Mitch McConnell Doesn’t Fight For Us

Jonathon von Maren seems to have left out a few important things.


“As the chaos and conspiracy theories swirling around the train-wreck presidential election continue apace, many MAGA diehards seem positive that without Donald Trump, the GOP is useless. It is hard to tell who speaks for the president and who doesn’t these days, but Trump attorney Lin Wood is willing to play brinkmanship with the Senate, urging people not to vote in the two Georgia runoff races. If the GOP holds the Senate, Biden will be prevented from court-packing, the Equality Act, and other transformative elements of his agenda. If the crackpots driving the Trump clown car get their way, the Democrat could end up controlling both houses of Congress as well as the presidency. …

It is certainly true that Donald Trump’s presidency has been a catalyst in many ways. His victory and impressive showing in 2020 highlight new potential paths forward for the GOP. He has emboldened conservatives by illustrating the simple fact that things are only unsayable until someone says them. He has consistently exposed both the press and progressives. But for all that, he has been a volatile and narcissistic leader with an absolute inability to exercise impulse control (if he had, he’d have easily won a second term.) And the idea that it is primarily Trump who is responsible for the policy achievements, the Supreme Court justices, and the hundreds of judicial appointments over the last four years simply isn’t true. The very rank-and-file Republicans who get trashed by Trump supporters as useless cucks are the ones who strategized and delivered all that. 

If the GOP can learn the right lessons from Trump’s presidency, they—and us—will be better off without him at the helm.”

Mitch McConnell has fought …

  1. To conserve the student loan debt burden
  2. To ensure that no one gets a second stimulus check
  3. To pass the 2017 tax cuts
  4. To keep Americans troops indefinitely in Syria and Afghanistan
  5. To ensure that Kris Kobach lost his primary in Kansas
  6. To ensure that Doug Jones was elected to the Senate in Alabama
  7. To exclusively condemn White Nationalists for Charlottesville
  8. Tirelessly, for Israel
  9. To rename military bases named after Confederate generals
  10. To limit Trump’s power to negotiate trade agreements

As for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler …

The only reason that Kelly Loeffler was ever a senator in the first place is because she was a major Republican donor. Mitch McConnell backs these people like Martha McSally who lost twice in Arizona. Earlier this year, Loeffler sold off a bunch of stock after a confidential briefing on COVID-19. In their defense, Loeffler and Perdue have relatively high rankings on immigration and can probably be relied on to vote against any amnesty that Joe Biden might try to push through the Senate. Otherwise, they don’t have much going for them. Loeffler is running on her own version of the Platinum Plan.

I currently don’t have any position on the Georgia Senate races. I’m torn on the issue between my views on immigration and the sense that I am simply being used by the GOP to advance their own agenda. I’m not convinced the GOP Senate won’t make another go after amnesty even if it retains power in Washington. It has delivered so little on the issues that I care about that I am indifferent to its fate.

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  1. The Republican Party has to go away. Period. And take Mitch ‘The Undertaker’ McConnell with it down to Hell. Good riddance to bad trash.

  2. I feel like my country is under enemy alien occupation. So I act accordingly. And I guess with a name like Loeffler that broad is married to a wealthy jew? She must be in her 40s but she still wears her hair like a college sorority girl.

  3. Boyfriend of daughter of Georgia governor got killed in a pile up on the highway. Oooosh. Cohencidences.

  4. For years the so-called “dissident right” or the “Alt Right” was saying we need to destroy the Republican party to make room for our politics.

    Yet here it is – the Republican party is on the brink of disaster – and now all of a sudden all these “dissidents” are getting cold feet.

    It’s so weird how all these “dissident” leaders – like David Duke – who talk about Jewish power constantly, immediately shilled for the most Jewish, most Zionist Presidential candiate in history – Donald Trump.

    GOP Delenda Est.

    P.S. – if what Captain John Charity Spring MA is saying up there is true, about the “cohen-cidence” …

    … and considering something like, say, 9/11 …

    … maybe it’s about time for people to really let it sink in. “They” kill people all the time. You don’t even want to think what they do to foreigners, like Arabs.

    It’s a real war and real people die.

    • Yes, we do need to put a stake through the heart of the Republican Party so it can be replaced by a nationalist organization.

    • Duke is a conman, that’s why they let him stay onboard. He talks tough but that’s about it. Same with the rest of the alt-right. All talk, no backbone. If we are to survive, we need revolutionary’s

      • Whenever Duke can reach an audience, he strives to expose the noses where possible.
        A lot of us have backbone, but we just don’t have the numbers. Until the Overton window goes back our way, we’ll be seen as these ‘farrrrrr Right waysist extweemists’.

      • You know something is fishy when the Prime Minister of Israel and David Duke both support the same presidential candidate. Personally I just think Duke’s massive ego will not allow him to admit he was wrong about Trump. That and the fact that a significant fraction of his donations would dry up if he came out hard against Trump. I guess he is getting old and has to think about his retirement funds.

