Trump Calls Into Pennsylvania Voting Fraud Hearing

UPDATE: Swings

I’m catching up.

I fully support auditing the vote.

I don’t think it is going to change the outcome though.

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  1. Republicans, courts, Congress, media, military, etc. may not side with Trump over this…but our sham “democracy” has been definitively exposed.

    Makes you wonder what other “free and fair” elections have been subverted. Macron’s 2017 victory in France highly suspect. And any South African election since the end of Apartheid.

      • I think the kind of evidence you mean is footage of someone at a computer in the act of generating 1 million votes for Biden. We’re never going to see that. What we’re seeing is the massive statistical impossibilities which, my dear Watson, leads us to deduce with the utmost clarity that said someone did indeed effect the aforementioned egregious vote-transfer.

        • Trump lost because he pandered to fringe minority groups who were never going to vote for him anyway, while taking millions of his white working and middle class supporters for granted. Understand?

          • Yes he did pander and lose White male votes – but Biden still needed massive fraud in order to win. Democrats were never going to field a genuinely strong candidate like Tulsi (or Obama 2008) who could have won fair and square.

          • Tulsi was the only Democrat worth anything. The Democrat party is pure evil however, and wanted no part of running a truth teller as their candidate. Instead, we are now going to be living under the Kali creature whom Tulsi annihilated at the first Democratic debate.

          • @Powell…

            “Tulsi was the only Democrat worth anything. The Democrat party is pure evil however, and wanted no part of running a truth teller as their candidate. ”

            Yes, my wife and I identified 3 Democrat candidates, in the 2020 primary, we felt were being honest with us, and who we felt were not hopelessly corrupted, corporate fronts, or merely daemonick : Maryanne Williamson, Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbard.

            Tulsi would do much much better if she were in The Republican Party, for the modern Democrat Party could never except a high-minded and honourable woman, such as she.

            As to living under Senator Harris – do not assume that. This election is far from over, the tide of Trump lawsuits and election fraud publicity only now beginning to rise.

            The situation is very fluid and quite volatile, and, given the immense pressure on Biden (China corruption, Hunter laptop, and the Election Fraud Conspiracy) 2 weeks from now will be a century, in terms of behind the scenes machinations and publick moods.

      • @Dart…

        “If it were definitively exposed, there would be some evidence of mass voter fraud. But there isn’t.”

        The evidence is so massive, it is unbelievable, but, yes, if you want to act like an MSNBC viewer, then you certainly can find a way to miss it.

        • You’ve turned into the voice of sanity here, Ivan.

          These people are so frantic in their personal hatred for Trump that they’re blocking out

          1. massive reports of fraud,

          2. 80 million votes for a senile nincompoop who didn’t campaign compared to 69 million votes even for the highly popular Obama, literally the most ever votes, and to some guy who barely appeared in public to a limp reception,

          and 3. the fact that they claim to hate the current system and want to discredit voting, but are THROWING AWAY a golden opportunity to alienate the people from the system and its b.s. politics at a moment when the people are hugely ticked off at vote fraud, by siding with the system and saying voting is fair and honest simply because they want to “get Trump” — their weird, petty, personal vendetta blinding them to the massive upheaval caused by this fraud.

          If Griffin and his cronies had any smarts, they would be pushing this vote fraud stuff to the utmost, because it’s opening the normies’ eyes to the monstrous hostility and tyranny of the supposed “American democracy.” A theme they’ve been going on about for years.

          But no, they’d rather SUPPORT the system’s narrative and praise the honesty of its elections, simply to indulge their petty snit at Trump.

          They’ve reversed their position totally because taking cheap shots at some fat old boomer means more to them than a HUGE opportunity to totally discredit the system’s legitimacy in the eyes of White Americans.

          I can’t understand them. They are bafflingly weird.

          • Normie does not equal conservative.

            I have no problem believing he lost. I didn’t vote for him myself. Even in Alabama, he didn’t win Independent voters. He won 97% of Republicans. You don’t understand how anyone thinks outside your echo chamber. He had zero appeal outside of the Right. Elections are won in the Center. I’m in the Center which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

          • @StuG IV Ace…

            Thank you for your kind words.

            I try hard to fight the very human tendency to see what I want to see and only that.

            My opinion of what has occurred this election is NOT coloured by my support for President Trump.

            I would say the same thing about the election no matter who the candidates were – the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

            As to Mr. Griffin, he got very hurt by some of what he regarded as President Trump’s treachery in 2017, and, ever since then, he has been consistently anti-Trump.

