Rand Paul Rails Against COVID Relief Plans

Sen. Rand Paul reflects the prevailing view of the Tea Party “deficit hawks” on COVID. The government should do nothing about the virus. No one should get a helping hand from the government either. That’s even worse. The real tragedy is the budget deficit, not the death and suffering.

In China, which is where the pandemic started, there are a total of 4,634 reported deaths from COVID. The virus was contained in Wuhan and has been under control since February. There were only +12 reported new cases yesterday. In the United States, however, there were +254,680 reported new cases yesterday and +2,794 new deaths. The current death toll in the United States is now 321,117 deaths. We have by far the highest death toll in the world with developing countries like Brazil and India a distant second and third. By the time this is over, we are currently projected to clock in around 500,000 deaths, which would leave COVID as the third deadliest event in American history behind the Spanish Flu and Civil War.

In the United States, there has been a descent into retarded conspiracy theories and performative libertarianism because so many people are unable to process that our government is too dysfunctional and incompetent to handle a recurring problem. There were three influenza pandemics in the 20th century in 1917, 1957 and 1968. It is a natural phenomena that recurs approximately every fifty years or so. The government should have the capacity to handle the problem like floods or earthquakes.

Occasionally, I check the Chinese media to see what the United States looks like from their perspective. The official line in China is that the United States is a capitalist tyranny and a humanitarian disaster zone. The raging pandemic, death toll and economic misery in the United States is being touted as proof by China that their system is superior. America chose to “let it rip” and ended up worse off than any other country on earth. Wages are being subsidized in most other developed countries to fight COVID, but not in the United States because of “deficit hawks” like Rand Paul and Ron Johnson.

Here in the United States, the “deficit hawks” have held up COVID relief for six months and shot down twice yesterday the attempt to give working class families $600 more on Christmas than is currently being offered in the stimulus negotiations. Beijing must be laughing its ass off.

Note: Watch the Silent Invader video below to grasp how far the United States has declined in its public health response since the 1957 pandemic. We used to be a First World country.

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  1. A protest demanding $1,500 should have been organised several times. Instead we got BLM and anti masker crap.

  2. China condemning the humanitarian disaster in The United States, at this very moment, kind of strikes me like would if, in 19 & 43, Josef Goebbels came out and decried the plight of The Eastern European Jew…

    • @Ivan,

      Yes, the stage theater, swimming pool,and other amenities shown to your tribe was way too generous.

      Try a comparison of Eisenhower’s post-war death camps of Germans for an analogy of the horrors of concentration camp conditions.

      IMHO, the Third Reich treated their enemies too humanitarian.

      • @November…

        Since you believe that all the millions and millions of Eastern Europeans, both Jew and Gentile, who received a treatment that, in your eyes, was too humanitarian from the Nazis, then I guess these Eastern Europeans would have preferred a more INhumanitarian treatment that would not have involved losing their property, citizenship, pets, family, dreams, and lives for the crime of having been born at a time when Hitler convinced some of his fellow Germans, and compulsed many more, that virtue lies in destroying other humans, so long as it is directed by your government.

    • “China condemning the humanitarian disaster in The United States (…) kind of strikes me”:

