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  1. Covid.

    Besides the unfortunate timing of the pandemic, there are many other reasons why he should not be President again, but the corrupted U.S. population mostly appreciates and admires those crimes.

      • Why are you pushing “Democrats are the real racists” nonsense? I can’t believe that we have DR3 clowns inside of the alt-right now. It seems like under Trump, boomer style conservatism infiltrated and subverted the alt-right rather than the other way around.

        • I thought the article was interesting. I’m not pushing “Democrats are the real racists.” That surely would be nonsense.

          Biden is a political puppet of the most wealthy. He may have no real convictions or views of his own, at all, a completely flexible tool of the system.

        • @ATBOTL

          “anonymous” isn’t “Alt-Right” he’s a Communist, I assume Chinese and part of the 50 Cents Army. I find him quite educational if mostly in the sense of “know your enemy.”

          He makes more sense than a lot of other commenters.

          Plus DR3 is a bit more subtle than that. The point is that DR3 is not the way to get the vote of white people. It doesn’t mean that Democrats are not, in fact, “racist.” Of course they are, everyone is “racist” in the Boomer sense.

          • It’s even more subtle than that. DR3 is a sort of white fragility. Those using DR3 don’t really understand that it is a losing position that accepts the frame of the adversary.

          • @BH: Not Chinese at all. Primarily Welsh and Frankish-German, with a trace of Russian (Orthodox Carpatho-Russian peasant cheap coal mining labor) – inter-ethnic hybridization that would not have occurred without the British invasion of land bridge Asian settled North America (12,000 years earlier) followed by capitalist importation of cheap labor from all parts of Europe, and finally, from all parts of the world.

            Re: “the 50 Cents Army”:

            With that you are amplifying the U.S. and Israel accusing China and Russia of doing what THEY do. The U.S.’s DOLLAR Online Army, and the Shekel online army, global capitalism’s largest and most expensive online propaganda armies, are part of global capitalism’s HYBRID WAR on unoccupied mainland China, Russia, unoccupied northern Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and the other few remaining independent or semi-independent nations.

          • Fox News is especially active in claiming that a RUBLE Online Army (“led by KGB Agent Vladimir Putin”) has been attacking “our democracy,” which “is an act of war”: https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/12/18/hack-d18.html

            “(S)tate-connected ‘journalists,’ like David Sanger of the New York Times, are peddling ever more elaborate tales of the gigantic Russian bogeyman, without a shred of factual substantiation. But readers are urged to draw the conclusion that Russia remains, along with China, the greatest threat to the US ‘national interest.’ Happily for the military-intelligence apparatus, this is exactly the perspective outlined by the Pentagon in its most recent national security documents, which declared the main focus of US military security policy had shifted from the ‘war on terror’ to ‘great-power conflicts,’ particularly with those two countries.”

          • @Anonymous…

            ” Not Chinese at all. Primarily Welsh and Frankish-German, with a trace of Russian (Orthodox Carpatho-Russian peasant cheap coal mining labor) – ”

            I guess the Carpathian-Rusyn blood in you is entirely submissive to the Frankish, because the Rusyns (not to be confused with Russians) hate socialism and socialists.

          • “Asian settled North America”

            They never “settled” North America, that was the point. Is there a single permanent structure they built, other than the Peubelos in Arizona – which they abandoned long before the Americans showed up?

            OK, so you’re an American – how did you get into Communism? DSA type? Are you in fact PMC?

            Personally, I’m a liberal who flirts with Strasserism mostly to shore up traditional American liberty and prevent premature eugenicism.

          • “Carpathian-Rusyn blood in you is entirely submissive to the Frankish (…) the Rusyns (…) hate socialism and socialists”:

            So it is “blood,” not class, that determines for or against socialism then? Very scientific.

            In any case, it’s just a trace, one very tall, big, strong peasant lured here by capitalists to work cheap in the mines and died early of black lung.

            Carpatho-Russians are mostly Russian Orthodox “cut off behind enemy lines” (Roman Catholic and Uniate lines) and never had a country except during brief union with late Tsarist Russia, and in the USSR. Those living in the mountains of northeastern Ukraine do not support the anti-communist, Neo-Nazi Ukrainian regime and the young men try to avoid conscription.