            I think for those who are, and or were, on The Dissident Right, this is not uncommon.

            Happy Thanksgiving!

      • There is a problem. The entire system closed in on Trump to get him out of office. It’s probably true that there was some sharp electioneering. The thoroughness of the social media purge, the coordinated rioting, FBI, Pentagon mutiny…it’s quite extraordinary. That would have filtered into the counting at the polling stations.

      • Dart entrusts black run urban dumps to do a proper vote. Yes the people at the polling stations with the BLM masks, the kind old black gentlemen, did EVERYTHING PROPER! Like in South Africa, and Botswana, and Nigeria. They are the paragon of virtue and would never be part of a fraudulent ballot dumping operation initiated after Biden had lost to put him over the edge….

    • Yeah if only we had free and fair elections orange conman and his Zionist Republicans would have won and everything would be fine!

      How do you GOPe types manage to find yourselves on “Nazi” blogs? Wouldn’t you be more happy with your fellow MIGApedes over at

    • @Jannie…

      “Republicans, courts, Congress, media, military, etc. may not side with Trump over this…but our sham “democracy” has been definitively exposed. ”

      Yes, absolutely, and the exposure is just beginning. Folks in my area are so hopping mad, I am taken aback, because I have never seen them so warlike in their attitudes and declarations.

      The Globalists are going to keep at it until this country turns into one great big old-fashioned necktie party.

  2. C’mon man. You don’t trust black cities in Merica robbing votes? As Gary Coleman used to say” Wha chu tawkin bout, Willis?” Can you imagine the shitshow in a place like Detroit? Or Philly? Man, I gotz ta rob dese votes cowza slavery and Sheeit.

    That evil wench Tlaib was comically complaining about all the suspicion surrounding Detroit..Yeah, cause crime is evenly distributed among racial groups said no sane person ever. But what do I know? I’m from that archaic time when ” melting pot” was used instead of the hip ” die versity.”

    • @Jeff, When was the last time you searched images of “Woodrow Wilson he kept us out of war”?

      Please do that. Please. The real fraud is democracy. The entire election is a hoax & honestly i’m embarassed i ever thought they could make a meaningful difference, democracy elections are worse than Sportsball. And you give lots of credit to dem les chocolates to coordinate an effective conspiracy.

      What’s apparently so “inconceivable” that a lot of Aryan men like myself would rather directly IV Sulphuric Acid & die a truly agonizing death instead of continue giving unconditional support Zio Don who explicitly f>cked us over to the max or the other puppet Biden?

      What did Zio Don do for any of us, besides make us feel good in the same type of way a man who caught his wife with 20 other men in his own bedroom feels better when she audaciously responds, “o baby u got srs eyesight problems, it was a figment of your imagination i’d never cheat on u, u r my prince lol, better get some sleep sweetie cuz u gotta wake up early for work tomorrow mwuah” feels better. The Big Lie so audacious that decent & naively honest type of men simply cannot imagine someone could have such bold audacity.

      Zio Don told pretty lies and “triggered” the demonrats as he repeatedly plunged the poison blade into Aryan America while denouncing Aryans.

      Stockholm’s Syndrome is actually real, apparently. Zio Don only delivered more death blows unto Aryan America. He’s a puppet of the same darn tribe as is the other puppet, Biden …which you fraud ppl will acknowledge, yet y’all totally jump the shark into a different dimension – a bizarre fantasy world – when you say “yea but the other powerless puppet taking orders from the same ppl will be sooooo much worse than the other puppet.” The cognitive dissonance is so off the charts i struggle to understand it.

      MIGA fans often literally see no contradiction…on one hand they will openly say (falsely), “Trump fought sooo hard to MAGA but opposition was so overwhelming (so they admit AT BEST Trump was totally powerless)….but Trump (who they just admitted is AT BEST 100% powerless) is also the only thing stopping Armageddon from occuring if the other puppet Biden wins…”

      They are somehow able to not only believe that AT BEST Trump was powerless & y’all admit that, but literally, in the very next sentence after saying that, magically according to them Trump is a “bulwark” against final doom.

      • Can most Black folks count past ten without taking their shoes off? Can they read without hurtin’ their heads. You can’t expect a northern European election, from 3rd world peoples. There is an IQ difference. Not to mention cultural & languages differences. Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are only a little bit better, and they come from corrupt political systems. Trump may have gotten 30% of the Hispanic vote in some areas, but, Biden got 70%. Obama isn’t happy with Trump getting 30%.