      Have you been reading or viewing the CIA’s “Epoch Times” anti-Chinese propaganda, Ivan? It is time to reconsider Chinese ethno-nationalism, “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” beginning with Mao. “When Mao stepped onto the world stage in 1945, Russia had taken Mongolia and a piece of Xinjiang, Japan occupied three northern provinces, Britain had taken Hong Kong, Portugal Macau, France pieces of Shanghai, Germany Tsingtao, the U.S. shared their immunities and the nation was convulsed by civil war. China was agrarian, backward, feudalistic, ignorant and violent. Of its four hundred million people, fifty million were drug addicts, eighty percent could neither read nor write and their life expectancy was thirty-five years. The Japanese had killed twenty million and General Chiang Kai-Shek complained that, of every thousand youths he recruited, barely a hundred survived the march to their training base. Women’s feet were bound, peasants paid seventy percent of their produce in rent, desperate mothers sold their children in exchange for food and poor people sold themselves, preferring slavery to starvation. U.S. Ambassador John Leighton Stuartreported that, during his second year there, ten million people starved to death in three provinces. When he stepped down in 1974 the invaders, bandits and warlords were gone, the population had doubled, literacy was 84 percent, wealth disparity had disappeared, electricity reached poor areas, infrastructure was restored, the economy had grown 500 percent, drug addiction was a memory, women were liberated, girls were educated, crime was rare, everyone had food and shelter, life expectancy was sixty-seven and, by several key social and demographic indicators, China compared favorably with middle income countries whose per capita GDP was five times greater” and “The simple facts of Mao’s career seem incredible: in a vast land of 400 million people, at age 28, with a dozen others, to found a party and in the next fifty years to win power, organize, and remold the people and reshape the land–history records no greater achievement. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, all the kings of Europe, Napoleon, Bismarck, Lenin – no predecessor can equal Mao Tse-tung’s scope of accomplishment, for no other country was ever so ancient and so big as China. Indeed Mao’s achievement is almost beyond our comprehension (…) Colleagues, rivals, academics and propagandists East and West have written much nonsense about Mao Zedong yet, when we correct for bias and discard patent falsehoods it becomes clear that, apart from the bloodshed that accompanies wars and revolutions, it’s doubtful that Mao killed anyone and indubitable that he gave life to billions. Indeed, no-one has done so much good for so many–and so little harm; no-one comes close”: https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/mao-reconsidered-the-chinese-miracle-continues.523586/

      • @Anonymous…

        I have a great deal of appreciation and respect for The Chinese People, Sir.

        I love their landscape painting, their classical music, their architecture and historic woodworking and lacquering techniques, the floral silk brocade dresses (which my Alabaman wife chose to wear at our wedding) not to mention their cuisine.

        That said, I recognize that The Chinese Government, not the Chinese People, has been making a war on Dixie, by by buying and colluding with our politicians, going back to the earliest days of the administration of Bill Clinton.

        The result has been that our economy has been devastated and our way of life badly damaged.

        Thus, I wholeheartedly approve of the coalition that President Trump has put in place (Taiwan, Japan, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and The Phillippines) to combat The Chinese Government’s war on us.

        Whether we like it or not, we have to deal with The Chinese government, and clearly the vast coalition that is now aligned against China is confirmation of this reality.

        Nothing The Epoch Times, or any other media outlet, has anything to do with my opinion, but, of course, I certainly accept it if you have the very common habit of thinking that all who disagree with you are either ignoramuses, pawns, or stooges.

        • Re: “I love their landscape painting, their classical music, their architecture and historic woodworking and lacquering techniques, the floral silk brocade dresses (which my Alabaman wife chose to wear at our wedding) not to mention their cuisine”:

          I’m not cosmopolitan or multi-culturally-inclined. I rather “despise” (don’t enjoy) their art, music, poetry, architecture, furniture, decoration and clothing styles, etc. – while I know and respect that these styles “come naturally” to Chinese people, and they do enjoy and prefer it. I appreciate that the Chinese homeland is very large, varied, rich and beautiful, their (ethno-) national history is extremely long and glorious, and they have made many great contributions to agriculture and all the sciences. China is a relatively peaceful nation focused on trade with no historic tendency to invade other countries, try to conquer the world and form a multi-national world empire.

          Re: “I wholeheartedly approve of the coalition that President Trump has put in place (Taiwan, Japan, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and The Phillippines) to combat The Chinese Government’s war on us”:

          I wholeheartedly disagree with your claim that China is waging war on us. It is the U.S. and its satellites that are at war – aggressive, “hybrid,” imperialist war against China.

