Verified Hate: We’re the Ultimate Tyrants

A black rapper has some thoughts about the music business.

I can’t imagine how frustrating it is being ordered around by people just because they have the right skin color.

This is where egalitarianism ultimately leads. “Family privilege,” or the “[recognition] that some families are the beneficiaries of unearned or unacknowledged advantages in our society simply based on how they are configured” is discussed in media and academia. Barring radical change, it will be as ubiquitous as “white privilege” within a few years and will be the justification for more social engineering.

Desecrating signs promoting the State Cult could be a hate crime.

However, burning American flags, vandalizing statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee, or just spray-painting insults of white people is just property destruction (if it’s even that).

That’s white privilege for you.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says immigration laws shouldn’t apply to Hispanics because America is “native land,” and Hispanics are “native people.” Sometimes, non-whites tell us to go back to Europe. Sounds great! Can we have an exclusive claim to our own homeland?

Oh, I guess not. On a talk show, a British person said that racial inequality is directed against the “indigenous people of Britain,” meaning whites. She also said whites were set to become a racial minority in the UK by 2066. Labour Party leader Keir Starmer, who was also on the program, was roundly criticized for not immediately denouncing this filth.  Labour activist Owen Jones called the woman’s (truthful) claims “full blown white supremacism.” Labour MP Nadia Whittome said it was the “’Great Replacement’ conspiracy theory,” which is either good or doesn’t exist, depending on who is talking about it.

Wait, why aren’t whites indigenous to the United Kingdom? Another Labour MP, Sarah Mei Li Owen explained:

Whites aren’t indigenous to anywhere and have no right to anything, except the National Health Service, and even that can be denied to a “racist.”

Also, someone mentioned The Great Replacement. It isn’t happening, but it would be good if it were.

A new book argues that the Aztecs were just misunderstood. Sure, they did “occasionally sacrifice a prisoner of war to the gods.” Yes, “a group of political leaders and priests weaponized the practice.” Also, they used human sacrifice to “terrorize neighboring polities into accepting their rule.” However, the real problem was Cortéz and the Spanish who “raped, burned, and killed with impunity.” We don’t want “descendent communities in Mexico” to have to live with an “unfair and ill-founded reputation for savagery and violence.”

The premise behind this is that it would be better if Europeans never came, but as I just noted, we don’t get to have Europe either.

Do you really want to go down the road of who has ridiculous names?

I regret to inform you that director Rob Reiner, best known as the smarmy liberal “Meathead” character from “All in the Family,” hasn’t learned anything.

It’s a strange “White Nationalist Autocratic Cult” that officially discriminates against whites. Incidentally, Rob Reiner lives in a gated community within 90 percent white Malibu. He’s worse than the Obamas in his desire to flee diversity.

Well, that escalated quickly.

“Yts” is Black Twitter-speak for “whities.” It’s like “wypipo.”

Remember, in “Our Democracy,” we’re all in this together.

First published on American Renaissance.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


    • Only when its beneficial for them they are white. However being around their poc pets they are not and go into dramatic hysterics if you tell them otherwise

  1. That exchange between Starmer and the Yoga Teacher was quite interesting. I’m reassured that Starmer sort of failed to address her points instead of yelling racist at her.

    She also pointed out that Israelis are shit bags and he ignored it. Lol. Not our guy but certainly didn’t care enough to wade into the traps.

  2. There is an evil nature, or evil influence, or tendency, toward all the sins listed in Scripture, present in all human beings of all races. But there is also the good nature, and spirit and influence of God in man: “That was the true Light, which lighteth EVERY MAN that cometh into the world” John 1:9

      • English and Welsh music is in my blood. If that song was too pacifistic, here Melrose sings “The Death of Nelson,” on Admiral Horatio Nelson being hit by a stray musketball on verge of victory:

        Nelson quotes to remember: “Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon.” – “Close with (fight) a Frenchman, but out-maneuver (avoid) the Russians.” – “What the country needs is the annihilation of the enemy.” – “I have yet my legs and one arm. Tell the surgeon to make haste and his instruments. I know I must lose my right arm, so the sooner it’s off the better.” – “Hardy, I do believe they have done it at last. My backbone is shot through.”

