Radio Free Indiana: More White Guilt

Editor’s Note: The audio on Dlive comes through much clearer than usual.


In this episode of Radio Free Indiana, Matt Parrott, Trey Knickerbocker and Hunter Wallace respond to NoWhiteGuilt’s attacks on “wignats” and discuss how the Trump administration greatly amplified anti-Whiteness. We discuss White populism, unity in the pro-White movement and how the True Cons Caucus in Congress ruined Christmas for working class families.

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  1. Its funny you guys saw this I heard it live and had a laugh at his wee little girl rant about Trump being able to pull it out and the evil brain-dead wignats hurting Blormf.

    Collette isnt a bad guy, he is ok and Sven Longshanks is an incredible man responsible for hours of free Euro Nationalist content on Radio Albion. Their historical segments on Britain and WWII are some of the best around but I cannot listen to Collette anymore because of the “No white guilt” fool. He ruins anything he touches thinking he is a brilliant and witty analyst when in reality he is an unlikable try hard.

    But i think Kohen or Cohen, whatever White Guilts real name is, was directing the venom specifically at Kyle and the people at Renegade. It seems most people cant stand Kohen but Renegade goes extra hard on him and their readers troll his podcast hard mostly because he says it is a waste of time to call out the tribe and we should not do it. Only focus on “anti whites”… But ignore the tribe? Ok Kohen, no conflict there

    • Mark Collette lost his Twitter account for defending Zion Don’s claims of election fraud. What a hill to die on! It’s a real shame because he seemed to be losing faith in Trump and MAGA, even going so far as to call him just another Zionist puppet. I wonder what made him get back on the Trump Train?

    • Top comment at RenegadeTribune:

      “With a name like Kohne? How about Kohn, Kohl, Cohen, Kahn, Kuhn, Kahone, Coon, Kunz, Koontz, Cane, Caine, Calhoon, and numerous other versions thereof? The Cohen is the executioner. Kikes change names like a cheap suit. More than any other ethnic group.”

      Jason was sent to tell pro Whites to *behave*, so they won’t anger the rich zionist jews and gay libertarains that control the Republican Party. There is nothing wrong with us, we are not anti-White, we don’t need fixing. It is the Republican Party that is anti-White. But Jason is not inside the party fixing them, he is out here fixing us. Funny how that works.

      A commenter at Renegade points out Jason is promoted by the same people who promote Nick Fuentes on Bitchute. I see Jason is so popular on Bitchute, the comments under all of his videos are locked. I also see he is so popular on Twitter, he has 10,000 followers, and no comments under his tweets. The only time he gets comments is when he trolls Wignats. So my conclusion is he is Republican astroturf.

      • Meanwhile… The Republican Party just voted for a million Indians and Chinese to come and take American tech workers’ jobs.

        Mo’ White Guilt:
        Its your fault they did that, Wignats! Stop talking about Jewish billionaire donors, and vote Republican harder!

    • After Charlottesville I attended a BBQ concert event at Lafayette Park in St Louis. It’s a posh neighborhood next to a few very ugly projects with violent coons. The crowd was entirely whote and boomer-ish. At some point when the organizers gave a few short speeches one of the organizers started to moan about Nazis and Nationalists to thunderous applause. These self satisfied sheltered fools probably are not representative of Missouri voters but that moment stuck with me. They were in retrospect like a tribe of reverse McCloskey’s. “Enjoy having Zulu Impis run your streets with absolutely no one to offer even token resistance!” I thought. Biden offered an image an vision of America that in Jungian terms is a very poor archetype at his conference, A weak frail old fellow in a car lot surrounded by dumpy HR ladies.

  2. I hate to break it to all of the AR15-clutching MAGApedes sitting in their La-Z-Boys surrounded by boxes of ammo but nothing earth-shattering is going to happen. Biden will take the Oath Of Office in January, his presidency will be a carbon copy of Obama’s and a lot less dramatic than Trump’s.

    • Trump will likely be banned from Twitter as soon as Biden takes office which will be earth-shattering for the MIGApedes. Reading his moronic shitposts is what they live for.

    • Two things.

      1 expect a domestic drone strike

      2 some Millenialist multiracial cult might be the target.

      3 the media will call the incinerated a rightwing cult

      It’ll be much more like Clinton’s first two years.