        • “You can’t expect a northern European election, from 3rd world peoples.”

          The vast majority of people, even “conservative” ones, can no longer begin to wrap their heads around such a concept. I’ve talked to these people…such thoughts don’t enter their brains. They will say everything is “cultural”, which can be changed with time and effort. They won’t consider that different racial groups which evolved in different environments have very different innate inclinations. Christians are hostile to such ideas, so you have a large problem with Americans right there.

    • Remember the Democrats crying about Russian collusion? Remember how we laughed at them for inventing such an absurd scenario to cope with the fact that they had lost? You’ve become the flip side of that.

      Trump legitimately lost, and that’s a good thing. The Republicans are the enemy of nationalism. You’d think after 60 years of conservatives failing to ‘conserve’ anything more people would realize this.

  3. As former President Jimmy Carter said, the electoral process in Venezuela “is the best in the world.” It is extremely important that all these disputed states’ systems be audited thoroughly and all fraud be exposed transparently, because the world needs to learn about the so-called “democracy” of the United States, which constantly sanctions, attacks and invades other countries to force them to become “democratic” like it is.

    Even if the U.S. voting system was perfect, with every vote counted, it is still not truly democratic; U.S. elections are still NOT real elections. The world needs to understand this.

  4. It bothers me that “calls into” (the Pennsylvania hearing) should be: “calls in to.” Calls in is a phrasal verb. The preposition to shows the direction of the action.

  5. We are run by a two family crime syndicate called republicans and Democrats. Until you realize that as whites, you will always lose. You are not going to vote your way out of this mess even with a “based” candidate. The system is stacked against us.

  6. The hearing was a nothing burger. A lot of claims but no real evidence. But i guess the members of the Trump cult was convinced and will give more of their precious money to the grifters. This is the most obvious grift ever, the Trump administration is working with Bidens team in the transition process as we speak for fuck sake.

    • I guess you wignats are so stupid that you can’t see, even as you repeat “voting is useless,” that the fraud allegations are the best possible propaganda you could want to make the normies AGREE with “voting is useless.”

      You’re so wrapped up in sniffing your farts and calling them perfume, and so rock-bottom stupid, that you can’t see a golden opportunity when it’s pitched in front of you, wrapped up in a bow, and instead just keep yammering on with your own tiny obsessions.

      If you had any brains at all, you would be pushing the fraud angle at top volume in any way you can, to discredit the damn system in the eyes of Americans.

      Isn’t that what you want?

      So why are you pushing the narrative that voting is honest, above-board, and accurate, if you want people to stop believing in it?

      If you really hate the American system, PUSH the fraud angle for all it’s worth. Help people achieve maximum disgust, hatred, and disbelief in the current system. Don’t do what you’re doing now, supporting its legitimacy.

      Same thing with the COVID-19 stuff. Yes, you’re factually right in that case that it’s a real disease and masks help. But you should be pushing “MASKS = TYRANNY” because you want the people angry at the government and viewing it as the enemy it is.

      Who the hell cares what the exact narrative is as long as it discredits the system?

      Your Trump Derangement Syndrome and COVID-19 position are counterproductive.

      You should be stoking the damn fires of what pisses the normies off, if you REALLY dislike the system as much as you say and want it to collapse.

      You’re sitting here in a snit because the people are mad at the system, but not using your preferred, pet narrative. That’s ego talking, not a good appraisal of the situation.

      Guess what, if the people hate the system for defrauding Trump, and oppressing small business with a COVID hoax, then you’d be smarter to push those narratives and give them legs, than countersignaling in favor of the system.

      If you really hate this government as you claim, you should be out there whooping the people up against fraud and COVID tyranny. Because THAT will move the corruption closer to collapse. Sitting here praising the System you hate for its wisdom and honesty and making up a bunch of babble about 700 shades of political alignment like a conservative think tank does nothing for your people. Adding fuel what already has the people pissed as hell does.

    • Could we not have a jew investigating a dramatic assassination of a gentile leader, for once.

  7. Why are you joining the #StopThe Steal fools on Twitter, Hunter? These people are saying that the election was stolen by China.

    • Not only “China stole the election.” There’s more. Alt-right conspiracy theorists claim that the Chinese military will be invited to take over America by the Biden administration. Absurd!!!