          “Chinese Power – How will it be used?” : https://www.greanvillepost.com/2017/11/08/chinese-power-how-will-it-be-used/

          • @Anonymous…

            “I wholeheartedly disagree with your claim that China is waging war on us. It is the U.S. and its satellites that are at war – aggressive, “hybrid,” imperialist war against China. ”

            Though I normally note that the U.S. Government is the aggressor, in this case, it is very clearly not, but, in fact, has, for decades, been the corrupt enabler and collaborator of The Communist Chinese Government’s megalomaniacal war on the world to increase it’s power.

            That President Trump has acknowledged that and is fighting back I wholeheartedly support.

            Again, I have no problem with The Chinese People, Culture, or Nation, but, their Stalinist/Hitlerian government can go straight to hell.

          • You are clearly duped by the propaganda.

            Re: “I have no problem with The Chinese People, Culture, or Nation”:

            Yet you want their choice, their nation and culture to be attacked and overthrown by global capitalism. China has not forgotten what was done to it before. You need to read, study, absorb that history. Read about The Opium Wars, the dividing-up of China, the “century of humiliation,” that the U.S. Empire was absolutely, fully, involved in: “It needs to be told that the International Jews responsible for China’s ‘opium century’ – Rothschild, Sassoon, Kadoorie, Hardoon and many more – were also responsible for kidnapping and transporting as slaves millions of Chinese from Fujian and Guangdong for at least 150 years, which is the reason we have Chinese all over the world. Few are aware that the Panama Canal was built primarily by Chinese slaves kidnapped by Jewish slave traders and shipped to Central America. That is the reason that even today more than 10% of the population of Panama is Chinese. The same was true for the Great Panama Railroad, interestingly documented by tales that after completion all the Chinese committed suicide. The story was that once the Railroad was built, the Chinese ‘laborers’ began smoking opium and all killed themselves, some apparently by cutting off their own heads. As James Bond would say, ‘Well, that’s a neat trick.’ I should point out that the symptoms of smoking opium are pacific, not violent, and nobody is likely to cut off their own heads, impale those same heads on a spike, or hang themselves with their own hair. It was the same with the railroads in both Canada and the US, where (as with the HSBC bank) the names were Scottish but the money was all Jewish, and countless thousands of Chinese were kidnapped and sent to North America to build the railroads for their Jewish friends, after which most were massacred. The connection with the 1918 pandemic is the approximately 150,000 Chinese ‘laborers’ who ‘voluntarily’ went from Shandong to Europe to assist in the war effort. This by itself is ridiculous. The Chinese in Shandong had enough trouble with the Jews selling opium and the Japanese gobbling up their country to care about some stupid war halfway around the world. What happened was that the International Jews had infiltrated themselves so thoroughly into China that they controlled Chiang Kai-Shek and more importantly Harvard-educated T V Soong and, after establishing a Rothschild-owned Central Bank, were in the process of looting every penny from China. In the midst of this, and with the war now a reality, they prevailed upon Chiang and Soong to kidnap yet more Chinese to be used as slave labor and cannon fodder for their war in Europe. Chiang obliged, and the Chinese citizens were forcibly conscripted as always. They were sent first to Canada, transported across the country to the Atlantic, then shipped to Europe where nearly all of them died….” https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2020/12/20/dimwits-blame-the-chinese-for-everything-wrongly/

          • @Anonymous…

            Thank you for your excellent recitations of Chinese history in your remark, and Western misdeeds there.

            Unfortunately, however, it is not pertinent to what I am saying about The Chinese Government’s near 30 year attack on Dixie, at this time in history.

            As things stand, The Chinese Government has successfully eroded The United States’ Government, as much or more than International Jewry.

            The downside of this is the tremendous amount of pain my fellow Southerners have undergone in China having bought our politicians and ferreted out almost our entire manufacturing sector.

            The upside is that The United States is collapsing, those processes which will give The South the opportunity to regain it’s sovereignty and rise again.

          • @Anonymous…

            “Yet you want their choice, their nation and culture to be attacked and overthrown by global capitalism.”

            False. You’re projecting.

