MIGA: Mossad Assassinates Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist

Imagine my shock.

Now that the election is over, MIGA is trying to start a war with Iran.

FOX News:

“The announcement by Iranian state TV that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh — the father of the Islamic Republic’s nuclear weapons program and its top nuclear scientist — was shot and killed Friday in Tehran is a huge setback for Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted: “Terrorists murdered an eminent Iranian scientist today. This cowardice—with serious indications of Israeli role—shows desperate warmongering of perpetrators.”

At least five Iranian nuclear scientists were killed between 2010 and 2012. Iran blamed Israel for all these killings.

If it turns out that Israel is behind the killing of Fakhrizadeh, the strike may reflect the Jewish state’s worry about a major shift in U.S. policy toward Iran under the administration of Joe Biden when he becomes president Jan. 20 (barring a reversal of the election outcome that President Trump is seeking). …”

I discussed this scenario with Richard Spencer on a podcast before the election. It was one of the reasons why neither of us voted for Trump in the 2020 election. We thought he was only pretending to be antiwar to get past the election and that he would go after Iran in his second term.

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  1. Bidens’ entire cabinet is of Jew blood. How is Biden going to side with Iran when he is surrounded by a by all them Jews? Be serious.

      • @Captain John…

        The Summa Cum Laude graduate of the corrupt Philadelphia Democrat and Clinton Machines, Biden does not care about a thing other than padding his wallet and those of his family.

        If Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall could be remanifested into this day, his name would be Biden.

    • I recently found out that the sons of this dimwitted vile cretin are proud poachers to boot.
      The 21st century Right is pretty much Jews’ worship, Bible idiocy, destruction of the environment, and porno-addicted trolls

      • @Nemo, so true. The first two characteristics you listed are one & the same, yet even among allegedly “Jew wise” Aryan racialists, this is just about the greatest taboo and definitely the most dangerous topic to try to discuss.

        As the guy who runs “The West’s Darkest Hour” often writes, “tell me who/what you worship, i’ll tell you who/what you will become.”

        It’d be great if all Aryan racialists especially would read Revilo Oliver’s “America’s Decline: The Education of a CONservative,” Soberana’s masterpiece historical essay, “Rome versus Judea” (available on Archive.org under title “Rome Contra Judea”), and David Irving’s Goebbels biography (among reading other works).

      • Trump could have been the next Andrew Jackson instead he makes Jimmy Carter look good lol I’d love to see how Iran will be destroyed without America

  2. JFK of course tried to stop a nuclear armed Israel. Irish Catholics beware!

    On a side note I’m watching Matthew McConaughey’s Republic of Jones. It’s a good class analysis of Mississippi during the ACW. Surprisingly enjoyable. Perhaps the main character is an example of a Hard Pressed Skeptic. Had enough of the elites on all sides.

  3. Israel can do whatever diabolical tomfoolery it wants to, but, I’ll tell you one thing plain : you cannot be manipulated, if you do not want to be, anymore than you can rape the willing.

    The fact of the matter is that The New England Yankee-led United States’ Government, and their partner, International Jewry, are like Gog and Magog of Revelations.

  4. Cernovich is just a garbage person with zero beliefs which are not directly related to his profits and clout amongst the people who fund them. The notion that the assasination of Solemani and now actual scientists being labled as “keeping America safe and free” is no different than the flag waver who intentionally shoots black smoke from his car with no muffler calling it “owning the democrats”.
    Most of the flag wavers are decent people they have just beem dumbed down and poisoned by decades of media and people like Cernovich.

    Ask them how provoking war with Iran helps Americans safe and free, you will get nothing but bad takes and just anger. This is the greatest obstacle we face. People not taking their own self interests

  5. The only reason Trump is still fighting for office is because of Zionist Jews backing him. The GOP has done nothing about election fraud in 40 years.

    • Sheldon Adelson did pay Trump and the GOP millions for a war against Iran so there is that. Being good bidnessmen, how can Trump and the GOP say ‘No’ to Sheldon & Co. after they took all that bribe money? It’s not like they give refunds, they wasted all the money trying to get Trump reelected anyway.

  6. I missed the Grenell Tweet earlier. This is apparently how it works now. Small elite special groups like gays and Jewish people’s interests come first. Why does Iran have to be destroyed? According to Rick Grenell because they are not in favor of global homosexuality. According to Cernovish, because they are anti-semitic.

    Whites in America face the same policy as Iranians from American foreign policy.

  7. Funny how Turkey and Azerbaijan can genocide Christians (with Israeli drones) and no one does anything, but Iran (who has never fought with the west) needs to stopped at all cost. What’s the difference? Only one nation poses a threat to Israel.

