Nashville Bomber Was Allegedly Worried About 5G Spying On Americans

This would explain why he targeted the AT&T building.

Daily Mail:

“A 29-year-old mother who was given two homes worth $409,000 for free by the man identified as a person of interest in the Nashville Christmas Day bombing has said she had no knowledge of the property exchange, can exclusively reveal.

Pictured here for the first time, Michelle Swing, who lives in Los Angeles, claims she was unaware Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, had signed the $160,000 Bakertown Road property raided on Saturday away to her last month via a quitclaim deed.

Swing’s signature does not appear on the November 25 transfer. …”

He was probably deeply immersed in the conspiratard and truther communities.

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    • The RV looks like a Hillbilly Mafia staff car to me. Probably, some HillWilliam got bounced out of a club and decided to get even.

    • Wray already told us the FBI was going to start framing whitey. He mad the sick statement the number one terrorist threat in America was whites whilst antifa was rioting and burning down cities. And we all know the FBI is a Irish outfit that serves the enemies of Christ, James Comey? It is the Chinese, these worthless Irish Christ killers are going to tell us, don’t buy it.

  1. People trusting “tips and claims” about a man believing 5G conspiracies are just as bad as the tinfoil hats themselves.

    Do you know what “bad-jacketing” is Brad? Why carry that water?

    Frankly, the anti-conspiracy bias here is gay af. “Conspiracy theorist” is a term meant to smear anyone critical of government and corporate corruption. It’s said “theorists” that first brought awareness of Zionism to the internet 20 years ago. They would have called your precious Huey a conspiracy theorist for opposing the duopoly. Fix yourself.

  2. I’d guess he will be into that Q tier Gesara Nesara thing too given that he gave away his house. I don’t think he will turn out to be a racist though. More of a kacsynski technophobe. The 5G paranoia is fascinating on one level. Obviously the Internet and communications like TV are mind control devices, but the control is of a specific type. IT’S not the electromagnetic frequency itself that’s pernicious. It is just the content that needs CHANGING and the editors who need to be fired.

    • >IT’S not the electromagnetic frequency itself that’s pernicious

      lol exactly

      Woke zealots have been busy scrubbing Francis Galton, Karl Pearson, and R.A. Fisher from buildings, yet such names will be part of scientific terminology forever. Without them, the statistical view of the world as we know it would not exist. There would be no mathematical foundation for a Darwinian anthropology of man. Only status anxiety and waterpark racism would remain. An anti-racist writer for a scientific magazine recently lamented, “it’s as if Stonewall Jackson developed quantum physics.”

      Why play a losing hand when you have a winning hand?

  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to believe this. Qtards are the media’s current bugaboo so of course they want to demonize them

    • As long as he’s not a racist, which I doubt given the probable suicide it just goes to show the point.

  4. One other observation. In the 2020s expect a hedonistic fuck fest. Once the vaccine is widely administered and once the virus inevitably declines there will be a monster party. The decline of the US and the Rise of the Chinese will create a fertile multipolar world again. Doesn’t mean China wins but the question will be open. The Chinese appear to be good at seeing the opportunity to Divide & Conquer like the unified Romans in politically diverse Greece, they’ll keep the alliances and federations and unions off balance and exploit the fractious whites to their own ends. The behavior of the Democratic Party in the last 8-12 years is nothing short of treasonous. The last 4 open insurrection.
    Ahem… and the overbearing Merkel in Europe give the Chinks every opening imaginable in our lands.

    The Chinese will just slowly grind us down.

    • Nobody is buy the Chinese crap. Why don’t you go back to antagonizing the Muslims Mick? Your Mick God Sean Hannity does even have the stones to go there. He leaves it to that Irish whore Lynda Mick. Typical Irishman, right Mick?

  5. Like Heather Heyer at Charlottesville, and the Las Vegas shooting, this whole incident will be quickly forgotten. It happened in the wrong place, to the wrong kind of people. Therefore, it has no real propaganda value, and potentially could expose the large number of dissidents, who aren’t tied to any particular ideology, except opposition to the Oligarchs’ system. No need to embarrass AT&T, either. There can’t be any scrutiny where the system is concerned.