    • Seems wishful thinking to expect Biden-Harris would be an Obama rerun … the forces in play are already in motion

      Cities are imploding with crime as Soros-backed officials take over, murder rates already doubling etc … heavy prison will be only for anti-gov or pro-white or self-defence activity

      Faster pacing for gun registration / oppressive taxation … later confiscation

      50 million new migrants coming in to USA, they are heading to the border already, will be no way to absorb them

      Economic implosion as gov struggles to pay both for migrants, and for more than a hundred million unemployed, with no jobs to give them, and ‘lockdowns thru 2022’ as Bill Gates says

      A huge army of nominal ‘leftists’ as gov militia, in the hope of getting bigger gibs later if they help destroy the middle class

      Biden-Harris don’t have a braking system to prevent de facto Bolshevism and then finally … USA break-up when the dollar (a bit later than most would guess) finally expires

      • I expect Republican governors to fill out National Guard Units with loyalists. Possibly with advanced remote control gear. After all drones are cheaper than tanks. Every right wing state could be converted to an Azerbaijan style robot army. Do it all under the guise of a cheaper more lean Nat Guard.

  3. Hunter needs to be on far more podcasts. I prefer listening to him speak than reading his website articles.
    I’m just not a patient reader of anything.
    The Right is fractured. I’m sure I’ve written things many don’t agree with…….but my heart is in the right place.
    If I offend anyone or say something you’re at odds with, don’t condemn me. Correct me and teach me. Tell me why I’m wrong:- I’ll happily stand corrected. I could be further back in my journey than you are. But it sums up the Right in general:- we disagree on minor issues, and allow it to divide the cause. Many become aware of the JQ much later than others. It isn’t always their fault.
    If we agree on the basics, let that hold us together.

  4. Jason Kohen’s 8 hour streams are un-listenable. His style is stiff, boring and mechanical. And I find his constant references to “the anti whites” to be quite annoying. I don’t know if he’s a Fed but he comes across as a guy who was a CID officer in the Army. He is extremely un-cool.

    I enjoyed the Radio Free Indiana podcast, especially HW’s contributions. Great chemistry between you guys! But why no use of the word “nigger”? Is it considered too vulgar or something?

    • @Spahn you hit the nail on the head. I dislike the guy but feel guilty about it. He is just awkward and his catchphrases plus canned laughter just irks the sh*t out of me. He probably is not a bad guy just totally out of touch and not suited for any type of public rallying. I dont wish the man ill and dont like the idea of his streams being trolled either but find his style and content to be like nails on a chalkboard

    • I don’t agree with racial slurs in any pro-white content. It’s one of the few instances where optics really do matter. There is no need for them to get the message across away.

      You’ll notice insincere grifters and Jewish infiltrators just love saying nigger as much as possible. Anglin and Weev come to mind.

      • @Ricky
        Yes I can see where you’re coming from.
        Racial terms from the Jim Crow era won’t help our cause, or image. To win people over, we need to be seen as the better side.
        I understand the sentiment, but it just won’t help. Allow the Left, etc to own the bad optics. He who looks and sounds inoccuous can be far more effective.

      • I don’t trust people who should now better but still support Trump. Köhne, Johnson and Slattery come to mind. At least Johnson’s pod is excellent because of his guests. Some of them are Mark Weber and Jim Goad who are highly intelligent people and none of them supports the phony Arthur J Finkelstein GOP part of the system.

    • @Spahnrach 1970,

      Yes, Jason Köhne is very stiff, autistic, and a boring sperg. Considering that his is one of the few pro-White podcasts left on jewtube, on e would think he would be getting more views than the few hundred to a couple of thousand he received per video.

      What made his show unwatchable for me was the first hour of Romper Room acknowledgements of those in the chats.

      Jason did work on Capital Hill, and he told a story about a closed door session of republican leaders that he was privy to. In that meeting, it was all about how to lure more POC into the GOP’s kibbutz with pork barrel projects. When one congressional leader asked, “What can we do for Whites?,” he was told that they don’t have to do anything for White Americans because they have nowhere else to go.

  5. Great podcast. Hunter, I remember when you fell for the Tea Party scam. I was on here telling you otherwise. American Renaissance had an article called something like “Republican Or Third Party?” back in the mid 90’s. It’s amazing that this is still even being discussed. I remember that Don Black advocated voting for Obama over McCain, so it seemed like WN’s had gotten wise to the GOP scam. But the Tea Party brought some people back to the GOP and Trump brought more back. We need to remember that under Dubya, there was no dog whistling. So some people have interpreted the return of dog whistling as a sign of progress.

  6. From a Jungian perspective Biden gave America an image in his DNC conference. A kind of awful dystopia at a car parking lot.

    Trump gave the US an image of the imperial Rose Garden, neoclassical columns and rushmore.

