Grift Right Troll Baked Alaska Arrested For Pepper Spraying Scottsdale Bouncer

In less than 48 hours, Baked Alaska has gone from flashing his copy of Mein Kampf to random strangers in restaurants to getting arrested for pepper spraying a bouncer in Scottsdale, AZ. Shortly afterwards, Baked’s protegé Chicken Andy also tried to mace a kid in Taco Bell and got knocked out … LMAO.

Phoenix New Times:

“When we last heard from Baked Alaska, real name Tim Gionet, in October, the alt-right troll was up in Flagstaff harassing retail employees and almost getting arrested. He seems not to have learned his lesson.

Last night, Gionet was hauled away by Scottsdale police after pepper-spraying a bouncer.

In a clip from one of his livestreams reposted on a far-right Reddit clone, Gionet can be seen getting kicked out of what looks like Giligin’s Bar And Shrimp Hut in Old Town Scottsdale.

“You’re just in here trying to antagonize people,” a bouncer says.

After a back-and-forth in which Gionet refuses to leave the edge of the property line at the bar’s entrance, the bouncer yells at him and then shoves him. Gionet stumbles backward about six feet on the sidewalk.

As his companions yell at the bouncer, Gionet pulls out a pouch containing a pepper spray capsule. He removes it, takes a step towards the bouncer and blasts him in the face from around five feet way.

After getting hit, the man turns his back. When he tries to turn again, Gionet blasts him a second time. …

Flagstaff police said Gionet was not arrested in that incident, but that was not the case in Scottsdale last night. Another clip shows Gionet being loaded into the back of a Scottsdale police vehicle while one of his companions uses the n-word to refer to the officers, none of whom appear to be Black.

Scottsdale online court records show that an Anthime Joseph Gionet is facing three charges: assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespassing. They show Gionet had an in-custody arraignment at 9:45 a.m. this morning, meaning he likely spent the night in jail. …”

He has been doing it for clicks on his livestreams for months now. This has to be at least the fourth or fifth time that I have seen clips of him pepper spraying random people.

Note: As if it were not already obvious, we despise these people and have nothing to do with these performance art grifters. They trashed the “alt-right” label which now simply means Trump supporting incel or conspiratard. These are the buffoons who lecture us about optics!

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  1. Baked Douchebag is like a modern day Diogenes, in search of an honest man in the Old Town section of Scottsdale.

  2. Do any of these people have real jobs where you have to show up, go to work, accomplish something then go home to a family? Have they ever had such jobs? It looks like they just drift around in warm parts of the country stirring up trouble to get clicks for money.

    It’s pathetic.

    • @12AX7,

      They are the Kardashians of the alt-lite.

      My question is which one of these grifters gets gender reassignment surgery first?

    • Lots of these assholes have literally never had a job in their lives. I’m not kidding, Fuentes, Ralph, et al all admit openly they have never had a job. To me this sounds unbelievable, how do you reach adulthood as a man in America without ever having a job? But then I realized, the alt right is for delusional mommy’s boys and that is why it is represented by Ethan Ralph and Nick Fuentes.

      • Besides never having had jobs I assume none of them have ever been in the regular Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, they have never done a day’s worth of military service either. Somehow they expect to be some sort of “leaders” of a movement when they are completely devoid of important life experience.

        Oh, I forgot, they did go to college, however.

  3. I am looking forward to your take on the lawsuit Texas has filed at the Supreme court. I don’t mean the merits of the case, but the fact that it has attracted quite a large following from other Republican states and Representatives. Do you see this as evidence that the country is coming apart at the seams?

      • I don’t think anyone with a clue thought it was going anywhere, but it is hopefully a harbinger of things to come. The only concern with violence was if Trump had won, and I said that before the election. “Red” people are much more law-abiding than leftist scum.

  4. I literally said that other day that this would happen he’d mace somebody again lol
    I’ve seen all the RVtrip macings to my knowledge
    To play devils advocate some of the macings baked alaska did seem like legit defense the one with the wigger who got in his face walking especially and the drunk tranny one. However this most recent one with the bouncer he is 100% guilty

    Being pushed and yelled at to leave the restaurant is not a actionable offense to pull out mace and to freaking pepper spray someone. Also macing that mentally ill homeless guy didn’t seem justifiable either he seemed mostly harmless he was shadow boxing but in yobas world its self defense. The dyke macing a few months back was a really bitchmade move too it didn’t have to come to that and sicing dope district the black guy with dreads on her lol real based

      • It was hilarious episode of yoba I had to rewatch that one just now. Baked was terrified of those lesbos Baked scared of a girl has to use mace like a little bitch instead of just restraining her or trying to defuse the situation and apologize. Has to get his based black friend to fight them and locks the rv door behind him

  5. Cucked Alaska is nothing but a clown. I hope he gets his ass kicked. He can’t fight and he only picks on those who can’t/won’t fight back. I would love to see the video of him getting knocked out.

  6. The media calls him “alt right”…which is to make the whole right side look bad. It’s like BA is doing it on purpose. I guess Milo and those people didn’t do enough to hurt us. This guy is a joke.

  7. He already got released! BA has the dumbest luck ever I swear. If it wasn’t for coronavirus lockdown and blumpf releasing joggers from jail to stop the spread

    Wait does that mean Baked is a jogger now?! If Baked was smart he’d end his career as a shit stirring Irl streamer but he won’t stop the grift! Can’t stop won’t stop

  8. Hunter, do you remember the “Jeff Gannon” scandal under Bush, where a gay escort was set up as a phony reporter to ask Dubya softball questions at press conferences? All of these MAGA grifters remind me of that incident.

  9. In most instances, felony assault is a Class 3 felony. The defendant may face 5 to 15 years in prison for a first offense. In addition to prison time, the judge may require a person convicted of felony assault to pay fines. In Arizona, this can be up to $150,000.
    Hopefully, the judge will throw the book at this clown.

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