        • Trouble is, these movements are stolen by poseurs. Even when I argue with my bother he never quote makes a hit list of the people who need killing. Even to gh he knows who they are are.

  3. We’re so waysist that every other race forever scrambles to be in our nations and amongst us. Never any talk about returning to Africa to escape us. Hmmmm.
    Affirmative action, shootings, the erasure of our history, black on white crime that exceeds white on black by about 20 times……….so much white privilege there….

  4. You got to look back, way way back to understand these things. To Matthew 27:25 says, ‘His blood be on us and on our children.’ Jewish blood has been held responsible for the cold blooded murder of the innocent son of God. Now how do Jews deal with this? By apologizing for their wrongs admitting their mistakes and asking for forgiveness from the worlds peoples and God almighty? No, they try to convince the world they are just like everybody else, their blood is the same as everybody elses blood and anybody who sees Jew blood as different is a racial discriminator. The problem is, they are very very different and no civilized human being would have ever done to the innocent Christ what these Jews did, not ever in a million years. The truth of who and what the Jews is in their hearts and actions and in the way they treat others. And it can not be hidden forever.

  5. Five years from now, conservatives will be arguing that democrats are the real beneficiaries of family privilege and that democrat families are still too intact and too heteronormative.

  6. The State cannot function without White people (AKA Real Americans) participating daily in the life of the State doing their daily jobs, taking care and providing for their families and making everyday life possible in a million mundane ways. The non-whites are unnecessary or a burden that must be carried such as these useless “rappers”. If White people were ever to stop cooperating with the State, such as a national work stoppage the Sate would grind to a halt quickly.

    If the U.S. Government gets its nuts in a vise through a war in the Near East or over Taiwan (or both) it will immediately need to conscript White males to make the military function at a high level of competence. Current diverse forces are inadequate for a high tempo, modern war against a sophisticated enemy force, they would be quickly depleted even in a successful campaign.

    Conscription ended in Jan., 1973 because of the Vietnam War which also ended in Jan., 1973 for the U.S. It would be politically dangerous for the Government to try to bring back conscription now, even in an emergency because of the way the country is fragmented. The U,S. government is waging a low level insurgency against White people, the very group the Government would need in a national emergency. Hopefully White people will tell the Government to stuff it when they demand cooperation and assistance from the very group they have been demonizing for so long.

    • Large Quantities of tractors and agricultural equipment are on route to the Caucasus and Black Sea

        • @Anonymous…

          The West, in violation of it’s promise to Russia that, if they gave their permission to allow Germany to reunite, NATO would never go further East than that.

          Sadly, that promise was an utter lie, and just as The West has ever since worked feverishly to expand into The Baltick Republicks, Romania, and now in The Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova, The West continues to deploy forces in The Ukraine, though it goes largely unpublicized by Westerners, Russians are keenly aware, and disturbed, by this.

          Though it seemed as if Trump would bring an end to that, it seems that he has not, for the EU keeps pushing this matter, they only recently having attempted to undo The Hungarian and Polish Governments, and, as well, having just a few months back launched a failed coup in Belarus.

          Moreover, if Biden ascends to the throne, be assured of a steep rise in the conflict over both The Crimea and The Caucasus, and a redoubled effort to destroy the nations of The Visegrad Alliance.

          They may succeed in Poland, this because that nation is, like ours, bitterly divided between The Nationalist right and The Globalist Left. Moreover, Poland is more vulnerable because it will never ever resort to moving back into Russia’s axis, unlike Hungary who, in recent negotiations flatly informed Chancellor Merkel that, if the EU was determined to enact The Soros bushwhack, installed into the China-Virus pandemick monies, that Hungary would go right out of the EU and into The Russian Common Market.

          Unwilling to lose Hungary, with so many German companies doing business there and Brexit underway, Merkel demured, though how long that stance is abidden by the Sorosian world in Bruxelles is unclear.

