 battle with the Powhatans, Berkeley Plantation’s missing history was rediscovered. In 1931, retired William & Mary President (and son of President John Tyler) Dr. Lyon G. Tyler was working on a book about early Virginia history. While doing research, he stumbled upon the Nibley Papers, documents and records taken by John Smyth of Nibley, Gloucestershire, about the 1619 settlement of Berkeley. Originally published by the New York State Library in 1899, the papers’ historical significance had gone undetected. According to Virginia historians, the papers are concrete proof that the New World’s “day of Thanksgiving” originated in their region. Upon his discovery, Tyler told Malcolm Jamieson, who had inherited Berkeley plantation in the 1920s. The plantation was already considered one of the more historic homes in the state, once a residence to a signer of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the birthplace of a US President. Now, it had another feather in its historic hat. Jamieson, with the help of descendants of Captain Woodlief, instituted the first Virginia Thanksgiving Festival in 1958. Its been celebrated ever since.

      While locals are convinced about Berkeley’s place among Thanksgiving lore, the rest of the country has been a tougher sell. Throughout the 1960s, Virginia state Senator John J. Wicker Jr. took it upon himself to tell the the world of the real story of the first Thanksgiving. He pleaded Virginia’s case to Massachusetts governor John A. Volpe. He went on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson dressed in full 17th-century settler garb. When President Kennedy gave his 1962 Thanksgiving Proclamation and said that Plymouth was the site of the first Thanksgiving, it was Wicker who chastised the White House for ignoring Virginia. Much to his surprise, he received a reply from Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Kennedy’s appointed historian and speechwriter. Schlesinger’s response was also amazingly candid: “The President has asked me to reply to your telegram… You are quite right and I can only plead an unconquerable New England bias on the part of the White House staff… I can assure you the error will not be repeated in the future.”

      And it wasn’t. In Kennedy’s 1963 Thanksgiving Proclamation (made 17 days before his assassination), the president acknowledged Virginia’s claim, saying “Over three centuries ago, our forefathers in Virginia and in Massachusetts, far from home in a lonely wilderness, set aside a time of thanksgiving.” In 2007, President George W. Bush also noted the history while visiting Berkeley Plantation, commenting that, “The good folks here say that the founders of Berkeley held their celebration before the Pilgrims had even left port. As you can imagine, this version of events is not very popular up north.”

      Today, hundreds of people attend the Virginia Thanksgiving Festival every year on the first Sunday of November (it was originally held in December, but moved years ago in hopes of having better weather). “We want to set history straight,” Woodlief says. “It is an important historical event that happened in Vi rginia. It needs to be recognized as such.”
      — “The First Thanksgiving Took Place in Virginia, not Massachusetts”, Written by Matt Blitz, November 18, 2015, Washingtonian.com



  5. I actually like not feeling obliged to go traveling around on the holidays and get a chance to relax and watch TV at home. Next can we find a way to cancel “presents” at Christmas? I detest Christmas shopping and having to buy people crap they don’t want.

  6. Give thanks for pandemic freedom: https://www.moonofalabama.org/2020/11/pandemic-freedom.html

    While socialist/communist countries like China, Vietnam and Korea (DPRK) have extinguished the disease within their borders and their economies have recovered, the “herds” (common people) of so-called “free” (capitalist) countries are being slowly but surely put on their knees by the pandemic that is allowed to rip freely with only token mitigation so the large corporations, banks and stock market can continue doing business as usual, .

  7. On November 11th four hundred years ago, 120 WASP passengers on the Mayflower disembarked at present day Plymouth Massachusetts, and New England Yankees began their nefarious plots against their slave holding cousin WASPs of Dixie.

    Try to have a pleasant thanksgiving with your incorrigible normie friends and relatives.

    • Yeah – we really owe a debt of gratitude to all of the cheap-assed Southern plantation owners that did not want to pay wages to pick cotton and imported all of the nibbas a huge debt of gratitude.

      • @ c d,

        I was using satire and being factitious by playing upon several OD commentators on the North-South divide. I think it’s a real hoot, especially since both branches aligned themselves with jews in this family quarrel.

      • It was actually not the British but the Roman Catholic Spanish who were the first to bring slaves to the South – to what later became the colonies of Georgia and South Carolina when the northern half of Spanish Florida was taken over by Britain. .

        The Spanish were the first to bring African slaves to the Western Hemisphere, and the first slave rebellion occurred in their short-lived settlement of San Miguel de Gualdape, in what is now the state of Georgia. The Spanish always brought missionaries too, to enslave everyone under the cult of the Papacy. If the British had not colonized Virginia and Massachusetts, and later eleven more colonies from Maine to Georgia, what is now the U.S. would still have had African slaves and be as multiracial as Spanish, Portuguese and French Latin America, and fully Roman Catholic.

