Mnuchin: New Stimulus Checks Will Go Out Next Week

After six months of congressional gridlock, you’re finally getting a means tested $600 stimulus check next week. And yes, that is too late to spend anything on Christmas.


“Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a new round of economic stimulus checks will start being sent out next week — much faster than its previous batch of checks.

“People are going to see this money the beginning of next week,” he said in an interview Monday with CNBC. “Much needed relief — and just in time for the holidays.” …

It took the IRS about 15 days to begin distributing checks after the last coronavirus stimulus measure was signed into law in March, and months to ultimately put out more than 160 million payments. Having already done it once before this year, though, should make this round easier for the IRS.

The agreement announced Sunday by lawmakers offers payments of up to $600 per person, including children, for families earning up to $150,000 a year …”

BTW, you have the Republican Senate to thank for it. Specifically, Sen. Ron Johnson is responsible who got on his private jet and flew back to DC to ensure that no one got another $1,200 stimulus check.

Note: Next month, Sen. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are up for reelection in Georgia. I recommend not voting for either of them. The Republican majority in the Senate hasn’t been used for anything except to pass tax cuts for billionaires and to do wildly unpopular shit like this.

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  1. Mnuchin was advocating more $1200 checks months ago. Mnuchin is not even close to being a “socialist” or anti-capitalist in any way, but he is smarter than other Republicans and understands that the rich can’t continue their parasitism if the host is dead. Debts that can’t be paid won’t be paid. Rents that can’t be paid won’t be paid. Republicans for some reason believe that the American economy, which is primarily a rentier and service economy, can just continue going when everyone is broke and homeless. They believe that a service and rentier economy can continue without any demand and without any money flowing in the lower classes.

    People often say that Republicans are for the rich, but that isn’t even really correct. In actuality, Republicans are only against the poor. Squeezing lower classes to death doesn’t even really help the rich. Henry Ford understood a century ago that his business would go nowhere if workers, the majority of people, didn’t even have enough money to buy the cars they were producing. A healthy economy needs a circular flow of money. A policy like UBI would be beneficial for both rich and poor, but Republicans will still oppose it because it would help poor people.

    If the choice is between win-win for rich and poor or lose-lose, then Republicans will choose the lose-lose scenario every time, such is their hatred for the lower classes.

    • Amen brother. Let’s fight for a USA sovereign wealth funded universal basic income. That’s the ticket to economic security for the 99 percent, increased profits for the 1 percent, and social peace among all citizens.

  2. These people are disgusting. Simply vile creatures. Trillions to corporstions, billions to NGOs and Israel citizens and these bastards expect us to be greatful as they drop pocket change at our feet. It really compliments the first article I saw this morning “ROBERT E LEE STATUE IN THE CAPITAL PERMANENTLY REMOVED AND REPLACED BY CIVIL RIGHTS HERO BARBARA JOHNS (who?)”

    Apparently Ralph “Coonman” Northam wants to right the wrongs of whiteness in Virginia by getting rid of Virginia’s number one son. At what point does this nightmare get addresses and do we get to speak our minds and have a say in a country that our families have built over the past several hundred years? If I dont make it back on before traveling, merry Christmas HW and all my dear friends here on OD. I might not know your names or faces in most cases but you and your families are in my prayers. Here is to a really nice and Blessed Christmas for us all

  3. Yes and the only reason why everybody’s not getting $1,200 dollars each is because of the Super Rich Republicans. Those people are the absolute enemy of White People. $600 is something but nothing like it should be. The fact that a Covid-19 Relief Bill passed at all will make any Jew boy Republican mad. Stop voting for those them! Deo Vindice !

  4. Israel will get their 500,000,000 long before you get your 600.00 goyim. That 500,000,000 is added on to the billions they are already getting.

    • And a lot of the other foreign aid is bribery to the muslim states, Sudan and so on, for making “peace” with Israel. It’s sad to see how easily the muslims folded for their 30 pieces of silver, but can’t say it’s surprising.

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