        • @Ricky. I think a lot of people, myself included, voted for Trump the first time, even though we knew of his alliances. We were hoping if he did one thing, like stop the immigration invasion, it would be just that one thing. It’s no surprise we didn’t even get that.

      • “If today I stand here as a revolutionary – it is as a revolutionary against the revolution!” – Adolf the Great

          • Vladimir,

            Your dunce cap is quite apparent. You and your fellow commie anonymous are rats carrying typhus fleas in need of zyklon-B.

            Barbarossa was a preemptive strike against the massive Red Army buildup on Germany’s eastern border. The Soviet Union had the largest Air Force, armored vehicles, artillery, paratroopers (offensive force) in the world. More than all the nation’s on earth combined.

            So fuck off and die.

          • He invaded the Soviet Union (Now Russia) because Stalin was going to attack Germany eventually. If the US sided with Hitler instead of Stalin, just think of the lives and money saved on the cold war. The bottom line, the US sided with communism in WW2 and we are now paying for it in spades.

            The defeat of NS set the stage for jewish power in post WW2 in the western world. The children of jew immigrants assumed elite positions in the US and the rest of Europe just as they did in the Soviet Union prior to WW2.

            Say what you want about Hitler but his intentions were good. His only fault was he underestimated Stalin and didn’t take advice from his generals on the ground.

          • The entire point of NatSoc was to eventually confront the USSR. No Soviet Revolution no Nazis. The trick is, why did the British and US ever support the Communists?


  5. A Harris presidency will be a shitshow for America. She’s a divisive piece of work who thrives on perceived ‘oppression’. Made it to vice president as a black/Indian/woman……..yet is somehow a ‘victim’.
    And Trump………..he had the vocabulary of a 12 year old(bad, bad people………it will be beautiful).
    He wanted to bring troops and jobs home so he needed a second term based on that. Of course now, we’ll never know if he could pull it off.
    I guess it’s drinks all round in Beijing right now due to the Harris……ooops……..Biden win.
    Good one America ?.

    • I predicted more than a year ago and again this spring (emails to prove it) that Wall Street’s favorite Kamala Harris would be the Vice Presidential nominee, and maybe the President. The Empire of the Dollar hasn’t had a queen on its throne yet, but it will.

  6. The thing about it is Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell probably agree on everything. Only difference is that Mitch is just being himself while Trump is nothing but fake and a reality show host. Just following Trump on the news (for a period of time) it’s obvious that he’ll say anything but really cares nothing for Americans. He’s the definition of how Conservatives think about Big Business and Money vs the actual Working Class. His 1 term as President shows his true beliefs….the Jews / the Super Rich have more money than ever while the Working Class got Covid-19 and if anybody got mad about Work conditions…that Worker will just get replaced with a Mexican that jumped across the Southern Border that Trump never built a Wall on. Deo Vindice !

    • It’s all going to crash after Slow Joe then the Hindu-Dindu become President, they are both grossly incompetent at everything and will destroy confidence in the U.S. Signs of trouble are already present in the inflation that accompanies the declining dollar, particularly in food prices now. The financial system is also going to be afflicted with commercial real estate defaults affecting the banking system because of the flight to suburbs from places like NYC and SF leaving millions of square feet of office space empty and without paying tenants.

      The U.S. Government’s solution to all of this is the same old broken record; print more money and throw it at the problem, at least for the wealthy and well connected who would suffer if there weren’t a bailout. The shutdowns and subsequent bankruptcies of small businesses have drastically cut tax revenues compounding existing financial problems in state and local governments. State governments that were profligate such as Ill., NY, NJ, Cal. et al. also get bailouts, naturally.

      This massive increase in deficit spending will destroy confidence overseas in the U.S. and cause a flight out of dollars into safe(r) haven assets such as the Swiss Franc, Euro and gold. The U.S. Government can print and distribute all the dollars it wants to but it can’t guarantee their purchasing power. Add to these financial problems BLM rioting again in the springtime only this time encouraged by the President and the country will be ungovernable.

      Get thee prepared now for trouble, if you aren’t already.

    • This disease has ravaged Princes and Executives. White Guys who work manually or skilled occupations ages 40-60 have not proportionately been hit that hard. These are the fellows worst effected with lost earnings and permanent lung damage too.

  7. “Yet here it is – the Republican party is on the brink of disaster – and now all of a sudden all these “dissidents” are getting cold feet.”


    The Democrats actually lost seats in the House. The Republicans might still retain control of the Senate.

    This is NOT a mandate for the Democrats and the Republican party is no where near a disaster.

    For comparison purposes just think back a few short years ago to 2008 when Democrats won the Presidency and both Houses by larger margins… and yet the Republican party survived and went on to later elevate The God Emperor to the White Mans House in 2016!

