Seven Years of College … Down The Drain

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There has been some more polling on the issue.

Here is a closer look at those numbers:

It is consistent with this poll:

“Seventy-three percent of 18 to 34 year olds and 68 percent of 35 to 49 year olds are in favor of cancelling the student debt while 50 percent of 50 to 64 year olds and 54 percent of 65 year olds or older oppose it. …”

Basically, student loan debt forgiveness is not one of the public’s top priorities right now, but it polls well with Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans. It is opposed by conservatives.

The biggest divide on student loan debt forgiveness is the generation gap. It is overwhelmingly supported by Millennials and overwhelmingly opposed by Trump’s base of older Tea Party conservatives. The student loan debt burden isn’t one of the things we have been trying to conserve. That’s for damn sure.

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  1. How can you forgive one type of debt, and not other types of debt like mortgage debt.

    It’s getting hard to find a White American doctor, medical school admissions need talked about too!

    • Right now, nonwhites get special privileges that whites don’t get with colleges. So if they cancel the student loan debts, it probably won’t pertain to whites at all. People are stupid to go along with this, because they aren’t going to qualify for those free passes.

  2. I suggest we wait to see what position is taken on this “issue” by white well-being’s well-known champions—the editors of the New York Times, for instance.

  3. Only government would lend money for woke degrees. No commercial outfit would do it. So naturally, conservatives want this practice to continue, so more generations of woke revolutionaries will be created, that will vote Democrat, and violently suppress conservatives.

  4. The reaction of “what about those of us that worked hard and paid it off already boo hoo?!” really shows how completely infantile Western society is. If you suffered an injustice due to oppressive/dishonest laws then those laws should continue indefinitely because otherwise your feelings would be hurt seeing all these other people not have to suffer like you did. That’s literally the thought process of the average Individual-American, very shocking.

    • @Slick You think it’s about “feelings”? Really? Maybe you’re not aware of just how much YOUR taxed income contributes to this business of giving things away free. Forgiving student loan debts is stupid if there aren’t decent jobs to go to. That, and all of the “leg ups” given to nonwhites.

      • Americans should all start murdering each other. Make the figurative literal. Get it over with.

  5. Just wanted to check in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Fröhliche Weihnachten. This post and news is especially apt, because Frau. and I are now within a single digit number of days before the start of our official due date range, and even now, we’re on high alert. And even though our soon-to-arrive twin sons (if Mother Nature does her proper job) will technically have dual citizenship, it is news like this, and a lot of other subtle things, which has shown me over and over again that their German citizenship will give them better lives than their American. Among many reasons, if they wind up being college material, they won’t accumulate debt through the process of matriculating through tertiary education.

    HW: I don’t have a working e-mail address for you. Should things go smoothly, and probably around a week or so after they arrive, I’m going to have a special e-mail announcing it to a select group of people, including a lot of details I can’t make public. If you want it, e-mail me using the e-mail address that you see for me on the backend, with your e-mail address, and I’ll add you to the list.

    • Expect an exodus of Conservative white Americans to Middle Europe. They won’t announce it but it is inevitable at this point.

  6. College is a comedy act. Basically 13th grade has become grossly expensive and increasingly useless. Another round of kids coming out of school with philosophy and political science degrees as they owe 75 to 200 thousand dollars. Meanwhile all those communist college professors who speak of fairness say zippo about the college costs. Of course. I mean that gravy train is the greatest racket ever.

    Since most kids will be average in life, why saddle your parents or yourselves with such debt? Going to college has become the obscenely expensive version of going to high school. It’s far better to go to a 2 year technical school. You will graduate with far less debt and have an actual job skill unlike untold thousands coming out of 4 year colleges.

    The internet is also a far better teacher that is cheap, creates lots of job opportunities and one can literally create their own business on it.

    I just read America is at a ridiculous 335 million people. Why? Oh, so the Koch brothers( scratch out the one now deceased brother) and various other hoodlum business owners can pick very cheap labor…or import more in as White people live in a nation that puts them in massive debt with less good job opportunities that can actually have you living well and not the ” oh, if I miss a paycheck twice, I have to sell my overly expensive house I bought to flee diversity as well as pull my average kid out of extortion rates private school to avoid more diversity.”

    So, screw higher mis education that is nothing but a money pit. And screw the uber rich who use that power to push open borders, more immigration, less pay and less or no health insurance.

    Tax the rich…hard!.Years back I would have never said that but seeing what the ultra rich do, screw em. Aoc may be an anti White socialist nutball but what she gets right she gets very right. Be it on taxing the rich, the end of billionaires and simply creating an affordable place to live. Republicans will answer with the always deep, ” We will never be a socialist country.” Zzz zzz. Snore. Dear Republicans, what do you think allowing your country to become a non White one causes?

    Now go take down another statue of a White guy from the past to pander to a race of people whom will never vote for you in true numbers and will turn us into South Africa happily despite an Allen West, Tim Scott or Burgess Owens. Uncle Al( Sharpton that is) is far more representative of black people and will continue to be.

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