          • Hello Ivan;

            I remember when the USSR was disintegrating and the Warsaw Pact was dissolving, Gorbachev extracted two promises from Pres. Bush I:

            1.) That W. Germany (soon to be reunited) would pay the costs of Soviet troops
            and their equipment to be moved back to the USSR.

            2.) As you have stated, NATO wouldn’t move any closer to the soon to be former
            USSR’s borders than the soon to be united Germany’s eastern border.

            Gorbachev got Pres. Bush I to say publicly, repeatedly that NATO would move “not one more inch” eastward from the untied Germany’s eastern border once the Warsaw Pact and the USSR were gone. Ironically it was Pres. George Bush II who really broke his useless father’s “not one more inch” pledge.

            Politicians, especially Republicans, are beyond worthless.

          • @12AX7…

            Thank you, My Vermont Friend, for remembering all this.

            Many people have forgotten, and, thus, are prey to the lies and spins of The U.S. Government Media Establishment.

            Russians, however, have not forgotten and look out at what they regard as a creeping strangulation every day.

            Merry Christmas!

  7. Funny how when Antifa and BLM destroy and desecrate monuments nationwide the chicken shit criminal gang known as the FBI are nowhere to be found but when Proud Boy’s leader Enrique Tarrio allegedly burns a BLM banner it’s all of a sudden a hate crime. The Feds are Antifa in a three-piece suit.

  8. Daily reminder that Whites and POC cannot coexist together. Also, White Supremacy is the radical and extreme notion that Whites have a right to an existence.

  9. Whites, especially White men are the only people you can insult, attack, demonize and ostracize without any blow back from politicians, govt or authorities. We are the present day niggers, only worse.

  10. AOC and others prove the American system assimilates immigrants far too well. Europhobia as a empty profession of faith (AOC has a ginger boyfriend) is the easy secular post-protestant bugmanism of the upper middle class — a fast-food morality, a simulacrum of virtue.

    Wokeness has a sinister economic dimension. If men, whites, etc. aren’t doing well, then they must not have used their magical privilege and are therefore blameworthy. It is a way for affluent whites and their allies to feel good about kicking down instead of giving a helping hand. The upper crust in turn is even more enthusiastic about introducing new ways of disciplining labor.

    If we ever decide to give ourselves economic security, the woke stuff will lose its bite.

    • Those evangelical and Southern Baptists are something special. If it wasn’t for them, the South would be great again.

        • Just go to any evangelical or southern baptist church and will you will probably see you father blowing the minister as he sings Israel is our greatest ally.

  11. Average normal black people are usually ok especially older ones. You see this type of “we built everything were kings and geniuses but the white man stole it all” from wealthier blacks, those in entertainment education and especially mulattos. I deal with them everyday and I ask “do you really believe this nonsense” and they spout endless talking points about Africa and Mansa Musa. Everything else is white lies. Truly is fatigue.

    You may be robbed, attacked or looted by your average American black guy but they atleast he wont lecture you about your privilege and why you should hand over your home and family wealth before dying. I

  12. I have heard this about ten times this week alone in Twitter discussing Christmas movies. Check out Laurel and Hardy in the 1934 film “BABES IN TOYLAND”.

    Erhnk looking banker and town outcast lusts after blonde girl and uses all his wealty and tricks to get her. He gets excommunicated or pogrommed and then goes to the land of the bogeyman, who are violent black low intelligence beings that he uses to attack the very White European looking idealic village.

    I thought everyone was overhyping reading too much into the plot. I was incorrect. It is the most blatant and accurate thing I have ever seen. People have always known what is going on, no one seems to do anything though. Ho ho ho its a good family film none the less

    “What do these Bogeymen look like? Oh they are terrible. They are half man and half animal!!!” LULZ

  13. On conservative radio station said that 30% of younger age don’t know anything about the holocaust and efforts needs to be made to educate.Demographic,non whites kids are 3-1 and they could care less about the Jews.Don’t know who are the morons,the Jews or phony conservatives that believes 6 million gassed.True or not,telling kids about the gas chamber is child abuse.

