First Principles and What We Can Do Now

In March, I wrote about what I think should be done. My ideas included building power locally, moving to the country, and promoting secession within states. Some of these things are happening. There are movements to build a “greater Idaho,” to expel Chicago from Illinois, and to have parts of Virginia join West Virginia. However, in my earlier essay, I made a mistake.

A good friend recently told me that there is no political solution. He’s wrong, and I was too, when I wrote in March that we should create “non-political” institutions. There’s no such thing as a non-political institution. I should have said “non-partisan” or “non-electoral.” There may not be an electoral solution for whites on a national level. However, there’s always a political solution. There will always be politics, because politics is about power. Every human interaction involves power, and power is always unequal.

The leftists have a slogan: “the personal is political.” They are right when they say that ancient ideas like the family, sex roles, private property, or even pet ownership are rooted in certain ideas, systems, and assumptions. Tradition, culture, economic systems, and history shape us.

We aren’t free-floating individuals. It’s a myth that we can all each “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” We have autonomy, but it is limited by others’ power over us. Progressives, to their credit, understand this. They may have the right method, they have reached the wrong conclusions. There are three reasons why.

First, small-c conservatives are right about the inherent value of tradition. It is accumulated wisdom — our ancestors’ solutions to problems that will come back if we tear down what they built. There’s nothing inherently good in challenging tradition. When leftists take apart things such as “family,” “patriotism” or “sexual morality,” they forget that these things developed for a reason. The purpose of “irrational” traditions becomes clear during times of chaos. Even traditions that are irrational are important because they provide solidarity and meaning. We have compelling arguments about why we should love our children, our country, and our people, but if we even have to debate these things, we’re already in an age of dissolution.

Second, leftists neglect the most important unchosen force that shapes us. It’s not society, religion, or economics. It’s nature. Nature isn’t egalitarian. Nature just is. A socialist may scoff at a libertarian who thinks that anyone in America could become a millionaire. However, the socialist who assumes racial discrimination explains racial inequality is the bigger fool.

Individually and collectively, race also shapes who we are. Our abilities, culture, worldview, strengths, and flaws are part of us and mostly unchosen. This is offensive to some and disturbing to many because it implies limits. We don’t fully command ourselves, let alone the world.

We Western men, with our “Faustian soul,” don’t like limits. We Americans, born of a Revolution that promised, in Thomas Paine’s words, to “begin the world over again,” hate limits. Whites have a tragic fate. It’s our nature to deny nature. This includes the characteristically white ambition to end racism by ending our race. No other group acts this way or is duped so easily. We’re always driving either towards imperium or self-annihilation.

Finally, leftists forget they aren’t the critics of the power structure. They control it. Sam Francis said egalitarianism is a political weapon. Few, he said, really believe in it and no one is seriously motivated by it, but most people are comfortable living with contradictions.

White egalitarians probably believe that they are better than other whites and are sincerely self-loathing. Analyzing that psychology would take books. However, what’s clear is that many white egalitarians feel justified using threats, economic pressure, or violence against “racists.” The definition of “racism” keeps expanding. We can’t out-argue zealots. We just need to be free of them.

However, before “we” can do anything, we have to define who “we” are. Again, Sam Francis was right when he said if “enemies come to kill us,” it won’t be because “we are ‘Americans’ or ‘Christians’ or ‘conservatives’ or ‘liberals,’ but because we are white.” (I would add that it’s not because of Donald Trump either.) “Whiteness” itself is the problem. While our opponents may claim that “ending whiteness” isn’t the same thing as “ending whites,” substitute any other group and it certainly sounds that way.

Furthermore, whatever white advocates, conservatives, nationalists, or Trump supporters may think, we aren’t in power. We are not even allowed to define ourselves. Those with power do. The system in power, and those who control it, are objectively opposed to whites. The legal system works against us. Economic elites fund Black Lives Matter, not American Renaissance. Blacks are far more likely to attack whites than vice versa, but our rulers and opponents say blacks are the victims. They claim to see white racism everywhere. They may even believe it, but that doesn’t make it true.

We can exploit the egalitarians’ flaws against them. They deny tradition, nature, and the reality of the system. We must preach all three.

American tradition

First, America, despite the flaws inherent in its founding, has a useful legal, cultural, and mythic tradition. Our legal code is rooted in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of a free people governing itself. Jefferson promoted the vision of hardy Saxons throwing off a foreign monarchy. Our Constitution is designed to control central authority by checking power with power. The Framers understood this. Many thought the Articles of Confederation had given too much power to the states. They thought America needed a strong central government, but didn’t want an all-powerful federal state. Hence, the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The Constitution arguably failed because the Framers did not anticipate the rise of political parties, judicial review, and universal suffrage. However, the Constitution has quasi-sacred status for Americans. Our Second Amendment right to bear arms is especially important. Symbols matter, and we still have rights under this system.

President Donald Trump failed in many ways, but he forced our opponents to reveal themselves. He also didn’t surrender when any other Republican would have. Corrupt American institutions, especially legacy media outlets, burned through their credibility trying to stop him. Donald Trump didn’t “radicalize” Republicans, he radicalized Democrats. Many of them want to pack the Supreme Court, eliminate the Electoral College, impose sweeping gun control, and create new states that will guarantee Democratic hegemony.

Donald Trump supporters, many of whom think the election was stolen, would call these actions illegitimate. However, the greater truth is that urban elites govern rural whites, and think they are morally suspect bumpkins. There are movements trying to do something about that.