    Or compare to 932 when Republicans got their behinds handed to them due to being blamed for the Great Depression.

    The real issue in my mind will the GOP continue with Trumpism, even without Trump… or horror of horror will the ghost of John McCain arise to demonically repossess the party and turn them back into neo-conservative war-mongers.

    • Neither incarnation has a single concern about preserving the stock which founded the country and made it strong, so none of it matters.

  8. What did I tell you about the Irish? Every treachery, every betrayal done to white has been done to us by the Irish in service to the Jews. Every single Goddamned time. Cromwell had his reasons.

      • In 1655 at Westminster there was a debate regrading the readmission of Jews to England. They had been expelled by Edward I in 1290 for usury and other, mostly financial crimes that oppressed the working classes. Most of the arguments for readmission were based upon financial benefits from increased trade and banking. The Puritans also had religious arguments for readmission but the economic arguments carried the day. In 1657 Jews were readmitted after providing loans to Cromwell’s
        Commonwealth government in the belief that they would be ‘good for trade’.

        Cromwell was broke after decades of religious division, social turmoil and civil war in England, he needed the thirty pieces of silver.

      • I have respect for those who protect and defend the innocent. You had it coming to you and your kind got what they deserved.

      • Did the Irish ever remove them? Scotland never did.

        It is a little nuanced though. Cromwell let them in officially. Many Existing Spanish and Portuguese merchants were Jews in reality. Many Venetian bankers were actually Jews. When he officially let them in he had various conditions. The main thing Cromwell did was to normalise banking among ethnic Englishmen by Englishmen. When Charles II returned in the restoration he began to set up the Bank Of England to create a permanent fund for a Navy. This bank created the idea of permanent national debt but it was largely a bank run by the English nobility and middle class. There wasn’t much left for Jews to do once the Kings had a constant cash flow for timber, bronze, hemp, iron, steel and other necessities for a permanent fleet. Charles I ran into trouble with Parliament over raising money for Navy via taxes. The BofE turned that into loans and bonds with dividends and fuelled a dominant oceanic fleet.

    • Are you speaking of Mitch McConnell? I’d have taken him for Scots-Irish, not Irish; and in fact, Wikipedia says he is “of Scots-Irish and English descent” and that an ancestor of his “fought on the American side in the American Revolutionary War.”

      In the practice of being “in service to the Jews,” let it be noted, the Cromwell you seem to admire is second to none.

      The “English” writer Robert Browning, by the way, whose name you share (or have taken as a nom-de-commentaire), was a Jew. See Hilaire Belloc’s “The Jews,” page 47, at

      • Cromwell was a deeply religious man. He believe no harm should come to the innocent AND the innocent must be defended against those who mean them harm. It is in the blood, the Irish attack and prey upon the innocent. The Irish deserved what they got, they defied God and his laws, the Irish attacked the innocent and that is what stirred Cromwell.

        Oh and professor if you can not tell McConnell is an Irish name you need to have your eyes examined.

        • Since I said nothing one way or the other about Cromwell’s behavior toward the Irish or about the Irish character, the first paragraph of your reply has nothing to do with what I posted. What I did was challenge your apparent characterization of Mitch McConnell as Irish; and I remarked on the contradiction between your good word about Cromwell and your antipathy toward those who, in service to the Jews, betray whites. Cromwell—who, it’s probably fair to say, facilitated the Jews’ transfer of their world headquarters from the Netherlands to England—is a prime specimen of such a traitor.

          The name McConnell is found in both Ireland and Scotland. It happens that I have Irish relatives with that surname, but Mitch McConnell appears to be Scots-Irish.

        • Look at the low-IQ, anti-Irish troll defending the jew lover Cromwell and Scottish Protestant jew lover McConnell.

  9. Remember when Trump Junior threatened to kill Duke? That was national news in 2016! Was there ever a public apology?

    • “Remember when Trump Junior threatened to kill Duke? That was national news in 2016! ”

      I remember it well. It was the day before the election. That was the day I lost all doubt that Trump was a scammer. Before it I was 99% sure he was a jew puppet. After it I was 110% sure he is a traitor.

      “Was there ever a public apology?”

      Why would anyone apologize to someone who would still vote for you, after you call for their murder? If someone has no respect for themselves, why would anyone else respect them?

  10. Why is this supposed to be news? McConnell would die if forced to do manual labor for 10 minutes; like Karl Rove, he couldn’t do a situp if his life was at stake; he’s a banker’s boy; was born that way.

  11. Speaker McConnell is very very helpful with the courts and basic things, like the 2nd Amendment and The Right to Life.

    Economically he is a very purposeful hindrance, a conductor of an international orchestra of pillage, foremost amongst those to be pillaged The American People.

    Let’s be clear : Speaker McConnell is a long way away from what most of us would want, but, Senator Schumer he ain’t…

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