            “You need to read, study, absorb that history. ”

            No, I do not have to study the history of a nation to know that it is attacking my country.

            In your defence of the current Chinese Government, you sound like Nazi apologists, they who insist Hitler never wanted war, fought to avoid going to war, and, even then, only went to war and attacked Poland, when they attacked him!

        • @Captain…

          Well, if you ask me, that is what a prospective Biden presidency would be about – laying more planks for the foundation of a new Zio-Sino Corporate-Globalist authoritarian rule.

          If it is not about that, I’ll ask you to enlighten me!

  3. All of the sudden the Republicans are fIZZcuL cUnSErVuTivES. Now go put on the little hat and visit the Wailing Wall – Rand – you crypto-hebe.

    • @c d…

      Senator Paul is always a fiscal conservative.

      Though he rejects the Confederate flag as a symbol, he is, in his thinking, the very embodiment of Confederate small government ideas.

      That said, I totally agree with you that many Republicans are very hypocritical on this issue – they always complaining about money for citizens, yet always finding the funds for bombs…

  4. “Watch the Silent Invader video below to grasp how far the United States has declined in its public health response since the 1957 pandemic. We used to be a First World country.”

    Yes, but after being morally, racially, judicially and economically cannibalized for the last 63 years, since that video, it is to be expected.

    You cannot tear up everything into little bitty parts, from every angle, and still expect a strong unified centre to function.

    Things will get better once we divide and reunite into those parts that feel enough sympathy for each other to genuinely reconstruct a larger sense of community, and, from that, will arise a better governmental function.

    Until then, it will just be continued dysfunction.

  5. I like the part where the Chinese guy, with the graciousness characteristic of Red China, says, “Of course, we Chinese wouldn’t even know what a virus is if we hadn’t been leeching off the capitalist tyranny of Aryan America for the past half century.”

  6. Rand Paul comes off like a spoiled, rich doctor’s kid who has never had to worry about anything including healthcare.

    The Paul family are from Greentree outside of Pittsburgh, PA and Ron Paul went to Dormont high school. We had a mutual acquaintance, long deceased.

    From what I’ve heard the Paul family in general are/were pretty kooky to put it mildly.

    Brad, you are going to force me to see what Joe Manchin has done, beside sit on his fat Italian Roman Catholic ass. LOL.

    • @Krusty Wanker,

      Let’s see; Ron Johnson (White Lutheran Protestant), Rand Paul (White Presbyterian Protestant), Zion Don J. Trump (White Presbyterian Protestant). Looks like we have a White Protestant problem to me.

      • November,

        That was good. White Protestants built the USA and then gave it away. Anyone could have calculated what happens when you become officially indifferent to race and religion and invite everyone in to the country.

        Was not the new law on immigration in the 1960’s passed by a Protestant Congress? I am aware that the sponsors were a Jew and a Catholic. I learned that here.

        Now the real question is what can be done to salvage the situation in the United States? Perhaps it will collapse under government stupidity or economics, or will the United States push Russia and China too far?

        My family leaves tomorrow for the holydays so if I do not hear from you before tomorrow afternoon I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

        • @Christina,

          Yes, the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965 passed in both the US House and Senate which were overwhelmingly Protestant. President Lyndon Baines Johnson (Protestant) signed that Bill into law, and we can see how that act set in motion a future of minority-majority America disunited states.

          Merry Christmas to you and your family. Watch out for scorpions.

          • November,

            Thanks. I always look out for scorpions. There is only so much you can do with southern nationalists. Your efforts are valiant. Also, do you not get the feeling that this website as good as it is is loaded with agents provocateurs and strange people? True, some of them disappeared after the election but still…..

            I know you are honest, Spahn is hilarious, Ivan is predictable and likeable. But most of the regulars from months ago are gone. They were reliable. I really like Jaye Ryan as well.

            As for me? I have been almost completely honest on this site. I am pro white but with other loyalties as well. I am strongly anti American. I try to hide it but it comes out under pressure or now in the Season of Truth.