  • Greater Idaho – Most voters in Union and Jefferson counties in Oregon voted to ask their local authorities to discuss leaving the state to join Idaho, and create a “Greater Idaho.”
  • West Virginia’s governor, Democrat-turned-Republican Jim Justice, said that his state would “stand with open arms” to welcome Virginia counties that wanted to leave the Old Dominion. The West Virginia House adopted a resolution renewing a 158-year-old invitation for Frederick County, Virginia to join the state. Virginia, once conservative, is now essentially governed by Northern Virginia, which is an excrescence of Washington D.C.
  • In a non-binding referendum, 72 percent of voters in Bond County, Illinois favored coordinating with other counties in the hope of separating from Cook County, which contains most of Chicago, for the purpose of creating a new state, New Illinois. Hancock County voted the same way.

This wouldn’t be secession; the House and Senate can vote to establish a new state. If a slim Democratic government ratified statehood for Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and other territories, at least some Republicans would spearhead a movement to create new states and right the balance.

It is not our job to save the GOP from its own stupidity. The point is not to save Republicans, but to have smaller, whiter, conservative areas where white advocates could get a fair hearing and public support. We can also push to rebuild monuments to national heroes. Many Republicans are afraid to talk about race, but if the triumphant Democrats start demanding reparationsgun control, and crackdowns on free speech, the GOP base will react in ways the Establishment can’t control. If the GOP refuses to defend white interests, regional parties, third parties, or even independent candidates could force them to or face certain defeat.

Nature and race realism

All this is necessary but not sufficient for us to make progress. The difficult part will be openly defending race realism. I expect the Biden/Harris Administration will do everything it can to thwart us and that censorship will intensify. White Americans will not someday “wake up” and fight off egalitarian radicalism. There will be no movement unless we organize it.

However, the Democratic leadership may find it hard to keep its own base under control. Revolutions happen when elites can’t meet rising expectations. Leftists and blacks want a lot right now. I anticipate radical demands coming from the Left, with hapless Joe Biden cast as another Lyndon Johnson, wondering why his voters suddenly hate him.

Already, the black mayor of Hyattsville, Maryland has resigned to start a black nationalist political party, Our Black Party, which will get blacks elected to local offices. Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs supports Our Black Party.

Many Democrats, including Majority Whip James Clyburn, thought the progressive drive to defund the police cost his party seats in the House. This election was not a “blue wave,” despite white suburbanites, black radicals, and millennial socialists uniting to defeat Donald Trump. What happens when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell the most dedicated and popular progressives or pro-black activists to sit down and obey — yet again? White liberals may be leading BLM movements at universities and in some cities, but self-respecting blacks won’t take this condescension forever.

Other groups in the Left’s Coalition of the Oppressed are vulnerable. Asians are divided about affirmative action; California voters defeated an attempt to resurrect it. Abolishing racial preferences is an issue waiting for some ambitious populist to champion. In this racial free-for-all, white advocates should also demand policies for our benefit. (I suggested some in my “Rhodium Plan.”)

The most interesting question is what Hispanics will do. Chris Roberts explained in October that Hispanics are not monolithic. Offering amnesty won’t win Hispanic support for Republicans. Pedro Gonzalez argued persuasively at American Greatness that Republicans might be better off with a “Caudillismo” message, emphasizing law and order and economic populism. Of course, this is the message that would also win back the white working class votes that Donald Trump lost in 2020 while he talked about the Platinum Plan.

I don’t think “Hispanic” is even a useful category. The Census Bureau says Hispanics can be of any race. There is no reason whites with even the slightest bit of Hispanic ancestry (or some high school Spanish) shouldn’t check the “Hispanic” box when they apply for jobs or government loans. There’s even debate about whether Portuguese or Brazilians are “Hispanic” when federal money is at stake.

The cynicism of the system

“Liberal elite” is a conservative cliché. It means nothing. It’s an applause line at CPAC. It’s also dangerous because it suggests liberals are superior.

Our message is different. I often use the term “System,” but we should call the government that will take power in January the “Regime.” It’s the united power of Democrat leaders, Big Tech, Wall Street, and media. It’s a power that rules over us, not “our” government. Our relationship to it should be the same we would have towards an occupation we would oppose through peaceful means.

The Regime and its mouthpieces in entertainment and journalism are selfish and cynical. We should never acknowledge their moral standing. We should also express our outrage about our status. It isn’t weak to recognize that you’re a victim; it’s weak to accept it. People fake their identity for economic gain, politicians openly violate the laws they voted for, and the double-standards on race are becoming even more incoherent. The Regime relies on economic blackmail, media slander, and arbitrary law enforcement. It has lost its legitimacy not just in the eyes of white advocates, but in much of the country.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it requires sacrifice. I’m not asking people to economically martyr themselves by speaking truth to power. Instead, make a plan about where you will go, whom you can work with, and what you can realistically accomplish. We need only a small number of people who can speak out without being socially and financially ruined. The movement is far more serious and capable than it was in 2015 when the “Alt Right” was at its peak. The movement in-fighting will fade, because it is easier to unite in opposition and there will be no more tactical debates about whether to defend Donald Trump.

Across the continent, I see new economic and social systems and support networks. I see European-Americans finding ways to survive this Regime and thrive amidst the ruins. I have more hope now than I’ve had since 2017. While everyone will have his own plan, there is a clear way forward. We can build on our American traditions, help drive apart the Left’s coalition, and radically critique the existing power structure. I’d argue we’re in a better position than we were in 2016. Everyone knows the stakes and no one is under any illusions. I’m excited.

