Sen. Rand Paul Explodes On The Senate Floor Over $600 COVID Relief Checks

I’ve seen enough.

Frankly, I don’t want “deficit hawks” like Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ron Johnson running the Senate. I hope Republicans lose control of the Senate in January.

Louisville Courier Journal:

“Casting himself in the role of Christmas Grinch, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is chastising Democrats and Republicans alike who support a roughly $900 billion coronavirus relief package that officials argue is sorely needed to help the staggering economy.

Paul is opposing the new relief package and deriding Congress for handing out “free money” as the federal government’s national debt keeps climbing.

“This bill is free money for everyone,” he said in a speech on the Senate floor Monday afternoon. “And yet, if free money were the answer, if money really grew on trees, why not give more free money? Why not give it out all the time?

“Why stop at $600 a person? Why not $1,000? Why not $2,000? If we can print up money with impunity, why not do it? …

However, Paul recently has baselessly and publicly cast doubt on a key precaution public health experts widely and consistently have recommended: wearing masks.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as countless other public health agencies, consistently have advised people to wear masks in public to limit the spread of the coronavirus. …”

If the GOP loses the Senate, they have earned it because of stunts like this.

This is spitting in the face of the 88% of Americans who support a second $1,200 stimulus check because of performative libertarian nonsense. See also wearing masks. It is hard to say what is more offensive to a libertarian: wearing a mask, a vaccine or a $600 stimulus check. Their whole worldview is a based on a bottomless pit of selfishness and extreme individualism.

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  1. If you ever want to really, truly understand how stupid Libertarians are, and how idiotic the Ayn Rand cult really is, go watch the exchange between Ron Paul and Ben Bernake from 2010.

    Ron Paul gets all annoyed and asks Bernake, “well, don’t you ever think about gold?” To which Bernake replies, “only how much to sell, Senator.”

    You know, you can’t even blame the Jews if Goyim like Ron Paul, brainwashed by Jewish tripe like Ayn Rand, literally wants to give the store away, what are Jews going to do, leave money on the table?

    While Ben Bernake was bailing out Wall Street – and preventing another Great Depression – Ron Paul was selling over priced gold and silver coins to his idiotic fans.

    Really, just think of it. Jews have the commanding heights of the world economy, crypto-currencies, commodities markets, Bloomberg terminals – and control of Congress to bail them out whenever they lose money.

    What are the goys doing? They are gripping their gold and silver coins like some superstitious peasant rubbing a rabbit’s foot for good luck.

    Ron Paul, befuddled by the propaganda of Ayn Rand – and he’s the best out of the rest of them.

    What would have the Kingfish said about the gold standard?

    GOP Delenda Est

  2. I see that Rand Paul thinks one loses their “soul” and “moral integrity” by voting for $600 for working folk. Does Rand oppose U.S. aid to Israel with the same gusto he summoned up for opposing the Covid bill? Unlike some in the Alt-Right, I do think that fiat/paper systems eventually hyper-inflate and collapse. But if there is to be some degree of socialism, should it not go to American families and not Israel?

  3. The odious Republicans are hoping their last campaign theme: “The Other Guy is Worse!” will be just enough to pull those two cretins in Georgia just an inch over the finish line next month so they can control the Senate.

    How did that “The Other Guy is Worse!” strategy work out for DJT last month? Oh yeah, he is going to be the one putting his hand on the Bible next month and mumbling some words about the Constitution because of lawsuits, at least according to Qanon. These people are horrible.

  4. Notably, libertarianism is very Jewish, going back to even the original ‘Mr laissez-faire’ Ricardo

    David Ricardo (1772-1823) Portuguese-Dutch Sephardic Jew

    Ludwig von Mises (1881-1972) Austro-Hungarian Jew

    Ayn Rand (1905-1982) born Alisa Rosenbaum, Russian Jew

    Milton Friedman (1912-2006) USA-born to Ukrainian Jews

    Murray Rothbard (1926-1995), USA-born to Polish-Russian Jews

    Julian Simon (1932-1998) New Jersey Jew

    Walter Block (1941- ) Brooklyn New York Jew

    Steven Horwitz (1964- ) USA Jew

    • Quite an excellent strategy to sell “every man for himself” to other people while their own people remained ethnocentric.

    • @Brabantian…

      With a list like this, who knew that Libertarianism is a movement that has had tens of millions of adherents of every ilk and stripe?

  5. I could agree with him, if Congress and President Trump had not allowed the corporations to gain so much in this period, while so many local small businessmen went extinct.

    As it is, this latest relief bill is for more to the benefit of institutions and corporations than to the everyday man.

    To me, this bill typifies what is The United States’ Government : too little too late masquerading as The Working Man’s Chryst.

    That said, The Republicans do not have much contrast in the Neo-Liberal Corporate Democrats.

  6. Bad Daddy won’t give the kids free money. Nancy Pelosi, Good Mommy, would give it to them. Die, Bad Daddy, die, ’cause we’re never going to vote for your mean friends and you ever again.

