$600 Stimulus Checks

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to write something about the stimulus deal, but it seems like one day just blurs into the next and nothing happens. We’re now less than a week away from Christmas and it increasingly looks like checks aren’t going out in time because the “deficit hawks” in the Senate have only moved from their position of “no checks” to “$600 checks” in six months. The only reason that any stimulus checks are back on the table is because Democrats are hammering Perdue and Loeffler on the issue in the Georgia Senate races and it is hurting them in the polls.

BTW, this is what the polling on the issue looks like: 87% of Democrats, 71% of Independents and 70% of Republicans support sending out another $1,200 stimulus check. COVID-19 relief is also one of the public’s top three priorities for the incoming Biden administration.

Trump wanted to send out “at least” $1,200 checks. It was reported last night that Trump was in favor of $2,000 checks, but conservatives in his administration intervened to talk him out of it.

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  1. Democrats could easily destroy Republicans if they moderated their culture war agenda, but if they did they would lose their donors.

    Republicans could easily destroy democrats if they moderated their big business oriented economic agenda, but if they did they would lose their donors.

    It’s a Mexican standoff between each party and the donor class, and it guarantees that only unpopular policies supported by the DILEs and the true con free marketeers get through.

    • @Dart

      American liberalism – read, “small business capitalism that conservatives say they support” – could be saved if the “Small Businessman” and a good fraction of American domestic productive enterprise – like Koch Industries for instance – would divorce themselves from “entrenched Wall Street interests” meaning the decrepit, obsolete, centuries old financial system that developed in the pre-Industrial era.

      This financial system is based on artificial scarcity and simply collects rent on productive enterprise and obviously these interests don’t want their artificial capital demonetized.

      Ron Paul gets it completely backward. We don’t need to End the Fed – we need to cut off the Fed’s primary dealers from the public trough. They have leeched off of the economy long enough.


      • Watching the response by Keir Starmer to Lockdown 3.0. Why isn’t he asking for a UBI right now? He is controlled by Jews. A Labour leader who can’t even demand an emergency dole for the poor in a plague.

        When that yoga teacher in Ibiza ambushed him over British indigenous rights he just didn’t even want to know. It’s was quite telling.

  2. The brain-washed won’t get this: In a country where LGBTQ behavior is encouraged and protected is it any wonder that we are having a pandemic, and public health crisis.

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