    Also that Sarah Abdallah twitter girl you linked is hot… she clearly has mostly Phoencian/Crusader DNA with very little input from Arabs and their black slaves. >tfw no maronite gf

    • Mossad does not ask or wait for American permission to carry out assassinations like this. They simply know their ZOG buddies in both parties in Washington will come to their aid if need be.

    • You really think Trump has to okay this stuff? He can’t even get a general or colonel to roll a few tanks through Seattle.

  8. Israel will never launch a ground invasion,Iran is landmass they don’t have the manpower to cover the logistic.Iran leaders aren’t fazed of Mossad sneak attack.Demography is on Iran side.

  9. Israel can do whatever diabolical tomfoolery it wants to, but, I’ll tell you one thing plain : you cannot be manipulated, if you do not want to be, anymore than you can rape the willing.

    The fact of the matter is that The New England Yankee-led United States’ Government, and their partner, International Jewry, are like Gog and Magog of Revelations.

  10. Between 2010 and 2012 at least four other important nuclear scientists in Iran were assassinated by Israel and the U.S.

    Iran has NO nuclear weapons program but the U.S. is in the middle of a TRILLION dollar NEW nuclear weapons development program, and no one seems to know the extent and cost of the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

  11. The bloodthirsty gloating from those scummy neocon boot-lickers is enough to make your blood boil.

    Iran should have a policy of executing 30 western prisoners for every scientist assassinated.

  12. All to want for Christmas is for Iran to develop a medium range hypersonic missile with multiple independently target re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) nuclear warheads.

  13. This is obviously DoD policy regardless of who is in the WH. The generals are openly defying Trump, but no doubt rubbing their hands at the prospect of an Iran war. They just don’t want US to be seen as having fired the first shot – let Israel do it, or engineer a Pearl Harbor-style attack on an American base in the Gulf that can be credibly pinned on Iran. Let’s goad Iran into it one way or another – as we did Japan. [screenshot this]

    • @James Bongstreet,

      The US already fired the first time shot with their cowardly assassination Iranian General and martyr Soleimani last January in Iraq.

      • @November,

        True – and so much sh*t was rolling down Trump’s leg when they responded with missile attacks on our bases, he couldn’t even face the public that day. But you could also argue that the war started in Syria, with Assad/Russia/Hezbollah/Iran facing off directly or via proxy against ISIS/Al-Qaeda/Turkey/Israel/USA. Strong whiff of Spain 1938.

        • @James Bongstreet,

          Indeed. At least, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia were invited in by Assad. The others are violating Syrian sovereignty by their presence inside that nation. The Kurds and Americans are using Syrian oilfields in the northeastern region of that country to provide Israel with black market petroleum. That’s why the jewnited states congress freaked out when Blompf was going end support for the Kurds and withdraw US military personnel from Syria. It had nothing to do with fighting ISIS or Al-Nustra.

          But to your point, the civil war in Syria has been a dangerous proxy war.

          It would be a big middle finger to ZOG, if the BRICS economic block admitted Iran into their club.

  14. MIGA will succeed under Biden. It is a bitter pill for Trump supporters to swallow but the military is part of the Deep State now. Even the Navy has adopted commercial calling itself a global force for good. The constant worship of the military by the Retarded Right helps empower globalism and erode national sovereignty. Constant endless wars for non-existent peace. Expect us to be in a war with Iran in the middle of a pandemic sometime in 2021.

    • Next Israel Gift Attack

      Neuer Israelen Gift Angriff

      Or would it be

      Neu Israel Gift Angriff

  15. An all-out war against Iran would be no small undertaking. It would require reinstating the draft, an official declaration of war by Congress and the creation of a Grand Alliance against that country, followed by a D Day type invasion. ZOG will most likely continue with its policy of sanctions, agitprop and assassinations instead.

  16. POS Blompf wants to designate Yemeni Houthis as a terrorist organization, but he still hasn’t (and will not) done the same to blm or antifa no matter what he tweets on his Jitterbug.

  17. America is complicit in Israeli terrorism. Neocons in the US should be arrested and tried for complicity in Israeli terrorism.

  18. Iran has never “meddled” in our “elections.” THIS is what is REALLY happening: The U.S./CIA constantly “meddles” (and worse) in many foreign elections: https://journal-neo.org/2020/11/30/the-united-states-is-seeking-to-take-control-of-the-elections-in-kyrgyzstan/ But the cost of our nonstop global hybrid-war imperialism is the very best money that the U.S. ever spends. Just look at all we get for it. It definitely keeps the U.S. on top of the rest of the world.

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