      • The elites are pushing their Great Reset agenda everywhere. Their elected puppets use the slogans made by their prophet Schwab, like “build back better.” As in other eras of history, the plebe-hating elites are trying to consolidate control and money through more desperate measures. Corona-chan is the latest vehicle they’re using; it’s their latest gambit. They wouldn’t be trying so hard if they weren’t afraid of losing power, however, which is a good sign.

        Elections are a mere sideshow. Talking about national political contests that mean nothing to those with no say over the resulting policies — namely, us — is a waste of time, except as an intellectual exercise. Time to concentrate on the big picture, and get into what the puppet masters in Davos (and elsewhere, like CFR, BIS, etc.) are planning for us.

        OD is filled with excellent historical analysis, but doesn’t include the conclusions gained from any of that into most issues. I hope that the future will be bright for this site. Most of the commenters here are certainly bright and aware, which greatly helps.

  8. @Brad Griffin…

    I have been watching politicks since I was a young’un, and, never once have I thought that there was so much fraud in an election.

    Before anyone said boo to me, on Election Night, it was between 10pm and 12pm that it occurred to me that something was badly awry.

    That must mean something, because, though I did support Trump and do, I am not so unfair-minded as to think there has been a theft, just because the candidate I do not like won.

    Irrespective of what you think of President Trump, or what your politicks are, it is vital that we stop the cheaters and, even if they are not prosecuted (would be typical for the lawless United States’ Government) they must be exposed and subjected to a great deal of publick humiliation.

    As you may know, President Carter and former Bush Secretary-of-State, The Honourable James Baker, outlined a manifesto for honest elections in 2006, and it went something like this…

    #1. Avoid mail-in ballots

    #2. Make sure all voters present a visual identification.

    #3. Upgrade your systems to make sure the dead don’t keep voting.

    This election, on purpose and in sync with the Plandemick, Silicon Tech repression, and Die Lugenpresse spin, organized riots, was a nearly perfect coup.

    Only one problem : it’s plain as day what has gone on and tens of millions of people think it, and that number is growing.

    Senator Sanders ought to have stood up for all America, when he was cheated twice, and demanded satisfaction, but, the fact that he did not only emboldened the CIA Complex to try and steal not only the presidential election, but, Congressional seats, such as that of John James of Michigan.

    I know that man won, but ‘the tally’ does not reflect that – or, at least, not yet.

    This is not about Trump, or even just this election, it’s about putting an end to this, right here and now, this in the event that we wind up living in this country for God knows how many years more.

  9. Tru News lamented about the Pennsylvanian mask mandate of visitors coming into a residence.

    Next present week Rick dicked out 15 , 000 thousand to bail out Orthodox Jews in NYC for a wedding that’s insane!

    Com on Man!

    Sorry HW I’m not going bat shit in My state with the Bars shut down!

    Covid is going to be a real bitch!

  10. I’ve noticed something rather odd on twitter searches.

    First noticed it looking up Keith Woods. Google are promoting the Mike Enoch, Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Joyce, Andrew Anglin…but not the Nazi versions of those names. Anyone else noticed this?

  11. Everybody. Quit worrying about the Democrats and Republicans and get busy destroying both parties. Nobody is gonna do anything for us, but us.

    Get the states, or a plurality of them, to disolve the federal government.. Even some Leftists might go along with this idea.

    • And totally undermining the system’s legitimacy by stirring up the normie’s current rage at the vote fraud directed against Trump ISN’T destroying both parties?

      Set aside the petty obsession with Trump personally and add fuel to the fraud accusations, if you want to destroy both parties.

      Or are you unable to because you get hung up on one detail (Trump)? Who the hell cares what he did or didn’t do, if the normies are losing faith in the system because of fraud against their preferred candidate, encourage them, don’t support the system narrative and normalcy bias, ffs.

      Think strategically.

        • Not according to the polls. The Democratic party has removed the obstacles from cheating. The blacks in this town invited a woman convicted of voter fraud on stage to applause. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that the Democratic Party has the means, motive, opportunity, and expressed the overt intention, “game-planned” the steal – intended to try the same thing in 2016. Well it’s ridiculous. The people in DC, the media are all on board with crying out RACIST any time anything is done to try to prevent the cheating. The shitlibs fucked up this time, they went too far, now there aren’t enough people on the Right to silence the doubters.