    • “Donjon ?Not waiting to be approved…
      2 hours ago
      No. You have your political spectrum mixed up. Fascism, is the right wing of socialism (communism being the left wing) Neither of them are anywhere near anything we see as ‘right wing’ the american right is limited government and protection of liberties; to the right of republican conservatives are libertarians and to the right of that is anarchism (the opposite of communism)”

      IS THIS YOU?

  7. “Josh Hawley
    The negotiators are saying they could only find enough $$ for $600/ person relief checks for working people. But mark my words, there will be hundreds of BILLIONS spent on special interests, banks, and government”

    I can’t watch Rand’s speech, for the same reason I can’t watch woke leftists go on about white privilege. Its like listening to fingernails dragging down a chalk board.

    The same BS from Ann Coulter is what turned me off her forever. She made no objection when the rich folk were getting bailed out to the tune of 10 trillion, but struggling whites without a job or underemployed? Millionaire Ann says, all they need is a tax cut! Okay, whatever you say Marie Antoinette.

    Also, for months before Donald Trump announced his 1/2 trillion dollar Platium Plan for blacks, Ann was preparing the ground for it by tweeting that we don’t owe immigrants a thing, but we do owe blacks for historic wrongs whites did to them.

    The party of Abraham Lincoln:
    Reward rioting blacks with 1/2 a trillion dollars to re-elect the Zionist retard, Donald Trump? Money well spent!

    Also Republicans:
    Help struggling whites? Sorry, can’t do it. Someone has to be economically responsible.

  8. Next the Soviet collapse scenario starts.

    Things go so ugly that some desperate local authorities are forced to act by their own initiative, passing central government orders. Mostly sell or mine or produce things what can be sold. From forest resources to guns. Or just unite and grow food to feed their population. Looks like kolkhoz but works because nobody want to starve to death.

    Those actions tend to be mostly effective so in one place life quality goes up a little. Then rumor spread, people from worst places try to move in. Because one small county can not help everybody, they will defend themselves. For example entry requirements, buying stamps, so foreigners can not buy important stuff and armed forces at the worst case scenario.

    Separately those counties are too small to resist outside pressure so the form alliances with similar counties nearby. Similar regions discover pretty soon, that similar ethnic and cultural background and shared history gives remarkable advantage and so new ethno states start forming,

    Some enclave may get so powerful that do not need allies nearby, Transnistria for example. But the rest unite and ignore central government more and more. Then the unimaginable happens. Those autonomous territories will print their own money. And by surprise, a lot of people outside will accept this.

    Now real economy starts. Instead of looting nature or sell cultural heritage, there will be active people who launch or restore old business. Also some entrepreneurs will move in. They look place where they can operate free of government heavy business killing regulations.

    Central Government of course is very worried about grassroot activity and put pressure on those zones. But people just liberated from madness do not give up freedom. This divides Central Government into 2 camps. Soft approach camp and hard approach camp.

    Soft approach camp tries to keep Empire together with soft force. Negotiations, contracts, material support and legal autonomy.

    Hard liners are very worry because when semi independence is recognized, this giver more courage to places who are not autonomous yet and so separatism will spread.

    To make things more complicated, there are separatism supporters in the Government. Wiser bureaucrats understand that when Empire goes down in flames, they have to run somewhere, where is safety and prosperity. And they are absolutely the best men Government has . Normally something 40-50 years old. Too young to just give up and die but enough old to have high position ,experience and competence to get things done.

    So some of the Government insiders will help autonomous zones for just in case. They leak information, manage to get some resources lobbing both home and abroad. Also New ethno states start co working directly, passing central government.

    Tensions only grow and finally hardliners do something terrible to save the Empire. Like our ones brought tanks on the street. And this will be the end of the Empire.

    • lol – Congress funnels $14T to Wall St since March while the goyim get a measly $600 apiece and HW is overreacting – you guys are too much.

  9. These people are impossible, they are the worst of both worlds. I’ve been suggesting on and off for fifteen years, that there needs to some kind of a third party that would represent what the populist Democrats used to represent, more or less, guys like William Jennings Bryan, Huey Long, Theodore Bilbo. I realize it’s not 1896 anymore. Perot struggled with starting a third party movement, and he had a lot of money, I think he meant well, i didn’t agree with him but about 60% of the time.

    The current system is clearly stacked against it, but I think it’s one of the answers to where we are.

    • He is not wrong though. Why are we sending billions to Israel, Space Force, almost a trillion on our military which is a proxy for Israel, billions on welfare for migrants and invaders when we have no money in the coffers. Americans should be getting $2k a month but overall the man is not wrong. I suppose the country is broken why not grab whats available but in a functioning society the Pauls with their anti foreign interventionism and balanced budgets would be a welcome asset.

  10. This is part of the reason why I hate both parties. Rand Paul was also the guy who said any criminal statute that affects blacks more often than Whites should be repealed. That means that according to him, there should be no prohibition against murder, rape, or robbery.

