Reader Mail #1

Editor’s Note: I received this letter in the mailbox this evening. I’m planning to be more responsive to mail and email in 2021.

An OD reader writes:

“Dear Mr. Griffin,

A crisis is facing our people today in the United States, regardless of whom is sworn in as president on 20 January 2021. But there is also a real opportunity for you and Occidental Dissent to assume leadership. You have demonstrated such leadership in the past, especially in your involvement in street activism, and in your incisive online analysis and historical articles.

Here are some ideas:

One thing you can do is provide a justification for maintaining the statues and memorials of great Americans now under attack. There are tens of millions of people who oppose the attacks on the statues, but lack the ideological arguments to maintain them, i.e., what is the response when an iconoclast declares that the statues are memorials to “slavery” or “white supremacy” Come up with answers, promote them via online articles and memes, and people will rally. The Confederate battle flag can become the new flag of opposition to the emerging globalist regime.”

In my view, we don’t need better arguments. From the polling that I have seen, the public is on our side on this issue and generally doesn’t support radical attacks on American heritage.

The problem is that the Far Left wants to eradicate American heritage. The Center Left is willing to turn a blind eye to it and toss them a bone because these symbolic culture war battles are a distraction from miserable economic conditions. The Center Right has no interest in defending American heritage and the Far Right is satisfied with backlash politics. We saw this play out in the George Floyd riots.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter tore down monuments. The Democratic establishment caved to their radical demands. The Republican establishment was only too happy to get rid of the Mississippi State Flag. Finally, the Far Right was so disgusted by the affair that it voted for Trump. As long as we continue to lack representation in mainstream politics and engage in futile rounds of backlash politics, I don’t see this changing. The Republican establishment isn’t under any pressure to change its tune. More destroyed American monuments is like more aborted babies. In their view, it is great for them and works to their advantage because it keeps the rubes angry and voting Republican.

“For example: OD could provide analysis of lessons learned from the various street activist actions in which you and the Dissident Right have been involved over the last several years. You could also promote various information operations techniques which are freely available from online, open source manuals published by (among others) the US military and think tanks like the RAND Corporation.”

The biggest lesson that I learned from years of street activism is that the other side is protected and sponsored by the Democratic Party. Did you see what happened in Portland? The riots went on for four or five months because they were tolerated by the mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon. Imagine what would have happened if we had spent months attacking a federal courthouse!

The Republican Party condemns the Far Right and provides no support for groups like the Proud Boys. It is just like the monuments. The Center Right excludes the Far Right from political representation and neglects its interests. The Far Right votes for them anyway because of backlash politics.

“Occidental Dissent could also promote heroes who have arisen in recent years, such as Kyle Rittenhouse (who defended himself against rioters in Kenosha and is being railroaded by a corrupt criminal justice system). Just as critically, you could connect Kyle’s case with the numerous Dissident Right activists who have been railroaded by the Regime (the Unite the Right participants, the Rise Above Movement, etc). This could win over many people to the cause of National Populism by showing the wider audience of patriotic Americans that there is a common struggle.”

I’m glad that none of our people ended up like Kyle Rittenhouse or Jay Bishop.

This is one of the good things that came out of Charlottesville. We learned an important lesson that day. The Center Right in unwilling and unable to protect its own supporters. This was true of us in Charlottesville. It was true of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha. It was true of Jay Bishop in Portland. The other side is free to basically engage in state sanctioned riots and violence. The Center Right is incapable of enforcing our existing laws while the Far Left is engaged in a full blown insurrection.

“Another thing to consider is how talk of secession is in the air: Texans floating such ideas as Greater Idaho, West Virginia offering to take in dissident Virginian counties. There are also the various Second Amendment Sanctuary County movements and the refusal of many localities to go along with the masking regime. While it is a stretch to compare the US of 2020 to that of 1860, millions of people are questioning the legitimacy of the Regime. Again, this is fertile ground for Occidental Dissent which can provide the ideological guidance for a new national movement.”

I’ve been in a deeply cynical mood for the last few years.

I’m looking forward to the black cloud of Trump being lifted in 2021. I feel like having him in power as a lightning rod or a hot air balloon for four years has been a tremendous setback for us. Especially as far as our monuments are concerned, the cost of Trump was much greater than the benefits.

As for secession, I haven’t written much about it because everyone remembers the temper tantrum that happened after Mitt Romney lost in 2012. Hundreds of thousands of people signed secession petitions. The Obama White House said “no” and that was the end of the matter. I also think that Trump could have easily won the election if he hadn’t been so hamstrung by Kushner and conservative donors.

Whether it is the destruction of our historic monuments, the failure to uphold and enforce the law or our lack of political representation, it all circles back to the Center Right and its cowardice and lack of will power. The failure of the Trump presidency is due to the suffocating influence of the same people. They are currently trying to “save the Senate” by denying us a $2,000 stimulus check.

If we don’t get rid of these people, we’re not going to save our monuments. We’re not going to have law and order. We’re not going to have representation. We’re certainly not going to secede and become an independent country. How are we going to convince people to stop voting for them?