        • If the Spain’s attempted invasion of Britain (with the Armada) had succeeded, the African population of North America would have been brought here exclusively by Spain and France. And without the bulwark of Britain and British North America, Protestantism in northern Europe would likely have been extinguished, only Orthodoxy remaining independent of the evil Roman Catholic empire.

          • Depends really. Whoever took over England letds say one of Phillip’s sons or daughters married to Charles I, would have still had a growing rich restive population to harness for colonisation anyway. A lot of the colonisation happened because the population of England was exploding. A Spanish puppet like Bloody Mary was, couldn’t stop the biological dominance of the Anglo.

          • If the Armada had succeeded, it would have been the end of Protestantism. With England out of the way, I think Roman Catholicism would have conquered the entire world, including Orthodox Russia.

          • anonymous,

            If you did not mean what you wrote then do not write it. Quit trying to justify your errors. What I wrote is factual and anyone can look it up. It is the USA that is a threat to world peace not Latin America—and that is verifiable.

          • anonymous,

            I forgot to add that yes it was the revolutionary spirit in France/Mexico etc. that banned slavery. France had first banned slavery in 1794 but Napoleon did away with the ban.

            Traditionally speaking I do not believe any Catholic owning slaves was ever denied communion or ex-communicated in history for merely owning slaves. Protestants in general also supported slavery until the principles of the French Revolution spread. I believe some Popes owned negro slaves though I would have to look it up probably using Spanish language sources. It pays to know more than one language.

            All this is well known. I believe the 1917 Code of canon law written by Pope St. Pius X said that if a country forbids interracial marriage then the Church should also forbid it. It is a temporal issue not a spiritual one.

          • Brusilov,

            The Spanish were never up for fighting in the cold and damp. Even if they got a Tercio landed in Kent or had their fleet get into the Thames, the French would have sponsored a rival puppet. Recall, the King of Spain was married to Bloody Mary. Didn’t mean protestantism was extinguished, certainly didn’t change British demographics. There’s too much emphasis on King’s and Queens in the dynamics of world power. England was destined to fight it out with Spain and France for hegemony after 1492 and was always in an amazingly good situation to beat both of them in the long run.

          • Captain John,

            The defeat of Armada was the beginning of the decline of the Spanish Empire and Habsburgs as well as the rise of Britain, France and Holland. I agree the Armada was very unlikely to succeed. But, if it somehow did, you could imagine a much stronger Habsburgs and weaker France. This would have had grave implications for the future of the Central and Eastern Europe.

        • anonymous,

          You write the dumbest comments. Latin Catholics got rid of the slaves in the 19th century in Mexico, Brazil, Spanish Empire etc. Mexico banned slavery in 1821 I believe. Saying we would still have slaves in the US nowadays when we did not have them elsewhere by the late 19th century is ridiculous.

          It was the Protestant Texans who wanted slavery in Texas against the laws of Catholic Mexico. That was a cause of friction. France banned slavery in 1848.

          I realize you just write anything just to be disruptive. I am pretty sure that unless you are demented that not even you believe what you write.

          • “You write the dumbest comments (…) Saying we would still have slaves in the US nowadays”:

            I did not mean that, obviously. When I wrote “what is now the U.S. would still have African slaves and be as multiracial as Spanish, Portuguese and French Latin America” I meant that there would still have been African slaves in this geographic area (what is now the U.S.) and thus, the descendants of African slaves, just as there were, and are, millions and millions of African slaves (aka Africans, African slave descendants) in Roman Catholic Latin America, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

            “France banned slavery in 1848”:

            Protestant Britain banned it in 1833. Revolutionary Mexico was well ahead in 1821. I am proud of your country doing that, long before the U.S. Sadly, Mexico and other Latin American countries that became independent of Spain, Portugal and France fell into reactionary dictatorship under the malign influence (and military pressure) of the U.S.

            “It was the Protestant Texans who wanted slavery in Texas against the laws of Catholic Mexico”:

            However, the credit is all to the revolutionary principles, not to Catholicism, The Calvinist strain of Protestantism evident in the Texan cotton planters, is a strong “moral” support to chattel slavery, as well as laissez faire capitalism and imperialist war.

            “not even you believe what you write”:

            Just “believing” is one thing, Facts and verification are another. Believe in facts not feelings. What I write is factual and verifiable,

          • Brazil was the last country in the New World to abolish slavery. That didn’t happen until May 13, 1888 and the extra-legal practice of same continued on into the early twentieth century.