          • NorthWESTERN Ukraine, mistype. Northeastern Romania especially has been full of border-crossing northwest Ukrainian (Ruthenian) draft dodgers at times. Officials carrying out conscription have literally been run out of town by angry villagers in some places. Apparently it is not a hotbed of Neo-Nazism, anti-communist and anti-Russian sentiment that appears in central Ukraine.

    • Anon,

      What gets me about this election: an electorate that has for centuries eschewed statism, voted in a pandemic to have a new vague statist regime that mandates all sorts of state interventions that were always rejected one way or another even when there were far more deadly crippling diseases abroad. And by every other incarnation of that electorate.

  2. Your traffic must be way down. Your site doesn’t reflect reality at all anymore. It fails to resonate. You lost the plot. You don’t even seem southern anymore. At least I can’t relate anymore. Roll tide.

  3. Trump lost because he over promised and under delivered. The citizenry didn’t vote for Biden……they just wanted to NOT vote for Trump.
    Having said that, your troops will remain in the Middle East, your jobs will remain in China…….and the invaders will keep arriving.
    Once America is gone, the West is gone. I can keep speaking out and opposing our direction……but I’m one person.
    The Right must be large, mainstream……..and cohesive.

    • The USA is an anchor tied around “the west’s” neck. Where do you idiots get this idea that the USA is somehow the last hope?

      • @Dart
        The USA is the leader of the Western (or free) world:- a role it chose to take on.
        When just one Western nation falls to Islam, Communism, white minority status, China, etc, it weakens those that are left. Now just imagine if the leader itself – America – fell!
        We are a minority in the world, and hated. We need to stand together against external forces hell bent on our destruction. We need to begin having large families again……. something the left is opposed to.

      • @ dart, we are the end of the road, unless mr.trump buys greenland for us, there is nowhere else, thats fine with me, if you cant make here, where are you going to make it? Bad form, bad policy too bite the hand that feeds you .

    • I would like to think the “West” could recover if this rotten country falls, but I think it is too late. The rot is too deep and too much damage has been done.

  4. You’ve been putting out some outstanding articles about the Presidential Election 2020. You’re spot on about Trump losing Moderates and Independents. Spot on. When I mention that on Facebook news comment sections the Trumpers get all mad and say but but but we can’t comprise with the Socialists. Uhhhhhhhh…What these people can’t understand that being a Moderate is right in the middle. Not extreme in any direction and I believe the majority of voters fit in that category. He lost them…plain and simple. Deo Vindice !

  5. I don’t need someone to tell me why Blomph lost the election. He lost because he is a conman who sold his base a line of goods he never delivered on. The 2020 Blumph was the real one. Blacks, Indian visas, Israel, homosexual liberation, muh stock market, etc. Trump is a NY liberal.

    • “The 2020 Blumph was the real one. Blacks, Indian visas, Israel, homosexual liberation”

      Nah, Trump said this because he though he had to in order to convince white women he wasn’t the evil racist the media made him out to be. In his heart Trump is a child of post war America and I suspect misses that world and probably thinks deep down whites really are better. Look at his bedroom habits, is Trump sleeping around with Chinese Spies? Nope. That tells you who he really is.

        • Trump has also had numerous affairs with secretaries, models, beauty contestants, actresses, escorts, etc. Who knows how many abortions he’s had to pay for?

          Nightowl, you have the mind of a simpleton.

      • Trump has slept with every race and religion. He let his daughter marry a “fellow” white man, I mean a jew. Ignorance is bliss

  6. President Trump won reelection.

    It does not take an analyst to see what a massive conspiracy has occurred to make it look otherwise.

    We, in this country, are undergoing the greatest attack since the 1770s, though, and, just like in that situation, we not only have to fight very powerful foreign government (China) we have to fight a worldwide globalist network and a large population of snakes in our midst, particularly in the national security state, which has spent the last 5 1/2 years trying to thwart the constitutional will of the people and their choice for president.

    Acting as if this was a normal election, honourably conducted, and now it is entirely resolved, is not helping our community come to grips with how perilous our circumstance is.

