Sen. Ron Johnson Objects To Josh Hawley’s $1,200 Stimulus Checks Bill

A few days ago, Sen. Mike Lee’s visa giveaway bill passed the Senate by unanimous consent. This will not happen with Sen. Josh Hawley’s proposed $1,200 stimulus check because of the True Cons caucus.

This is what the GOP is conserving: cheap labor for Big Tech, tax cuts for multinational corporations, the student loan debt burden, our current health care system, haggling over a $1,200 stimulus check, etc. The GOP Senate is forcing Trump to veto the current NDAA because Republican senators want to rename military bases named after Confederate generals. It is a sticking point with them.

What exactly is supposed to be the appeal of the Republican Party to populist voters? It is opposed to economic populism and fails to deliver on social conservatism. Instead, it delivers economic liberalism and social liberalism, which is what only wealthy Republican donors want.

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  1. You can’t really take these austerity Republicans seriously after they pissed trillions down the drain during the entirety of Trump’s term. Like Dick Cheney said years ago, “deficits don’t matter.”

  2. Hawley is an Israel shill, 100% a willing agent of the Jew Lobby.

    He saw what worked with Trump and he’s going to do the same basic gimmick. And it’s a good strategy too and might work. I’m sure a lot of Americans are thinking, “F— all these politicians, they suck, I’m voting for whoever sends me the biggest check.”

    Conservatives, “responsible” liberals, Boomers, libertarians, shills, will all complain. What’s the quote? “A democracy can’t last when the people realize they can vote themselves money from the public treasury.”

    Says who? It’s a false statement, for all sorts of reasons. Decent conservatives will complain, “but I have to pay taxes for that” – no, you’re wrong. You should not have to pax taxes for this. You should get a tax cut.

    But, but what about inflation?

    Are we going to run out of cotton bushes? Are we going to run out of electrons?

    But, but then price inflation.

    What, did the law of supply and demand all of a sudden get overturned? Prices are set by supply and demand not the quantity of money – which can’t even be measured. How many “fiscal conservatives” can give a definition of M2?

    Yeah – that’s what I thought.

    But but the dollar will lose its value internationally.

    Does this mean that imports from China will no longer be artificially cheap?

    Interesting. What is it that China makes that Americans can’t make here?

    Considering we are a “service economy” now, what “services” do Chinese people, living in China, provide to America?

    Once you drop that absurd religion of Libertarianism, you can finally see the economy for what it is.

    • We know.

      This was probably performance art. Hawley goes out there to ask for unanimous consent to pass the $1,200 stimulus check bill. Ron Johnson objects. It goes nowhere, but it is good optics for Hawley.

      • I’m sure Sen. Josh (R. “Our Greatest Ally”) isn’t so eager to publicize his support for 150,000 (at least) Indians (dot, not feather) replacing White Americans in some of the few, decent, middle class jobs left in the country. He voted for that but for some unknown reason, he isn’t eager to talk about Sen. Mike Lee’s (R. Scumbag) H-1B “White workers replaced by Third World wogs” replacement bill. GOP Sens. Loffler and Perdue of course also voted for the H-1B bill, too. Why should they get reelected, I don’t understand?

        The Republicans have to go, the whole lot of them.

    • Thought experiment: If in February Bill Gates had said to Scotland or Ireland or (insert territory here) if you implement strict lockdown for 3 months I’ll pay every household $3000 a month to quarantine to circuit break the virus. He have basically been able to test the idea of a strict lockdown policy. Hunter I’d like to see your answer on this.

      • “If in February Bill Gates had said (…) I’ll pay every household $3000 a month to quarantine to circuit break the virus”:

        And it would be the lowest-cost solution, besides being the only real solution. Instead “our” government is stingy and we become like third world countries full of only partially controlled, endemic diseases.

        • It would have cost less and if it worked Gates could have been an immortal hero.

          He didn’t offer up his billions though. It would have been logistically possible and proven him fucking right.

  3. I’m not a commie who thinks the government should just pull money out of thin air for everything, but this is a bad look for Ron Johnson after voting for tax cuts for the rich that did not have spending cuts to match.

    • In a country where LGBTQ behavior is encouraged and protected is it any wonder that we are having a pandemic, and public health crisis.

  4. Is this rational behavior of wise elders of the super state ?

    Or is this typical Apocalypto movie style Empire collapse scenario ? Elite descends into madness and lose any contact with reality and because of that, they are easy catch.

    This happened before. Lenin took Winter Palace with less than 500 thugs. I am sure that Donald has more and this is the reason why I am still in the Q camp.

  5. The good news is that this nonsense is unifying people. In regultar message boards you see anti-Blormfers and MAGApedes all taking a break from infighting to attack the system and politicians in general. It is nice and gives this Grinch a sliver of hope as people break the programming.

    I still cant believe they are willing to risk their whole system crashing down over an amount that will cost them less than a trillion after all the money they have thrown at corporations and ngos especially with them tryining to force vaccines upon the masses

  6. “White House aides talked Trump out of last minute demand for stimulus checks of $2000.” – “aides” being those 2 slimy hebes – Mnuchin and Kushner. If Trump would have gotten $2000 to everybody in mid- to late Oct he would gotten reelected.

    • And people would have complied more with lockdown. At no point did Biden say “pay folks to stay home”.

  7. A few minutes ago I got a call from the RNC asking for money. Instead of abruptly hanging up I should’ve mentioned Ron Johnson and then told the Republicans to go fuck themselves.

  8. I’m not going to use the term RINO because at the end of the day, they are all bought and sold. Scum like Johnson cared nothing when Blumph was running up the deficit but now he’s concerned because if he supports a stimulus check that means Israel, Amazon and all the other corps wouldn’t get their stimulus package worth billions. I truly despise these parasites.

      • Yup.

        At what point do we stop being suckers to to the RepubliCon Scam? Clearly, Roe will never be overturned. BLM and Antifa have as many guns as we do. 2nd Amendment is Safe.

        Tax Dollars back to us isn’t “gibs”. It’s defunding the Government. UBI.

  9. Looks bad for Mitch. White folks in Georgia are not in a good mood. We need to talk more about secession. There is no path forward for us within this system.

  10. Senator Johnson is perfectly fine with the 10.5 million dollars per day we send to the terrorist and zionist regime in tel aviv (4 billion every year) which works out to approximately $440 dollars per Ashkenazi occupier in Palestine every single year. Does he put an addendum on that “foreign aid ” that it must have a stimulating effect on the US economy?

    At this very moment, Americans who received that one $1200 Covid stimulus check back in April breaks down to ~ $4.50/day. Get by on that goyim.

    Socialism for Wall Street and the world’s number one terrorist nation, and capitalism for John and Jane Doe on Main Street.

    Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for Wall Street and Israel.

    • That is not including new or lightly used weapons, trucks, ammo, fuel etc. declared “surplus” that’s not part of the regular appropriation.

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