COVID-19 Deaths Cross 300,000

It has been seven months since Dr. Andrew “Mountain Dew” Anglin proclaimed that millions of people were going to starve to death from lockdowns and that COVID-19 was “just the flu.”

The death toll crossed 300,000 this evening.

Even with the vaccine, it is said to be headed toward the 500,000 range by April. We will see. One thing is clear though … the idea that COVID was going to disappear on November 3rd has been proven false. New deaths have picked up considerably since the election. Winter begins in about a week.

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  1. Call me a kook or whatever…as portrayed in the mainstream, covid-19 as the Antonine/Justinian/Black Death Plague is just by available evidence not true. As much as i can’t stand Anglin, he is more or less accurate about the idea it is overblown mass hysteria whipped up by the Jewish media.

    Even if it were not, the idea of tolerating much less blindly trusting this power structure system’s policies is insane.

    Imo, embracing what i see as cooked up hysteria to oppose AmNats is no different than how a minority of early christians jumped the shark for expediancy’s sake to declare Jews as “synagogue of satan.” Just for more ammo to attack the Jews (in line with the exhausted indignant outrage they cause), they declared the cucified rabbi was the son of the one tru volcano demon and he had been killed. The “christ killers” who killed the one tru deity.

    Conceded massive ground overall, to have a convenient line of attack. Maybe you really do believe that even 90% of those 300,000 ppl said to have been killed by the deadly covid 19, you’re entitled to your opinion.

    Even if it were true, how does it justify not just allowing – but apparently supporting – these lockdowns & apparent forced vaccination campaigns, knowing (((who))) is in charge? Would you want Jane Toppan or Harold Shipman to treat your children, even under desperate circumstances? Would you trust nigerian war cannibals to be your security guards or something? Jews butchered tens of millions of Aryans last century alone. They want us dead. Kalergi-Morgenthau Plan. They’ve admitted to it multiple times.

    And you’re damn foolish imo if you think for a second that they’re not actively preparing to do it all over again and/or that it can’t happen in America for some obscure reason when they were able to pacify the largest contiguous country on Earth by land area (the Russian Empire). It might not be this coming year they drop their mask all the way, it might not be for another 5,10, 15, or even 30 years. But they deal in real reality and they go all in. They don’t suffer from what we see as a conscience. They are purely rational insofar as differing hostile subspecies doing battle till one is extinct. And you’re an even bigger fool in my personal opinion if you’re counting on being rewarded after death & forgiven for not doing your absolute top notch best to effectively resist these bastards and protect your kids. Protect your people.

    This world/life matters. We can not just survive, but thrive, if we Aryans counter defeat the Jews. We could create something close to a real utopia on Earth if we would just fight back effectively against these anti-nature wretches. But we cannot survive so long as we allow the Jews. We have every right to fight back with all we got. Curse our ancestors who dropped the ball. Imagine if our more distant ancestors, the Cro-Magnons had not apparently secured their existence by eliminating the Neanderthals.

    Imagine if only our more recent ancestors had been more like the Cro-Magnons when they found a bunch of stone age savages cannibalizing & butchering each other in mud huts. How different would our lives be. Would the rivers be polluted with all manner of filth and estrogens? Would so many species be on the cusp of extinction? Would toxins be everywhere? Would reckless disregard for the environment be the norm?

    • Mr. B,

      One of the stupidest things the political right ever did was to relinquish good environmental stewardship to the left. This was ours and a winner, but deregulation fiscal conservatives and religious right nincompoops seceded this very important and popular agenda to the hippie-boomer left.

  2. Recall, that after both the CPAC and AIPAC conventions in late February and early March respectively, several New York jews attended both conventions, and later their little Ashkenazi hamlet of New Rochelle just outside of Manhattan was quarantined by POS NY governor coumo using the National Guard because they were suspected of being Covid-19 super spreaders due to a “large cluster” of Covid-19 cases.” How many of the infected died or suffered irreparable damage to their internal organs by being exposed to the Wuhan Flu? My guess is that more elderly veterans died of Legionnaires Disease in a Quincy Illinois VA living facility that all the jews that attended both conventions and live in New Rochelle NY.

    By the way, Covid-19 was already in the United States by December of 2019 according to the tests done on blood collected by the US Red Cross. So in theory, the elderly and those with pre existing medical conditions that would have made them vulnerable to exposure to Covid-19 should have seen a spike in their mortality rates in early January 2020. Was there an increase in January 2020 overall deaths when compared to previous Januarys prior to SARS-2 Covid-19’s arrival?