  6. Not that I am the biggest defender of 5G and its advanced technology of fast Internet see meme 5g users Internet is fast tho. Obviously I don’t think 5G is responsible for the coronavirus. That being said I don’t think its 100% safe no side effects whatsoever why is this technology banned in Israel for example is it because the orthodox community there?. That tinfoil guy really isn’t funny, like at all. I’d like to see him get punched in his stupid bitch face

    Seems he thinks anyone who has a thought of conspiracy on any issue is a crazy person deserving of dehumanizing ridicule. I don’t like who just calls people who are either naive and equates someone who has a different theory as a tinfoil wearing fool thats false equivalency Sure explain to them why they are wrong. So because I think JFK was killed by a elitist cabal and it was meticulously covered up am I a tinfoil wearing loon?! seriously fuck this guy Also I dunno but this Anthony Quiin sounds like a glow in the dark who buys someone two houses like that? Sounds fishy

  7. Internet conspiracy theories should be banned. For instance, conspiracy theories about the so-called “Great Replacement” that white people are being replaced. There are conspiratards all over the internet spreading that dangerous far-right conspiracy theory.

    • The problem is more likely that an aging geezer who thinks he’s going to save us all from ______. decided to blow up his RV and probably didn’t develop a fine tuned racial sense of the world. I’d guess this guy was anti racist.

  8. Hunter Wallace: “He was probably deeply immersed in the conspiratard and truther communities.”

    The actual article: “Steve Fridrich … claimed agents asked him about whether Warner had spoken about 5G in the past but he said no.

    Here’s Hunter Wallace engaging in a classic, far-right, anti-semitic conspiracy theory:

    “Powerful Jews oppose the assertion of White identity while encouraging the expression of every other identity in order to weaken Whites!” — Twitter, June 29, 2017

    This is directly from the SPLC website, and the SPLC is an officially endorsed source by Wikipedia and Google, thus forms the basis on Silicon Valley’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms.

    So according to the mainstream media Hunter Wallace is a conspiratard and a truther – and if you disagree, well, that makes YOU a conspiratard truther.

    How does your Tinfoil Hat fit, Hunter?

      • Exactly. Half of every audience would generally agree that Billionaires control the political and legal process. I think that 80% of any given audience would agree with that sort of statement. It’s just that when you provide a list of these people that liberals recoil, “I’ve been found out, I’m a dilettante not a socialist!”

      • But it’s treated like a conspiracy theory and lumped in with all the other crackpot junk out there. That’s why I believe Jews actually promote conspiracy culture on the right. It has the dual purpose of obscuring Jewish power while simultaneously discrediting those who talk about it.

    • The SPLC is a fake watchdog.

      For 10 years it has promoted the lie that the Oath Keepers have many thousands of liberty loving cops and military types embedded in hundreds of agencies across the nation.

      They should all be resigning and arresting their superiors over lockdowns. Instead the Oath Breakers are having an online rifle raffle and following whatever unconstitutional orders are issued.

      Organizations like the SPLC depend on fake militia organizations and fake movements for their own fake credibility.

  9. No manifesto yet from Mr Boomerwaffen Anthony Quinn Warner with the exploding RV, but I suppose that being a boomer, he sent it by postal mail

    Kinda funny this guy was supposedly goofy enough to kill himself over 5G, but clever enough to manage explosives wrecking 41 downtown buildings and taking down communications in multiple states of the USA, ranging from Kansas to northern Alabama not far from Hunter

    Kinda funny in how many cases unlikely supposed ‘terrorists’ wind up quickly dead during or shortly after the incident, so no one can talk to them

    But I suppose with this official story, we can just ignore how AT&T Nashville that got hit, was lined up to audit the Dominion voting machines in the election fraud controversy, which they won’t be able to do now

    And we can ignore how Nashville AT&T was also partner to the NSA data centre for the East Coast also operating out of Nashville, and that there is a giant turf war going on between the CIA tied to Soros and Biden, and the NSA which sees itself as more sophisticated and is said to be pro-Trump

    And we can ignore the poster on 4chan a few hours before the blast, posting a photo of computer drives marked as ‘wiped’ and an item shared with a Melania Trump video, which 4channers took as a gov agent pre-gloat about the attack

    Let’s not be ‘conspiritards’ as Hunter might say

    Does Nashville Bombing Signal a CIA vs NSA War?