  11. Their whole worldview is a based on a bottomless pit of selfishness and extreme individualism.

    Maybe. But then, no one owes anyone anything. Our government should exist to establish a meritocracy protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, not to protect the “community” or the “social order,” both of which are bullshit social constructs invented by authoritarian males who need to oppress others so that the they can feel safe in the world. Jews men do it, White men do it, everyone does it. Loyalty to a “social order” is treason to progress and freedom.

    This whole stimulus check thing is a false crisis. The solution is for the government to open everything up, get rid of the CDC, eject Anthony Fauci and every other doctor who supports these lockdowns into space, let Covid-19 take its pound of flesh, and let businesses and restaurants – and everything else – operate again.

    I read that New Zealand was giving $600 per week to each worker during its lockdowns. An article in the British paper The Guardian was saying last March that this “wasn’t enough.” The way I see it, its the working poor, and poor people in general, who are the vicious blood sucking parasites, using this awful shutdown to justify giving themselves free shit that they are genetically incapable of getting for themselves in the job market. Corporations do things that frustrate me, but there is no version of events where corporations are worse parasites than poor people of ALL races, doesn’t matter which.

    Let them eat cake indeed. Since its Christmas, preferably a cake with Grinch faces painted in the icing, and sacks of coal on the sides. Dart is right about how this is less about helping the rich and more about sticking it to the poor. There’s nothing wrong with that.

    • >>> Our government should exist to establish a meritocracy protect the rights and freedoms of individuals, not to protect the “community” or the “social order,

      No, our government should protect the community and social order, and punish individuals who threaten it.

      “Individualism” is a social construct.

      But you’re free to live by yourself on a deserted island with no community or social order – that way you can be an “individual” by yourself.

      • It’s moments like this that you see the mask of the truly comfortable slip. The only discomfort here is thinking some poor bastard might get a break.

        Let her rip… Isn’t that Kushner’s epitaph?

      • No, our government should protect the community and social order, and punish individuals who threaten it.

        As per usual, underclass Moobment men want to roll back the clock 100 years to a bygone era where they can put White Women in their place. No one wants to go back to the pre-Industrial Revolution. Before then, a social order with strict roles was arguably necessary for the distribution of food. In 2020, its obsolete. You are clinging to something that doesn’t need to exist anymore, all because you have failed to adapt to the 21st century. Nature is unforgiving. Those who adapt to change will thrive, those who don’t will suffer and die.

        “Individualism” is a social construct.

        Individualism is a philosophy created by Whites for Whites. We are the most individualistic race in the world, and White Americans are the most individualistic group of that race. You are out of touch with your own race here. Ask any Middle or Upper Class White person – DILE’s or Core Conservatives, doesn’t matter – whether they want their wealth confiscated and redistributed to trailer trash. They’ll all tell you to get fked.

        But you’re free to live by yourself on a deserted island with no community or social order – that way you can be an “individual” by yourself.

        Typical Communitarian bullshit. No one is against having collective institutions like public schools, libraries, police, or fire departments. The fact is, we can pick and choose which collective institutions we want, and which ones we reject. Its not all or nothing. The onus is on YOU to justify why trillions of dollars should be wasted on poor, double digit IQ failures who will just use the money on drugs and alcohol, then come howling back for another stimulus check.

    • The cool thing about being the government is that you get to set all the rules. It’s better to be the governor than the vessel being steered.

  12. how many masks and how much money should be be printed to satisfy the bolsheviks?

    how much isolation and quarantine is enough? do you have the magic amount that’s just right?

    you high priests of scientism seem to have the total understanding the rest of us lack…spill it, oh high priests.

    I just noticed your scientism on social distancing kids in school just morphed to 3 ‘ from 6 ‘ a week ago!

    amazing kahbalah majic


  13. Interesting take on Paul. It’s true. Most Republicans are simply not in step with suffering. Sure, they may be better at generally jazzing up an economy than the Democrats but they hide their heads on issues like direct covid relief, taxing the uber rich, healthcare for all, student loan forgiveness or at least reductions.

    Trump has always called for big covid relief but like Hawley and a few others, he is an outlier in the Republican Party in truth.

    Paul is one of those guys who is like a promising homerun hitter who strikes out way too much due to libertarian goofiness. He is absurd on immigration. Remember his black butt kissing when he ran for president? He is good on keeping us out of wars. But yeah, it’s like these guys and women are so stuck on philosophy plus they all have bucks so time gets wasted on nonsense. 600 bucks is a comedy act and Paul opposes it?

    I don’t like Democrats for the long list of obvious we all know. But the Republican brand is generally too stale and nothing new. Tax breaks for the rich and boot straps crap for the rest. I think many are getting tired of bootstraps crap and saying, ” Yes, I want my life somewhat easier with gov’t help.” Certainly in covid days.

    If Republicans blow the Senate lead it will be due to their dusty rhetoric. Meanwhile old Mitch McConnell has been cashing in big on China with his wife for a long time. He is so ready to have Trump out of there and bring business as usual with China.

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