            Of course I could never support white nationalism American style because of their hatred of my religion and race but some of my views do overlap theirs. Last year when I first came on here I was afraid of WN’s. Now I am amazed that I was. Most are nice and some are highly informative.

          • November,

            Naturally, when I wrote I am anti American I was referring to the government and the society that the current USA is rather than all the people themselves.

          • Christina,

            Of course, the jewsmedia, Hollywood, and the zionist controlled local, state, and federal government officials gaslight the low information normie public with incredible lies about the threats posed by WNs, even to the hysterical level of claiming WNs are a greater domestic terrorist threat than antifa, blm, or Al-Qaeda.

            As you know, Jaye Ryan was stuck in South Africa during the initial no-international flights shutdown earlier this spring and summer.

            Ironically, I have worked with Mr. Ryan in the past on David Duke’s presidential campaign. It must be our Midwestern folksy ways that you find appealing.

            In regards to Southern Nationalism, again you see it is only a WASP endeavor. The people that I converse with are pan-European nationalists. They have put their petty ethnic (and theological) differences aside for what is best for the entire European race, not just the anglosphere. This is yet another reason that others view them with mistrust. The whole what’s past is prologue and all.

            As far as the Protestant and Catholic divisions are concerned, in my experience, it is only an issue here. The other European Nationalists don’t let Christian denominations separate their alliances. Most European Nationalists are heritage Christians, and no longer practice or observe Christianity or make it their focus.

            Be safe in Mexico. Feliz Navidad.

          • November,

            That was a valuable link. Statistically, the Democrats were more traditional than the Republicans on the issue. Texas was strongly against the Hart Cellar Act. The two Mexicans–De la Garza and Henry Gonzalez all voted Nay. I was impressed. I wonder how Krafty Wurker would spin that one.

            I asked my grandmother who holds American citizenship and was born before WW2 if she would have voted No. She said no way in hell would she have approved making the USA a free for all.

            I would have voted Nay also. Anglos conquering the Southwest in fair battle is one thing.,Giving it away in the grab bag is another.

            Thank you for the link. Ah…sorry for the extra spaces between words. Recently, I have allowed my fingernails to grow out and typing is harder now.

          • November,

            Sorry to bother you again. Under the Kelly Loeffler article I had a couple of links you might have missed. One was Mexican students and their parents saluting the flag with the Bellamy salute which is traditional. And a Mexican Military Parade with goose stepping at certain listed times in my comment.

            Also, for you men a Mexican beauty at 27:46.

          • November,

            What I find appealing about Mr. Ryan and yourself is manliness or being macho without being cavemen. The female mentality i assure you only respects strength and charm. Be strong but friendly and chat us up and we are putty–little puppies actually. I doubt women are different than girls,

            Jack Ryan and Nemo were my first internet friends ever. I need to check when Jack Ryan is on Political Cesspool more often.

            My brother directed me to Ramzpaul a few weeks ago. A likeable man with an easy and clever delivery. I remember you giving me your opinion on the subject.

        • @Cristina…

          You are missing a vital point, My Dear, in your thinking about ‘White Protestants building the USA and then giving it away.’

          You are talking about New Englanders, Young Lady – for they are the ones who indulged in their favourite obsession of giving away themselves and their possessions ( in order to feel virtuous) to The New York Jews, they who were only to happy to take the United States’ of their hands.

          While Southerners deserve plenty credit for this happening, because we have not, as of yet, decided to conduct reprisals on those who did, and, indeed, still are doing this – the fact remains that this happened, and happens, against the South’s better counsel and will.

          Our nation was simply given away by The White Gentile Northeastern Establishment – centered between Hartford, Providence, Boston, and Bangor, Maine.

          To understand why they do it, you only have to understand that, as more than a few have correctly echoed here, Massachussets was established by the crown to be a dumping ground for Anabaptist and Puritan lunatics who then became the Congregationalists and Unitarians who then became the ‘Progressive Secular Humanitarians’ who, by the mid 20th century, made it their highest goal to give away our nation.