First published on American Renaissance.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. Instead of The Regime call it The Tyranny or even The Terror. Save The Terror for when Biden uses a drone strike on domestic targets.

  2. Chicago Autonomous Zone and Philadelphia Autonomous Zone should be encouraged. Greater West Virginia also makes sense. Rural areas ought to decouple from their metropolitan ports. Back when Trump won I suggested Free Federal City status for Chicago and Philadelphia. Even Portland and a Seattle ought to their own way. The left would have probably taken the offer in the darkest days of 2016-17.

  3. What happens when Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi tell the most dedicated and popular progressives or pro-black activists to sit down and obey — yet again? White liberals may be leading BLM movements at universities and in some cities, but self-respecting blacks won’t take this condescension forever.

    No need to wait for them to do it either. The old “alt right” troll armies can be resurrected to light these fires for them, trolling being one of the few things they excel at and delight in.

    Our message is different. I often use the term “System,” but we should call the government that will take power in January the “Regime.”

    “Regime” lacks punch by itself. I like something with “System” in it, rather like the derisive way the NSDAP referred to “the Weimar System”, which allowed them to instantly differentiate themselves in people’s minds. (I’d be the last to argue the NSDAP must be aped in every way – quite the contrary – but there’s no harm in learning a few tricks from them either.)

  4. >secession

    Meanwhile, the world is getting more “connected” and as soon as the Covid hoax is over, people will go back to being more “mobile.”

    Do borders ever matter anymore?

    Southern secession is barely even a fantasy – there isn’t even a Southern people anymore. Southern culture is dead-as-a-doornail.

    The monuments came down because the vast majority of Southerners don’t’ care all that much. – Most Southern young men care more about video games.

    There is no Southern culture to think of.

    So how would political secession even do any good? If Dixie was its own country, it would have open borders and free trade and watch the same Hollywood films and TV shows and play the same video games as anyone else.

    In fact, Southern culture is SO DEAD you can’t even have a blog without competing with Hitler-fetish cranks.

    • @Banned…

      You live in Raleigh, which, like most Southern cities, does not feel ‘Southern’ anymore.

      That’s one of 2 reasons I left that place in the mid 1990s and found myself very happily installed in a small Eastern North Carolina town where our culture is quite alive.

      I live in another town in Eastern North Carolina now, and it is just as Southern as Raleigh was when I was a child, as is every other Rural Southern smalltown from here to East Texas, in the year 2020.

      We, in The Smalltown South, are very much alive, though, I would agree with you : we are far from healthy.

      • Raleigh is not particularly different than Charlotte, or Richmond, or Lynchburg, Atlanta, Jacksonville or Lexington.

        You can’t name a single Southern town that is not dominated by TV and Walmart.

        Which means that everyone has the physical and economic culture of … China … and the cultural culture of … Hollywood.

        Small towns? They are typically worse because there are no other options.

        If you want to listen to, say, authentic Southern country music – you have to go to a college town and watch a Hipster band. Because the “real Southerners” – the Salt of the Earth types – they listen to Metallica and Billie Eilish like everyone else, and their idea of country music is a Ford truck commercial.

        What about that good old Southern cooking, like my mom used to make? Nah – most Southern people eat at McDonald’s, like everyone else. Well, at least there is Chic-fil-a – a portion of every chicken sandwich now goes to the SPLC and Dan Cathy likes to wash the feet of BLM protestors.

        Well, I guess there are some things left. While yes Yankees do eat grits, they call them “hominey” and instead of using salt and butter like decent, God-fearing people, they put maple syrup on them. Gross.

        Oh yeah and college ball, go Tarheels!

        Oh, wait …

        Sorry, put a fork in it, it’s done. There will be no political secession and even if there was – there won’t be, but even if there was – all it would do is open up more of the South to international corporations.

        You know what we tell blacks whining about slavery? It’s been gone for 200 years … MOVE ON.

        Whitey needs to take the same advice.

        • “Yankees do eat grits, they call them ‘hominey’ and instead of using salt and butter like decent, God-fearing people, they put maple syrup on them. Gross”:

          Mostly fried potatoes and eggs, alternating with oatmeal, and pancakes, both of which take maple syrup. At the North we also eat fried corn “mush” (whole grain corn) with maple syrup, NOT grits that are almost nutrition-less having the best parts removed with sodium hydroxide (lye). Also homemade scrapple, which contains corn meal, is fried and eaten with maple syrup. However a recently imported (from Asia) invasive pest, the Spotted Wing Lanternfly, is spreading in the Northeast, and attacks sugar maple trees severely.

    • Meanwhile several months ago on his blog, Hipster was insisting he is a proud Southerner! Now he is back to insisting that the South doesn’t exist, and he doesn’t mind if it disappears, even though it doesn’t really exist.

      This proud Southerner also didn’t care about the monuments honoring his ancestors coming down so much, he was on Twitter 12 hrs a day attacking any Southerner who went out to defend them.

      Not long before the Anti-Fa riots started up, Hipster was saying that Portland, the home base of Anti-Fa, was so close to going White Nationalist it isn’t funny, so we should all move there. Why? Because as Hipster has insisted for years, ‘Liberals are the real racists!’

      Also, not long before the Anti-Fa riots started up, Hipster used to say that when college commies form mobs to scream about white supremacy, they don’t really mean it. He was also telling young nationalists not to counter protest them, but to infiltrate their demos and try to have sex with them. Why? Because he had a lot of sex with Anti-Fas when he “infiltrated” them when he was a young man, and really enjoyed it. LMAO

      • @Jamie

        I punch well above my weight – for a fourth, maybe fifth, rate blogger, they cannot ignore me. I’m amazing.