          The media blackout at home is not any more effective than the bogus polls put out before the election. A very large section of the population believes this was stolen, and it has nothing to do with liking Trump. It has to do with what the Democratic Party is and intends to be.

        • @Mr. Griffin…

          I very respectfully disagree.

          The legislative hearing in Pennsylvania, conducted by Colonel Mastrani, yesterday, was formidable in it’s array of witnesses and the evidence they put forth in a very short time.

          If the upper courts rule that the cases offer by Giuliani, Lin Wood, and Sydney Powell are largely baseless, I will accept that and accept Biden as having won a legitimate victory.

          That said, I doubt they will cast aside these suits – because the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

          If the whole thing did not stink, they never would have assigned individual constitutonalist justices to oversee the states in question.

          I think it’s very telling that Justice Thomas has been put in charge of Georgia, and I have every confidence in the integrity of that man, and, in Justices Alito and Barrett, as well.

          If those three justices are satisfied with the legality of this, I will be.

          Happy Thanksgiving to you,. Miss Rene, and the kid!

        • There are some who are not Trump supporters, not part of a “personality cult,” who believe there really is fraud in U.S. elections, especially in urban areas, and historically, not just recently.

          Any investigations and revelations of fraud will help to reveal U.S. “democracy” to the world, and cast doubt on Anglo-Zionism’s claim to be “the light of the world.”

          The nature of the system itself is fraudulent, even if all votes cast in its “elections” are counted properly.

  12. Tons of evidence, plenty enough to swing PA, MI and WI to Trump. Of course supporters of Xiden will deny it all.

    Tucker will come around next week. Wallace will come trudging along as well. The evidence is overwhelming.

    More than enough evidence to prove a steal. But without the five crucial votes Trump faces the choice of prison or self exile.

    The downside is, Trump is still Trump. He never fails to disappoint.

  13. Jake Featherston
    Replying to
    For those that didn’t know. Wignat is short for “wigger nationalist”. Wigger is a combination of the words “white” and “nigger”, and it refers to a person who is white, but behaves in a way that is stereotypical for a black person, for example, copying the African culture.

    Hunter Wallace
    We use the term in an ironic sense as in those of us who rejected the AmNat chump route of being the Donald Trump cheerleading squad


    I assumed Nick started that meme because he pushes it so hard.

    Nick calls Whites who want a homeland only for Whites, niggers, because he isn’t White and doesn’t deal with rejection well.


    Hunter Wallace
    What issues would you like to see wignats focus on? What is the wignat agenda?


    Priority number one is owning the libtards, because it is fun. Since conservatives are the dumbest and most evil of the libtards, it means owning them most of all.

    P.S. AmNats/Daily Stormer are libtards.

  14. The state of Pennsylvania sent out 1,823,148 mail-in ballots but then counted 2.5 million of them after the election. If folks can’t see the evidence of massive vote fraud in those obvious numbers then they are simply lying because their man “won”. It won’t matter though, the powers that be prefer Biden as he’s be selected to be president. The good news is even normies on the right now understand the sham that are elections in the USA.

  15. Its all so bloody damn tiresome. I believe there was fraud but I also believe trump ran the worst election campaign ever. Platinum plan for blacks and latinos? It even sounds scummy Also DACA is now included lol He never followed through on anything just the other guy is worse and I kiss more zog ass then biden

    I mean they was obvious fraud or ballot stuffing but there isn’t enough time to go through it all and why is cigarman rudy guliani at the helm of this lawsuit? Burnt bald bastard hasn’t filed a federal lawsuit since the 90’s. What will come of it in the courts anyway with all the libtard judges? If a stop the steal is gonna happen its gotta be fast before Bidens inauguration which is higly doubtful and pretty much impossible at this late stage

    • The Stop the Steal grifters are gonna get away with their bags of money just like the Democrats in their districts got away with cheating. Whites are getting screwed from both ends.

      • Yeah powell Con inc. is grifting like the giant pieces of shit that they have always been known for but this is the mammon worshiping crony capitalists exposed for what they truly are. No morals no ethics just give us money now while the ship is sinking

        Right now they are sending blumpf supporters messages “Like loyal trump supporter give us x amount of money or we can’t do the stop the steal without you! Its up to you patriot trump needs you” This is like the Dnc republican version of Bernie can still win send us money sucker I mean supporter…

        And Fuentes and his merry band of grifters are trying to say we don’t support the gop but we support Blumpf! lol gtfo you little lying midget parasite stop the steal should be replaced with stop the grift!

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