MIGA Celebrates Hanukkah At The White House

I will just say that the idea that we could coexist with conservative Orthodox Jews in the Republican Party was thoroughly discredited by the last four years. MAGA in theory turned out to be MIGA in practice.

Note: The choice here is between a pro-Israel foreign policy and a MIGA foreign policy. The former is the lesser of two evils on that question. As for a pro-White foreign policy, neither party is offering that option. Both sides denounce our preferred foreign policy as “isolationism.”

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    • I’m surprised this clip is still available. Rabid anti-Semitism! Then again, it’s mostly Jews poking fun at Jews.

  1. I can’t believe he’s having any kind of reception for these fucking scum. After you get 75%of them voting against you why not just quietly cancel the festivities due to Covid19?

    • Jews votes don’t matter, only their money matters. What you are seeing is a money raising party. You don’t get an invite unless you are rich, and you gave to the Republicans in the past.

    • Do you realize how deeply the Tribe has their talons into Moshe Trump – you will never see that race traitor lift one finger in defiance of those scum.

  2. The last Trump White House Hannukah celebration?

    As many states pile on to the Texas case, we’ll see how The Supreme Court comes down on the plainly unconstitutional voting machinations of several Swing States.

    If I had to guess – Trump will have at least another 4 White House Hannukah celebrations, maybe more.

    • If the Orange King Of the Jews doesn’t retain the presidency, Turg, you can have him over to your place to light the menorah.

      • @c d…

        No can do.

        We don’t have a Menorrah, only Ikons, but, we do have plenty of Xmas candles and electric lights on trees throughout our antebellum mansion to share with President Trump.

    • @Ivan Turgenev,

      Maybe the kushner administration will have you attend future hanukkah festivities at Likud wing of the ZOG House. Perhaps theyloeven let you light a candle, or take home a dreidel with the Great Seal of the Jewnited States of Israel.

      • @November…

        I don’t think this could come to pass, because not only am I disqualified from attending Hannukkah festivities, the great dreidel of The United States is soon not to exist, as the country breaks up into different parts.

    • It’s not going to get overturned. Hopefully this is more like an 1850 moment in history. We’re not quite at 1861 yet.

  3. The destruction of all European people by provoking a nuclear exchange between Us and our cousins and to eliminate all European peoples … :: “The problem, for America’s dictators (((its billionaires))), isn’t Putin: it is the patriotism of the vast majority of Russians — their support for Russia’s national sovereignty, never to yield it up, to any invader”— https://moderndiplomacy.eu/2020/12/06/the-cheering-section-for-world-war-iii/

    and y’all think one of them is God almighty … wake up already!!

    The true “Mercy Seat” is not carried around on a box in a sand desert!! https://isiopolis.com/2009/12/07/isis-the-goddess-throne/

    • … further more, they think that by carrying around the “Mercy Seat” from the desert into nation to nation, that that gives them rightful claim to global (communistic) “messianic” monarchy!!! Wake up people!!
      NO JEW or any other man is God!! See John 4:24, John 20:17, 2 Cor 3:17 and also Numbers 23:19 and 1 Samuel 8:7 and where the throne of the Lord Spirit the God (John 4:24, John 20:17, 2 Cor 3:17) is now 1 Cor 3:16. It ain’t in Jerusalem!!

  4. It’s no exaggeration to say that Zion Don’s “presidency” was an absolute catastrophe from start to finish. I never thought I would say this, but I am genuinely sorry that Hillary was defeated in 2016. Anyone would have made a better president than that BUM.

        • @ spahnranch 1970 , be careful what you wish for little girl , if your tranny object of affection tires of you, which they probaly all do, the new regime , if their is one, will probaly let them all back in the military, what a pity, you left all alone, how sad.

    • The pro-white movement would be in a better position today had Trump never ran and Hillary was President. Trump halted the steady movement towards white nationalism that conservatives had been making under Obama.

  5. Trump around his favorite people. He pardoned the jew in the video who he was jailed for hiring illegals and sleeping with underage ones.

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