        “he was on Twitter 12 hrs a day attacking any Southerner who went out to defend them.”

        You’re just making shit up – I was banned from Twitter years ago.

        “He was also telling young nationalists not to counter protest them, but to infiltrate their demos and try to have sex with them. ”

        LOL – I see you are a HUGE fan of mine. Do you also read my “50 Shades of Grey” style spanking erotica? The ladies love it – don’t tell your husband.

    • Bannedhipster,

      If you have any grits or fatback recipes you’d like to share with the six other “southern nationalists” on OD, this “Hitler fetish crank” won’t mind. Just keep those recipes kosher, so Silver can partake the in them.

    • We need to put work in alt-tech and stuff like cryptocurrencies. We can at least try to “secede” economically and culturally, even if political secession is a pipe dream for the foreseeable future. A necessary step is to develop robust enough independent support networks that being “cancelled” is no longer a threat. Ensuring that white teenagers don’t have their lives ruined for saying “the N word” in a snap chat video would be a good step forward.

      Basically, Whites need to shift from nation-state mode to diaspora/nomadic mode. It’s not impossible because centralized controlled culture is evaporating.

  5. Yes, our position is better because the Enemies of Mankind in this country have been thoroughly exposed. to The Average Joe.

    The Average Joe is very rattled, which is what he ought to have been since 1954, Brown vs. Board of Education, already.

    Several years ago, precious few were black-pilled in the Rural South, but, today, you can easily hear how folks are going around chewing on those black pills.

    The whole Trump Era is, as I have many times said – NOT a destination, but, a bridge to one.

  6. We’re in a GREAT position now. We must invade Venezuela now, as part of the wider war against China, which Fox News leads the way in declaring “is the greatest threat to our national security”:

    War is the health of the state. All forms of national, independent Socialism must be made extinct.

    “It has nothing to do with” Venezuela’s having the world’s largest oil reserves, and other valuable resources, oh no.

  7. “Across the continent, I see new economic and social systems and support networks”:

    I see only more Amazon delivery vans in the neighborhood, more Walmart and Dollar stores and global restaurant franchises popping up in abandoned farm fields, more rootless cosmopolitan atomization, as the stock market soars and the U.S. imperialist hybrid war machine advances on every continent except Antarctica. The Almighty Dollar reigns supreme and everyone must bow down and worship it, or else.

  8. Trump DID surrender on everything that mattered. Like immigration. There is no wall and less deportations. He had every sucker in his personality cult now agreeing that “they need to come here in the largest numbers ever, but its got to be legal.”

    I don’t think any government federal or state, will be as fair or cooperative as Mr. Hood does. The right does not fight, only concede, so the only changes we will see in the future are those that benefit the left and secure their rule forever.

    We need to LOSE FAITH IN THIS SYSTEM ENTIRELY. The only answer is ourselves ad what we can build. We can fight, flee the country, or hunker down. Hunkering down is the most likely. Whites in America don’t fight anymore. It’s rare that people become ex-pats. Building communities is the best bet. If there are no open houses to rent next to you, then diversity can’t move in. If your church is preaching something they don’t want to hear, they won’t stay. We can still achieve our own areas, despite what the government says. Frankly, it’s time to stop caring about the enemies’ laws. We only owe obedience to God.

    • I agree. Very simple plan, very realistic and goals are achievable. For general information, this was the trick, how Nazis took over Hungary Poland and other Eastern European countries.

      Two things what were not mentioned. Money first. With own guys in charge, there will be professional paid full time Nazis in your side. Small county managers and commissioners don t make nobody rich, but it is still gives you chance do Nazi thing by yourself and hire some other Nazi for other position so the other Nazi is also financed and can quit his main job. Also local contracts to our guys. In the Eastern Europe, we divide society into 2. Pro us and against us. Everything to first and nothing to another’s. So the Nazi political class will emerge, make connections and finally you have your own Swamp which is hard to fight.

      Second thing. Maximum autonomy. There are surprisingly lot of issues local low level guy’s can do. Even in Europe, not everything is centrally regulated So there are a lot of things how to support local community economy. Grassroot level supplies, food , heating, supporting and closing eyes for small businesses braking regulation makes the communities highly survivable.

      This is main weapon for Poland and Hungary against EU. We will not surrender, because of our self sufficient counties will not starve without your handout

      “”…..EU faces crisis as Hungary and Poland veto seven-year budget
      Countries reject package over attempts to link funding to respect for rule of law….”””

      “”….The difficult part will be openly defending race realism…”””

      Yes. Because of that, strongholds first and war later. Self sufficient loyal people manned counties can openly defy holy cows.

      “””….Poland LGBT: Diplomats from 50 countries call for end to discrimination
      Ambassadors from around the world have called for the rights of gay and transgender people to be respected in Poland, where many towns have declared themselves free of “LGBT ideology”.
      About 100 towns and regions across Poland have passed resolutions condemning “LGBT ideology”.
      US Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher tweeted the letter, writing: “Human Rights are not an ideology – they are universal. 50 Ambassadors and representatives agree…”””

      Those 100 towns and regions disagree and there is nothing Jewry US and EU can do. Good example, why strong self sufficient local level is important.

      • @Juri,

        Please use NS instead of “Nazi,” as that is the perjoritive both cream and used by jews, and Mosbacher needs the echoes ((( ))).