    In my humble opinion, deaths due to COVID-19 worldwide will be on par credibility wise with the myth of the six million murdered by NS Germany.

  3. “Covid-19 was already in the United States by December of 2019 according to the tests done on blood collected by the US Red Cross. So in theory, the elderly and those with pre existing medical conditions that would have made them vulnerable to exposure to Covid-19 should have seen a spike in their mortality rates in early January 2020”:

    Yes, it was present in a few cities in the U.S. by then but had not “taken off” yet, and it might not have appeared first in Wuhan in China either, but hyper-vigilant (ever since the first SARS and bird flu) China first noticed it in Wuhan during the worst influenza epidemic in China in many years (winter 2019’- 2020) that made it even more hyper-vigilant and able to catch the disease at the moment that it was really taking off, miraculously at the very last possible moment before the most important travelling holiday would have instantly spread it to all parts of China.

    The new SARS had to be smoldering in a human population somewhere for years, going through many mutations to have become more and more infectious, now perfectly adapted to humans, more than to any other species including the probable original bat host. After its discovery about a year ago in Wuhan, it mutated to become even more durable and infectious, by changing just one amino acid, and this is now the predominant strain worldwide. Recently a new strain has been discovered in mink, causing devastation to mink farms in Europe and the U.S., and has infected a few humans. It has an entirely different spike protein that is not addressed by any of the vaccines being developed, so if it spreads, the vaccines will do nothing to stop it.

    The unstable RNA virus is mutating constantly. Following the trail of mutations is interesting, and shows that the U.S., not China, was the direct, original source of .infection for all of Latin America, most of Africa and much of Europe. The world can thank the U.S. for letting it rip and setting the worst possible example.

  4. Politically, conservatism is pastiche of Hayek, Strauss, Schmitt, and Oakeshott. In literature, conservatism is Orwellian. Not in the dystopian sense, but in conservatism’s sense of life: we are all atoms of freedumb fighting a sinister, omnipresent authority that has fooled the sheeple. No matter the context, a conservative will inevitably impose the braindead freedumb fighter narrative upon the facts.

    Covid-19 is an national emergency validating everything we’ve been saying about borders, nationalism, globalism, a strong central state, protectionism, the well-being of our people, etc. It was teed up for us, almost like divine intervention, as if God Almighty stepped in and gave us a black swan event. Sadly, the right consists of opportunists paradoxically blind to opportunities; it is a dance between grift and the grifted.

    Conservatism and nationalism are incompatible.

    And let’s not forget the influence of soy. Thousands of people quietly dying out of sight in hospitals does not feel like the sensory overload of a Marvel movie, so Americans, with their fake entertainment reality, conclude it must not be happening. But rebelling against an evil empire that never seems to die — no matter how many storm troopers and death stars and villains are destroyed — somehow makes sense in Burgerland. For once one has internalized Orwell like a dutiful conservative, rebellion is everlasting — the postwar, postmodern neoliberal spiritual state par excellence.

    • God did tee up the ball for nationalists and no doubt Kushner, Miller etc etc realized it was a very very naughty possibility. So they rolled out shit like Platinum Plan, Anti Mask rallies and other inane proposals. The biggest missed chance in history.

  5. “Stockholm, Sweden’s largest city, warned that its intensive care units were at 99 percent capacity, rendering the region’s medical system unable to cope with new serious cases of COVID-19. Sweden is experiencing the textbook definition of a mass casualty event, with its hospitals totally overwhelmed and unable to deal with an influx of new cases, raising the danger of a massive increase in deaths. Sweden’s response to the pandemic, which involved allowing schools and businesses to stay open while most of the world enacted lockdowns in March, was hailed as a model by all sections of the US and European political establishment. But now the country’s policy stands exposed as a recipe for death on a massive scale. More than 7,500 people have died of COVID-19 in Sweden, a country of just 10 million people. Though Sweden has just two-thirds the combined population of its neighbors Norway and Denmark, it has four times as many deaths. Adjusted for population, Sweden’s death rate is nearly five times higher than that of Denmark and nearly 10 times higher than Norway. There are now on average more than 5,000 new cases a day reported in the country as a whole, including 1,500 in Stockholm alone. This disaster is the result of the deliberate policy of allowing the pandemic to spread freely”:

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