Anti-MIGA Radical Raphael Warnock Launches Blistering Anti-Semitic Attack On Israel

This is a tough choice.

Do you vote for anti-MIGA radical Rev. Raphael Warnock?

Do you vote for the White conservative plutocrat who engages in insider trading who bought a Senate seat who lives in this mansion who is married to the CEO of the New York Stock Exchange because maybe she will vote against amnesty for illegal aliens and any Democrat push for gun control?

Note: All I will say is that I am glad that I don’t live in Georgia.

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  1. I guess you have to ask him if JEWS are white, or not? And don’t let him weasel out of an answer.

  2. The operative word is “maybe”.

    Knowing what I know. Chances are 80% to 90% of the labor that went into her house was Mexican.

  3. I wonder what Senator Loeffler’s prenup is? The Cabana boy is well in there if he plays his cards right. There are pools and there is Chez Loeffler’s ideal.

    She’s fuckn doomed in that election.

    • @Captain John…

      So long as Dominion & Smartmatic reign, all major races will mysteriously tilt Democrat…

  4. All four candidates suck. If forced to vote with a gun to my head I’d pick Warnock, for his healthy attitude toward Our Most Cherished Ally and the Palestinian people, and Perdue, because he’s not Ossoff. I am not fond of insider-traders. 51-49 keeps away court packing, the green new deal and, maybe, amnesty.

    • lol – “court-packing” – see: OD’s story on how the CONservatve US Supreme Court refused to hear the Tranny-Using-Bathrooms case in Oregon.

  5. “Loeffler Family History

    Loeffler Name Meaning

    German (Löffler) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a maker or seller of spoons, from an agent derivative of Middle High German leffel, löffel ‘spoon’. In the Middle Ages spoons were normally carved from wood, or more rarely from bone or horn.”

    Voote Republican, as if your life depended on it White man! They will shoot me in the head if you don’t!

  6. In an editorial recently shared with Jewish InsiderI, titled “I Stand with Israel,” Warnock writes: “Without reservation, you can count on me to stand with the Jewish community and Israel in the U.S. Senate.” ….

    • Re: “Warnock writes: Without reservation, you can count on me to stand with the Jewish community and Israel in the U.S. Senate”:

      There you go. He’s no Cynthia McKinney, who really DID go “off the reservation” regarding Israel. The Democrat Party got rid of her quickly when she did that, sabotaging her campaign and causing her to lose the next primary, which she would have won very handily after having been elected by the people of Georgia SIX TIMES before. The Plutocracy will never let another McKinney even run for office again in Georgia, or anywhere else.

      So it was not REALLY a “blistering attack.” Just a little one-off misstep on the edge of the reservation, before putting both feet back inside. Note that he vigorously denies being anti-Semitic in this sermon or rant. Warnock is no more anti-Semitic than Jeremy Corbyn, the former (deposed) British Labour Party leader, who is not only not anti-Semitic, he is actually genetically SEMITIC.

    • I see. The ‘Reverend’ just pulled out his fellow clergyman Jesse Jackson’s old “hymietown” trick, dusted it off, and updated to entertain the NOI segment of his base. He then tip-toed back into the big synagogue as the obsequiously obedient step-n-fetchit house-nigger so the funding-faucet would not be turned off. Guess all of the billionaire rappers and bakkaball playaz aren’t handing out the cash.The GA senate ‘election’ is much like Henry Ford’s “choice” of color for the Model T, instead of You can have any color you like as long as it’s black the GA idiocracy can vote for anyone they like as long as they fellate Jews. What was the Joker’s line? Oh yes – You get what you fucking deserve.

  7. Back in 2016 the Republican party had all three branches.The first thing they did after Charlottesville the Republicans passed unanimously resolution to condemned “white nationalist” and Trump signed it. We have a party A tyranny and party B tyranny.

    • @shipwrecked, bingo. To hell with the entire system.

      Reminds me of a classmate’s father who was a political cartoonist, he made a locally famous cartoon claiming that Louisiana’s governor race between Edwin Edwards & David Duke was “Louisiana’s suicide machine” (Jack Kavorkian was a popular issue back then & the cartoon showed the voting booth as a suicide machine).

      It was the first governor election i can remember. Edwin Edwards was a known criminal and the slogan, “vote for the crook, it’s important” was literally the rallying cry. People had bumper stickers proudly displaying that slogan. And of course, it worked. That was 1991 as i recall.

      Duke did remarkably well, all things considered, but he got Jewed & snobs like my own “pillars of the community…successful” family seemed to genuinely believe that knowingly supporting an explicitly acknowledged criminal rather than someone at least claiming to fight for their own interests was a “brilliant” idea. They didn’t support Duke (not that Duke is some sort of messiah himself, but given the choice between he or an open criminal who luvs hostile alien minorities….).

      Edwin Edwards got taken down for whatever white collar crimes a few years later, betrayed by his own fellow sharks & masters after he had served his purpose. Puppet George H.W. Bush had felt it sooo important to vote for crooks he had intervened to slime Duke in the governor race, yet his son George W. Bush refused to help Edwards with a pardon. Just shows how these bastards operate, institutionalized psychopathy & narcissism.

      Hitler understood that he needed new symbols. New flag. New values. New myths. So too do we. Maybe the very system that’s proven itself ideal for Jewish subversion is a bad idea?

    • “every man a king”

      I wish he had not said “king” (though I’m glad he qualified it with “no one wears a crown”) because kings, queens, noblemen, noblewomen and all other elites are not to be emulated. They are not superior to but actually worse than “commons.”

      The scripture says “the heart of man is desperately wicked.” The evil nature in the heart of every man and woman wants to be a king, or queen, or princess, that vaunts itself and lords it over others. But the spirit of God in man overcomes the proud “royal” evil nature with humility, service to others, desire for equality, instead of superiority, and true fraternity.

  8. Be careful what you wish for. Even though this coon called out Israel and rightfully so, he see Whites and jews as the same. Both are White in his eyes. He is not on our side just as Loeffer is not on our side. What I will give him and other blacks is they don’t fall for the racist and antisemitic trick like Whites do. When questioned, they double down. Until we do the same, we will always be on the losing end.

  9. It’s expected that most blacks will be anti-White to a degree. At least they’re loyal to their own, which shows they have some sort of virtue. Race traitor Whites who are completely amoral scum, like Loeffler, are much worse in my opinion.

  10. I hereby retract my apology to Reverend Nig Nog.

    There are only two Senators I can think of who do not deserve the rope: Martha Blackburn and Rand Paul. Amirite?

  11. What’s up with “Dixie?” Y’all have almost as awful a batch of US senators as New York, California, Illinois, and Minnesota.

    • @November…

      No, our senators are not nearly so bad as those of The Northeast, BUT, all the same, you are right – our senators do have a globalist stench about them.

    • @Jim…

      “Kelly Loeffler is a vapid, soulless woman, embodiment of the New South.”

      Yes, and just like rest of The New South, she ain’t from here!

  12. Like you, Mr. Griffin, I am glad I am not in Georgia, at this moment, for the choices of Perdue vs Ossoff or Loeffler vs. Warnock are like that between Orpiment and Prussick Acid, Hemlock and Cynanide…

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