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  1. I know you’re against violence but Jared Taylor and Tucker Carlson said “violence works” and its the only thing our govt understands. We didn’t defeat the British with memes and Twitter posts, we defeated them when colonists said enough is enough and rose up against their oppressors. As Gibson said in the Patriot..” an elected legislator can trample a man’s right just as easily as a king can.” No truer words have been spoken. We are seeing it now 10 fold. War has been declared on the White race, especially the White men. WE have a choice to make, continue to beat beat down or fight back. If you think this post promotes violence, delete it.

    This is not just about the South but but all White men nation wide.

    • “We didn’t defeat the British with memes and Twitter posts, we defeated them when colonists said enough is enough and rose up”:

      And not because they rose up either, but because the rebel-colonists’ Pennsylvania long rifle had much better range, accuracy, than the British weapon.

      • Silly. The colonies were assisted and subsidised by the French army and decisively the navy. There was plenty of whig support for the colonists in England and sympathy for the Republican ideal. I’d argue that the war was unpopular in England and never seen as legitimate by ordinary English prople. Beside that the colonists were more or less autonomous in the 1700s and were less interfered with by the Crown or Parliament than the motherland was. The rifle v musket thing is mythological. What good is a rifle alone if the opponent has rifles, muskets, horses and cannons? And a navy to transport. The colonists needed cannon, navy and muskets to draw level.

        • Silly, I agree. I was joking somewhat. The point was that more and better weapons trounce the mere will to “rise up.” Otherwise all peasant rebellions relying on clubs, pitchforks, pruning hooks and other inferior weapons would succeed. Yes, the support of France made the crucial difference. Washington’s decision to vaccinate his army was also crucial. You make a good point about republican-minded whigs, Quakers, et al, undermining morale in England.

          • “What good is a rifle alone if the opponent has rifles, muskets, horses and cannons? (…) The rifle v musket thing is mythological”:

            A longer range more accurate gun gave the rebels an advantage in guerilla warfare as well as some open-field encounters.

          • The British used skirmishers with rifles. Particularly German jaegers and local militia loyalists. The Rangers for example.

    • We would have lost the revolutionary war with France because they were a counterpoint to the Royal Navy. The Confederacy lost because it had no allies. At least this time around if red states secede and form their own nation there should be no shortage of allies because America’s unilateral foreign policy, not to mention its toxic and corrosive culture, has alienated just about the entire planet!

  2. “I’m looking forward to the black cloud of Trump being gone in 2021. I feel like having him in power for the last four years has been a tremendous setback.”

    I agree 100%. Trump was just a release value to what must come after the steam blows away.

  3. There isn’t going to be a Holy Lance miraculously found that will carry us all forward to Jerusalem as an army of Crusaders. Far too much jealousy and fractiousness. We don’t have a Bohemond either.

  4. We’re only gonna fix our problems when Southerners and White Nationalists stop Voting Republican over and over again. We’ve gotta split from the 2 Party system by way of Third Parties made up of proud White Nationalists. Deo Vindice !

    • Dude there’s a VP (elect) who just did the equivalent of a Queen’s speech in her childhood memories of Kwanza. I understand that Kwanza was invented in murky circumstances in the late 1960s and not widely noted if at all until the mid 1990s…the hyper reality of Kamala, a dotindian Jamaican being boss is your real problem. She’s just lying for fun at the moment. Wait until she’s lying for profit and revenge.

    • Problem is that people like Wallace are intent on splitting their own kin anglo-saxon above and below the mason-dickson line because they think, but know the truth, that their kin had something to do with the bankster war of 1861…

  5. We need a Southern Natioalist Party. We need statesmen who will take up for their Southern States and the South and her people as a whole, like their Northern counterparts have done, and continue to do, for the North, for the last two-hundred years.

    There never really was a United States®. Just the North, and everybody else forced to live under their political depredations and misrule.

    • Come on. 4 of the first 6 presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were from Virginia which was in the South,

    • Wake up, man. There is no more North and South. We’re all mixed up now. The division is more strongly urban vs. rural.

  6. “Bohemond stayed behind to consolidate power in Antioch”:

    A Norman butcher thug of the Papacy (Roman Catholic Empire) who helped it destroy Orthodoxy in Antioch, Byzantium, Anatolia and Syria, and founded a dynasty of Bohemond butcher thugs (all the way to Bohemond the VII-th) that tormented the surviving people of Antioch for almost two hundred years.