            Slight change of subject here, but it seems that a certain alderwoman on your hometown’s city council had a little “desmadre” on line with some “caballeros jovenes” the other day. To wit:

            https://www.milenio.com/estados/durango-regidora-acusa-2-masturbaron-foro-virtual Sp.

            https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/youths-join-violence-against-women-forum-and-masturbate/ Eng.

          • “If you did not mean what you wrote then do not write it”;

            Did you learn Jesuit “debate” skills in your parochial school? I said nothing that I did not mean. I did not mean what you said I meant.

            However I quoted you on the French ban but should have corrected you, and did not check your date of the Mexican ban to see if it was accurate. In both cases it was the secular, revolutionary spirit of democracy and equality, not the dead hand of Popery that made chattel slavery become illegal (though other forms continued).

      • This thread has turned into a condemnation of slavery and declaring it a sin. The problem is the Bible nowhere condemns the buying, inheriting, possessing of servants. Yes, men are allowed to own other men no matter how “John Brown” your reaction is to this truth.

        To seal this fact, if you study the prophecies … when Christ comes back and regathers scattered Israel He will resettle them in the region around Jerusalem where Christ will be ruling from and they will be allowed to take and possess servants once again — they will take as slaves the very ones that had held them captive as slaves up until the return of Christ. So slavery is NOT a sin! God and Christ allow the institution. Notice verse 2.

        Isaiah 14:1-3
        1 For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
        2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL SHALL POSSESS THEM IN THE LAND OF THE LORD FOR SERVANTS AND HANDMAIDS: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.
        3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve…

        In the war for Southern independence, the North started out justifying the waging of this unconstitutional war against the South based on preserving the Union but as time went on Lincoln was losing the war and wanted to hurt the South by causing slave uprisings so he issued the EP. The abolitionists were upset that the slaves did not rise up but many of the slaves who ran away joined the Union army’s USCT units and helped the North’s efforts. They were not integrated into the Union army but served as separate all black units. So basically Lincoln started a race war. (And this race war continues unto this day.) And many of these USCT units were formed late in the war so the blacks period of service ran after the war ended and they were part of the federal troops occupying the South which didn’t help race relations at all.

        So don’t condemn the South for “sins” that are not sins. Homosexuality is a sin. Murdering unborn children is a sin. Adultery is a sin. … etc etc … However, slavery is not a sin.

        The South War Right!

        • Banned,

          I agree. Traditionally speaking no Catholic ever had to go to confession if he legitimately owned slaves.

          Tell that to comrade anonymous.

          • @Cristina

            The problem is it needs to be told and proven to every human being on the planet who have now descended into lawless mobs who do what is right in their own eyes. And the fiery ministers of old understandably now hide themselves lest they be raped and killed as the lawless mobs wanted to do to the angels and Lot in Sodom.

            Those who disagree with them are the sinners in their eyes…

          • Re: “no Catholic ever had to go to confession if he legitimately owned slaves. Tell that to comrade anonymous”:

            No need to tell that to “comrade anonymous.” I was already aware.

            Re: “slavery is not a sin”:

            Slavery, as the condition of the slaves, is not a sin. The ENSLAVING of people is the sin. Enslavement takes many “milder” forms besides chattel slavery. Taking advantage of people, using them for fun or profit, “owning” them as personal property, treating them as even animals should not be treated, is immoral, regardless of what “the church” allows.

            My initial comment referencing slavery on this thread was in response to a comment by “c d” (see above) which was not about slavery being “a sin,” but about the present multiracial and multiethnic demography of the U.S. and the rest of the Western hemisphere being caused by slavery. I was saying that if even there had been no British colonists who brought slaves, the slaves would still have been brought to the South by the Spanish and French, and perhaps even more of them would have come, Consider Haiti.

  8. Brusilov,

    A famous Russian general of WWI. If only your namesake could have deterred Russia from entering the war in the first place.

      • Brusilov,

        Plenty of mistakes on all sides I would imagine. The world has never been the same since WWI. I in thought am closer to Russia, Austria, and Germany than I am to the Western powers.

  9. Flaxen,

    What can I say? Males hang by a thread all the time.

    My grandmother said that the anglo male is blunt and that he will try to go up your dress without much invite. But that the Mexican guy will write you poems and tell you how wonderful your eyes and hair are but still his goal is the same as the Anglo.

    • I don’t think that the “caballeros jovenes” were specifically interested in “going up anybody’s dress” per se with their little anti-feminist political stunt. The women discussed in the following article are far more prone to be “hanging by threads” than most males, regardless of their male sexual aggression proclivities. There are a few points in the article, however, with which I take exception.