          Though not every New Englander is like this, the soul that ever haunts the New England Nation is one of a love for theories, meddling, and ascetick philanthropy.

          If you paste this comment onto your desktop, and refer to it as you read through American history, and or ponder current events, you will have an understand that eludes most Americans.

          • Ivan,

            Thank you for the information. Naturally, I did not imply that all Protestants or even most Protestants agreed with what happened. But did not the Congressmen from the South vote for the Immigration Bill of 1965 just like their northern brethren?

            The common man seldom has a say in affairs. They have to rely on their leaders and I believe Southern leaders/congressmen continue to fail their people.

          • @Cristina…

            You are welcome.

            In that particular bill you mention, almost all the opposition (no-votes) were given to it by Southern senators, this after nearly 15 years of constant pressure from the coalition of New England Yankees. Midwestern Roman Catholicks, and New York Jews that constituted the bulk of the cultural and governmental pressure that had been put upon The South since the mid 19th century.

            I cannot stress enough to you how constant the pressure has been that I have seen applied to The South all of my life to get in line with this multicultural, feminist, abortionist, egalitarian, miscegenist, degenerate sexuality and secularist insanity that comes from Northeastern Jewry and Puritan New England.

            We, in Dixie, have been beaten by it to the point where we are like a fighter has has been hit so many times he can no longer stand up or see straight.

            I hope you never know what something like this is – to be a Mexican, yet see your country and people roiled over the coals so endlessly to become something that they neither are nor want to be.

            It is sick and vile, and I have had to pray daily for years to keep myself from sinking with the hostility that comes with witnessing it.

            The only positive note I can give to this is that, suddenly, this year, it has begun to occur to Southerners what being in this union means and that, perhaps, it is no longer a good thing.

            Well, I have thought this a long time, but, the normal Southerner has not. Now, after the decision of the Supreme Court to not even hear The Texas Case, he is thinking it, and one evidence you will see of it is how many of my brethren you will see on the streets of Washington D.C. on January 6.

            Though Washington knows it not, and though perhaps my brethren know it not quite, they, we, will be giving The United States’ Government and the United States one last chance to attempt to fly anything near right, on that day.

          • Your state was never without Christians. Friends/Quakers settled in North Carolina as well as the Northeast, and they still have a considerable presence in central NC. Some Amish went there in the very beginning, including Jakob Ammann himself, who is thought to be buried there, but the descendants never formed a lasting community in the Black slavery colony. Anabaptists (Mennonites) settled the Shenandoah Valley, though many left VA temporarily or permanently when the Confederacy tried to enforce conscription.

          • Ivan,

            I have a few hours to play around with before we leave for the Holydays. Yes, it does appear after looking at that link that November sent me that there was some opposition to the Hart-Cellar Act in the South, but not in the North.

            My opinion of the South rose. As for Texas–they really did well on this issue. What the Anglo conquered I understand why you are here in the Southwest. I can deal with you but inviting the rest of the world to have what was once ours and yours is infuriating.

            We leave around 1:00 so if you reply afterwards I will not catch it for a couple of weeks. By then this thread will be a sideshow.

            Anyway–Merry Christmas!

          • @Cristina…

            Please bear in mind that Kennedy (New England Yankee) and Javitz, (New York Jew) the two who headed the demographic destruction of the U.S. did a great deal of lying to get that act through, as did the myriad lobbyists who ran around Capital Hill twisting our senators’ arms.

            Thank you for your Holiday wishes. If y’all are headin’ back to Durango, I hope it is the best of times.

            As well, thank you for your kind words about Dixie and our people!

            Merry Merry Christmas to you, Young Lady!