    • Re: “There isn’t going to be a Holy Lance miraculously found that will carry us all forward to Jerusalem as an army of Crusaders”:

      But we DO have an army of Crusaders; and instead of a fake relic, we have the Almighty Dollar, that “carries forward” (buys the “service” of) our most-expensive-and-greatest-in-history mercenary army, and allied and proxy and covert armies that fight continuously to secure and increase our global capitalist empire. (I use first person possessive as if I identified with the empire and its crusaders) “The Crusaders – The army of the cross, as they called themselves, next fell upon Constantinople. They entered the city without much resistance, putting every one to the sword who opposed them, and gave themselves up to all the excesses of avarice and fury. The booty alone, was valued at four hundred thousand marks of silver: the very churches were pillaged. The church of St. Sophia, after having robbed the altar they drenched the city in blood! Thus was this noble city, in that age the most flourishing in the Christian world, for the first time taken and sacked – by Christians! One consequence of this was, that the Pope gained, for a time, the whole Eastern church; a huge acquisition”: The History of the Christian Church, by William Jones There was also massacre of Orthodox Christians, as well as Muslims, in Antioch, and other unfortunate cities and towns overrun by the “holy” Crusaders. “”The scenes of female violation need not be described (…) the deeds of darkness, fornication, adultery, and incest, were perpetrated in open day” (…) During the siege of Antioch they gave the rein to their passions, and seldom does the history of profane wars display such scenes of intemperance and prostitution as did the Crusades” (…) “Cannibalism was carried to a great extent by the lowest of the low and the camp-followers made a virtue of it. They liked nothing so well to eat as the roasted flesh of their enemies (…) They slew Turkish prisoners and roasted them publicly (…) Mutilation of the dead was indulged in as a sport (…) The heads of two thousand Turks who fell in a sortie from Antioch were cut off; some were exhibited as trophies, others were fixed on stakes round the camp, and others shot (by catapults) into the town. On another occasion they removed their victims’ buried corpses from the graves and exposed fifteen hundred heads to the weeping Turks”: Chapter IX, The Crusades, by Foote and Wheeler. This is what we are still doing in the twenty-first century.

    • Look at what the Catlick Crusaders did to the Eastern Orthodox city of Constantinople in 1204. The Byzantine Empire never recovered from that attack and fell to the Ottomans 250 years later.

      • Gunpowder had a lot more to do with the problems the Greeks had than a few Italian and French oafs muscling their way in with swords and crossbows.

        It took the Turks to create a corps of troops with firearms and a cannon train to bust open the city walls and change the religious affiliation of the city.

        Constantinople was militarily controlled by Scandinavian, German and English troops long before the Venetians dropped off the knights in the Golden Horn.

        • Uh, Captain John,

          Your recollection of the fall of Constantinople in 1453 is more than a bit hazy. Constantine XI sent many pleas for assistance to the Christian monarchs of Europe, but received no help from any of the. It was only the Venetians who sent army and navy combatants to aid the defenders of the city, and even with the Venetians, they were outnumbered by the ottomans and their janissaries 100,000 to 7000.

          No brits, Germans, or. Nordics were anywhere to be found at this pivotal siege/battle.

          Have a look.

          • When I brought in the Varangian Guard (Saxons, Scandies) I was rewinding back to the 1000-1200 era. Should have padded that out with another sentence rewinding the point back to the Third Crusade and Second Crusade. The Turks massacred the Varangian Guard at Manzikurt in the 1070s. the Varangians were clearly the powerhouse in the Byzantine system in the 1000s already.

    • I’ve got several Norman ancestors. First land granted to a companion of William was an ancestor. Although he was straight up French.

  7. I agree with James Owen and Brian Pace.

    Brad is correct on the Black Cloud issue. We as Southerners should walk away from the Republicans after all, the next ticket will be Pence/Haley and that doesn’t bode well, plus if Trump is unsuccessful in his challenge, all elections are meaningless from here on out.

  8. In reading what you quoted from the letter you’d received, Mr. W., I was struck by the following:

    “The Confederate battle flag can become the new flag of opposition to the emerging globalist regime.”

    What struck me about that was its similarity to the closing sentence of a paragraph at — a paragraph I myself recently posted here, at Occidental Dissent:

    “Southern Man by his very nature can not prevail, because the attitudes and habits of those who would prevail are exactly what his nature lacks, nay, excludes. Point out to him that cities are man’s true political battlefields, as they always have been and always will be, and he’ll scorn you as an urbanite. Point out to him that supernaturalism is untenable, and he’ll tell you to get Jesus. Point out to him that his Confederate flag has no cultural valence outside the South and is, in fact, ignored, when it’s not downright hated, outside the South, and he’ll tell you it’s a worldwide symbol of white pride.”

    Hmm …

  9. Trump has commuted the sentence of a Jew that stole $1.4 billion in medicare fraud. No doubt he is guilty.

    James Fields is completely innocent and sits in jail with over 300 years of time for the act of simply trying to stay alive during an attack by a Communist mob.

    Will Trump commute the sentence of James Fields?

    • @Thim,

      James Fields only chance of getting his sentence commuted would be, if he converts to Chabad-Lubavicher judaism. Otherwise, he has a snowball’s chance in hell of receiving a presidential pardon from the king of israel.

      • It’s a thought. If he’d been a black killing a coal burning land whale he might have been out of jail already too.

  10. Off Topic:

    This has got to be the lamest Milleniyule ever. Weak and unoriginal guests. Frodi from Scanza Conference and Guide to Kultur was the only stream worth a listen.

    Woes should have stayed in his exile.

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