  9. If racist whites—or race-conscious whites, as I don’t prefer to say it—were cultivating in their offspring attention to mathematics as great as the attention they once cultivated to the Bible …

    If the structure most-revered in a white community were a “mathematicum,” a temple of mathematics, not a church, i.e., a temple of supernaturalisms …

    If the person most-sought-after in a white community were not a new pastor but, rather, a new math professor …

    If racist whites were to try to establish in their communities mathematica whose classes, contests, and courses of research were for whites only …

    • “If racist whites (…) were cultivating in their offspring attention to mathematics”:

      You’d be raising and training them to serve the elites. The System needs mathematicians, and computer engineers, and buys their service and loyalty with GOOD salaries, benefits, retirement plans and other perks. Dollars will be printed especially for them.

    • Technicians capable of making and manning remote controlled weapon systems. That’s what will be needed.

  10. I would prefer to call the Progressive’Democrat Party, the Hostile Cabal or simply ‘The Cabal’ rather than Regime.

  11. What a load of twaddle. Gregory is unaware that the Constitution forbids carving new states out of an existing state without that state’s permission. So forget that.

    And how many times can one fit the word “egalitarian” into a short article? We have been taken over apparently by an ancient tribe called “egalitaria” and they own our media, and dominate our politics and economy. Our evengelical church people even worship these egalitarians as the people of God.

    My position has been, for 30 years, they have conquered us, we are defeated, a nation of slaves ruled by the tribe Gregory calls egalitarians. Except they are supremacists in actuality. They don’t even consider us as men, but as beasts of the field, fit only for use as slaves to the tribe of egalitaria.

    We cannot win this. God will have to bring us deliverence from a foreign power. Who that will be has been increasingly clear since the Shanghai conference of 2006.

    Let them come, I say. Free us from this horrible slavery to the tribe of egalitaria.

    • I don’t approve of HW allowing guest contributors like Mr. Hood to come here and write extremely long, tedious essays. IS THERE AN EDITOR IN THE HOUSE????

  12. A few thoughts are in order. I recently came across a new organization called Europa Terra Nostra which rejects petty state based nationalism and wants Europe to unite as one racial and cultural unit. Wasn’t that what Francis Parker Yockey wanted?

    The Racialist Right adopts that belief that people are going to wake up and then the whole paradigm changes. I contend our people are already awakened but knowledge without power profits us nothing, it only makes us more miserable! I read the collective works of Lenin this summer and I do believe smaller, tightly knit, ideologically driven activist groups are what drives a revolution, not unfocused rage among the masses. Lenin was right in that regard.

    But if the Nation-State is becoming obsolete (and I believe it is based on a multiplicity of factors) then do we really need to dissipate our power more by forming a multitude of Ethno-States? By the end of the century China will surpass the United States both military and economically. The United Nations states by the end of the century Africa will have 4.5 billion people and that Nigeria will be the the third most populated nation on Earth behind India and China. Nigeria cannot feed the people it already has! Where will these excess Nigerians go? To North America, to the European Union, to the nations of the Anglo-Sphere! It makes me think whoever created the Georgia guide stones was on to something.

    So our choice must not be one of global government or isolated Ethno-States under a Chinese dominated world. Imagine if Anglo-Canadians and White Americans joined together into one metapolitical collective to be known as the United Anglo-American Union that was the successor to the current Nation-State. We could then give the non-whites areas of Anglo-America compete and total independence .Imagine if the UAAU could expand to include all of the nations of the Anglo-Sphere into one metapolitical collective as a counter-force to the United Nations and Chinese domination of the entire would. Couple that with a United Europa as championed by Europa Terra Nostra and we might just have something. Instead of saying think racially and act politically we may have to amend it to say think racially, act globally! After all, if you are going to think in metapolitical terms as regards the future why not think internationally as our enemies do and be proactive instead of reactive? After all, what Southern boy doesn’t love a British accent on a female! The UAAU could be the next step in the political evolution of our race and united as one we could explore and colonize the solar system and enact needed reforms on an international basis! Think big or go home!

    • The best outcome for Whites will be a Chinese dominated world. The last thing we should want is judeo-anglo world order. A*glos should never be allowed anywhere near power ever again.

    • It sounds like you want all the land sandwiched between the Rockies and the Appalachians. That is, needless to say, most of the contiguous United States. If the goal is that ambitious, and if indeed it can be achieved, there is no reason not to completely destroy ZOG and take the United States back in its entirety. A smaller and better geo-strategically located prospective ethnostate may not require such an all out death struggle with ZOG; which is why I focus on the Northwest and Midwest alone.

      Of course there will be no peaceful secession as ZOG would never allow it – not in 1861 and not now. It would require an insurgency. You must take these clear facts into your calculus otherwise you are not being intellectually serious.

  13. Whites live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., etc. because of one unspoken reason, and it isn’t the love of long commutes. In addition, educational levels have been rising; most students obtain degrees in normal subjects like business, health care, and STEM. This means, as we step into the future, fewer people will be moved by backlash politics, the libertarian “socially liberal / economically conservative” schtick, and grug conspiracy theorists. No one wants to be fooled into helping country clubbers like Tucker Carlson. The GOP is selling a product no one wants; the 13% is not why they lose.

    The best case scenario is America as a civilizational state with a racially conscious European core that punches above its weight and is on friendly terms with white-adjacent communities. Reactionary dreams about secession, ethnostates, etc. will never materialize. It is also strategic nonsense, as foreign powers would arm states and non-state actors in North America and play divide-and-conquer. Even local autonomy runs against the spirit of the age, as unforeseen problems will emerge that only have top-down solutions because of their scale in a connected world.