  7. Leadership of the failing USA is significantly involved with China

    Not only are the Bidens long dipping into Chinese money, but also Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has his family enriched by China

    McConnell’s Chinese wife Elaine Chao, is sister to Angela Chao, a director of the state-owned Bank of China in Beijing … which has also financed Trump’s New York properties with at least $211 million … Angelo Chao also helps head China’s Foremost, a Chinese billion-dollar maritime shipping empire

    As revealed in recent data dumps, Chinese Communist Party members have significantly inter-penetrated staff of Western corporations, such as that of Pfizer making covid vaccines etc

    Jews have been heavily involved in China in Mao’s rise to power, European Jews being the only non-Chinese to become Chinese Communist government ministers and even taking a place on its ruling politburo alongside Mao … these Jews have helped govern China for decades

    A helpful web page, ‘Secret Life of Jews in China’, with photos of Mao with his Jewish partners, is archived here (click on image to enlarge to full size)

    There is a good argument, that a deal is in place, China accepting Jews to dominate and put a wrecking ball to the European-heritage countries, via migration, degeneracy etc … whilst China dominates Asia and becomes the dominant force in a ‘new world order’, China’s digital control especially to be the new global model

    Some fascinating material is posted recently on Unz and elsewhere, showing a government-connected Chinese scholar, Prof. Dongsheng Di, talking about Jewish attempts to control China itself, which China is rebuffing, despite its long history with Jewish support for Mao etc

    Larry Romanoff on Unz, recalls how as the black slave trade wound down in the 1800s, Jewish slave-traders led by the top Jewish families (Rothschild, Sassoon etc) substituted a new kind of ‘slave’ – kidnapped Chinese workers who were not technically slaves but nonetheless sold and coerced, into becoming forced labour in the USA, Canada, Panama and many other places, many dying and never getting home … whilst their countryfolk in China were pushed into opium addiction by the same cabal

    And then of course we have Jewish Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese wife Priscilla Chan … Davos World Economic Forum ‘by 2030 you won’t own anything’ globalist Klaus Schwab his his son in China also with a Chinese wife, and so on

      • Its scary yet fascinating that the long octopus arm of zog is able to infiltrate even China. I was talking to this delusional Marxist- Maoist a few months back and he was saying the Han (Chinese people) and their leaders would never be bossed around or take marching orders by heebs but these photos and cold hard facts say otherwise.

        This is like a forbidden history something you are not suppose to know definitely won’t be taught this in school good informations brabantian thank you

  8. I cant bring myself to say a bad word about a Paul. Mr. Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan got me to this place and for that I will always be greatful. Rand Paul is in a place where he is forced to stick by his lifetime ideals while being forbidden to address the real issues that plague the country. This is an awful take by him though. Ice cold

    • “Rand Paul is in a place where he is forced to stick by his lifetime ideals”:

      The elder Paul was good only on foreign policy: He is, or was, clearly anti-war. But son RAND, named after the chief goddess of capitalism (Alice “Ayn RAND” Rosenbaum) is not even anti-war.

      • @Anonymous,

        Congressman Paul did want an forensic analysis of the Federal Reserve which is very domestic in policy initiatives. It was that stance and not his “isolationist” tendencies that make him radioactive to GOP establishment leaders and donors.

        • @November…

          I do agree with you that Senator Paul’s anti-Rothschildian aims make him anathema, but, I respectfully disagree with you that his anti-Zionist World Colony positions do not make him anathema to The Establishment, as well.

          Paul, in his entirety, represents a kind of ole-timey White Gentile America that has practically been made illegal since the 1960s.

          That said, White Gentile America is set for a rise, and Paul will be one of it’s political pillars, whether you agree with all his positions or not.

          • @Ivan,

            When I was referring to the forensic audit of the Federal Reserve Banks, it was former Texas Congressman and two-time presidential candidate Ron Paul that pushed for that action.

            Rand earned Majority Renegade of the Year just a few years ago. He is nothing like his father, except in not being a belligerent warmonger like most of the ‘chicken hawks’ that infest branches of the federal legislature.

            Senator Paul will never rise higher than the position he currently holds. As another commentator wrote, Senator Paul genuflecting with and the heirs of the Sanhedrin at the wailing wall wearing a yarmulke reduced his Gentile bonafides considerably.