      • Flaxen,

        I thank you for that article. I have heard negative things about Anglin but that was an interesting article. I obviously do not agree with rape and being fondled without permission but I despise women’s liberation garbage. I believe in tradition and I like macho males.

        This old American song is somewhat what I believe in.

        • I just find it remarkable that a feminist can be elected to a city council seat in a place like Durango. When I think of places like Durango and Zacatecas, I think of macho cowboy and miner towns (with some cartel drug runners thrown in for good measure), not some limp wristed faggotized town like San Francisco.

          • Flaxen,

            You are hilarious. I too do not understand such an election result. Probably very few people vote for city council members and she sneaked in. Or maybe the rot that is pervasive in the white world spreads everywhere.

            I have often thought that countries should limit US television shows/movies etc. Only allowing harmless American material in the country.

          • Flaxen,

            That was an extremely important article. Those terrorists should have been imprisoned or executed. The Jews must have more influence in Mexico than I thought. Makes it harder for me to cast stones at the USA.

            They say Satan never sleeps.

          • Only 70,000,000 million Mexicans against 40,000 Jews?

            I give it 15 years before Mexicans are cross-dressing, and, as their birth rate plummets and they stop attending church, are enthusiastically screaming to be replaced in their home by all other races!

    • @Cristina…

      “My grandmother said that the anglo male is blunt and that he will try to go up your dress without much invite. But that the Mexican guy will write you poems and tell you how wonderful your eyes and hair are but still his goal is the same as the Anglo.”

      I found that women were frequently trying to wrap first their legs around me, this as a first step towards resculpting me to suit their interior demands.

      Experienced with both your race and mine, I cannot say I saw, or see, much difference in how women go about their business, most particularly the separation that exists between good girls (the kind you spend your life with) and bad girls (the kind you ought resist spending a few nights with – in case you get trapped there for years).

      Moreover, men wish the girl with whom they fall in love to stay the same, while women just allow men in, as a beginning step to what they want them to become.

      This is a tricky business – in all races and lands.

      • Ivan,

        That was funny what you wrote above. I think the population of Mexico is over 130 million. There is no accurate count. I do not know how many are in the USA in addition. Maybe 25-30 million? I am not sure. Total maybe 155-160 million?

  10. anonymous,

    I corrected myself on the Mexican ban within a half hour from 1821-1829. And France did permanately ban slavery in 1848 like I wrote. The 1794 ban was only temporary.

    Writing something wrong like you did and then trying to say it is Jesuit is a hoot. That means you could write anything and when caught say you were only obviously kidding.

    I have a feeling English is not your first language. Is it Chinese?

  11. @Christina,

    I tried to warn you of the growing jewish influence in Mexico, after I read that the mayor of Mexico City is a jewess.

    If I recall correctly (iirc), you gave me statistics on the small jewish population in Mexico. But like cancer cells, you must purge the nefarious and pernicious jews from any influence and power, before they can form tumors. Look at how small the percentage of jews are in the USA, and how much influence and control they have here.

    As I told you recently, fagtifa which is financed and politically protected by jews and some shabbos goys are allied with the women that are violently protesting in Mexico City for both legalized abortion and transsexual rights.

    • November,

      Yes. I remember you did. With around 40,000 Jews in Mexico if I remember my research from a few months ago correctly I always considered their influence negligible. But of course Jews are like the Mafia in that they are connected with each other world wide. And they have a lot of money.

      No country is immune to influence/manipulation. Another reason why countries always have to be on guard against enemies from within and foreign.

      • @Christina,

        One jew is too many, so what kind of subversion and subterfuge do you think 40,000 are capable of?

  12. Your reading comprehension is poor, or so it would appear. I said your comment was like Jesuitic debate. I wrote nothing wrong, nor did I say I was “obviously kidding.”. I did not say I did not mean what I wrote, but that I did not mean what you said I meant. You are not being honest, and your Catholic propagandizing is also confused or obfuscating, though you seem
    tto believe it sincerely.

    I now apologize for addressing you at all, and will no longer respond. Let there be peace.

  13. Thanksgiving 2020 in the capitalist city of Los Angeles, California: Countless thousands are homeless, coronavirus ripping through the “herd,” dozens of poor being evicted from houses on Thanksgiving eve and on Thanksgiving, some violently, by one hundred California highway patrol police tasked with the evictions: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2020/11/28/blood-thunder-in-california/

    Meanwhile in U.S.-sanctioned, blockaded and embattled but still independent Korea, there is NO coronavirus, NO one is homeless and all housing is FREE for everyone:

    • Everything you say is true. California has become a toxic no-go zone, at least for now. And ZOG wants to conquer the DPRK and every other country that won’t submit to the billionaire elites’ global consumer and debt slave plantation.

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