    • It’s precisely the goofy IT guy who does rig up a bomb in a RecreationalKampfWagon III though. Not a cynical racist.

      Accept at face value that McVeigh blew up the OKC Federal Building. Accept that he did it to avenge the Branch Davidians. Even the official story states that he was de facto blowing up a federal administrative building to avenge a multiracial cult full of blacks. But somehow McVeigh is rightwing. That’s the part that isn’t reasonable and doesnt follow the evidence. The anti-racist act by McVeigh is the stumbling block for the official story. Much like the Jim Jones cult.

    • You’ve obviously had a great deal of time to construct that elaborate theory of yours. Yet you won’t even call your brown grandkids on their birthdays.

  10. The government spying on everyone is not a conspiracy theory. Perhaps you have just been conditioned to react with a pavlovian response of “conspiratard” every time its mentioned. Anyway probably the shittiest take i have ever seen you put out here.

  11. There are legitimate, scientific concerns about exposure to many kinds of radiation rising above normal, natural, background levels (all wavelengths and particles exist in nature) and we know that the private profit motive conflicts with public health, and downplays the risks. The alleged bomber was probably not interested in real science or in public health, just driven by anger. Someone said “anger is the food of pride, that makes us feel right when we are not right.”

  12. I figured the bomber had to be a lonely boomer, like the one who supposedly opened fire on those country music fans at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. So he left all his property to some gook prostitute?

    • Paddock and this geezer won’t fit the right profile. Most of the people mumbling about 5G are reflexively anti racist. The Q stuff doesn’t really fit neatly either. No one I’ve encountered parroting Q is racist.

  13. At least the Feds are decent enough to give everybody a 15-minute warning before they light shit up now- high body counts must not have played well with their focus groups.

  14. Visible light, like a radio wave, is a form of EM radiation. Visible light happens to be a billion times stronger than radio waves. Why the 5G fears?

    Nick Fuentes thinks dinosaurs aren’t real; perhaps it is based and redpilled to believe wireless computer networks, infrared detectors, cell phones, x-rays, televisions, microwave ovens, radios, and sunshine all work by wizards casting spells.

  15. Several state-level 5G studies just finished or are wrapping up.

    The results are not good.

    Israeli-designed smart cities = Toxic shitholes

    You will have Trump-Nutty 5G crammed down your throat, and you will ask for more.

  16. What does the girl look like? What was her relationship to them. And why did this A-hole have to bomb a building close to Hooters.

  17. Oriental Dissent (pushing the Yang Gang and yellow Chinese communism) has transformed virtually over night into Occidental Democrat!

    Like a good Democrat OD slanders White people labeling them ‘conspiracy theorists’.

    OD has apparently forgotten about the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing and about how Democrats immediately piled on Richard Jewell?

    Luckily a great White man named Clint Eastwood made a film clearing Jewell’s good name.

    Do not jump to conclusions Occidental Democrat!

  18. Good stuff on the Nashville bombing. I saw Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper on CNN, and Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, all saying the same thing

    I HATE conspiritards. They are SO DUMB. All they would have to do is watch CNN to get the straight story, but they can’t be bothered.

    Here are my comments reacting to conspiratards concerning 9/11 and Lucky Larry Silverstein

    Lucky Larry Silverstein: The luckiest man alive

    They say it’s better to be born lucky than, eh, something or other. If so, Larry Silverstein is your man. What a lucky guy! No wonder he’s smiling. Consider this. Every, every, every morning Larry had breakfast with his son and daughter at the Window On The World restaurant on the top floor of the World Trade Center. Except for the morning of September 11, 2001. Boy, wasn’t that luck?