    • @Shipwrecked…

      I very respectfully disagree.

      It is praiseworthy, and NOT in any way abuse to educate children to what happened to Jews in mid 20th century Europe.

      What is abuse is telling them these things, however, without informing them as to the sins of Organized Jewry that led to that.

      Telling honestly the tale of Man’s abuse of his fellow Man is the obligation of every parent, and telling none of the story, or only half, is a serious and profound moral failure.

    • @Shipwrecked
      Well the Jewish Bolsheviks only killed like……….about 90 million Russians. How many others are killed in these wars for Israel? And they control every platform of significance, so the truth about them is largely hidden from the masses. They also control the US government, media, publishing, banking and entertainment. The world sees everything via their perspective. I should know, I can never get commentary cleared on any of their platforms.
      The Chinese CCP and the Jews are responsible for much of the death and suffering of the world, and are both as vile as each other.

      • @Goose…

        The crimes of the Judeo-Bolsheviks, in Soviet Russia are, indeed, massive and mindblowing.

        That said, the Russian government figure of the dead from that period, accepted in both post-Stalinist Soviet times and by the Putin Era, is 30,000,000 not 90,000,000.

  14. Sarah Mei Li Owen??
    Let me guess……a female ding dong married to a whitey? Looks like it’s rampant over there as well.
    We’re being out bred, and bred out…….. EVERYWHERE we are.
    The Indigenous Brits are the English, Scots and Welsh, by the way.

  15. “To me, the NHS is the best of British.”
    — Sarah Owen MP

    Evidently, the organizers of the London Olympics, in 2012, were of the same view …

    “Broadly speaking, it is not fear of man that we should desire to see diminished; for this fear compels the strong to be strong, and occasionally terrible—it maintains the well-constituted type of man. What is to be feared, what has a more calamitous effect than any other calamity, is that man should inspire not profound fear but profound nausea; also not great fear but great pity. Suppose these two were one day to unite, they would inevitably beget one of the uncanniest monsters: the ‘last will’ of man, his will to nothingness, nihilism. And indeed a great deal points to this union. Whoever can smell not only with his nose but also with his eyes and ears, scents almost everywhere he goes today something like the air of madhouses and hospitals—I am speaking, of course, of the cultural domain, of every kind of ‘Europe’ on this earth.”
    — Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals, Third Essay, Section 14, 1887 (Walter Kaufmann translation)

    • Her name is really Mei Le though. So she’s nihilistically glomming onto a thing that isn’t her own. Or Owen.

      • It’s odd that no public figure ever remarks that comments like hers, from a non-white like her, are self-serving. No-one would dare.

  16. In life you must be accepting of the fact that you will be disliked and, though respectful of those who dislike you, you must not allow yourself to be manipulated by that – neither by your fear of being rejected, considered insane or a pariah, nor by your desire to be liked.

    If you cannot do this, you will be, all your life, a severely compromised individual, and the same applies for a group of individuals.

    They must have the fortitude to maintain their equinamity in the face of emnity and disdain.

  17. The latest baked alaska grifter shenanigans if anyone is interested and needs a laugh. Baked now has herpes from the girl he pumped and dumped, also he got the coof virus and he’s blaming the bouncer HE maced two weeks ago lol haha. Being the thick skulled idiot that he is he went to a stop the steal rally on Saturday and is being a super spreader to other Trump supporters there based and redpilled optics.

    Very responsible behavior from mr yoba possibly infecting hundreds or thousands of people killing a few poor old folks in the process what a nice and thoughtful person

  18. The Democrats hate all White People. However the Republicans are a bunch of “Politically Correct” cowards that will turn on any elected Republican is he / she comes out in support of Southern Heritage & Culture and the White Race. Trump included. The Congress just removed Robert E. Lee’s statue and not a single Republican said anything negative about it. They only care about Corporate America, Jews, and Money. Stop voting for the politicians that Hate You! Deo Vindice !

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