    • “It is also strategic nonsense, as foreign powers would arm states and non-state actors in North America and play divide-and-conquer”

      This is what we want. America needs to be weakened and made irrelevant in global affairs as quickly as possible.

      • @ so you comfortable with a mediocre america? Are your personal hopes, dreams, goals.and aspirations mediocre also? Our republic is.the best that thee sons of adam have made, or anybody elses.sons for that matter either, the wrong people are running america, we must stop them, then things will be better.

        • Considering Murica went to play a major role in the coming of Globohomo since the 1920s and has only been around for a few centuries tops, it’s not that impressive. Doubly since George Washington allowed Jews to be in his new country without forcing them to practice their practices in designated spaces or having plans to stick them in ghettoes.

          • The USA was the first white country to treat Jews as fully enfranchised equals. It’s quite suspicious. More than suspicious.

        • Down here in Australia, the Chinese are destroying our nation in many different ways. I have no idea what you see in them that’s admirable.
          Owing to labour and production costs that we just cannot compete with, they’ve snatched away every sliver of manufacturing we ever had………and don’t give a shit about the effects that’s had on small town Australia.
          They own massive amounts of our farmland, companies and assets, and all but our useless elites realize the national security concerns that this poses. On top of that, they keep arriving in massive numbers, and their slutty, giggly women are marrying local men at record levels, creating children with divided loyalties. They smile and charm you…….as they take control of your country.
          All I ever wanted was a government that had our backs and repelled this nonsense……..but nupp, they didn’t lift a finger.
          Every western nation now is controlled by traitorous wretches………and we can’t win or change our predicament politically.

          • I would argue that mass Chinese immigration is the symptom, not the disease. Put the blame where it belongs–your government. Ditto here in the U.S.. China did not hold a gun to the heads of CEOs and force them to move to China…they moved production there because they didn’t want to pay Americans a fair wage. Now the war drums are beating against China here in the U.S. when they should be beating against the corporate fatcats and the government eunuchs who sold us out.

          • From Covid-19 deniers to election deniers, conservatives can’t seem to shake this stupid braindead individualist fantasy of fighting authoritarianism, state power, NWO, etc., all in the name of freedumb. This stuff is just as bad as DR3 and has the same motivation. Perhaps we shouldn’t be totalitarians, but there is no reason to assume strength in-itself is illegitimate. We have an ideology that makes it a categorical imperative to always create a power vacuum. Well, nature abhors a vacuum.

            Outsiders moving in and taking charge is a consequence of conservatism.

            Conservatism, a postmodern pastiche of ideas, has roots in Hayek, Strauss, Schmitt, and Oakeshott. Conservatism gives the methodological individualism of Hobbes a Nietzschean inspiration: particulars are real, while unity is willed. Hunter has been complaining about Nietzschean individualism for a while. It is a consequence of Schopenhauer arguing that Ideas are grades of the Will’s objectification; the more individuality something contains, the more reality it contains.

            What if Schopenhauer is wrong, and Hegel is correct?

            We only realize ourselves as individuals by seeing ourselves in our other and being in turn recognized by this other. Imagine a white guy surrounded by a billion Chinese. Any of his novels, symphonies, etc. amount to nothing without a shared community. The whole comes before the part. Conservatives have been dismissing this as “mysticism” since Karl Popper and Isaiah Berlin.

            Instead of erroneous conservative ideas of freedom, we should understand, with Hegel, that the state is the actuality of concrete freedom. The state isn’t an goal, or a “tool” that we use, but a manifestation of ourselves. If we are strong, the state is strong. If we are weak, the state is weak: statues fall, borders dissolve, pandemics infect everyone, creativity is drowned in a sea of strangers, ambitions evaporate, friendships become superficial, life loses meaning. Conversely, Jeff Bezos didn’t become Lex Luthor Bugman through the exertion of an atomic, Nietzschean will, hermetically sealed from the rest of reality; this was in large part a consequence of deliberately chosen public policy.

            We need holism, we need historicism, we need the state.

        • I don’t want a mediocre America. Mediocre is too much. I want a non-existent America. Or at least weak enough that others treat it as non-existent.

  14. As the fighting among competing political groups continues in the Yankee Empire it might be best to step back and view this whole mess from a different view, a different era, etc.

    …There is nothing to stay you. Your Constitution is all sail and no anchor. As I said before, when a society has entered on this downward progress, either civilization or liberty must perish. Either some Caesar or Napoleon will seize the reins of government with a strong hand; or your Republic will be as fearfully plundered and laid waste by barbarians in the twentieth century as the Roman Empire was in the fifth; with this difference, that the Huns and Vandals, who ravaged the Roman Empire, came from without, and that your Huns and Vandals will have been engendered within your country by your own institutions…
    — Letter from Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay to Hon. Henry S. Randall, of New York, author of the Life of Jefferson, May 23, 1857

    Besides the obvious fact that this statement did not apply to the twentieth century but maybe for the twenty-first century, the USA once DID have an “anchor.” But it was never in our Constitution … this “anchor” was God. In the past we were much more true believers in God and Christ and answered prayer and had better moral character. (No, slavery was/is not a sin and the South was just as morally correct and probably even more so than the North. The Bible NOWHERE condemns slavery or promotes abolition.)