    The electorate in the US chose the car lot. The collective unconscious is an inexplicable thing.

  7. “No more white guilt” is claimed to be the panacea for censorship and persecution. It is overstatement.

    Personal morality and hard honest work, Christian family life and ethno-cultural solidarity are more effective than memes.

  8. There are literally hundreds of these “White” podcasts, does anyone listen to them? Or have the time to listen to them?

    I will admit that I listen to the Political Cesspool which is a hybrid live radio program and internet podcast.

    I’ve listened to the Political Cesspool almost since they started, when I stumbled upon them while searching the internet with my IBM PC.

    There’s really no ideology in politics. Politicians respond to pressure groups i.e. Jews, Catholics and/or Latinos, Muslims etc. etc. Unfortunately there are no White Protestant Pressure groups! Even the Southern Baptists have abandoned their White Protestant roots, as James Edwards has documented.

    The only problem that I see with Cesspool and Edwards, is that they do not try to educate their large Catholic & Jewish audience on the basics of White Protestantism. Our belief in Salvation by Faith/Belief in Jesus Christ. That nothing else is necessary for our Salvation, no man, or no church is necessary for our Salvation. Only our Faith in Jesus Christ!

    I know that James has had a number of guests who are preachers, who have talked White politics, but, have avoided the basics of White European Protestantism.

    All that being nice to the Catholics has gotten us, is our present situation. Every anti-White alliance between the Catholics and Jews has to be broken. Every anti-White Catholic politician must fear White Protestants and the pressure we can bring on them.

    I know James is a friend of Pat Buchanan, and Pat I’m sure is a nice guy, and traditional Catholic whatever that is, but, Pat has never been elected to anything. Pat in my opinion is just another “conservative” Catholic grifter like Richard Viguerie, or the late Phyllis Schlafly. They have never accomplished anything, while White America has continued to sink into oblivion.

    Let’s not forget that in Germany, the Catholic political party, the CDU/CSU has opened the borders to Muslims and Africans. By the way, what is a traditional Catholic, someone who sucks the current, or any past Pope, Cardinal, Bishop or Priests ass harder?

    • @Krusty Wanker,

      Let us not forget that it was your beloved British WASPs and jews working in tandem that brought the African savages to America.

      It was your White Protestants that gave the federal reserve to the jews as a Hanukkah present in 1913. It was WASPs in North America and Great Britain that fought two world wars in the Twentieth Century for jewish hegemony.

      It was Protestant POTUS Harry S. Truman that signed the Natuonal Security Act establishing the WASP-Ashkenazi CIA , which in conjunction with the faggot WASP J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI led to the surveillance state. By the 1950s, thanks to WASPs like Allen Dulles and James Angleton, the CIA, Mossad, and Shin Bet were as cozy as a bug in a rug working together.

      Truman wasn’t done yet. In 1948, his State Department was the first in the world to recognize Israel as an independent nation.

      Nice track record.

      • LOL. More Catholic mumbo jumbo, and, deflection.

        What would you replace the Federal Reserve with? The way it was before the Fed, when the New York (Jewish) money center banks set interest rates and starved the South, Mid-West and West for investment capital? The South in particular was starved for investment capital—a hangover from the WBTS/Civil War. After the Fed was established there were Federal Reserve banks created in Richmond, Atlanta, New Orleans (later moved to Dallas) plus St. Louis. All with full voting and policy rights. The days of New York City setting the interest rates and manipulating our currency were over!

        All of these Federal agencies are loaded with Catholics, and Catholicism has almost become the official religion of the Federal government. Ever wonder why the Federal Government, and even State and Local government are incompetent and unresponsive? While Roman Catholic politicians line their pockets.

        You should read less antique Nazi propaganda and more American history written by White men.

        • @KW,

          I am not defending Catholics who entered into league with jews or coloreds to the detriment of Whites in America or elsewhere. White Gentiles that betrayed their own race should get the rope regardless of whatever denomination of Christianity they follow (or don’t follow).

          From the beginning of this now dead republic, jews were already deeply situated in the banking system of the nation. Rober Morris, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and (((Haym Saloman))) all aided and abetted that outcome.

          The WASP elite and jews have always been in the ‘cat’s bird seat’ in this country, until after WWII, where they used their hegemony to push aristocratic WASPs out of their way.

          The fact is that it was the WASPs and their interwoven connections with Jewish international financiers that dug the grave for the West.