    Anti-conspiritard: Yes, it was luck. CNN said it was lucky

    And where was he on that day? Here you can listen to him explain

    Eh, I, um, cough, er, ahem, cough, I was at the dermatologist, mumble, mumble”. What a lucky guy. But what about his unfortunate children, incinerated in the carnage of that day? Well, he’s lucky again! His son was, eh, somewhere else that morning. The first time in months that he wasn’t at the WTC. But the poor daughter then? More luck! She too was, ahem, somewhere else that morning. Like the son, missing for the first time in months.

    Anti-conspiritard: Yes, I believe Larry Silverstein is telling the truth. He and his entire family just got lucky that day

    WTC buildings, many people thought he was crazy. The owners were finding it difficult to get tenants, and faced a multi-billion-dollar asbestos-removal court order. Some figures put the bill so high that knocking them would have been more economical. Especially when tenants were so hard to come by.

    Larry was struggling. But he got lucky yet again! Yes sirree! You see, in an act of breathtaking perspicacity and foresight, he insured the buildings for billions…… the event of their being destroyed by terrorist attack. How the insurers must have laughed as they lodged his premium. But then, literally out of the blue, a few weeks later, the unimaginable happened. The buildings were destroyed by terrorists, and Larry collected his payout. All his problems solved, including the tricky asbestos one.

    Anti-conspiritard: No conspiracy here. He got lucky is all. Wolf Blitzer said this on CNN

    But there’s more! In a TV interview he said that he gave the order to ‘pull’ the WTC 7 building because of the danger to fire fighters. (There were in fact none in the building, just some highly incriminating documents relating to Enron and other sensitive issues). Now it normally takes between four and six weeks to rig such a building for demolition, but somehow Larry was able to magically pull it off in about five minutes.

    Is that luck or what?

    Anti-conspiritard: No conspiracy. It was luck. Don’t be a conspiritard moron. Listen to CNN

    And his luck continues to this day. Given what I’ve described above, some begrudgers, most notably the insurance companies and the MSM’s investigative journalists (is that an oxymoron?) might be expected to raise awkward questions. But happily, not a bit of it! It all went swimmingly. Money was paid over, no awkward questions asked.  And a few weeks ago, on the tenth anniversary of the terrible event, there was Larry on the podium, an honoured guest, as those assembled commemorated the tragedy and mourned the victims.

    Larry Silverstein, the luckiest man alive. Seven billion the richer, I’m sure he’ll pass some of it on to a needy and so helpful Israel.

    Anti-conspiritard: He got luck and won seven billion. That’s the American way, and that’s all there is to it. No conspiracy!

  19. Guy has no Internet profile at all. No voting record. No voting registration. He’s a ghost. A spook.

  20. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Former CIA Director William Casey

    Then please explain, Building 7, on 9/11.

    No airplane hit Building 7, so how did the 47 floor skyscraper just “come down” in a mostly free fall collapse into its own foot print?

    Hunter Wallace: The MSM says that building 7 caught fire and experienced a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building……

    If the MSM says that’s the way it happened, then that’s the way it happened

    Free Fallin

    Mr. Casey, Your disinformation program is now complete

    • Looks like a Lonely Boomer Lone Bomber. Don’t expect a Manifesto don’t expect a motive beyond misery. He may have had a few nutty ideas once we get to look, but it was just suicide spectacle.

      Looks like he may have been good looking in youth and just couldn’t pull chicks anymore.

  21. Yes that’s an interesting development. I read everything from different political perspectives and I’ll even look into a Conspiracy Theory or 2. I’ve heard some talk about 5g good or bad. I think the reality is Free Speech is great. However Violence and Terrorism is wrong…period. It does nothing but make an entire political ideology, group, person, or movement look very bad. Stay clean and talk clean. Crazy nuts are all nuts and should be kicked out of all political groups or movements. This story will surely evolve as I imagine the guy will be painted as a Right Wing Terrorist mad about the Presidential election results. That better fits the whole Left Wing vs Right Wing divide that’s running America into the ground. Deo Vindice !

  22. Well, it’s not a mis statement to say our oligarchs love all this surveillance tech. 5G makes the cell phone network much faster. So as a result all the surveillanceware is going to become a lot more efficient.

  23. So he just couldn’t pull chicks at the bar anymore like he did in his pomp. So he detonated a bomb in an empty bar district.

    Case closed.

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