    And Macaulay may be right on destruction from within to a degree but I think the final destruction which will completely destroy this nation will come from without — nuclear destruction that will cause the Yankee Empire to go down into the dustbin of history as all the corrupt empires have done in the past. This destruction of the Yankee Empire may take place in the coming 4 years, it may take place decades from now, but for all the innocent blood being shed (an abortion occurs every minute on average in the Yankee Empire), Trump and the perverts promoting homosexualy worldwide, adultery, atheism, etc I believe it will surely come to pass.

    Get off the grid if you can and prep, prep, prep,………

    May God Save the South!

    • I don’t give a damn what the Bible says about slavery. It is very bad for both sides involved. The fact it was practiced here has become this country’s great curse.

      • And I don’t care for your opinion as well. You pile on with the South bashers accusing the South of evil they never committed. And let me show you something that will occur in the future.

        When Christ returns He will gather scattered Israel and resettle them around Jerusalem where Christ will be ruling from. He will allow Israel to take and possess servants once again. Notice verse 2. I can’t wait to see the sick look on your Abe-Lincoln-abotitionist face. Go home, Yankee.

        Isaiah 14:1-3
        1 For the Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.
        2 And the people shall take them, and bring them to their place: and THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL SHALL POSSESS THEM IN THE LAND OF THE LORD FOR SERVANTS AND HANDMAIDS: and they shall take them captives, whose captives they were; and they shall rule over their oppressors.
        3 And it shall come to pass in the day that the Lord shall give thee rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the hard bondage wherein thou wast made to serve…

        Buying, inheriting, possessing servants is NOT a sin. Homosexuality IS a sin. Murdering unborn children IS a sin. Adultery IS a sin. But God allows men to own other men which will occur in the future according to prophecy.

          • The biggest problem for Southern pro-Confederate Whites are the White Yankees and White scalawags. They (along with other anti-white radicals) pump out hatred towards White pro-Confederate Southerners continuously by pointing out their 150 year old lie that the South was just fighting for slavery and pro-Confederate Southerners are the bad “Whites” to gain PC status.

            Yet it is quite clear in the Bible that slavery is NOT a sin and God does indeed allow men to possess other men no matter how anti-PC that fact is. And the South had a lot more reasons besides slavery to justify leaving the Union.

            I have heard him say that he would prefer to see the [Blacks] free, but he believed that the Bible taught that slavery was sanctioned by the Creator himself, who maketh all men to differ, and instituted laws for the bond and free. He therefore accepted slavery, as it existed in the South, not as a thing desirable in itself, but as allowed by Providence for ends which it was not his business to determine.
            — Confederate General Stonewall Jackson’s widow

        • Call me whatever you want. Your simple mind can’t even comprehend how much better this country might be right now if lazy, greedy fools had never introduced a huge population of African savages here.

          • Call those Northerners that were shipping African slaves into the USA “lazy, greedy fools” all you want.

            But you can’t refute God’s word that buying, inheriting, possessing servants is allowed and will be allowed in the future when Christ returns and resettles scattered Israel around Jerusalem.

            You just want to bash the South like all the other liberal radicals because it is so PC to do so and you think the South won’t dare fight back.

          • Have I said one word about the South? I hate the people who brought Africans here and the people who bought them. I don’t give a damn if they were Northerners, Southerners, or jews. I definitely don’t give a damn about some self-serving rules made up by Hebes and their made up god.

          • Well I and many Southerners the living and the dead do/did not share you anti-God views and I think you are going to be sadly surprised in the future to discover that there is a God whose people Israel set bad examples for and have caused many to blaspheme God and Christ.

            But I have studied the Scriptures and buying, inheriting, possessing servants is NOT a sin. And I will defend the South’s right to own slaves based on the Holy Scriptures to the end. It doesn’t matter what race the slaves are. There is no affirmative action criteria written in the Bible on which race the slaves have to be. These self-righteous preachers of this false secular religion based on abolition and anti-racism are not of God but are falsely condemning South of crimes and sins. Their fake religion needs to be exposed and destroyed before they destroy the South and its history and heritage. If you are on their side then may you perish with them.

            Why, then, in the absence of all control over the subject of African slavery, are you agitated in relation to it? With Pharisaical pretension it is sometimes said it is a moral obligation to agitate, and I suppose they are going through a sort of vicarious repentance for other men’s sins… Who gave them a right to decide that it is a sin? By what standard do they measure it? Not the Constitution; the Constitution recognizes the property in many forms, and imposes obligations in connection with that recognition. Not the Bible; that justifies it. Not the good of society; for if they go where it exists, they find that society recognizes it as good…
            –Jefferson Davis, speech in Boston, 10-11-1858.

            “Let the gentleman go to Revelation to learn the decree of God – let him go to the Bible. … I said that slavery was sanctioned in the Bible, authorized, regulated, and recognized from Genesis to Revelation. … Slavery existed then in the earliest ages, and among the chosen people of God; and in Revelation we are told that it shall exist till the end of time shall come. You find it in the Old and New Testaments – in the prophecies, psalms, and the epistles of Paul; you find it recognized – sanctioned everywhere.”
            –Jefferson Davis

  15. I think we are in a better place as far as our people waking up to uselessness of the Republicans and conservatives. If we only had the courage to put boots on the ground like the left does. We will not take this nation back through the ballet box even if Hitler 2.0 was elected. The two party system doesn’t work that way.

    • The economy can’t survive the 2020 disruption as we understand Economy at the moment.

      It had changed. The cops in the UK are scanning registration plates when you move between County lines now.

  16. OT, has anyone read the novel “From Her Eyes a Doctrine” by Ash Donaldson.

    What are your thoughts on the hypothetical future postulated in this story?

    I have just started reading it, but based on my initial take, I would strongly recommend it.