    This is no longer about Trump vs. Biden.

    It’s about the very basis of our way of life, and trying to maintain what little has not been eroded over the last century.

    • If you really believe Zion Don won re-election then either be prepared to use force to keep him in office or shut yer yap.

      • @Span,

        Don’t be too hard on Ivan. He means well, he’s just a little naive on how ZOG operates. Sometimes you have to get punched in the face a few time before you fight back.

  7. I’m not sure that the military budget should be cut as such (as discussed in earlier articles). The military just needs to be used for the benefit of Americans and it’s allies (Australia, Canada, etc). Americans can’t be shielded from literal invasions with a weak military. It can’t contain China. The military also leads the way with technology that filters down to tomorrows everyday consumers.
    A bloated military may be a good idea, so long as it’s helping Americans for once, and the troops are on home soil where they belong, including along the southern border.

  8. He lost because with the demographic changes it’s rough for a republican to win. This isn’t the 80s electorate anymore that instinctively knows what the democrats are about when you run a Willy Horton ad. The electorate is nearly half Willie Hortons these days, you’ve got to get an onside kick, a hail mary, and a two point conversion in the last five seconds of the game to win. 2016 was an anomaly, Hillary was so confident they didn’t have the ghetto cheat machines ready to ad those extra 10K votes in the rust belt to fix that one. Seeing those margins I knew there was no way, with four years of old white people dying off only to be replaced by browns and fatherless white bastards at the ballot box, that these results were repeatable.

    That said, even knowing that the media was slandering him unlike any president before, his operation looked amateurish, with jokes like Jared around him and a house full of disgruntled snitches running to the press. Obama never tolerated such traitors in his midst? Problem is he promised an almost Old School Union Democrat type agenda to the rust belt that his party would never go along with and was going nowhere. The sell out to the Chinese is too deep, only martial law and a national emergency to round up all the traitors no matter how powerful they are would ever work, the system itself is hopeless. Our 1% elites have made many business trips over to China over the last two decades selling us out. They came away from these excursions with a desire to implement a modified version of the Chinese system here, i.e. all the CCP style censorship now appearing at Twitter, Faceberg, etc. “Chinese Communism with Jewish Characteristics.”

  9. Krein parted ways with Trump over Charlottesville. He felt Trump was insufficiently tough on racists.


    Wtf are quoting the guy for in this context, given that he states that James Fields was a psychopathic Nazi? That Krein condemns a rally you were a major organiser in? Krein literally stepped away from Trump because he failed to condemn the rally goers qua the rally.

    That rally was probably crushed with the support of Trump’s FBI, NSA, CIA and various levels of GOP operatives as an attempt to separate out from associations and to normsloze Trump in contradistinction to the pleb Nazis.

    Trump appears to have been utterly confused by what happened. Krein doesn’t speak in good faith.

  10. Off topic but interesting, I think: Covid has mutated in Africa, a significant new mutation that is even more infectious and possibly not controlled at all by the vaccines being developed. This is not the same as the mink farm mutation appearing in Denmark, Holland, Britain and the U.S. Since the population of Africa is mostly young, the extent and rapid spread of the new Covid is hidden by predominance of very mild and asymptomatic cases. Not eradicating new diseases in the beginning gives them opportunity to mutate into possibly worse forms, as well as spread. Further off topic, there is a serious, very infectious new viral disease of peppers and tomatoes beginning to spread around the world. It might not appear in your garden yet next year….

    • That’s why the Oxford Vaccine is the big one. Cheap, conventional and doesn’t need cryogenic freezing. AstraZeneca is the best bet.

      • Probably true, John. The British vaccine uses a chimpanzee virus to which humans are never immune, ensuring its effectiveness, whereas the Russian is based on two human adenoviruses which makes it ineffective for recipients who are immune to one or both of those viruses. The Russian is even cheaper though.

  11. Only jews and Israelis are allowed to defend the virtues of nationalism in the public square.. Yoram Hazony and Julius Krein, unlike white gentiles, can talk in favor of nationalism without being called Nazis and white supremacists. So much for free speech in America.

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