  9. No White Guilt should rebrand himself as No White Personality. Dude has the emotive range of a cyborg.

  10. I seem to recall NWG stating on a podcast that he was some kind of intern for the GOP in the Dubya regime years. He may have some kind of residual loyalty to the party that is blinding him to reality. We have to focus on party building and running candidates in elections so we can offer and alternative to the GOP.

    • Maybe that’s not something to ask about, but I find it very interesting. Regardless, anyone who is still a die-hard Trumper is not doing anything productive, but rather something very counterproductive. One is incompetent if one is informed about Trump but still supports him. Watching an 8 hour long pro-Trump stream means that you aren’t exposed to something of value. I could see a mad or malicious person streaming pro-Trump rants for 8 hours straight.

  11. The literal crackpot crack up of the Democratic Party is ramping up in a great way. It literally is the nog party now. Just reading in a day how White cuck boy Democrat Joe Cunningham, who already was defeated by a Republican in November, cracked open a beer in the House Chamber mumbling something about White Supremacy. And railed about Trump. I guess the bitter guy is hurt he only did 1 term before getting tossed. Yes, Joe, sucking up to blacks is about as worthy as sucking on a gas nozzle.

    Then I read some Blm terrorist congress black chick has been put on some important Judicial committee. She is single( of course) since Rufus hits em up quick. She is also another comical black pass derrr, um pastor. Her name escapes me. But the article mentioned she will be joining the melanin filled communist ” squad” in the House. Hey, gurrrlll, any good chicken recipes? Talk about a disaster.

    Another mentioned a black from ny fighting for non White lgbtq madness in the House. Another retarded black name. I am literally too lazy to look at the names because it’s truly a demonic shitshow.

    The great part is all these new blaxxx and brownzzz in the Democratic Party are far and away openly anti White and are 100% communists. The coward White Republicans have nowhere to run now because these Dems are so hardcore.

    The old Democrat quiet socialists and liberals are dying, retiring and being replaced. The new Democrats will be just like any black party- loud, obnoxious, sophomoric, angry and useless.

    The useless Republicans will easily benefit in the House especially where they are barely a minority as it is and 2022 will easily push them into power with the observation of these Mau Mau blaxxx and a boatload of people are extremely angry Trump had the election stolen from him by a guy who drew 12 people to his rallies and hid himself and his limp in the basement. By 2022 the calls will be for the affirmative action hoochie to take over for Joe Stealer.

    335 million people in an overly diverse mess of a nation filled with 4th world cities. A lying, heavily Jewish controlled media and their scoundrel goy pets like Chris Cuomo, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmell, etc. will continue to burn bridges.

    It all has to come down because at this rate the queen of Kfc- Stacey Abrams, will be declared Queen of West Africa America. Just 1 single state heavily pushing its independence will set off a firestorm. Texas, perhaps? Die versity is a weakness big time.

    • It will be much harder for the GOP to take the House after redistricting. The districts are already gerrymandered to the GOP’s favor as much as possible. It will be impossible to pack the huge increase in nonwhite voters all into currently blue districts.

  12. NWG is nothing but an republican apologist and a Trump cheerleader. He had Fuentes should get a room and take turns giving each other a reach around as they chant Trump, Trump he’s our man, if can;t do it the next republican candidate can. He’s a bore and predictable with his cuckservative talking points.

  13. NWG is easily the most pathetic content creator in the “dissident right”. Nearly everyone I’ve ever talked to in /ourthing thinks he’s creepy and invariably says that he reminds them of either a televangelist or a scientologist.

    When they have guests on he’ll constantly try to relate everything everyone says to his book as if its an infomercial for his products. When people give him complimentary superchats he’ll callthem “testimonials”, just like an infomercial salesman would. Mind you, this guy sells NWG pillows on his merch store, lmao.

    He often goes on these bizarre, melodramatic rants where he talks about how minorities are going to break into our houses and rape our families and that we’ll deserve it unless we “go free”. And don’t get me started on his weak, defensive, therapist-like lexicon.

    Think what you want about Millennial Woes, but that video NWG made about that drama back in April was unbelievably scummy. He said that girl, who is an airhead (about Woes she said “ew look at him and look at me, I would never, lol”), “needs time to heal”. He also, in the most slimey way, tried to ambush Enoch and got btfo’d.

    I’m not even going to bother to critique his stance -or lack thereof- on Jews. All that needs to be said about Jason is that he’s the least successful cult leader the world has ever known, and he looks like a retarded version of Luke Skywalker. Fuck that guy.

  14. Is the replay available? I don’t see it on Radio Free Indiana’s Bitchute channel and I’ve only just discovered this site from the McSpencer Group podcast.

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