    • @ wp, if i may take the liberty, i would like to recomend to you and the rest of od, thee novel ” when the almond tree blossoms” by, david aikman, there is much to learn and enjoy in mr.aikmans, chilling novel about americas next civil war.

      • If I wanted to indulge in boomercon fantasies, it would be cheaper to by some Tom Clancy paperbooks, one of those breast pocket copies of Muh Constitushun and a VHS copies of Red Dawn and Basic Instinct at the local Goodwill. I have moved on from believing the Jewnited States of Murika can be redeemed.

        • @ wp , how inadequate you must feel existing in the boomer shadow, how convinient for you to project all your personal failures and inadequcies on us boomers, frustrating being a overeducated under achieving nobody, keep trying, also no melungeon blood here straight saxon,celt , but i quite certain, a melungeon man , would be far vetter than you. Soft sir.

  17. >Revolutions happen when elites can’t meet rising expectations.

    That alone shows you only have a liberal vision of history. In actuality, successful revolutions are orchestrated by elites within society (even Haiti needed a mulatto nobleman) or supported by foreign elites (also called color revolutions). The American Revolution is no different.

    The problem is that to put it quickly, the elites don’t give a damn about you and you are but a gnat. Trump alone was always a proud Zionist who aided Globohomo (complete with defending fags) with him losing or winning in 2020 serving it either way (if he wins, he can just play big bad Nazi White Man to rile up the Globohomo troopers). Having some Nignogs or LARPers yelling about seceding is nothing special when the system can tolerate ethnic/racial resentment/hatred as long as it is able to channel it into being non-threatening (dropout lifestylism, Woke Neoconry/Americanism, Irish/Scottish victimology, etc.). None of the elite support any end to Globohomo. Even the likes of Putin is just a Russkie Shabbos Goy.

    • Many revolutions are started by people outside of a society. The French were uncommonly interested in the 13 Colonies after they were chased out of North America. Marie Antoinette hocked her jewels to pay for republican American cannons while she legally barred commoners from advancement in France. What occurred this summer with BLM and Antifa is still a mystery on some levels. What’s the chance that fresh-faced kid like Rittenhouse would gun down three homidical Jews in a riot in Kenosha? Wtf. It’s like the dead kikes at Kent State University gunned down by the National Guard there.
      It’s improbable.

  18. Anyone encouraging the building of a third party is a fool damning anyone taking part to eternal irrelevance. Only new parties built on the structure of an old major one will work, like when the Recucks replaced the Whigs.

    Wanna have an effect that matters, and right away? Get involved in local and county politics. You won’t even have to announce a party allegiance, in many cases. The elites don’t care about your water treatment or road maintenance, beyond selling the necessary materials to you from their conglomerates. Operate under their radar, and immediately establish more control over your life.

    Don’t like lefty indoctrination in schools? Change the direction of the curriculum from the school board. Or start a network of homeschools in your little burg.

    Worried about corporations and box stores destroying local commerce? Develop home or small businesses that complement each other. You might not be a mechanic, but a neighbor is, and he doesn’t have a green thumb, but you do. Keep the “sales territories” local and small, so competition will be a moot point. Distrust expansion that will threaten harmony and balance between neighbors.

    Despise woke “literature,” perverted content in shows and movies, and what passes for music? Reject what the elite tastemakers choose for you, and go to the past, or seek out independently produced entertainment that isn’t celebrating the sexualization of kids or other evil garbage. Try making your own damn content. Think of all the people that have made money doing their own thing on YouTube.

    If you’re tired of how the morally- and intellectually-stunted one percenters have brought Western civilization to the brink of the abyss, get involved and help pull back part of it to safety.

  19. @ wp, ” our community” lol, we prefer ” our father who art in heaven” cultist, sir. You have no excuse to not come correct next time, heathen sir, make sure you do.

    • Terry, Are you okay? Your comments are increasingly incoherent.

      But I you are correct in one thing, there is no community (yet) among us, all who know is that we are part of a dying society but don’t know where or how to find the way to a better future for ourselves and our children.

      A community is a group of people, outside of yourself, that you are willing to kill and die to protect. We have nothing like this in these end times, but hopefully a path will be revealed to us.

      The sects of christianity are not going to save us. All have been reduced to the worship of the (((antichrist))), designed from the beginning to turn aryan white men into jew worshipping geldings.

      “Next year in Jerusalem” the jews whine every year, all we can do it trust in God’s Will.

      PS, (((Yahweh))) is not All Mighty God, (((Yahweh))) is just a desert fire demon and usurper who tricked a jewish goatherd (Moshe) into believing a talking burning bush. (((Yahweh))) now has its chosen tribe and their goyim slaves, and you are one of those slaves unfortunately. (((It))) thanks it will rule this world forever. I have faith that this is not true.

      Read Laurent Guyenot … free you mind and throw off those shekel plated chains.

      • @ wp, thank you for your concern, i dont always have the best timing when posting especially when on the job, i cant say i agree with you.theologically, but i share the same sadness about are common folk, i prefer civil discourse with you sir, you are obviously very intelligent and sincere in your belief as i am with mine, i want to apologise for my earliers insults, they were not kind or neccesary. Thank you for responce and i wish you a.good evening.

  20. Nietzsche advocated for a pan-European aristocracy and spoke appreciately of “blonde beasts” carving their own kingdoms. Not to mention him speaking disdainfully the “equality botherers.” No, there’s no actual basis for saying he was a lolberg or anarkiddie. He never denied gaps in status.

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