            If we really wanted to put a fright into ZOG, Whites should no longer participate in the empire’s discredited and useless elections. The thought of all those White voters showing no faith in their (((system))) would scare the bejesus out of them. As long as we keep voting, they know that revolution isn’t on the horizon.

          • @November…

            Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

            No, Whites, as a whole, have no interest in sending any kind of message to ZOG other than tender compliance.

            I have prayed about this, and what I think I have heard is that this will be one of the last things to get corrected, perhaps 2 or 3 decades up the road.

            It is coming, but, we are not there yet.

            For now, rallying around President Trump is a vital awakening for many Normal Gentile Whites, that the beginning stirrings of the long dormant notion that they would like to have their own nation again, and that something mysterious seems in their way.

            As they wrestle with that, and are beaten back, time and time again, their frustrations will remove the curtains from their eyes, just as it did with you and me.

  9. Another good example, how defunct systems coming down. No rationality and thinking whatsoever even within the best of system. Only taboos, dogmas and screaming points.

    Donald makes a excellent job by avoiding harsh executive action and exposing one dysfunctional Swamp Thing psychical problem driven madness after another.

    Without Donald stable genius exposing operation, how would general public know that entire system is doomed, from conservative Supreme Court to “economic specialist dissident politicians” Ron and Rand ?

    We need entire genetical mad liberal whites gone. What screaming point they have, is absolutely irrelevant. Basically, there is no difference, is the white boy dead by abortion or by illegal immigrants or by fiscal responsibility who makes one unemployed white boy drug addict and drives another unemployed white boy to suicide.

    And I still support Donald. When Donald says, support republicans, he has the point. Sorting out psychos is too complicated job for short blog comment but some psychos are easier to manipulate.

    • Right wing states need to fill National Guard ranks with loyalists and technicians able to maintain an overwhelming drone strike force. Could all be done under the guise of rescue and disaster relief gear but have a dual purpose for potential retaliation if metropolitan areas demand water food or mining rights from less populous areas.

    • @Juri…

      Excellent points – and, yes, President Trump has done this country an invaluable service, since November 3 2020, in having allowed the entire system to roll out into full view it’s malevolent dysfunctions.

      This whole period has utterly transformed The Average White Rural Southern Joe thinks. In the coming years he will no longer be grist for New England Zio-Urban America, but a soldiers for his own causes.

  10. Remember when Rand Paul met with the Jews and promised that he “wasn’t like” his Dad? Then Rand Paul flew all the way across the world to take photos with Jews in front of the “Wailing Wall” which he kissed while wearing a Jew beanie.

    So with Rand Paul we get all the benefits of Libertarian Economics AND slavish devotion to a foreign government.

    I just cannot wait to vote for the Republicans in the next election, can you?

  11. Just incorporate covid relief with some kind of pro-Israel bill and it will be sure to pass instantaneously.

  12. The average Chinese probably can’t even conceive of a government, like what we have in America, which is in complete opposition to the populace on every possible level.

  13. I an listening to TPC and Edwards and Keith are talking about muh options. These cucks are no better than Fuentes and the rest of the Trump-tards. Keith even said Trump will not cave on his options. I might as well listen to Rush, Hannity, Levin and the rest of the “conservative” talking points. What a big disappointment these guys are supporting a man that stabbed Whites in the back.

      • I know, brother. I can’t listen to or watch any videos anymore because of all the Trump ass kissing. It has become a cult. Edwards even went on to say Trump never threw whites overboard. I was screaming at my computer, yes he did 35 times he condemned us on whatever news media would listen.

  14. The Tea Party was nothing but an AstroTurf organization that was put in place and funded by the Republican Party. Whatever grassroots working class Conservatives they had are long gone. Now it’s nothing but a very small group of White Rich snobs that do nothing everyday but keep the Middle Class and Working Poor down. It’s that rich class of people who are just as bad as Black Lives Matter and White Liberals about hating the real White Race. Deo Vindice !

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